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Speed Racer 7-Minute Preview

Speed Racer 7-Minute Preview

Check out the first seven minutes of Speed Racer, opening in theaters tomorrow. Go, Speed Racer, go!

The film has garnered a paltry 34% from so far. Yikes!

Speed Racer is the first post-Matrix writing/directing by The Wachowski Brothers.

Starring: Matthew Fox, Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, John Goodman, Susan Sarandon and Rain.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the film so far — YAY or NAY?

“Speed Racer” 7-Minute Preview
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  • Tracy

    Nay because it makes me dizzy. LoL

  • jimena


  • elicard5

    I doesn’t make dizzy too.
    But i love Emile Hirsch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [ā˜†I n F a m o u sā˜†]

    this movie is going to bomb so fcukingggggggggg bad. i like emile (no homo) and i feel bad for him.

    this movie’s getting absolutely NO l o v e.

  • Criss

    its just wayyy to busy for me to pay attention to the main character and such. and like ya.

  • Jonas Fan

    that was insane! I wanna see the movie right now!
    wow intense graphics i hope this movie does good!

  • Reader

    No go for me as well. They ruined it.
    NO Speed Racer! NO Speed Racer! NO Speed Racer, NOOOOOO!

  • h.

    Go, Iron Man, Go. ;P

  • mossy

    where can i get that picture of emile????

  • Rc

    They stayed true to the vibrant colors with some psychadelic twist to it. And they incorporated the checkereds!!!WOHOOOOOOOOO!

    I love it!!! I can’t wait to see the movie. It also reminds me of the video game I used to play; F-0X

  • LADY

    Yay- just because it’s a childhood favorite. Let’s just hope they don’t screw it up too bad. Though the reviews are scaring me…

  • oh snap!

    YAY YAY YAY !!!! five stars!
    I CANT wait to see this it looks soo colorful and glossy!

    I cant wait to see Rain up in this :)

  • bolishopin


  • Rae

    It looks crazy but awesome. I’ll see it.

  • Lea

    Go Speed GO!!!

  • Lea

    Go Speed GO!!!

  • no thanks

    THAT was that first seven minutes? Its horrible chopped up.. confusing plot.. they did a horrible job with graphics and incorporating actors into the background. Looks like some cheap and cheesy 90′s movie. reminds me of Super Mario Brothers. They could have done a better job AND still keep up with the checker/ anime feel of the original speed racer

    I would only watch it b/c Rain is in it.. His US debut.. haha.. still stuck on the Colbert thing.. I love that show!

  • suzette

    wanna see emile hirsch at his best then rent dangerous lives of altar boys (my personal all time fav movie) or into the wild :)

  • suzette

    i’m going to see it tomorrow anyways :D

  • suzette

    i mean today…

  • happy

    He’s charming. BTW, did you guys see his profile on ‘R i c h k i s s.c o m’? Is he lonely? He has a nice pro file with hot pics. And more he’s a certified mill ion aire there. Is he looking for new dates seriously there?

  • thea

    i saw this movie yesterday.. it was out here already. The first part SUCKED! My friend actually fell asleep! The races were exciting but overall, i give it a 6/10 coz i got to stare at the three hot boys :P

  • yuck

    well maybe it sucks cuz The Wachowski Brothers suck at writing…
    everyone knows that the matrix script was stolen and that there is some crazy billion dollar lawsuit against them. i hope it’s going to bomb hard

  • Roxy

    YAY! It seems cool!

  • rose

    i saw it yesterday! it was funnnn to watch.
    gooo speed racer!

    even this lil girl sitting in front was clapping when speed was racing.

  • flirtlikecrazy

    I don’t know whose are their target? The film is just like a video game / animation / cartoon with real people inside. Means you wont be let down for watching visual CGI.
    So may be for the teens I bet. But the plot seems a bit difficult for kids which including some biz conspiracy & some twist & turn too.
    A/way, I believe this is absolutely not made for fans who grew up with it.
    The film’s length 2 hrs 15 mins app. And almost half of it is NON-action scenes which the characters keep talk & talk & talk. Beside talk, still talk… ZzZzZzZz…
    Last but not least, I dislike Spritle & ChimChim… annoying kids/creatures.

  • sean


  • Bibs

    I watched it yesterday, and it’s good, REALLY good!


    yay… give it a goo when its on DVD :D

  • uh-no

    agree w/CLICK i’ll maybe consider watching it on DVD with the option to fast foward when needed…

  • Jonas Fan

    This is very interesting half of the comments like the movie and others dont…then some are in between. I wonder what the reviews are going to be after this weekend

  • Helena

    Headache inducing and I never usually say that term!

  • angel hair

    wow, it IS as bad as the trailer seems. what’s up with all the colors? the w brothers have swung to the opposite end of the spectrum from matrix.
    i saw emile h. on trl, and he didn’t seem too bright.

  • Ano?

    yay its really good and its not chopped up i adree wit jonas fan its awosome

  • Sam

    brilliant film making. Yay for me!!!

  • zanessa foreva


  • christina





    GO SPEED GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcelo

    I watched yesterday. I’m from Brazil and I thought it was a big surprise. It’s funny, insane, with spectacular special effects…well, I like it a lot.