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Lauren Conrad: Pizza Pizza!

Lauren Conrad: Pizza Pizza!

Lauren Conrad grabs a slice of pizza at “Monetti’s NY” in New York City on Thursday afternoon.

The 22-year-old Hills star then made a quick change into a strapless Elizabeth and James mini at her hotel and headed to the MTV Upfronts, which announced the TV network’s lineups for the upcoming season in the hopes that advertisers will spend billions of dollars in commercial spots.

Peep-toe shoes by Christian Louboutin.

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Credit: Daniel, A. Macpherson; Photos: INFdaily, Splash News Online
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  • oh snap!

    is it me or is she starting to look like a wannabe Nicole richie?

  • chloe

    it’s you

  • Audrey


  • alexandra

    I love her style & she’s so pretty

  • Janie

    I have had enough of these girls! Everyone is acting like they actually do something!

  • _nika

    what is she famous for!? I guess.. maybe these people compensate, for the actors who are known and donĀ“t like be taking their pics.

  • I CAlled It Months Ago

    to oh snap, i have been saying for months that her fashion style is a total rip off of nicole. both add a little kate moss to the mix but at least nicole was some what original bringing back the whole scarf & big sunglass craze. last year lauren was all about the scarves & big glasses a la nicole & now she is rockin the loubes, been sporting the braid, the chanel jumbo classic flap & wearing her minnetonkas all over town. at times i think lauren looks really good but she can’t pull off the bohemian chick like nicole. there is something about people super skinny only being able to really do that look well. lauren needs to lay off the braids & ditch the minnetonkas. oh & that 2 finger ring is so ghetto. I don’t mean to hate to much on Lauren. She is pretty & has great original style-side ponytail, headbands, high waisted skirts. she needs to stick to her signature looks or at least not totally look like a kate moss / nicole richie wannabe.

  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)

    She has great fashion sense(:

  • tiniwini

    umm…. to “i called it months ago” its called fad/trend/fashion.
    she can wear whatever she wants to wear mkay? and let her do that.
    i bet you cant even afford those stuff she has, or kate moss or nicole richies stuff either. YOU nor anyone who doesnt know her cant tell her what to do. so, shoo!

  • off the property

    California Girl in the City!

  • -

    I agree with #7.


    she looks way cute in this picture!


  • eddie jones

    I think she’s over doing the makeup. If a young girl needs that much to go out she has some problems.

  • hello

    finally. no black nail polish!

  • veisner

    She looks very nice, but they were trashin her pretty hard at

  • Bronte

    Here is the info on her whole outfit….I love the dress!!!

  • melia

    she needs to stop w/ the whole bohemian look.
    she can’t pull it off.
    she thinks she’s some sort of fashionista….well. She’s not.

  • maja

    i agree with #9

  • purple

    shes a fashion designor hence she is a fashionist … lol.

  • purple


  • Halli

    One of my favourite Pizza places. Mmmmm.

  • nidyzylc



  • legs

    she looks like nicole richie with her style in photos # 2 & 5.

  • j

    I agree with you #7…and the person who disagreed and came up with the brilliant insult that you can’t afford the clothes she wears clearly doesn’t understand the influence of Kate Moss. Lauren is ripping off Nicole (big sunglasses, white tee, scarf) who is majorly influenced by Kate. Yes it’s a trend but trends have to start somewhere you idiot and that is usually from Kate.

  • boba

    and can you tell us #24 which celeb hasnt worn the big sunglasses? practically every hollywood it girl and normal girls has worn that.
    ive also seen mischa barton, rachel bilson & mary kate olsen wear the white tee. most of them have worn scarves! as if its friggin new.
    and even heidi montag suddenyl started wearing scarves. go to london and everyone wears them.
    so if lauren wears these, she gets criticized by it?
    if lauren wears it, what matters is, she wears it well and it looks good on her. criticize her if it looks bad. because it doesnt.

  • frankie

    lol kate moss isnt even “IN” anymore. shes old news….

  • gwen

    She looks cute.

  • michelle

    shes looks pretty with the blue dress!

  • brynn

    Like she even ate the pizza.. I think not. Photo-op cheesy hag face. Seriously she has lines around her eyes like someone way older.

  • Rae

    She looks really pretty! She is definitely getting skinny though not as skinny as Audrina and the Barbie.

  • Jess

    Lauren! Stop trying so hard to look like nicole richie!

  • xoxo

    so worthless and the media is so stupid for covering her all over.

  • bya

    very beautiful is lauren

  • lee

    blahhhh horrible…is she a celeb?

  • b

    LMAO at the person who said kate moss isn’t in anymore

  • jill

    Nicole wears stuff after Lauren wears it, but Lauren never gets credit for it.

  • trish

    I loe her, thanks for posting.

