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Halle Berry Loves Geoffrey... And Gabriel Too!

Halle Berry Loves Geoffrey... And Gabriel Too!

Halle Berry and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry share a romantic cliff-side lunch together in Malibu, California on Tuesday.

The new parents left baby Nahla at home while they dined at Geoffrey’s Malibu.

After lunch, Gabriel, 32, lovingly helped Halle, 41, into the passenger’s seat before hopping behind the driver’s wheel.

Halle will soon return to work and will star in and produce the psychological drama Frankie and Alice. The film follows a woman who has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder with one of the character’s alter egos being a racist Caucasian. Should be very interesting…

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  • kathy

    i want to see the baby!!



  • second!!!!


  • Jill

    kathy @ 05/07/2008 at 1:52 am
    i want to see the baby!!

    Me too!

  • Mora

    Has Gabriel gain weight?

  • Media

    in where do u see romance?? stupid comment

    wake up

    gabriel not looking too good–shame

  • Daniee

    Oh, here we go again…yet another gross misrepresentation of mental illness in film that leads to just more ignorance. How aware.

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    I want to see the baby too. Guess after paying Jlo billions of dollards to see her kids, they’re broke now.

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    Has Gabriel gain weight?

    I was thinking the same thing. I think he has gained a couple pounds.Still hot though.

  • rolling eyes

    HOW has he gained shizz??

    But even if he did, they have a baby, you think he would gain weight too….its called sympathy weight or something like that..BUT whateves man he looks pretty jumpable right now…and i WOULD jump him ;)

  • kc

    She must feel blessed to have found a caring relationship with a white man who will respect her after the abusive relationships she had with black men.

  • cARRIE

    Men always appear to gain some extra weight while their wives are pregnant!

  • vana

    What is it with these cebes showing their huge breasts after giving birth ,it’s so silly to me. They took a pic. of Christina the other nite, and fugly was so drunk, and she claims that she breast feeds how gross is that! but to top it off the girl had breast enhancement, which to me is more disgusting to see these celebs breast feeding their kids with silicone breasts. As for Halle i heard that she is waiting for the mag. that will offer her the biggest amount of money. I don’t blame these celebs for taking the money, rather than being hounded by the creepy paps to get the first shot and making millions for themselves, these paps are creepy and some of them are ex cons, that is why celebs are better off giving their first pics to a mag. Soon we will see Halle’s beautiful lil. girl.

  • Shhhh

    White? Black? you are silly…abuse comes in all shapes ,forms ,colour race, etc….

    Does not mean all is okay..He is there for the kid and thats it…

    As for tosser-She could be one irritable woman to live with!!


    romantic cliff side lunch hahahhaha..I am so surprised he didnt throw her over the cliff

  • RachelSun

    Abuse does come in all shapes and sizes but your comments are stupid. He is there because he loves her. That man would not have a child w/ a woman he did not care for. to you because she’s black he couldn’t possibly love her yet he has a baby with her. That makes a lot of sense (not!).

  • HalleGabriel

    They do look so good together. As for Halle being difficult to live with, that may be true, but many men could say that about their ladies, and certainly vice versa! It doesn’t mean Gabriel doesn’t really want to be with Halle. Why would he have spent nearly three years with her and have a child with her?

  • gabriel

    ohhh so naive arent we-like lookin thru rose colored glasses

  • sellout!

    Gabriel looks a mess…further…it’s quite fitting that Halle would play a woman with split personalities…and one of them being a racist Caucasian woman….sounds about right…homegirl just had to have a white babY!!!! And I think it’s halle that has gained the weight….

  • friends?

    They give off the vibe of being JUST friends. It would not surprise me if this were simply an arrangement. I mean…come on he’s gotten a MACY’S commercial out of the deal! She may have gotten some from him or NOT! Either way…he seems quite fruity to me…they seem like they are just friends…

  • opening the door?

    What’s all of this Gabriel opened the door stuff? Like that is the greatest thing anyone can do for someone. I hate this mentality of when a white man does something…it’s off the chain…Michael Ealy, Eric Benet, and I’m sure many others on Halle’s hit list have opened the door for her. I didn’t see you media people bragging about that…but OH a white man does it…it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!!! PLEASE!

  • Media

    Yes I do agree they are just friends and that is probably the way to go given the circumstances..but I am sure Miss HELLe keeps thinking how she can manipulate more and more to keep him there…

    He has to go back to NY and gain his composure again and he has to stop doin his head in just because theres a child now…This kind of crud has happened before and it keeps on happening…child does not make a is a quick remedy for sweet while then reality hits!! plain and simple

  • rolling eyes

    What the hell did i just walk into…??!!

    some you ranting idiots oughta be ashamed :(

  • GlobeWhirl

    Her baybee is an alien!

  • Tealeaf

    I wish she would cover her breast…

  • CA

    Why are people so critical of them? They rarely even talk about their relationship….maybe that is why. When we know nothing as a population, always best to assume the worst.

  • 4CA

    Because they’re bored and don’t have lives….

  • Still a slow day JJ?

