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Britney Celebrates Jamie Lynn's Baby Shower

Britney Celebrates Jamie Lynn's Baby Shower

Teenage mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears was joined by big sister Britney, mom Lynne and other friends and family for her May 2 baby shower. Here’s what the 17-year-old Zoey 101 star had to say to OK! about the Spears sister reunion:

On seeing big sister Britney for the first time in months: “It was wonderful to be able to spend time with her and just be girls again. We painted our nails and did stupid stuff. To be able to be in the privacy of our own home and just be sisters again was wonderful.”

On mother-of-two Britney sharing some pearls of wisdom: “She told me, ‘There are going to be some long nights, but it is completely worth it.’”

On Britney making it back home to Louisiana for the birthday of her baby: “Nothing is set in stone, but that would be wonderful. I’d love to have her here for that, but you can’t plan that far ahead.”

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  • ericka

    is that photo of just jamielynn and britney photoshopped together? the one of the group looks real but the 2 of them looks photoshopped

  • Ceci

    5 Cassy women

  • Nika

    How much make-up did they put on Jamie Lynn to make her look older? Britney needs a nice hair cut :)

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    Is that even Jamie lynn????

  • Hornyboy

    Jamie! I wanna fuck your brains out!!!

  • Alison

    That doesn’t even look like Jamie Lynn!

  • lennie

    I don’t know if it’s Jamie Lynn or not, if it was ever photoshopped or not, but I’m glad Brit is getting well, I hope so at least. Jamie always seems more mature and down to earth to me. I mean I don’t say it’s a great thing to get pregnant at 17 but it happened and she handled it very well for a celeb teen her age. Wish her a healthy and complete pregnancy.

  • Brittany was at the clubs

    Long nights, ha ha . Long nights for the nanny!

  • 007

    That is Jamie Lynn. I’m just curious why Britney looks bigger than her…

  • bejeebus

    this is like a picture from one of those “redneck family reunion” emails…..all that’s missing is a naked streaker and some natural light in custom coozies.

  • Rachel

    First they broke the pregnancy news exclusively to Ok Magazine and now they’re selling the baby shower pics.

    Ugh, these people are so desperate for the attention and the press! What can I say, money talks.

  • jackie

    Their father who is supposed to be their protector sold these photos. He is a very sad old man.

  • May


  • MicrochipHo

    Everyone else in the picture looks so nice, especially jamie lynn with thr red shoes. Couldn’t they have made Britney look less white trashy? The southern baby shower pics are nice, why not share it with the world. Why not be happy with the bundle of joy instead of dwelling on the fact it was unplanned?

  • rolling eyes

    Honestly some people need to go to school to actually learn what words mean like….photoshopped.

    I just don’t get why after everything that’s happened this family insists on whoring out its private family affairs to this magazine for money.

    Do they have no shame??!!

  • cscs


  • Lauren

    When Britney does her hair like this, she totally reminds me of Gary Oldman in Dracula.

  • lilyanne

    I don’t think I ever saw brown balloons before and I won’t be searching the party stores for them. Not a pretty balloon color. Unusual choice for a baby shower. Yes, I do see the traditional pink/blue combo, too.

  • lilyanne

    I think they can celebrate a birth (planned or unplanned) without drawing any more attention to themselves. The family has come on to hard times with their 2 daughters “fall from grace” and they should focus on healing and rally the old covered wagons around them instead of selling their private party pictures to the magazines. It’s OK to step out of the spot light for a moment. The world will still go round and round.

  • erin

    i think these pics are great and i also think Jamie will be a great mom. Britney on the other hand, they should have made her look a little better, but lets face it, the camera NEVER lies. I think the advice Brit gave to Jamie was good advice, i’m sure it will be worth it even at such a young age, i really do support Jamie and hope everything goes well for her:D

  • erin

    i think these pics are great and i also think Jamie will be a great mom. Britney on the other hand, they should have made her look a little better, but lets face it, the camera NEVER lies. I think the advice Brit gave to Jamie was good advice, i’m sure it will be worth it even at such a young age, i really do support Jamie and hope everything goes well for her:D

  • MicrochipHo

    They do looked photoshopped together! What the hell?! Don’t tell me Britters and Jaime aren’t getting along ala Hedi and Lauren.

