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Mischa Barton Vows Not Now

Mischa Barton Vows Not Now

Mischa Barton attends the ‘Event To Prevent’ Benefit held in NYC on Wednesday to raise awareness of the consequences of teen pregnancy.

Mischa recently responded to magazines publishing unflattering photos of her with cellulite.

“Every woman has cellulite. I’ve never claimed to have a perfect body,” the 22-year-old actress told OK!. “I eat healthy, I work out. I feel very comfortable. I come from a European family that’s always very comfortable with their bodies. You are what you are as a woman. Trust me, there have been some low points in my life where I got really depressed about it, but in general, I find it’s smarter to not get depressed and not feed into it.”

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  • J

    this outfit is ugly *uag*

  • andra

    oh god…what’s with those pants???

  • julie

    OMG! is she out of her mind?

  • Riley

    Why is she dressed like a 60 year old woman?

  • the oc fansite

    I love Mischa and fully agree with her, everyone should just leave her the f*ck alone, she has cellulite and so does the other 80-90% of women accross the world!

  • celebaddict

    Good for her.
    I just hope she doesn’t now go an do the usual celebrity thing and lose lots of weight.
    She looks great.

  • michelle

    Those pants are not good!
    But I agree with what she said about being accepting of her body. We should all learn to be like that!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    it’s funny how jared give so much attention to a person with no occupation. he’s better off looking out his window and giving a thread to the first joe-smoe he sees.

  • Adriana

    Someone with hips that wide should not wear wide pants, waist-high pants or too tight/or loose fitted clothes. Asfor the cellulite….YUCK! She’s 22!

  • denise

    ugly ugly ugly outfit

  • [☆C o n c e i t e d☆]

    Those are some hot old lady pants. Not.

  • kekoah

    Ugly outfit, even my pyjamas is sexier ^^

  • oh snap!


  • Kx3 Mommy

    Those pics of her were rather embarrassing, but I agree that she can’t become depressed over it. However, I disagree with her statement that all women have cellulite. I’ve had three children, one of them was born 3.5 months ago, and I don’t have cellulite. Come to think of it, none of my sisters have cellulite, either…and you can’t site genetics as the reason for that, because none of us are biologically related. I realize that sometimes even woman who eat healthily and work out will not be “firm”…but it’s not correct to say that all women have cellulite.

  • Mika

    All women get cellulite; first signs of cellulite begin around 16 years of age. So all you bratty tweens writing about Mischa’s “icky” thighs, bwahah, BEWARE that’s going to be you too in a few years…So unless you’re the “death or cellulite” type, I wouldn’t be making fun of anyone anytime soon.
    Oh, BTW slim & skinny people tend to have worse kind of cellulite (type 2 or 3) than stockier or overweight people. Stage 2 & 3 is *the* hardest cellulite to get rid of; it’s virtually impossible.
    How do I know this? I’m an esthetician and believe me, I see ALL kinds-but skinny teenagers & really FIT athletes have it especially bad.
    Good luck to all the yucks on this board; you’re going need it.

  • Marta

    oh my
    she has really bad taste in clothes

  • dri

    Same way photoshops works to provide a perfect skin, photoshop can include,scars, cellulites etc…I think she has some of them, but not so much as seen.

  • cactusflower

    Jared keeps posting about her because she does work. She’s got a movie showing at Cannes for christ-sake! Keep posting about her Jared – at least she’s not stumbling out of a club every night!!

  • Anna

    So not true. Plenty of women NEVER get cellulite, and cellulite at 22 is scary! But, I do agree with her attitude towards it – you can’t obsess. Not all women have cellulite, but you can believe we all have something we’re less than please about. We’re only human afterall.


    someone get her a stylist, and hairstylist and what ever else she needs cuz she looks gross!


  • duh

    @Adriana and Anna:
    Having cellulite at 22 is not a big deal if you understand that it comes (or doesn’t) with puberty and is genetic. If you read her comments she implies having it for years.

    It’s just something you have or something you’re lucky enough not to have. It has nothing to do with childbirth either, though the increase in hormones and weight can make it appear worse.

    exercise and diet don’t prevent or eleminate it either people. Toning can make it **appear*** to go away but that never happens. You fat cells never go away except with lippo, and placement of fat in the body is determined by your dna.