    Oh how people love to speculate! Until Halle or someone from her camp or one of them goes postal in the media, why speculate on if he’s gay, they have an arrangement, is it his kid, she got him the Macy’s deal, they’re friends,which one of them has gained weight, etc.

    Do agree about what’s the big woo if he is holding the door for her, not like this is the 1st time we’ve seen a picture of this nor have any of the other bfs not done the same or seen her/them with the bodyguards. Who cares if he/one of bgs drove them home?

    Still a slow day JJ or did you just copy some of the copy from GG and other sites?

  • you all are a trip

    LMAO…you all are a trip. We’ll probably never know the truth. Whether this is more of Halle’s fairytale wishing who knows or the real deal from their 2-3 year relationship. Regardless of the terms, it seems to be working for them whether or not he’s on Halle’s payroll or not. The speculation’s probably from the ones who were spreading the rumors that she had IVF and that the kid is really Eric ‘s with Aubry being her beard for all this time from a bet she had with him (Eric)–those rumors were/are hysterical.

    Like the other poster said, until Halle makes a statement or goes off in the media if he turns out not to be her White Knight in shinning armor as the media has made him out to be–it really is all speculation just as those who think they may or may not be in love.

    Bottom line, Halle got want she wanted by whatever means, the real deal, lies or whatever. Aubry’s enjoying the ride with Halle, the bodyguards and the nanny.

  • Light in the loafers comments?

    Light in the loafers comments, still after all this time? Well he is looking more butch since he’s not wearing the tight fitting jeans anymore and is keeping the scruffy beard thing going since they first met. They still don’t look like their too much into each other. The preggo grocery pix were a scream with him carrying the bags with in both hands then when he sees the razzis he gets all butch carrying them in one hand. On Halle’s payroll, dunno?

    As for the IVF and/or him being a cover for Eric, please be serious. IVF maybe, being a cover for Eric, who seems to be getting on with his life, get serious! Halle may be manipulative and could possibly stoop to something that low just to get a kid, but I seriously doubt that too. Get real!

  • LMAorotf- verdict’s still out

    LMAOROTF! Just because they’re not hanging all over each other or holding hands doesn’t mean anything nor does Aubry being into cooking, interior design, art or plays golf and the guitar. Know plenty of gay guys who do all of that including drag queens who have had kids. So, the verdict is still out on this fuggly looking one.

  • NaHhhhhhh laaa

    I reckon whoever has to pay up for this darn pics of Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa will be paying good dollars as this money will be equally split between dum and dummer 50/50 and that now sounds pretty smack on my dears!!!

    If I was him I would ask for 70 as oppose to 50 cause he got the raw
    deal to begin with and to be associated with mad woman wellllllllllllll say no more.

  • Seriously doubt it

    Seriously doubt it. Agree with the dum and dummer part. Don’t think he will see a cent, he’s been paid all along, although he’s probably wishing he will see some of it. He’s only there for the money, get real with they’re sooooooooo in love etc.

  • my guess

    My guess, he’ll book when he can’t get any more money out of her or gets tired of the bodyguards and nannies if Halle doesn’t kick him to the curb when he doesn’t do what her crazy azz wants him to do.

  • my guess part 2

    the only reason she signed that joke of a perfume deal and is heading back to work is to recoup her losses from shelling out lots of cash for doofus.

    so much for her wanting to be a stay-at-home mother, she’s already hired a nanny, guess doofus isn’t doing his share of daddy duty or staying at home like Halle would have liked.

    let’s see how long Halle’s fantasy lasts or how long before the real truth comes out as the many haters are alluding too????

  • dunno

    Hold on now, maybe she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse? He hasn’t been running back off to NYC since he doesn’t have his restaurant anymore. Don’t know if it’s true that it closed bc he couldn’t get a hard liquor license and plans to reopen elsewhere in NYC or not. If that’s the case, he’s not too bright.

    Hope he will keep his end of the bargain and not book and help Halle out. Buying him stuff and doing a golf tourney to keep him there isn’t enough. Hope there really is something to the relationship and they will actually for once look like a couple instead of just friends like many have said.

  • some of ya’ll are bad!

    some of ya’ll are really bad…give it a rest!

  • cafe fuego closed!!

    this is for all of you who always try to say that Gabriel does not need Halle’s money because he “owns” his own restuarant or makes money as a model…well he’s getting old…so his modeling days are likely numbered — furthermore, lately he’s been looking a little rugged…as for his restaurant…read here!

    Looks like Gabriel either needs to become an actor or perhaps have Halle hire him as a fulltime MANNY to their baby!

    How this guy got a starring spot in a Macy’s commercial…just blows my mind…oops I forgot he knocked up Halle Berry. He has the model face…but dude has ABSOLUTELY NO CHARISMA!!! Why couldn’t Boris do that commercial…Denzel…Will…any of these guys would have been better. Gabriel is simply a walking statute!

    Sorry but I really cannot stand freeloaders!

