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Bar Refaeli's Party Legs For Days

Bar Refaeli's Party Legs For Days

Bar Refaeli and her gorgeous gams were spotted heading to Club Villa to party the night away in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The 22-year-old Israeli supermodel (Leo DiCaprio‘s current squeeze) has been receiving pressure from the Israeli Forum for the Promotion of Equal Share in the Burden to join the army or volunteer into the National Service.

Bar, who serves as the spokeswoman for the Fox fashion chain, will earn about $300K a year for the next three years.

Ms. Refaeli‘s decision not to join the army has caused her critics to support a boycott of Fox.

Reuven Agassi of the Israel Forum stated that, “Celebrities are the country’s store-front window and when they express negativity towards enlisting in the army, it has its effect.”

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  • OH SNAP!

    shes one UGLY MODEL

  • one israeli gal

    Most Israelis dont like her. Since she start dating Leo, she has lost her identity and became sooooooo arrogant. . Our beloved fellow Americnas, you can keep her :)
    Just Jared-you are the best
    loveeeeeeeeeeee Angelina!

  • peggy

    “Celebrities are the country’s store-front window and when they express negativity towards enlisting in the army, it has its effect.”

    wow… just because she declined, doesnt mean she’s expressing negativity… plus, its her decision to join the army or volunteer into the national service… and frankly, if i were her, i wouldnt join either…right when her career is on its way up


    Peggy in Israel you have to enlist unless you are married or an orthodox.

  • one Israeli gal

    Peggy, i dont think you quite understand what its like to be an Israeli, and decline to enlist. ummm … let me think…. i guess it would be like an American who would support the horrible September 11 terror attack. You simpley dont do that. if you are an Israeli citizen, one of your main duty, is to serve the army. Career can, and will wait.
    take care

  • babytee

    I support Bar’s decision not to serve in the military of a repressive regime.

  • clem

    wow thats a bit harsh! just because she doesn’t want to join the army doesn’t mean shes expressing negativity and theres no need to boycott her. I think thats unnecessary and although its obviously very important to fight in the army, no-one should be forced to do so, it should be optional and people should feel able to make their own descision without fear of criticism or boycotting. I think its all probably jealousy anyway after all she is dating leonardo dicaprio!

  • Lisa

    Can you blame her!? I wouldn’t want to possible die either!

  • Dieter

    Jared – you have a pic of her having one of those beautiful and tasty ultra light cigarretes? I´d love to wank on Bar´s hot German ass watching such picture. Many thanx !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • krissy

    I totally agree with boycotting her because the way she handled it in that infamous interview put it in a entirely negative perspective. She said why to die for her country when she can live the easy life in New York. One thing is that you don`t want to die for your homeland and another to put it this arrogant and not so intelligent way she did. Bar doesn`t seem like a genius to me ( probably that`s not the reason that put her in Leo`s bed ) but even she should have know that a statement like that is going to cause controversy.
    I am not from Israel but I work for Jewish people who were born in the US and even they show more respect and support for Israel that Bar Rafaeli. And #6 has a good point that an insider might not understand what this means for an Israeli person.

  • Helena

    She’s cute, I hate these regimes that pressure you to join the army.

  • dEE

    This is for one israel girl – post #10.
    It is utterly unbelievable that you have painted a huge part of the world’s population with one brush. You should be very embarrassed, and ashamed of yourself.

    How would you react if someone wrote a similar comment about all Jews?

    You really should think before you speak – that comment is disgusting.


  • brunette

    I agree with dEE about post #10.

    When it comes to the Palestine-Israeli conflict, Israel is the aggressor. I like Rafaeli even more now for not choosing to support the army.

  • L

    Israel is the aggressor because they have to protect themselves. It they don’t they will be destroyed, it’s as simple as that.

    But, hey this is a gossip blog, it’s for fun and not to get into political discussions.

  • one Israeli gal

    Dee, i dont expect you to agree with me, since you are not an Israeli, and its o.k. BUT(!) your words in your comment could have make me reconsider of what i wrote, if you also relate to comment #7, since it is also ” painted a huge part of the world’s population with one brush.”

