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Miranda Kerr's Beautiful Besos

Miranda Kerr's Beautiful Besos

Miranda Kerr celebrates the Victoria’s Secret launch of their new Heavenly Kiss fragrance at Eva Longoria‘s Beso restaurant in Hollywood on Tuesday.

Missing at the festivities was Miranda‘s current squeeze Orlando Bloom!

Shane West, Christina Milian, Sarah Shahi, Chris Evans and Nick Verreos stopped by as well for the party (pictured inside).

In case you missed it, here’s Miranda, 25, pretty in pink!

Shoes by Christian Louboutin.

30+ pictures of Miranda Kerr‘s beautiful besos…

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miranda kerr beautiful besos 01
miranda kerr beautiful besos 02
miranda kerr beautiful besos 03
miranda kerr beautiful besos 04
miranda kerr beautiful besos 05
miranda kerr beautiful besos 06
miranda kerr beautiful besos 07
miranda kerr beautiful besos 08
miranda kerr beautiful besos 09
miranda kerr beautiful besos 10
miranda kerr beautiful besos 11
miranda kerr beautiful besos 12
miranda kerr beautiful besos 13
miranda kerr beautiful besos 14
miranda kerr beautiful besos 15
miranda kerr beautiful besos 16
miranda kerr beautiful besos 17
miranda kerr beautiful besos 18
miranda kerr beautiful besos 19
miranda kerr beautiful besos 20
miranda kerr beautiful besos 21
miranda kerr beautiful besos 22
miranda kerr beautiful besos 23
miranda kerr beautiful besos 24
miranda kerr beautiful besos 25
miranda kerr beautiful besos 26
miranda kerr beautiful besos 27
miranda kerr beautiful besos 28
miranda kerr beautiful besos 29
miranda kerr beautiful besos 30
miranda kerr beautiful besos 31
miranda kerr beautiful besos 32
miranda kerr beautiful besos 33
miranda kerr beautiful besos 34

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  • toolip

    omg add more shane west please. he’s so gorgeous

  • KarenA

    I know! That’s what got my attention. Shane West!!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    Awww she looks great!

  • survey software

    she’s so cute!

  • summer

    I luv Shane West!!!

  • …………………….


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared, you couldn’t find a bigger celebrity than this chick? every time i see her face i just wanna punch someone.

    *i see my mini-me’s are still at work.*


    wow she is amazing!


  • where was orli?

    Well of course he was missing Jared. He had to catch up with his three Foxtail chickies and let the gang know he was back in town.
    I hope we see some fresh rope burns soon!

    Run like Forrest Gump Orli! she is toxic.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • http://justjared ???

    I am so tired of seeing this chick. When is this going to stop.

  • aaaa

    She reminds me of those campbell’s soup kids.


    She’s a living wonder. She lives and we wonder.

  • sarah

    wauuu Sarah Larson model too..?

  • sarah

    wauuu Sarah Larson is model too?

  • Misjelle

    What does christina millian have on her legs?

  • gumbo

    I don’t think it was “Bring your boyfriend to work day”. Good that he doesn’t go ’cause then everybody just talks about him and would probably say she’s using him…oh well, some people still talk about him when he’s not there but seems a respectful gesture to me.

    Anyways, she looks great!

  • wicked wench

    #9 – the three foxtail ladies are passe’. Orlando is a busy man with many women to do – he can’t waste too much time on any of them. (-;

    If Miranda lost her hair we could use her head as a basketball – it’s light enough to bounce on the court.

  • @wicked wench

    @wicked wench
    and round enough!!!!

    jegh, no matter how hard I trie to like her, I just cant get over how fake she seems…. that girl has never met a camara she didnt love. anyway, now i’v said my piece, no posting, she has gotten enough attention (or at least more than she deserves) by screwing OB

  • You/Me

    I just do not understand the interest in this chick. She looks like a three year old…. well her face anyway.
    She better be paying her PR people a sh*tload of money because they are doing a h*ll of a job. Making something out of absolute nothing.

  • Starla

    Wow, I don’t get it, she is kinda ‘cute’ but at the same time, her eyes are so far apart its friggin creepy.
    And I noticed in a few of those pictures, her eyes are like, not even in sync, its just weird. Ew.

  • z list

    Damn, you would think with all the famewhoring this never-was has been doing, some fecking A listers would show up to her events. Even Sarah Larson got photographed with Giorgio Armani and she used to be an escort. Christina Milian hasn’t had an album out since OB had a movie out. Please.

  • z list

    I’m gonna stop talking junk about Christina Millian because at least she’s a hell of a lot easier on the eyes than that flounder.


    You right, her eyes are rolling around in her head like Cookie Monster. WTF!

  • Chelsea

    How about some more updates on Shane West!! I miss him!!!

  • katiie

    SHAAANE! <33

  • Bojana

    I think she is ABSOLUTELY adorable! When In was living in OZ, she was not famous at the time, I was thinking she was gonna be really famous. Anyways, I think she has that girlish, inocent look. I love her and LOVE the dress! Jared, can you find out where did she get the dress from?

  • Sienna

    SHANE WEST! Love the man!