  • josh

    good for her, but my god, she has horrible taste.

  • jordie

    not every woman has cellulite like that!!!!!!!!

    but i agree with her attitude, even though at the end of the day it’s not actually her own opinion but advice from her very expensive $$$$ PR firm that she hired post-arrest, just like her DUI apology was soundly diplomatic but not her own words or ideas

  • christina

    Most women have cellulite, so I’m not going to make fun of her for something that is genetic. But why does she always insist on pointing out that she’s British/European every time she opens her mouth? It’s like she’s trying to prove she’s cultured because she isn’t some American “heathen,” or something.

  • Ally

    Yeah, most women have cellulite but you can do something to minor it like cutting junk food, having massage with special anti-cellulitis cream. It always works!
    It’s great that she isn’t depressed over it though because she’s got plenty of causes to be depressed : awful fashion tastes, being talentless, partying with the wrong girls, driving drunk…
    You’re 22, go back to school and get a life!

  • kate the great

    most but not every woman has it , thank god i don’t!!! but yeah if you’re prone to it you’ll get it regardless of how active you are & how well you eat.

    the thing is that she has it in such copious amounts. no one would fault her for having SOME cellulite like you see on katherine heigl and elisha cuthbert & women everywhere, but she’s literally COVERED in it like 300 lb. person. that’s why people are pointing it out.

  • georgina

    Since when has she worked out & led a healthy lifestyle? She drinks, blazes like it’s her job AND smokes cigs, and she’s ALWAYS bragged about how she doesn’t work out, and now she wants people to think she’s leading a healthy lifestyle? She’s probably run a mile tops in the past year.

    sure she’d still have cellulite if she didn’t do all of the above, but it wouldn’t be as bad!

  • Chris

    the problem for her is that she’s always been hired for looks, not talent. her looks are all she has and everyone knows it, so of course people are going to point out that her whole package is falling apart.

  • zino

    HOLY SHIT!!!

  • Elisa Marco

    She look so ugly and her cloths are horrible always.

  • bejeebus

    i’m trying to type this through the blood that is pouring out of my eyes…so please excuse any typos…….
    can someone please tell me what it was that caused my eyes to bleed????….is this happening to anyone else????….i’m scared…can someone call 911????….getting dizzy….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • insidescoop

    What the hell is she wearing?

  • marion

    okay, these comments make me sick. mischa is a breathtaking girl and so what if she has cellulite! every woman has flaws. to me, these look really photoshopped which is awful to think that someone would go that low. it puzzles me because i saw a behind shot of her at a beach before this came out and her behind did not look like this at all. u people should also consider that paparazzi take photos at the worst angles possible. urggggh! people on this site are pathetic. I understand she doesn’t have the worst taste in clothes and she’s made some severely stupid mistakes in her life- just like many young people. but i don’t see her in the same light as the other skanks. i think she got messed up and is recovering now from bad influences. those drug comments aren’t funny and make u sound like a heartless human being. i don’t care if this is a site for making fun of celebrities- many of these comments have gone too far. its close to harassment.

  • marion

    im glad im not the only one who thinks the same. do u people realize wat ur sayin? its kinda funny how in the interview she states how she doesn’t try to care about wat other people say, but u guys keep commenting like u want her to read these things. its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    pathetic. pathetic. pathetic. PATHETIC! get. a life!

    I hope mischa lives her life how she fuking wants to. i say go girl for not giving a shit about wat dickheads on this site say. shes fabulous- of course im a little icky on the outfit.

  • Donna

    European family? Give me a break, Mischa! You grew up in America and you’re English/Irish. Not exactly continental. Just celtic and anglo gutter trash. Stop trying to be exotic. Everyone knows you as a white trash yank now. Nothing European about you Miss California.

  • http://aol ally

    Oh please, another white b***h making excuses for her horrid site. Too bad its these white magazines who always put these so called beautiful white girls as poster child for beauty in America when most of them look like or worse than she does. Now she wants to be like everybody else generalizing that all women have cellulite, I don’t ha ha.