  • sources…

    A source is who tipped a blogger off on the fact that his restaurant is closed…this source might be credible because I don’t think that was said openly. Furthermore…this source claims that Gabriel really does not want to commit and wants to move back to NYC to re-open his restaurant (oh! BOO HOO!…I know he’s crying right now). And the source added that Halle and Gabriel are more friends than anything…that happen to share a baby together. I have to say the pics at the golf tournament did show more of a vibe of friendship…the source stated that Halle REALLY just wanted a baby.

    And there really should not be any talk of poor Gabriel…I’m sure he knew from the start what the deal was…he got quite a bit out of this. I agree with the poster above…people kill me when they say Gabriel would not use Halle for fame or more exposure…this is a business…no one wants to really stay in one place. and the fact is…although Gabriel was making money as a model…I’m sure he wanted more in his life. A MACY’S COMMERCIAL is more!
    No one knew who the dude was until he dated Halle Berry. Perhaps people in the fashion world knew him…but a few thousands of people knowing you would not get you a headlining position in a macy’s commercial…NO! More people had to have known this guy and that would not have happened unless he dated or got pregnant some type of starlet…in this case, that starlet is Halle Berry. I believe Donatella said she hooked them up…I’m sure Halle asked Donatella so that she could get a baby’s father as soon as possible. And I just love how Halle has changed the story of how Gabriel and her met about 3 times. First he was shy and she approached…then it turned to she was not looking for a man and then he approached. WHATEVER!

  • white baby

    Halle probably will not show the baby now…because she’s getting a lot of hate from black fans — SOME of them or shall I say MANY of them are calling her a sellout! And something tells me her baby is white! I know some of you will hate to hear this, but this is real talk…Halle holding a white looking baby on the cover of Jet Mag or Ebony would not be a good look!

  • a question

    Just Jared – you love this couple probably more than they love each other (if they do at all). Are you on Halle’s payroll?

  • nope

    There weren’t many pictures of them together at the golf outing, only a few of them with the bodyguards, one of her personal assistants and Nahla’s nanny. Also to one of the posters on this article or another one, Gabriel wasn’t carrying the baby carrier, he was carrier his golf/gym bag. There have never been any pix of him doing anything more related to doing daddy duty.

  • @Sources etal…

    @ Sources….I hear ya. Of course, he got the commercial spot because he’s associated (in whatever fashion) with Halle Berry. In an article for People or some mag, his manager/Prez of the modeling agency when openingly bragging about how much Aubry’s new pay salary was, he got quiet VERY quickly when asked directly if Aubry was using Halle to further his career, status etc.–Sounds like that’s the answer to your question.

    @Cafe Fuego Closed! He did a crappy job in the commercial. What makes you think he can pull it off? He can’t even pull off being straight (have heard from my sources who know females he’s been with-said the guy is a creep and a lousy lay)–growing his hair long, facial/body hair, wearing looser jeans, holding the door /cardoor for Halle, helping her up the stairs,carrying packages for her, carrying the groceries then butching up when he sees the pappis–don’t cut it for me, he’s still gay.
    Seriously, doubt he’s going to be her full-time Manny, when he has been leaving everything of his daddy duties for Halle’s hired nannies and her entourage of bodyguards. As several posters and haters have noted on this/other related JJ blogs, he prances every time he walks or queens out every time he is interviewed when he speaks when he’s excited.

  • #38-doubt it

    I doubt it too about the acting thing. He was once quoted in saying he wasn’t interested in going into acting because a movie camera lies and he doesn’t like lying—LMAO.

  • #39-halle lies…

    Halle lies….yes she has changed her story about this several times. Just as she has w/her exes and others as well as her use to recycling old stories etc.

  • they don’t care…

    Halle is delusional w/her past actions etc. The press/pappis don’t care about Aubry by himself. It’s funny you don’t see the pappis following him when they’re not together. I am sure he doesn’t always stay in or his sneaking in and out of town etc. I am sure he goes out i.e. the store unless Halle’s in controlling sugar momma mode, playing golf etc. They hardly follow him around in NYC except over last summer during the time he was supposed to be in LA doing Halle 24/7 according to her on Oprah. If they did they’d be hounding him more than we see, I am sure they do to some degree and we don’t see the pix. Don’t buy the bs that he’s a private person or shy. C’mon he’s w/Halle Berry and his career catapulted since and enjoys being controlled by her.

  • ????

    Is it just me or does the relationship always seem one-sided? It’s all about Halle. Granted I know she just had a baby almost 3 months ago and couldn’t travel for the latter part of her pregnancy, but if I were her wanting to get away from the pappis and spending time with her man and the baby, why isn’t she or they in NYC where they both have places or at his place that he owns in Miami?

    Aside from her starting to get back to work and her mother, there’s really no reason for her to still be in LA as much. Seems like he’s been the one who’s been sacrificing the most in him trying to do the right thing by being with her and the baby–his career, his restaurant, etc. His family came to her, not them going to them in Montreal.

    Also, there were some talk by Aubry in the winter of him looking forward to taking Halle and the baby to Greece, there’s been no more talk about that, and actually he hasn’t said anything since then or the baby’s been born, Halle and her spin doctors have been doing most of the talking for her/them?