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Hugh Hefner to Miley Cyrus: Pose in Playboy!

Hugh Hefner to Miley Cyrus: Pose in Playboy!

Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has invited Disney sensation Miley Cyrus to pose in the pages of his men’s magazine.

In light of Miley‘s Vanity Fair photo scandal, Hugh told Extra at the Playboy Mansion last night that he love the 15-year-old tween queen to star in Playboy when she’s of legal age.

Hugh said, “Sure, she’d be welcomed in the magazine. Very pretty lady. And I think to make such a big to do over something as innocent as those photos, I think is a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality.”

With a Hannah Montana empire worth $1 billion, Miley surely wouldn’t do this because she’s strapped for cash!

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  • Ally

    he’s sick but it’s so funny

  • tarly

    in my opinion i dont think those vanity fair pictures are bad there just making this a big deal just to make some headlines

  • Accidental Sexiness

    Have you people not seen the OTHER pictures she took with her friends? Not even talking about Vanity Fair……

  • macarena

    me parece q lo q dijo hugh es verdad y me parece q como a miley muchas personas a el lo discriminan por ser feliz al lado de mujeres hermosas como holly, brighter y parece q a las personas no les gustta porq si salen desnudas en una portada de una de las mejores revisttas pero me parece q eso tambien es artte como cantar bailar pintar actuar ect. asi q no digan nada de miley ni de hugh porq son grandes personas y todos sus fans los estamos apoyandooo….
    es mas ya la veo a miley haciendo cuando sea grande una poryada playboy jaj me pareceria genial porq muchas personas qieren serloo y yo creo q ella en el futuroo lo haria geniall…

    todos hablandoo en ingles jaja menos yop jaja pero bueno nose de donde sean los q escriben los comentarios pero yop si se de donde soy y soy de uno de los mejores paises por el cual estoy orgulosa




  • Toby

    He said when she is of legal age and just said she is pretty not that she’s HOT!

    And I very much doubt her empire is worth $1billion, plus Disney takes the biggest cut of her earnings, she’s probably worth on her own about $20million.

  • Nessa baby

    That’s just disgusting, sick old man.

  • tee

    Some stupid reporter ASKED him about miley he just said sure if shse wants to WHEN SHE LEGAL DON’T MAKE THIS INTO SOMETHING ITS NOT.

  • Accidental Sexiness

    Estoy segura que la mayoria de la gente entiended lo que estas escribiendo.

    Que importa?


    yeah, thats a little gross, asking when shes 15,
    but i agree with him when he says america is freaking out about her pictures, there really not that bad.

  • tanya

    men so crazy!!!!!

    but miley too!

  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)

    OMG! Jared..i dont think miley would do that either! ;(

  • twilightlover

    Obviously, Hugh sees what her fans refuse to: Miley has no morals.

  • keira knightley fan

    Sick old fart.

  • lilyanne

    Can this all go away now please?! It’s all in the wording. He must’ve been asked if he would ever consider Miley for Playboy and that is what he answered. He is not going to say, “NO comment!” The media will not let this die down on its own.

  • 007

    What’s sick is Miley not rejecting him.

  • Selena (not gomez)

    i think shes a SLUTTTTT!

  • lexiee

    His ass should be investigated,by the FBI for putting this offer out.
    lOl thats true :) Miley is only 15..WHAT THE HELL!HES A PREV FOR SHURE!!YUKK!

  • lexiee

    His ass should be investigated,by the FBI for putting this offer out.
    lOl thats true :) Miley is only 15..WHAT THE HELL!HES A PREV FOR SHURE!!YUKK!

  • Angie

    OMGod! What is wrong w/ u MEN! U guys are soo trashy! This is a 15 year OLD wee talking about here and I hope MILEY NEVER takes the offer and those of u n couregin her are just as sick as he is! You all (encouraging men) need JESUS!

  • blake

    ew, he’s a dirty old man

  • supergirl

    I think that he is crazy, but miley did create her image when she took those photos and also she can’t take those pics until she is like 18 or 19 but she is probablyh happy because someone offered her something like this just like the olsen twins they asked them but they said no

  • jason lover

    hahahahahaha i love you hef, you brighten up my day.
    i hope miley does it.
    even britney never posed for playboy.
    and that just means miley’s career will go down the drain much faster.

  • me


  • Jonaschicka

    its not sick, i mean it did say in the second paragraph, when shes of legal age!

  • camila


  • yes


  • yes

    He needs to put his own kids in his dirty rag………..

  • redneck

    Those people in Tenesee will hang him by his private parts.