  • Nicole Wannabe

    i so agree w/ those who are calling LC a nicole wannabe. a lot of stars follow trends but LC is wearing what seems like all the trends/looks of nicole. yes the chanel classic flap bags & big sunglasses are seen all over young hollywood. & everyone is wearing the lovequote scarves now. however, lauren wears a lot of silk scarves around her head & shoulders like nicole & the big glasses & the braid & the white t & the hamsa bracelet which she no longer wears & the minnetonkas & her new jumbo flap & the CL’s all over town & she is wearing the signature nicole richie trends at the same time. that is a rip off. the other thing is that she can’t pull off some of the looks like the braid/minnetonka thing. it isn’t her look & it is a little in contrast to her normal style. rachel bilson, nicole, kate & even whitney port all wore the minnetonkas before LC & they pulled it off so it doesn’t look trendy or forced on them. i guess that is what it boils down to. if you can pull the look together & make it your own, even if the style is taken from someone else, it isn’t trendy or copycat. nicole was able to do that w/ kate’s look & because of that a lot of people see her as having great individual style. LC does look great most of the time. however, it seems like she is trying to step out of the box & become some style icon when she is just copying nicole richie’s style. LC has some great signature looks – blousy shirts or long shirts w/ leggings, sundresses, side ponytail, high waisted skirts w/ the tube top tucked in. she just needs to stop trying so hard. I am not trying to be a hater because I like LC & think she is super pretty. It is just annoying to see someone totally rip off someone elses complete look. i don’t think i can say that about anyone else in hollywood.


    You need to be a Skinny Biatch to rock the bohemian chic look. That is why Nicole & Kate can pull it off. That is also totally Whitney’s style & with her great body & natural beauty she can rock that look as well. It is funny because even Whitney was sporting the braid & moccasins before Lauren. On Whitney it doesn’t look trendy because it is her own personal style, not someone elses. On Lauren the look doesn’t fit so it looks like she is trying to be someone/something she isn’t. Lauren also isn’t fat by any means but she isn’t super skinny either & I think that is a big reason why the look just doesn’t fit her. I love Whitney & while her style isn’t mine I must say she has a great individual style & wears her looks well.

  • Tia

    woooaaahhh she gets skinnier every pic!

  • fiona25

    I dont see anything wrong on what shes wearing.
    also, i dont really care who set up the trend and who wore it first,.thats not the point. thats why its called a trend, sooner or later, people will start copying it and wearing it almost same way. and trendsetters would step back and look around and say “ive done my job, onto the next!”.its either wear it or not.
    i dont hear celebs bashing on each other if they get copied by wearing a simple tee, the shades, the minnetonkas (which i even have!!!!) and whatnot. and suddenly these people comment in here and starts complaining about nicole richie this , kate moss that. do you even hear nicole richie or kate moss complain about it? so why do you have to?!
    if you are sick of lauren “copying” well lemme tell you, instead of writing shizz here, go tell it to her in person, its the only way for her to hear you! whining here wont do any of you complainers any good.
    instead of giving us a history of who wore who, it wont hurt NOT commenting at all or maybe appreciating what shes wearing instead.
    besides, like i said IT COULD BE WORSE. and what she is wearing right now is nice! thats what matters. she is not running around town, butt naked, underwear exposed, boobs popping out or wearing something horrible. if she is then start complaining by all means!

  • tara

    good point Fiona25!
    i wear what nicole and the lot wear and so? kate moss promotes topshop etc. she wears it for people to copy her and buy the stuff from the store! and thats her main goal. to set a trend and let people buy the clothes she is promoting!! didnt anyone even think that?
    I live in central London and yes, kate moss isnt a big thing here anymore. it might be in america, but she is not big here anymore. she may be kate, but not the kate that people used to worship! her time has gone and if you havent heard, her opening of her new topshop line here didnt do well.
    and you even hardly hear anything about her in gossip sites. if ever you do, its bashing her and her drugged up self. oh, dont tell me you believe she is very clean? think again, this is britain.

  • ooble

    i think she is looking a lot like nicole richie….its the big glasses, scarves and fringed boots. From a distance she could be mistaken for her. I dont think it matters about her weight. She looks good but not unique.

  • bakewell

    i dont see kate moss complaining about nicole richie copying her.
    i dont see nicole richie complaining about LC copying her.
    and everyone can wear what they want including YOU.
    so why bother whine and complain about it?

    want some cheese with that whine?!

  • bakewell

    we dont also care if shes not unique, then that would make nicole not unique since someone mentioned that nicole copies kate moss…
    even paris hilton used to wear those scarves. heidi montag wears those scarves too, so all of them are not unique then!
    not much people even complimented on her wearing the blue dress? why? because they dont want to be proven wrong that the dress looks good and it looks good on her.
    INSTEAD, most people are looking at LC’s pic while she is wearing a white tee and jeans and boots which is soooooo common in europe aswell. and MOST europeans DONT copy that off her nor nicole nor kate. its just so happens that its being sold in alot of the stores!
    by saying that LC is a rip off, is very short sighted, narrow-minded and plain dumb. People who actually think they know better!

  • Jason

    Get this bitch out of NY! She belongs in, and needs to stay in LA!

  • banana

    she looks semi pretty/ glam in one pic and horrid/ ugly in the other lol!!!! and her calves look very slim and toned!! top half not so much!!!! but shes not as outta shape as some other people but she’ll never have the hot body heidi has!!!

  • Susan

    I agree w/ #28.

  • D

    i think the only reason people are so harsh with her ‘style’ is cuz she’s a ‘fashion designer’ & she should be much more original. her whole collection is just a rip off of dresses anyone can get at Forever 21 for a lot less expensive. It’s okay if she follows trends/ fads or whatever but she should set trends, not follow them & people would take her more seriously.