  • http://aol patricia

    First of all, why are so many of you people so defensive about her remark that most women have cellulite?????? It’s a fact of life! Most women DO have cellulite. And to all of you women who say “Not ALL women have cellulite – I’m so glad that I don’t!” Yeah, maybe you don’t have cellulite but you probably don’t have Mischa Barton’s gorgeous face either! You can’t have everything in life – some women have gorgeous bodies and average faces and some women have beautiful faces and average bodies! Leave this poor girl alone. She is honest and refreshing for admitting her insecurities and hopefully she won’t have surgery to remove the cellulite or become another disgusting Hollywood plastic surgery victim! Let’s face it ladies – no of us are perfect! Love yourself for you!

  • http://aol Sandee B.

    Patricia please- Mishca is not at all a pretty face. I’ve seen more regular people with exotic beauty than she does even when she is photshopped on magazines. It.s very hard to feel sorry for people like her who think that she is all that and only when unwanted exporsure come their way, they want to be all everyone else. and yes NOT ALL WOMEN HAVE CELLULITE!

  • paige

    I have newfound respect for Mischa Barton standing up to everyone like that. I would be mortified if someone put up photos of me in a bikini for ignorant people to mock. Mika the esthetician (#16) is right on in her comments — listen up, people. I am very petite and have always led a healthy lifestyle (no fried foods, lots of chicken/fish, veggies). I do strength training 3 days/week and jog another 4 days/week… but guess what? I don’t look all that different from Mischa. So if you don’t have it yet (or don’t have much), count your blessings, and watch what you say about those who do. It’s unbelievably hurtful, and karma’s a real b—h.

  • http://aol patricia

    Sandee B -

    What are you 12 years old? Have you ever heard the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?
    Maybe to you she is not beautiful but if I were to ask most guys what they think of her they would say she is attractive – cellulite and all! I woulnd’t say she is Angelina Jolie but she does have a pretty face – period.
    And by the way, beauty is also skin deep. A kind, intelligent, sexy girl is more attractive then a “perfect” looking women who is insecure and mean and shallow!
    Maybe you should be a bit more constructive with your criticism – and by the way, cellulite is genetic. If you don’t have it – then you are lucky and you can thank your ancestors but unfortunately not all women are so lucky. I wonder if you have any flaws Sandee B? Probably not – right?

  • Drumbums Global

    she should wear this…

    This stuff rocks………..

  • emily

    oh, wow–hey guys, she’s human. i thought she was completely perfect and without flaws. this is a new and unexpected revelation.

    as to all the women commenting that they have no cellulite: congratulations, you win at life. i am sure your life is more important and meaningful because of this, and you also have more value as a person.

    sometimes it really shocks me how incredibly shallow and vapid people are. the fact that this is even news is absurd.

  • http://aol Peru

    Patricia, the average people walk around with their flaws daily and don’t go along with make-up aritist to create perfection. Thats why people like Mishca gets criticize because only when get caught looking less than that they want to come down to the average people. Probably if some of these movie stars accept themselves for who they are, there won’t be surprises and criticism from the average joe. Thats not being harsh, its being fair.

  • http://aol SunnyD

    The women on here who say they don’t have cellulite is not being defensive or attacking. They were merely responding to Mischa’s comment that all women have cellulite because she was caught out there. To them I say right on and enjoy at least until you get some, it’s their rights LOL.

  • JOhn

    I like women with curves, and I think cellulite is sexy. Men don’t have cellulite, but women do; therefore, cellulite is feminine. (It seems to me that there are an awfully lot of men these days who prefer their women to have bodies fundamentally more like boys. Hmm, kind of makes one wonder….)

  • ashley

    Come on that outfit has to be a joke right? Whoever told her that was in style lied to her! lol so bad!

  • http://aol patricia

    Peru -
    Maybe you are being fair rather than harsh. But, there are truly alot of catty comments here about how a person looks awful because they simply have cellulite. Not to mention, the fact that many are so quick to deny that they have any cellulite seems to point to me that we as women we are way too critical of other women and our own bodies! I think that TMZ did a story about Mischa Barton’s awful cellulite and everyone just cringed when they saw the picture! How horrible that these celebrities have to be under such ridiculous scrutiny. And how awful that women can’t accept their imperfections and their curvy bodies and just love who they are!

    John -
    My boyfriend agrees with you too! He loves curves on a woman and would much rather see a woman’s body in all it’s glory than a girl with a too-thin frame and no curves!