    Since you didnt, you lead me to believe that you are a great Arab supporter, so please excuste me if i dont comment on what you wrote.
    P.s excuse “my french”-English is not my native language

  • one Israeli gal


  • one Israeli gal


  • one Israeli gal

    L you are soooooooo right. lets have some fun

  • Vegi

    To “one Israeli girl”:
    You are giving your country (and mine) a very bad reputation.
    Not going to the army is NOT in any way the same as supporting terrorism and murder (in a way, it’s almost the opposite, but that’s a different discussion), and people SHOULD have the right to choose not to go without having their head ripped off. It’s a huge decision, and it should be a personal one. Not everyone are army material (I know it’s hard to comprehend, I’ve been through the same brainwash as everyone). Honestly, Bar is helping Israel a lot more by doing what she does, than if she spent her prime modeling days making coffee to some officer… your attitude is just plain ugly, not to mention dangerous, and racist as well.
    The only thing Bar did I don’t agree with is the way she got out– fake marriage. I believe these things should be done honestly, otherwise, there’s no wonder people believe it’s wrong.

    If we deny people their free choice, we are the terrorists.

  • Hulla

    She has the most beautiful eyes.

  • Ruth

    To no. 10 – As an Israeli I find your comments about the Moslems absolutely disgusting and I am surprised that JJ didn’t remove your posting from this board. You have no right to talk in this way and you certainly don’t represent Israel and its citizens, 20% of whom are Moslems or Christians, enjoying complete freedom of speech.

    Ms. Rafaeli decision to get out of her compulsory army service had nothing to do with her beliefs but rather that she just wanted to continue her very lucrative career as a model. In order to avoid her service she entered into a fictionious marriage which was later dissolved!. She is certainly not the first “Celebrity” to behave in this way though to their credit, many many famous young performers/actors do enlist.

    As an Israeli mother of three who did complete their national service, I can only say that to serve in our army is an honour as well as a necessity and anyone with any knowledge of the region will understand without making anti Israeli or anti Arab comments.

    As for Bar – she has already expressed her deep regrets for her remarks and I think that should end the discussion.

  • r

    to the comment by one israeli girl regarding muslims. as a muslim person i do not believe that you should be generalising such a huge number of people. the majority of muslims find shame in the acts of a few extremists, myself included. every religion whether it be christianity, islam or judaism has fundamentalists. you should not make such ignorant comments. they only fuel more hate and anger, and this is something that the world does not need now. we all need to cooperate and realise that essentially everyone is the same

    anyway, back to topic, bar is def a step up from that she-man giselle

  • mariss

    I am so happy to see some more new pictures of Leo’s girl! She is such a natural gorgeous young woman! THANKS JUST JARED!!!

    Isn’t Villa a club owned by one of DiCaprio’s buddy?

  • katie

    who’s this girl and why is she famous????

  • clem

    ok one israeli girl fair enough
    Now i see it from both perspectives, and i realise that bar may have made the wrong desicion in taking the easy way out and living the high life whilst her countrymen die for her homeland everyday. However I wish that conscription could be optional as it is very sad to think of people of any religion or race dying in wars. Heres to world peace everyone!

  • ktm

    I`m surprised that she could enter Villa without Leo I thought that place was for real celebrities.
    I agree that the muslim comment went overboard but I`m not surprised about the boycott against the `current squeeze`.
    P.S. This girl still doesn`t know how to dress…

  • krissy

    `… why is she famous?` Have you ever heard of Leonardo Dicaprio? He is the only reason for her fame.

  • eddie jones

    Im assuming this fox launch is ran by Rupert Murdoch? Can anyone say, Interlocking Corporate Dictatorships? It’s no longer what does Fox run, it’s what doesn’t fox run. Having one company own everything, including the wall street journal, isn’t good for america.

  • That is so cool

    That is so cool, I am going to be studying in Isriael. I think she is really pretty.

  • Al3x

    talk about chicken legs
    but shes beautiful

  • not me

    # 10 one Israeli gal @ 05/07/2008 at 5:12 pm

    babytee-how can you say that after September 11? dont you see who are the muslims? the deliberately aim the teror to kill citiziens-woman and children! wherever their are muslims there is Terror!

    One Israeli girl.. you are a bigot. and bigots are morons that is why they stereotype groups of people. How would you feel about someone using all the stereotypical bad things said about jewish people here. Think before you write…

  • Little Stinker

    She is such an upgrade for Leo. She is WAY better then than mutt gisele.

  • krissy

    Definitely a downgrade.
    Wasn`t she the one who complained about the paparazzi in Israel but she seems to be perfectly fine with the ones in LA. How are they different? What`s unacceptable in Israel is acceptable in the US? Oh, yeah, the ones in LA can help her PR, that`s right. Do I smell hypocrisy in the air? And why isn`t she covering her freckled face? Oh, yeah, she only does that when Leo is around and she acts accordingly not to loose her safe position.