  • redneck

    He is dirty. as dirty is.Pure damn dirt.Trying to put a kid in a dirty magazine,just the thought makes you want to throw up.

  • whitey

    He looks like he has one foot in the grave,Dirty old man.

  • whitey

    76 camila: maybe you want to be in the magazine.

  • mary l.

    He is wrong for even thinking this.

  • Marvin

    72…….That was Annie L. fault she knew better than to take a picture of a kid with shirt off…Annie L. is guilty as this jerk is here Hugh hefner,he needs a good kick in the balls.

  • sky vogue

    thats dumb,and she not going to take it! For sure,she has a smart MOM

  • meny

    hmmm… people often complain about others talking behind their backs (bad talking), and everyone thinks is so horrible and everything, i joust found ironic that there are a lot of people doing the same thing here. hahahaha,

    and anyway.
    hugh really said “when she’s of age” and not “yeaah, i’m getting that cyrus at 15 to pose naked on my magazine, because i often dream of little naked girls!” –’
    and it’s not like she even accepted it :/

    and plus, i also agree, the vanity fair photos were pretty much artistic, not pornographic ones.
    i really don’t understand why people made such a fuss about this oo’
    she’s got a thin body, a pretty face, it’s not like she’s ugly or fat and did an outrageous thing.
    or americans just take things too serious, i don’t know oo’ (i don’t live in america 8D’ so i can’t be sure of how the population as one would react).

    and anyway, as some people said, she has worse pictures than vanity fair ones, all you need to do is look around internet and you’ll find 8D’

  • sj


  • viv

    haha funny what i dont understand why would you want a bamboo stick to pose for a playboy magazine she has no boobs no ass and shs ugly as fuck fuck you hugh your a sick grandpa

  • lmao

    You know you made it big when you get offer to pose for Playboy lol :p

  • eddie jones

    I have no problems with Huge Heffiner or playboy. But shouldn’t he be arrested for solicitation a minor? Who in their right mind would proposition a 15 yr old to pose nude? I know he said when she’s of legal age, but that’s besides the point. Imagine this, your having a party at your house, a family member or friend says to your 15 yr old daughter, when your 18 you should pose nude. It’s solicitation of a minor, corruption of a minor, and just downright wrong, what’s wrong with this guy?

  • eddie jones

    “READ it people. He said of legal age. As in when she is old enough to choose to do so.”

    Doesn’t matter, it’s solicitation of a minor and corruption of a minor. He should be arrested.

    That would be the same as saying, oh well I told the prostitute that we’re going to get married and have kids in three years, for now I just want what im paying for.

    Furthermore you can’t say girls the are in playboy end up to be successes. Most of the time, if your not good enough to be in Hughs bed, your going to struggle. Is he saying he wants Miley in his bed? Sure seems that way to me, theres alot of sick wealthy people out there.

  • Sara

    she might as well accept
    what else has she not done to ruin her name

  • cami

    haah this is hilarious!

    Trust me Miley and her reps will issue some lame statement saying “miley doesn’t believe in posing for playboy it’s against her religion” blah blah blah

    BUT we all know that Miley and her parents would’ve jumped on this playboy wagon if she wasn’t a part of Disney ..

    That’s how much attention she wants.. and she’ll do anything to get it ..

    what a pathetic girl.. for all i care.. she can disappear from this world.. and i don’t think it would really have much of an impact.

  • :D

    Depending on what direction Miley’s going right now; I think she is going to do it. And im not a miley fan :D

  • sammie :]

    that’s really sick.
    that man has no right to push miley into do that.
    that’s what the photographer did the miley recently.
    I suppport miley tons, and i have a there’s a 100% she’s not going to do that.
    She knows whats right and whats not, and that’s not.
    at all.

  • raul


    when she’s of legal age


  • sam

    just stupid.

  • kate

    That Vanity Fair picture was in NO WAY sexual. This is pointless and even dumb of him to say.. but nice of him to defend her.

  • tell-tale

    posing for playboy isnt an honor, its an insult. its lyk saying, ‘since i cant sing, act or do nething else worthwhile in my life, i might as well bare all to get attention’ its degrading and stupid, which i guess makes it perfect for miley.

  • nickjonaslover

    k… kinda creepy… um… wow… i mean, miley, wats going through ur head? posing w/ ur bra and in ur underwear and now maybe topless?!?!? wat happened to the little sweet destiny? she needs counceling or somethin. im actually not surprised that playboy offered… her being all “wooooaaaa” crazy like that!

    Peace, Luv, Jonas!!

  • KiMmy

    What a sick man!