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Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty -- FIRST PICTURES

Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty -- FIRST PICTURES

Here are the first official pictures of Lindsay Lohan playing a mean former classmate of Betty’s on the hit ABC show Ugly Betty.

Lindsay‘s character also reportedly works in the fast food industry. The 21-year-old singer/actress will also reprise her role next season in five additional episodes. It’s great to see Lindsay back to play family-friendly roles!

Ugly Betty season finale episode “Jump” airs on Thursday, May 22 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

And check out a snippet of Lindsay‘s leaked single “Bossy” here. What do you think???

10+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty

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ugly betty lindsay lohan 01
ugly betty lindsay lohan 02
ugly betty lindsay lohan 03
ugly betty lindsay lohan 04
ugly betty lindsay lohan 05
ugly betty lindsay lohan 06
ugly betty lindsay lohan 07
ugly betty lindsay lohan 08
ugly betty lindsay lohan 09
ugly betty lindsay lohan 10

Photos: Karen Neal/ABC
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  • peggy

    looks like shes having fun



  • ashley

    she looks fresh here

  • chunk

    is this bitch really still famous? Wow. Im losing faith in Americas ability to decide who is and isnt a good actor/actress


    Boooooooooooo!!!!!! I did not want that gurl on my favorite show. LL sucks. Can’t stand her.

  • jenny

    She looks way too over the high school age. What a downfall, she went from being the “it” girl and the next big thing… to guest starring on a TV show. Can’t say she didn’t it to herself tho.

  • andy

    lots of famous people have guest starred in tv shows, from madonna to cher and it’s cool and like something i guess special and they probably do it just for the novelty of it. i think lindsay is doing it because she has to and can’t get any other work. even britney spears being on that other show isn’t this bad, because it’s not like she ever made her living in movies and now is stuck doing tv. ll should just save whatever dignity she has left and give it up.

  • 007

    That’s about as “normal” and “innocent” as you will see from Lindsey.

  • Rae

    Well when Lindsay isn’t drugged out of her mind she can actually act so maybe this will be good for her.

  • insane

    wow! can’t wait to see lindsay! we love her! and her new song is amazing!

    “stop touching me”-cool

  • lolii

    This girl is rockin’. Go Linds.

  • jess

    i think lindsay is a good actress, too bad people can’t get over her personal life…

  • JohnS

    to jenny and andy
    Did you know about Bruce Willis and Brad guest star on Friend
    or Charlize theron guest star for five episodes on Arrested develpoment?

    big star like that do a special guest for only reason

  • dana

    I think she’ll be awesome on UB. Can’t wait to see her.

  • Laura

    She looks great, I like her very much. She is a good actress. I’m happy she is having fun with Ugly Betty.

    She is definitely not the only one to have drug problems. And she is not the only actress to do a special guest in a TV show neither.

  • rolling eyes

    Sorry John S

    But your comparing big well established stars like Bruce W and Brad Pitt to LINDSAY!!! HAHAHAHAHA hahahaha LOLOL

    Correction: those guys do special guest episodes for fun correct, BUT ppl like Lindsay and Brittany do it to revamp their tarnished images. That is the only reason they are doing their shows. If you asked them both a year ago to do their respective guest star appearences, they would have turned them down b/c of thinking they are way too good for tv

    Now they have no choice but to do anything and everything to get their image of being “sweet” back… on top of that being on shows that are doing well is like a bonus for them. BUT its all calculated….these girls are in a business and its all about the business

    I just cant believe UGLY BETTY agreed to this

  • yoda

    I agree, Lohan’s looking fresh. ;)

  • yoda

    I agree, Lohan’s looking fresh. ;)


    Oh My God. Betty looks like a caveman.

  • Nina

    America Ferrara is so cute!

  • Helena

    She doesn’t look too bad here, she should consider going back to being a redhead, though!

  • Bree

    Yeah, I agree with #17 and I’m pretty sure the person “john” was talking about did mention how big stars did guest roles for fun but Lindsay is doing it because she has to. Guess John can’t or didn’t read.
    Lindsay’s Mean Girls days are way behind her, she’s too worn looking for high school, but whatever. I’m sure Ugly Betty is just happy to have her.


    yea lilo i love her!


  • sarah

    Sarah Larson is too as Ferrera..—))

  • jo

    Lindsay is sO BEAUTYFUL <3

  • lalalove

    YAY, LINDSAY! I love her!<3

  • Louise

    Love Ugly Betty! The best TV show & Lindsay is the best actress! Is Ugly Betty still being made? I thought it had finished now?