    I dunno, if I had a baby shower, I would put the pics on myspace…..even though i have had a visit to the psych ward about a year ago. They’ve had a rocky year, but I don’t think they should hide away forever. It’s such a cute baby shower. I will always love anything Spears now and forever.

  • Helena

    The picture of them both together is definitely photoshopped. The first pictures also doesn’t look anything like Jamie!

  • ari

    i think its look alikes!

  • ari

    i think its look alikes!

  • carol – brazil

    love jamie lynn’s hair

  • LIL

    Britney look UGHLY !


    lynn is the only one in this pic that looks half way decent but brit is lookin like 85% BETTER than she has been lately


  • tatum

    brit looks like she was photoshopped in all of those

  • AlwaysHungry

    Jamie Lynn looks the age of her mother in that picture. Still it was nice that the family came together to support each other.

  • Astrid

    They look like hick Louisiana trash.

  • Just Me

    Everyone just needs to shut up,jamie looks great and so does Britney
    ya’ll are just jealous haha

  • megan fox rocks

    Britney looks so cute her , I love seeing her with her family

  • Aleyna

    y is britt lookign soooo ugly ?
    ugh …………..
    luv ya ……… !!

  • tatum

    ok i just looked up how tall jamie lynn and brit were…. they are the same height and they are both in heels so how is brit SOOOOO much taller than everyone her heels are not that tall

  • Marieme

    I’ve been really hard on Britney, and rightly so. But I am surprisingly moved to see her doing so well. Thank God they finally found a way to get her under control. Looks like good times for the family. Cheers!

  • karine freitas(Brazil)

    Linda a Jamie…queria uma foto dela com a mão na barriga!!!

  • ayla

    Britney looks great. Sheis not the flawless 17 year old we all fell for, she is almost thirty, a mother of two, GIMME A BREAK!! Sis looks great too. Yes, that is her. Glad all is going well for this family finally. BEST WISHES TO BRITNEY! KEEP UP THE GOOD PROGRESS!!

  • katie

    that is sick/gross-not married, 16, and has to live in a trailer home this is the consequence of unmarried teen sex

  • kp

    gosh. their mom looks better than both of them combined!

  • Grace

    i dont mean for this to sound mean in anyway but that doesnt even look like jamie lynn

  • tatum

    katie get a grip

  • enough

    everyone just needs to leave them alone! geez, they’re always getting criticized, just let them be. to all the haters, just remember, karma!

  • mariah spears nicole aguilera

    brit looks pilled out and trashy per usual…

  • Brad

    I used to think she was hot but now, she looks like a ho, plus, she loioks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different in those pics

  • jengirl

    these pictures do look weird.
    britney seems to look much larger than everyone else.
    jamie lynn looks very bizarre, not like herself.
    are they fake?

  • tifffany

    please do something with that hair britney….with all that money you would think she could atleast have decent hair cut

  • Shonamo

    The photo of the two of them looks really weird. Also brit looks a mess. I dont understand why people would buy a mag to see her baby shower… shes a stupid teenager who doesnt know how to use BC.. argh!

  • KATE

    Even if they didn’t sell it to the magazines, the magazines would have gotten photos somehow. Seriously people…flaunting their lives? They don’t have the privacy that we do..they have paparzzi who stalk them and take photos of the private lives all the time. They can’t keep things private so mine as well get it out there before the magazines do. Do you people really think that the photos wouldn’t have gotten out there without the Spears giving them to OK magazine? And yes that is Jamie Lynn, if you actually take time to look at the pic, you would see its her…and as far as Brit looking trashy…WHO CARES!!! At least shes there.

  • thats Just me

    i love jamie-lynn and her being pregnant makes me love her more! <3