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Justin Timberlake Answers 'The Phone'

Justin Timberlake Answers 'The Phone'

Justin Timberlake announced at yesterday’s MTV Upfronts that he’s going to produce a new reality show for MTV called The Phone.

The Phone is based on a Dutch TV show, which pits contestants in a race against time and each other to accomplish a mission and win a cash prize.

Here’s a synopsis via Access Hollywood: Each episode will begin with two strategically placed cell phones ringing at opposite ends of a major metropolitan city. Once answered, a mysterious guide gives contestants five seconds to decide if they want to play the game.

If they accept, the competition begins, throwing the two contestants into an intense race, where they must communicate via cell phone to succeed.

The guide will also be communicating with the game players via cell phone, as a helicopter in the sky tracks their every move, exploit and error – with each failed task chipping away at the cash prize.

DO YOU THINK you’ll tune into “The Phone” this fall?

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  • Jen

    he looks high…

  • Kevin

    I’ve never heard from this originally dutch show before :| lol and i’m from the netherlands

  • Short memory

    Isn’t Justin Timberlake the one who accepted an awards from The Hills girls and in speech said there were too many reality shows?? Guess he decided to cash in??


    Bad pic. He should stick to music

  • mel

    That’s ironic considering Justin is one who threw a hissy fit at the MTV award show last year begging them to start playing more videos and to stop with the reality shows. Hypocrite.

  • Jenna

    After he was so rude to The Hills girls and putting down reality shows at the awards, he’s going to be making a reality show?

  • Dutch

    I’m dutch, and live in the Netherlands and all that goodness – but have never heard of this show… are you sure it’s a Dutch show?

  • Fleur

    i’m dutch so i know the original serie its a good serie.
    And hope they will show the american version with justin also on the dutch mtv.

  • Fleur

    for all the dutch people who don’t know it it’s broadcast on “nederland 3″ on monday

  • Corey

    ummm he was totally the one who was saying how mtv needed to play more music during last years VMA…..and now he’s producing his own reality show on mtv? hmmm…..

  • Sarah

    Well i am from The Nederlands so i know the Phone.
    But it is not so verry funny.

    i hope it’s nicer here in Amerika

  • Sarah

    Well i am from The Nederlands so i know the Phone.
    But it is not so verry funny.

    i hope it’s nicer here in Amerika

  • Fleur

    i didn’t mean monday in the last post but sunday.

  • Megan

    I’m from the Netherland’s too, is it also called the Phone??

  • addy

    I dunno if I’ll tune in but I do know that this prick was very disparaging at the VMAS last year about reality shows. He lambasted MTV for having too many of them and he was so incredibly arrogant and rude to The Hills girls when they handed him an award. Hey JT, Michael Jackson called me and says he wants his career back. Stole his music and his moves. Classy.

  • philizzle

    isnt this the same guy who gave some big preaching speech at the vma’s about how mtv shouldnt show reality shows???!!!!! he’s such a hypocrite

  • david

    He still looks hot to me :)

  • bashful

    what a hypocrite!! i thought he hated reality tv shows!!

  • ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Ya!

  • jonasinluv

    idk about the whole ‘hating reality tv’ thing but the show sounds cool…but only if its like “the amazing race”

  • jonasinluv

    idk about the whole ‘hating reality tv’ thing but the show sounds cool…but only if its like “the amazing race”

  • nunny

    sounds like a powerpugg girls episode i took it baaaaaack!

  • ash

    He is being a hypocrite,but its different then the other crap they play on mtv.Unlike the hills and real world were people just party and bitch this is a game show and sounds kinda entertaining.


    im not so sure how long this show will last i dont think long but jt is totally a hottie and ill watch it just cuz of him!


  • Justin

    what’s up with his face

  • andriia

    This actually sounds pretty cool. Reading about it reminds me of the Saw movies though, haha.

  • wicked wench

    He looks hot but high. Sigh…

  • salifjdsa

    I’m dutch.. the show is fun when you watch it the first one or 2 times.. but then it get’s old and boring

  • Anne

    I’m Dutch and I’ve seen the show. I don’t like it. It is fun to reed that the concept is sold to American mtv though.

  • Niamh

    Yeaah. So Much For ” Less Reality Shows” … Justin Is Making Me Likee Himm WAAAAY LESSSSS.

  • Aline

    He is ugly, too think, he doesn’t sing, always making playback and stupid American people love him…It shows how American peopel need culture, stop seeing stupid Tv series and tv programms and stop eating to be less fat.

  • Fleur

    And as many others here I’m from The Netherlands as well but ‘The Phone’… Never heard of it! Does anyone from Holland know when it was on and on which station?

  • Andrea

    what a hypocrite. this is the same guy who embarrassed the cast of the hills at the mtv music awards. any way to make a buck i suppose.

  • me

    Aline, you are an ignorant jerk if you say that. He has NEVER done playback . And he has proved that he can sing LIVE even while dancing to a hard coreography or playing instruments, so if you don’t know anything about him, stfu.

    And this doesn’t seem to be a “reality” show. It’s more of a game show. Reality shows are crap like The Hills or South of Nowhere.

  • leonie

    i like the phone! I watch it all the time, but it can be quite boring sometimes. hopefully jt can bring it to another level

  • Angelique

    I’m from Holland and I know this show for quite some time now. People may of may not like the concept, but the producer behind the show is called Beau van Erven Dorens (yes, the ex-host RTL Boulevard). And just last week he won the Golden Rose for Best Reality-show at the Rose d’Or Festival in Switserland. These awards are, next to the Emmy’s, the most prestigieus tv-awards in the world.. So there you go…

  • WTF???


  • niene

    i’m watching the phone right now on the dutch television cause i live in holland and it’s actually pretty cool and seriously nervewrecking : )

  • desiree

    he does look like he is high. He probably is high i cant soy cause i dont know!

  • ashleyjanet

    the casting director just called me .. SO stoked.

  • Raptorjesus