  • Adriana

    I always hate to see my favourite shows sink so low and jump the shark by giving these skanks jobs. First it was HIMYM with Shitney Smears (I protested by NOT watching the episode) and now Ugly Betty with SMEARED-FACE HOHAN. What’s next Family Guy w/ Paris Hilton,? Oh wait, that’s right, they’re currently shooting that right now.

    Oh brother, so sad.

  • Maddie

    I love LL. She gonna be great. I don’t care what people says. She’s a good actress. And she IS ACTRESS. So people should focus on her movies etc. Not on her personality life. This is her . So GO ON LINDS !And her new song is amazing. Can’t wait to listen to the new album.

  • Hailey

    hopefully she gets her life back together!

  • Aleyna

    awkeyy lindsey is looking gorgouz !
    and yay ugly betty IS DEF. UGLY ASS HELZ!
    luv yaa ………… !

  • shaky

    no no no no no no no lindsay looks like a 17 year old and she does look like shes in the high school years and shes on drugs and she still looks good and anyways this other gurl i dont know her name venessa hoogens, someting like that, she looks like shes 24 and shes only 19 SUPPOSE OF LY

  • American

    “i think lindsay is doing it because she has to and can’t get any other work.”

    Or maybe she just likes the show

    “ll should just save whatever dignity she has left and give it up.”

    No way. She loves acting and is good at it so she should stick with it

  • Marieme

    Lindsay is a really good comedic actress. This is a lucky break for her and I can’t wait to see it!

  • American

    “BUT ppl like Lindsay and Brittany do it to revamp their tarnished images. That is the only reason they are doing their shows. If you asked them both a year ago to do their respective guest star appearences, they would have turned them down b/c of thinking they are way too good for tv”

    And you know all this how exactly?



  • Jimmy

    Adriana, get the fuck over it. Just turn your sad little TV off.

  • Booo!

    Ugh. I’ve liked all their guest stars till now. And she does not pass for a high schooler any more.

  • p1tey1

    She’s a thief!! I can’t believe she tried to steal a fur coat. How low can you go??!! And her acting skills leave a lot to be desired. Lindsey could have gone a long way with her career with proper direction, but she blew it! She’ll never be any bigger than she is now.

  • Little Stinker

    No one wants her butt in movies anymore so she has to come stink up the TV? Go crawl back under your rock Blohan.

  • PhillipP

    I hope everyone kept an eye on their clothes before Lindsay stole any of it.

  • Chark

    She looks pretty. Just saw her profile on interracial dating site called B L A C K W H I T E K I S S .C O M last week. She is writing her blog there.

  • Alexa

    I’m so sick of seeing and hearing about Blohan. She was hot for like a couple minutes right after Mean Girls but since then her career has blown chunks and her personal life has stolen the spotlight from her acting career and well, her personal life is trashy.

  • Alexa

    She looks like she belongs in community college, not high school

  • rolling eyes

    @ #36

    Because silly I just know…i have a “5th” sense…LOL sorry I
    watched mean girls yesturday,

    Its only my opinion, just consider the current state of her image, then consider the current state of the show…and you can logically conclude that its like a match made in money makin’ heaven.

    Its the perks of doing business when ppl are gullable and don’t see the reality of the situtaion when its right in front of them.

  • [☆C o n c e i t e d☆]

    She almost seems normal. Almost.

  • miss_privacy

    I love Lindsay, no matter what people say.
    I think she looks good. And I’m glad that she will be in Ugly Betty. :)

    L.L. ;*

  • marymi

    after she’s done working with this live action “daria” wannbe, she can try out for a guest starring role on PRISON BREAK or it’s spinoff next. ;)

  • Haliey

    I actually like Lindsay :) I hope she’s doing better

  • Another thirty-something mom

    Ugly Betty looks exactly like a caveman! We know! Average Joe- Have you ever seen an advertisement for that show? She looks like that all the time! Good Grief! It isn’t beautiful Betty.
    Tried to watch the first episode of this show-dumb! I couldn’t take it. Definitely not one of my programs…..

    I am glad that my DD isn’t old enough to look up to L.L. though but
    To the ones talking about L.L. not being a good actor, she was before she got all messed up on drugs. If she’s straight I’m sure she’ll be the best actress/actor on that show!!!
    P.S. Cher has been on the sitcom “Will & Grace”.