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Rachel Bilson Goes to Doggie Daycare

Rachel Bilson Goes to Doggie Daycare

Rachel Bilson and a pal take their dogs, including Thurmen Murmen, for a day of pampering at K9 Loft doggie daycare in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon..

The 26-year-old former O.C. actress wore a pair of green Chanel shades, tie-dyed scarf by Park Vogel, and a vintage Heart shirt (“World Tour Eight”). Rachel also toted around a Yellow “Babe” Small Shopping Bag by Dior.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson at doggie daycare…

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rachel bilson doggie day care 01
rachel bilson doggie day care 02
rachel bilson doggie day care 03
rachel bilson doggie day care 04
rachel bilson doggie day care 05
rachel bilson doggie day care 06
rachel bilson doggie day care 07
rachel bilson doggie day care 08
rachel bilson doggie day care 09
rachel bilson doggie day care 10
rachel bilson doggie day care 11

Credit: Tom; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Molly

    She looks cute!

  • Sarah

    I love her outfit

  • csxyz

    Cute. I love how she always looks happy and healthy.

  • nunny

    may 18 AIDS walk and LUPUS walk!

  • ILove2Read

    I wonder if it is anything like the obedience schools/daycare for dogs in Japan. Those are awesome.

  • yeahhh

    awww.. .! i love her!

  • oh_please



    Over & over again…

    “Pathetically Insufferable”!

  • 2008

    oh my God, she’s 26. i didn’t know…she looks more like 22

  • Laura

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  • lee

    cute <3

  • Alice

    She’s beautiful!!!

  • sweetauntie

    my my doesnt she just love all that attention for someone who is private and low profile good job rachael wasnt for hayden no one would now who you are.

  • i’d_say

    @ # 13

    Seems like she lives & breaths of what her “paid” PR machine can do for her coz if not, she’ll be decomposed!

  • voice of reason

    The trolls are out from under the rock, don’t you all have something better to do-seeing as you hate her so much.

  • Me

    This post lacks Thurmen. He’s the cutest dog ever.

  • legs

    i love her wayfarer.

  • tessa

    I love Rachel

  • lisa

    so cute
    thanks Jared

  • iris

    I love this pics. Thanx jared

  • the oc fansite
  • Laura

    no-one would know who she is if it wasn’t for Hayden?!

    I knew about her about..hmm..4 years before she even met the guy. Hayden may have been in more movies etc. but Rachel is in the media far more than him and is definitely the more well-known.

  • Gwen

    i love the new outfit

  • anna

    Rachel looks great

  • Damian

    gotta love rachel


    love her she is sooo cute!


  • rachellove

    LOVE !!!!!!!!

  • Ruz mary

    she’s adorable

  • Pam

    Cute :)

  • mt

    she looks lovely

  • Jessica LA

    30 comments over stupid compliments on how “cute” she is. Get a REAL life people.

  • beats_me

    @ #31

    It obviously looks like coming only from 1-5 persons w/ MULTIPLE names!

  • observer

    Mind you if its actually Rachel Bilson herslef whos doing all of that… to think that what shes all good at, those “dumb one liner sentence”!

  • http://justjared 39

    cute girl

  • http://justjared 39

    cute girl

  • no

    ugly girl

  • no

    ugly girl

  • Neon

    Does anyone know what’s going on with Desiringhayden net forum? no one can get in and I can’t either!

  • Anonymous (like always)

    Someone tried to hack up her entire site last time,so probably they are making changes. Which that website could use a sh** load of changes.
    I havent been on the forum in months and I could care less about being on that obsesseive,boring sh**. Those girls have no life.

    I always speak my damn mind.
    F**k what you think!

  • Amber

    @ 39

    unnecessary comment.

    But Jen is probably having problems with members or something. I have no clue whats going on! :(

  • haydenlover
  • Raven

    Who gives a sh** about her retarded no life obsessed fan site and her stupid fan forum. Im glad its down right now and I hope someones hack her whole entire website si she can feels like what its like to have a life! :lol:

  • Raven

    @ 42!
    Nice try VOR! 42 is not me. You and your childish way’s won’t bring me back. So, just stop! I have no reason to bash Jen. Hayden and Rachel okay are dating. Geez! I can except that. God! Do you need to be such an obnoxious pig about it?! You done your victory dance already. Calling out for me everyday and saying I’m hiding in defeat and in shame is so retarded.

    I won’t bother to reply. I just hate people using my name. Are you that much of an imbecile you cannot come up with a different name? Stupid Rayden’s trying to make the skeptic’s look bad. Oh! VOR is bored it looks like and is also Truth Hurst and various other names on this board and trying to act like their are more people on her side. Pathetic loser’s. GROW UP SPIDER!

    STOP USING MY NAME! BTW! I repoted you for doing this!

  • Truth hurst

    Raven, the witch is back.

    You don’t like people using your name well I don’t like being accused of being VOR. I am not VOR, is it really that hard to believable VOR is not the only person that thinks you’re an idiot. Personally I think you’re a fu#king raving lunatic, why do you spew so much verbal diarrhoea from your mouth. Stop acting like a petulant child, the only side I am on is my own. You really shouldn’t find it surprising with the way you act there are many people who have the same opinion of you. With all the cr#p you have said in the past about Hayden and Rachel, and the way you have treated people, again you shouldn’t be surprised that someone want’s to stick it to you. Get a little love in your life sister, you never know you could just become a better person.

  • crapshack

    @ Her pap friends are busy again.

    As usual as it is – some celebutards have just this “regular itching needs” to feed a media machine anytime they have/want too!

  • J

    why do people call her a troll? she’s taller than Nicole Richie & nobody says shit about her height.

  • kara

    Actually, she’s shorter than Nicole Richie, Rachel is barely 5’1 maybe 5’0 and Nicole is a good 5’1/5’1’5

  • voice of reason

    @raven #43 again you try to prove something, in order to save yourself , you have bad-mouthed Jen in the past–in case you cannot think, I believe the words were Mothership etc, you Laureen went to the board in the comments area at DH and tried to say sorry.

    You did that because you know alot of people from that site got wise to you.

    You have been away creating more names, because you have been caught out. Did your Mum(with respect) ever teach you that every lie becomes undone——-do you know why?

    Because as I have tried to explain to you multiple times it becomes obvious that it is a lie. Since you left for awhile 2 boards, all your “friends” have also gone.

    Why you may ask—it’s because you can’t hide anymore.

    And for anyone else that maybe bothered I’m not posting at #42 this is raven’s attempt to hide.

    BTW Raven reported has an R in it. And again you have repoRted me so you say everywhere, yet to see the result of your hard work LOL.

    I said this before to you–first thing they check is a person’s IP addy to see if they are posting, under different names, I assume you are smart enough to know this.

    I post from one computer my IP can be easily tracked bet a few of your names can be traced from one computer–think about that.

    Raven, we have had some bad conversation and a few good ones, you fly off the handle-all I said to you was “told you so” that was not a dance, not shoving it in your face, did not do a dance, went crazy over it.

    Hence I’m still here, and you are starting new names-geez with respect I thought you were better than that.

    Have a good one–BTW your new names are not working

  • voice of reason

    @Truth-sorry for not mentioning the back up-if you go to ImDb my username is spider34–talk to me in PM would be interested in hearing from you. Up to you.