  • Serena


  • http://JUSTJARED shane love

    shane is hottttttttttttttttttttttttt miranda is cute love her

  • d-list party

    haha, not only was the afterparty d-list but not many people went to her kissing booth thing.

    You know if there was too they would have shown pictures of that but of course there are none.

  • Ree

    i think she’s adorable . it doesn’t matter if she has a babyface , that actually makes everything cute.


  • Aleyna

    this girl is bringing me laughing all the time !!
    shes lookign soo cute i can’t discribe ………………..
    shes gorgouz !
    luv ya …….. !

  • oh

    the way she poses and flips her hair reminds me of a cheap swimsuit model.

    oh. wait. she is a cheap swimsuit model…

  • legs

    she looks cute.

  • hello

    i loves miranda. hahah =)

  • hello

    i loves miranda. hahah =)

  • hello

    i loves miranda. hahah =)

  • hello

    i loves miranda. hahah =)

  • hello

    miranda is gorgeous. i love herrrr.

  • Terry

    Just Jared must be the only website where people who dislike Miranda go to vent! I haven’t seen any other website that speaks ill of her. All I can say is the people who come here and belittle her obviously are jealous scanky little people who don’t have anything better to do. If you knew Miranda you would know that she is totally amazing and an inspirational, very intelligent person. The sad thing is that people like the ones on this site who write absolute crap about someone they don’t even know believe their own bullshit. Get a f**king life and if you want to comment, comment from an educated standpoint, one based on fact not some made up bullshit. You obviously don’t know Miranda.

  • katie

    she is so pretty and her dress is really cute!

  • klopt

    oh, and uhh terry?! the reason other web sites dont speak ill about her is BECAUSE THEY DONT SPEAK ABOUT HER!!!!
    if you had read the other threads you would have known that (besides the obviouse crazies,what can I say, you’v always got a couple bad apples) there are some people who have puzzeld the FACTS together, and the picture that came out wasnt very flattering of her.

    Although I do have to say that she is (obviously) beautifull, just because she looks sweet doesnt mean she necessary is, and its a very sad fact people can be so darn shallow that they think ,, oh well if she looks so sweet, well then she must be..!”

  • @Terry

    No offense, but your post is very condescending. The public has every right to post positively and negatively about any and all celebrities, and we don’t always have ALL THE FACTS. We go by what’s presented by the press, the media, the paparazzi, the PR of the celebrities themselves, and by what we perceive. Since when do we have to PERSONALLY KNOW a celebrity to be able to post comments about him or her? Should we automatically believe the great glowing press and hype about Miranda? Why? Because YOU personally know her and think she’s great? That’s YOUR opinion, not necessarily FACT.

    The “made up bullshit” goes both ways, in case you didn’t know. And when the public smells it, they say so!

  • @terry

    I have met her actually, in a professional capacity, and I can stand by what I think and say here and now: she is a manipulative woman, she turns on the sweet act- yes she does that very well, but I have heard lots about her in the business that I am in, and some is rather bad, and before you say I am a liar and jealous I am a 35 year old man, I always read the “models” threads on blogs and comment, and here I am.

    Miranda Kerr though in my opinion isn’t to blame. At the end of the day, I would say her parents have brought her up the way they have. I maybe in the business but I am totally against children under 16 used in swimwear and totally unclothed shots- that is far from normal, it has conditioned a probably once verysweet and innocent Miranda Kerr into an ambitious cunning woman who is just desperate to climb the fame ladder, it is a shame. She has stepped on a lot of people- some my friends and collegues to get where she is now.
    While Miranda is a decent model, the thing is she hasn’t that little bit extra to make it to the ranks of Gisele Bundchen for example(who is simply delightful by the way), but I guess Miranda won’t see it like that, nor will her agents and her parents who are also pushing her to go higher, and I think it is a crying shame because when this girl doesn’t reach that status she will have and feel such a huge let down that will be hard to rise from and admit you were out of your depth.

    Tony.P NY based fashion photographer


    Yeah cos ive always wanted to look like Brendan fraser!! I will stick to people telling me I look like a young liz taylor thanks, if they told me I looked like Brendan fraser then I would cry- with being aghast! lmao


    Damn, TERRY, Tony P. owned your azz! Watcha gotta say now, huh? LOL

  • to #44

    That seems to be the impression of most the people that have worked with her before. The word manipulative comes up all the time!!! Her true colors always come out and they will again.

    I am not going to say I think Orlando Bloom is innocent since he cheated with the girl but I think she has really manipulated him in this situation big time. He is paying the price for what he did in spades now.
    I know he has used paps in the past with Kate but it was never like this. I do think whatever they had was a fling of sorts and long over but she has her claws in him. I wish I knew what she had one him!!!
    He isn’t acting like a man in love so I don’t buy the whipped explaination at all.

    I think her day will come and she will be exposed.

  • @44

    We know she doesn’t have anything extra and so does she.
    That’s why she is shamlessly using Orlando to help get her name
    out there. Something tells me he isn’t going to do this for much longer.

  • @tony

    Thanks Tony.

  • http://justjared oh my god

    something negative about miranda it must be gods honest truth and this tony guy knows her she is a bitch you haters are so predictable