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A Sweet Sarsgaard Family Stroll

A Sweet Sarsgaard Family Stroll

Maggie Gyllenhaal and fiance Peter Sarsgaard take daughter Ramona, 18 months, for a stroll around Brooklyn, New York City on Wednesday morning.

Peep Maggie‘s cute twisty sweater!

Maggie, 30, can next be seen in the next Batman film, The Dark Knight, in which she plays D.A. Rachel Dawes. The superhero flick is set for a July 18 release.

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  • Janie

    Oh my gosh! She looks so much like them! Ramona is so beautiful! I love them!

  • TLC

    So cute! Beautiful family.

    And Maggie is a gigantic improvement over shitty katie holmes for the Batman franchise. Maggie is very talented actress. She was amazing in Secretary.

  • denise

    I love Maggie, she is such a great actress!

    Their daughter is BEAUTIFUL, she looks so much like Peter.

  • cutiepie

    Wow, does that cutie ever look like her mother.

  • kathy

    beautiful girl…

  • owuroi

    She is sexy.I have searched her photo on ” marry m ill ionair e . c om ” which is a celeb dating site. It is said that she is dating with a rich man . Is it true?

  • euriy

    She is very gorgeous.She has posted this pic on a celeb dating club ” mar rymi llio naire . c o m ” Many of her fans were seeking for her and wanna chat with her.She is very hot on that club and that club is also hot because of her.

  • Helena

    Oh my god, Ramona is oddly a spitting image of not only Maggie, but Peter, too. I know that sounds odd…

  • PardyHardy

    The little girl sort of reminds me of Mary Kate and Ashley when they were in Fullhouse…

  • Awww…

    Cute kid, talented parents!

  • hmm….

    Why do celebs not wear bras? do they not realize how awful it is to see their boobs flapping around?? cute baby though and usually I am a big fan of maggie but the no bra look is gross.

  • legs

    cute little girl.

  • [☆I n F u g m o u s☆]

    cute kid. adorable eyes.. looks like she has her mothers eyes, and they lok better on her.

    damn maggie’s fug.

  • jus

    aww! they are such a cute family!!

  • arman

    Peter looks like Meatloaf.

  • Idril

    @ hmmm…

    Does she have to wear bras just for your pleasure??
    Anyway that’s a lovely family. I love Maggie. That’s one talented and discrete actress. Some ‘actresses’ should take notes.

  • ky


  • brunette

    Ramona is adorable! She looks just like her mother

  • Soff

    Ramona is so cute!

  • Susan

    That’s one adorable child. She has the prettiest eyes.

  • katie

    oh gee that’s nice she’s not even married and has a kid! wow great role model to all the teens in the world with aids, great testimony!

  • Anon

    OMG!! That is the most cuddly cute little baby girl!!! I bet she has a smile that melts your heart!!! What a little doll!! Adorable. She looks like both her parents, too. Nice family. They seem “normal.”

  • Dannie

    Maggie looks like such a slob, and she has very bad posture.

  • emilie

    21# “she’s not even married and has a kid”


  • Here’s The Deal

    Wow, she looks exactly like her mother. She’s like the definition of “spitting image”.

  • blib

    I think they are married! Didn’t Jake G. say they were a while ago? Plus she is not that young!

  • Catcrazy

    Cute little kid! :)

  • Ely

    What a pretty little girl. She seems to be the cutest of them all…

  • meggy

    I like Maggie. I think she is pretty and a good actress.

  • Ashley

    What a cuite pie =] She looks a lot like her mom!
    They’re definitely a sweet family.

  • polly

    the dress looks like she’s one of thos polygamist kids

  • justchillin

    Her and her brother are both pretty chill.

  • Keira

    creepy and old looking. Will be the only one unwatchable in TDK.

  • Paul

    I am laughing that she is Batman’s love interest and apparently many think so too. Bad actress and ruins the Batman babes reputation.

  • woops

    Holmes is Rachel Dawes. The real deal. Maggie is Joker’s lady maid Harley Quinn.

  • Jenna

    Thank the Lord, Maggie replaced that fembot, Katie Holmes, in The Dark Knight. Now, I won’t cringe everytime Rachal Dawes hits the screen. Seriously, Holmes was gawdawful in Batman Begins.

  • bellaharo

    she is SO cute! a perfect mix of the two.

  • martina

    Cute kid and lucky she looks like daddy not the mom. Katie was ideal for the role.
    she had the acting chops,beauty and you will buy the love story between her and Christian Bale onscreen or the love triangle with Aaron Eckhart on the picture.

  • legs

    I like nice Jakey unlike mean arrogant Maggie. Mags got the bad genes of the family too.

  • brangelina

    altogether now eeeeuuughhhh

  • Taylor

    So how long can you be a fiance for? They’ve been engaged for over eighteen months.

  • Val

    Am I the only one seeing how fug Maggie is?

    Her daughter is lovely tho.

  • solaris

    Katie Holmes is a real deal? Well, Maggie received several awards played perfectly in Secretary, so sweet in Stranger than Fiction, heart-breaking in Trust the Man…..2x Golden Globes nomination, BAFTA, and some awards (check IMDB)
    Katie Holmes in Batman….she was nominated as the worst supporting actress…what is so real about that?

    I like Maggie, because she is so natural…and Peter the Saar-man, simply wow! I hope their daughter will inherit their talents!

  • kris

    Sorry maggie is not that pretty, but her daughter is adorable!

  • kris

    Sorry I like maggie, but she’s not that pretty, but her daughter is adorable!

  • Adriana

    Cute child. It must be a relief that she doesn’t look exactly like her fugly mom.

  • Simonette Alanes

    All of those hateful, disgusting comments on Maggie are made by one single sow, an obsessed 34 years old philippinno immigrant named Simonette Alanes who live in Arletta, California, in her parent’s house, with her mother Kohinoor and her brother Ramon. Simonette is still living at the expenses of her parents since she doesn’t work (and has never worked) and she is not married (she looks like an asian pygmy and has a pig face). And she is a repressed lesbian.

    She libels and trash talk Maggie Gyllenhaal all over the place, all day long when she’s not making 50 fake names to praise laughing stock Katie Holmes and try to make it look as if she’s “popular”.

    Simonette Alanes hates with all her psychotic madness Maggie. She is jealous, envious that Maggie is now in the Batman franchise after Katie Holmes was sacked, rejected by public, producers and critics. And now Maggie has all the glory.

  • Ha!

    Ramona is adorable and looks like the perfect combination of her parents. I love Maggie; she is incredibly talented. No, she’s not classically beautiful, but she is by no means ugly either. Peter Saarsgard is the one who comes off as arrogant.

    Reading through the comments, I just want to say to KATIE who posted this at 7:00 last night: “oh gee that’s nice she’s not even married and has a kid! wow great role model to all the teens in the world with aids, great testimony!” First of all, I think it’s time to leave your house and join us all in the real world. There are unwed mothers all around you and they are not destroying society. Second, if you are looking to Hollywood for role models, being sheltered is the least of your worries.

  • rj

    I rather have Katie too but to be killed by the Joker then let Maggie do that screentime it will make many Americans happy especially saying we deserve 9-11 and that America was behind it all.

  • Ha!