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Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Wedding Pictures

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Wedding Pictures

The latest issue of People has the exclusive Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon wedding pictures.

Mariah, 38, and Nick, 27, married during an April 30 sunset ceremony at her Bahamian estate.

“We really do feel we are soulmates,” Mariah says. “I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me.”

Nick adds: “She is beautiful on the outside and 10 times as beautiful on the inside.”

Read inside for much more wedding details from Life & Style

Mariah’s not so impromptu wedding details

Private jets from NYC arrive at Governors Harbour Airport in the Bahamas all the time. But two that landed on the afternoon of April 29 were carrying some extra-special cargo. Pop diva Mariah Carey, 38, and actor Nick Cannon, 27, rode on one — and about 24 wedding guests were passengers on the other!

“They all walked off carrying cups of champagne,” an airport waitress reveals. While Mariah and her man headed straight to her $5 million home on Windermere Island, their guests headed to the island’s posh Pineapple Fields hotel. “Everyone was in party mode,” the witness says. For good reason. At noon the next day, Mariah and Nick were married by Bishop Clifford Petty of the National Church of God on the patio of her mansion overlooking the Atlantic.

While Nick took care of the bling, Mariah steered the top-secret wedding plans. “Mariah’s assistant arrived on Eleuthera Island, just off the coast of Windermere, on April 27 to start making arrangements,” says the airport waitress. “The next day, a commercial jet arrived from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., carrying two huge tanks of live Maine lobsters.”

Her security team and staff also flew in to get the home ready for their notoriously high-maintenance boss. Among their duties: laying out silk robes, designer sheets and towels, blackout curtains for her bedroom and vases filled with orchids. (When she stays at hotels, bright lightbulbs are usually replaced with softer, more flattering ones, per her orders, says the Mariah insider.)

“Whenever Mariah travels, they set up for her beforehand,” the Mariah insider explains. “And it’s no joke — if anything she needs or wants is missing, she’ll be upset.”

The morning of Mariah’s big day, florist Benjamin White was spotted greeting a private jet filled with flowers. “Hurry up,” he told handlers anxiously. “I don’t have much time to play with.”

Mariah herself oversaw the delivery of her wedding cake — flying it down with her on the private jet. “It was on the seat next to her,” a source confirms. “She wouldn’t let anyone come near it or touch it.

But all the meticulous planning paid off. “She was one happy, happy lady on her wedding day,” says a witness at the ceremony. Less thrilled, however, were Nick’s relatives — who found out about the nuptials through media reports. “They’re upset they weren’t invited and didn’t even know about the wedding,” says an insider close to the newlyweds. “They were shocked they had to hear about it secondhand.”

Still, they’re trying to be as supportive as possible. Nick’s brother, Gabriel, said he sent the groom well wishes, saying, “I love him very much.”

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  1. 26

    they already got married? geez they didnt waste any time did they…


  2. 27
    Carrie Says:

    I am surprised at Mariah. Known each other since March 26, and marry a month and a few weeks later. How does she know he’s her soul mate, and how does he know she’s so beautiful inside. She doesn’t know Nick, he doesn’t know her like that. Of course they just met so they’ll both be on their best behavior, but sorry, it’s best you get to know a person way longer than that before you marry them.

  3. 28
    oh Says:

    Nick was engaged to elita Ebanks exactly last May…………..

    so….what the hell just happened?

  4. 29
    d-dawg Says:

    I didn’t believe it either, but after seeing Bye-Bye, it was cute seeing them being so cute :)

    Congrats to the newlyweds!!! Wish them nothing but theeeeeeee best! :)

    And BTW! I thought she was still dating that guy who was with her all the time?!?! Any LAMBS would know this, I think I THINK he’s one of Mariah’s entourage or something… But I do know he works in the music industry! :P

  5. 30
    jessella Says:

    hey thats strange didn’t he give that ring to another female now its on mariah but good luck with the marrige both of you guys

  6. 31
    lj Says:

    ewwww just ewwww

  7. 32
    Sam Says:

    Last year magazines had this idea that the 2007 fashion was for celebs to have twins, maybe the trend for 2008 is for shotgun weddings., LMFAOL

  8. 33
    trish. Says:

    this is probably just a publicity stunt.

  9. 34
    Kelly Says:

    Aw its so cute there together hope it all lasts, and it all works out she needs this and so does he ! n why wud it b a publicity stunt ? why wud de woman need 2 do dat, shes amazin enough as it is!

  10. 35
    Yooooo-wooooooo!!!! Says:

    i cannot believe that they got married

  11. 36
    joneblaze Says:

    Nick stole my woman,ah well glad someones having fun with that hot box.

  12. 37
    lops723 Says:

    They are both nuts! I will give it 2 months…

  13. 38
    katie Says:

    i’m sorry but they are HIDEOUS together

  14. 39
    barron797 Says:

    They’ve known each other for a month. A MONTH! This is a stunt. I give it 12-18 months. 2 years tops.

  15. 40


  16. 41
    bre Says:

    she is like way older than him and she is not that beautiful
    but if there happy together than i guess thats all that matters

  17. 42
    cutie Says:

    It’s a new trend older woman getting marry with younger guy. Hope it will work for them.
    Glad to see that she is so happy again.
    I find that Nick is quite cute too, good for her.

  18. 43
    ph. Says:

    I heard they got married in the Bahamas because it’s the only place where you can legally marry a cow.

  19. 44
    Amy Says:

    I find that disturbing. He’s been engaged how many times now? And he’s a cheater, she’s 11 years his senior (meaning I hope he doesn’t want kids)

  20. 45
    mandashell Says:

    Hey ph do you here that douche it is the sound of silence because your attempt at a joke was lame as all hell!!! I hope you are wooping it up cause we know you are crying inside. WOW! Just curious why are women always saying Mariah is not that hott and or beautiful etc etc exp um… bre are you trying to convince someone else or yourself Jeez!!! LMFAO damn why so many haters??!! Mariah comes across to me as one of the more friendly/accesible celebrities…? I just don’t know why ppl hate her so MC must be doing something right….?

  21. 46
    Kanani Says:

    thats CRAZY..wasnt he like just engaed to sum1 else n then broke that one off…now he’s married to ANACONDA THIGH carey!! haha now she’s Mariah Cannon “OHh u just set off the MARIAH CANNON” haha wierd funny but yeah ! haha woterver

  22. 47
    SASHA Says:


  23. 48
    sexii Says:

    I barely found out right now that mariah and nick was married. How cute hope all goes well.

  24. 49
    piper, with a low Says:

    # 19 Maria (Shorty) @ 05/07/2008 at 11:36 am

    Tommy Matolla(sp) is an issue because Mariah continues to belly-ache about him. She was just whining about him mere weeks ago.

    For Matolla, Mariah is so ten years, a new wife and new baby ago.

    I don’t know if Mariah and Nick will last (I kinda don’t care either) but at least this chick will have something else to talk about.

  25. 50
    dOMDRMA Says:

    (Watch yo back Mariah)
    I feel like its nice they are both married and look happy but, NIck Canon is not as big as her, He has less money, and its a big age difference of 11 years. I hope he gets mature because he is silly. I really hope she got a prenup and does not end up like Brittney Spears and Kevin. If he breaks her heart i think Mariah is going to go crazy again. I believe thats why Brit went crazy because of all the guys that hurt her and she felt like f*** everyone. She stop trusting everyone judgment and did her own thing. Love is Blind

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