  • Catcrazy

    I think she is pretty. (Not getting into all the political stuff.)

  • Tony P

    Bar is a wonderful model to work with, simply down to earth and unassuming! I think she will go far!

  • bb

    I hope Leo will also boycott her soon. She is unremarkable and forgettable. Horrible fashion sense.

  • [☆I n F u g m o u s☆]

    more models – boooooooooringggg

  • legs

    nice legs.

  • justchillin

    Very sexy girl.

  • mia #2

    Israel is a tiny nation surrounded by 200,000,000 Arabs who’s governments without exception (except maybe Jordan) have expressed in the last 60 years that they will not rest until Israel is destroyed. Israel has been attacked with a full fledged war ensuing at least 6 times since 1948 when the UN declared that it would be granted nationhood. . In each case Israel has successfully defended it’s independence and it’s borders. That is why Israeli national service is compulsory and always has been since day one. You people who call Israel an aggressor should read something besides left wing comic books. Try googling Israel and find a site with some actual history going back to the turn of the 19th century. Or even read a little about why the nation of Israel was formed by the UN.

    By the way, no Arab nation has attacked Israel (only Iranian supported Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist groups) since they were rumored to have acquired the atomic bomb.

  • brunette

    Mia #2, I suggest you go read some more about the creation of Israel because its clear that you’ve only took to the parts that favor the creation. Millions of Palestinians were displaced from their homes when the state of Israel was created and to this day they are still living in refugee camps. Israel is still trying to take more land by building settlements in territories which do not belong to them. I can see why their army is compulsory because there is so much resentment towards the israelis among Arabs. Can you honestly not understand why that would be?

  • mya

    nottie, she is so painfully plain. and definitely not a supermodel, that`s clearly a joke.

  • anti-Bar

    Bar is a stanky bitch! She wore the same “outfit” a few days ago in Israel. Probably didn’t even shower like the dirty girl that she is. Not surprising that Bar, the anti-Israel self-hater, left Israel right as the festival began for it’s 60 birthday celebrations.

    Bar hates Israel and Jews and considers herself superior because she’s dating a German-American famous actor. Bar has probably already converted to Christianity because she’s considers herself too good to celebrate Jewish holidays but not Christmas.

    Bar’s trash and everyone hates her in Israel. And no Dieter, Bar’s not German even though she wishes she could be.

  • anti-Bar

    To the idiot brunette;
    So much stupidity and ignorance in your comments that I don’t know where to begin. I suggest you get your head out of your ass and learn the real history of Israel before writing such crap.

    THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A PALESTINIAN COUNTRY, PEOPLE, LANGUAGE OR CULTURE. The people who claim to be “Palestinians” are Arabs from Arabia. They immigrated to Israel and now falsely claim to be native to the land. Pure bullshit!

    Israel, the ancient homeland of the Jewish people, was renamed Palestine by the Romans thousands of years ago and the name has no connection to the Arabs. Jews were the first to be called Palestinians because they have always lived in Israel/Palestine which is their homeland.

    When Israel was re-founded there were thousands of Arabs from wandering tribes living among hundreds of thousands of Jews. Many of them left because they were told to by Arab leaders. Before the Arab countries attacked Israel they warned the Arabs to leave.
    The millions of Arabs you claim left Israel is a lie!

    There are millions of Arabs occupying Jewish land. Jordan was carved out of 83% of the ancient Jewish homeland! The Arabs are the settlers and land thieves! The “territories” you refer to belong to Israel! There are no such thing as Jewish settlements since the land has always belonged to the Jews.

    Arabs hate Israel because they have a hateful, angry, violent culture which is evident in all Arab/Muslim societies. Arabs also hate the Jews because their jealous of their success. Israel and the Jewish people have accomplished so much while the Arabs have accomplished nothing but terrorism.

    If you hate Israel you should boycott their products like cellphones, computers, medicines etc. Here’s a website that tells you all the products from Israel that you can boycott. I dare you Israel haters to boycott Israel!

  • Smoke up

    Eat your heart out gisele the man face.

  • sun

    the girl with her is called emily (if somoeone want to know) she is dating a guy from band called blackcowboy :)

  • rolling eyes


    brunette just got owned by anti-Bar… no rebuttal??? anyone??

  • jennifer

    I don’t blame her to not join the army, it’s her decision, and when this happened she already was a model, I don’t think she would stop her modeling carrer to serve the army. Bar has a natural beauty don’t need a lot of makeup like others “supermodels”, and she has a curvy body. And is so luck to have Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jughed

    Woah. I’m speechless. Very hot.