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Hugh Hefner to Miley Cyrus: Pose in Playboy!

Hugh Hefner to Miley Cyrus: Pose in Playboy!

Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has invited Disney sensation Miley Cyrus to pose in the pages of his men’s magazine.

In light of Miley‘s Vanity Fair photo scandal, Hugh told Extra at the Playboy Mansion last night that he love the 15-year-old tween queen to star in Playboy when she’s of legal age.

Hugh said, “Sure, she’d be welcomed in the magazine. Very pretty lady. And I think to make such a big to do over something as innocent as those photos, I think is a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality.”

With a Hannah Montana empire worth $1 billion, Miley surely wouldn’t do this because she’s strapped for cash!

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  • Jessika


  • rae

    wow shes gunna end up like britney spears
    look at the image she created for herself

  • K

    Dirty old man !

  • Ashley

    erm, well that’s only a little disturbing
    of course, we all saw it coming, didn’t we?
    wow, she’s freaking 15 and already being offered to pose for playboy… hmm yeah, and she’s such a great role model?

  • cool

    miley wouldnt do this!
    this is a practical joke! and hugh, your gonna die soon, so stop dreaming!!!

    ***and if miley would agree to this, OH SHE’S JUST DUMB***

  • Alison

    Sick pervert!

    I bet Miley accepts his offer when she is 18. I hardly think she is the sweet wholesome girl she tries to come across as.

  • miley slutrus

    how is he a pedophile???
    have you not seen the vanity fair photos?
    the internet leaked pictures?
    its about time, i wouldnt be surprised if miley happened to slip that she would be honored.
    i mean, we all know shes the next brittany, but she only turned into a mess at like 22. miley is only 15!! imagine what shed do when she gets her drivig license and allowed to drink!!!!
    i hate her so much!!!
    shes an ugly buck toothed whore!
    oh and SO TALENTEDLESS IT Should be a world record
    seriously, she CANNOT ACT!!! or sing!! omfg my ears bleed when she sings! i can sing better than her and i think i sound terrible.
    miley slutrus better know whats good for her cause i swear the next time i go to LA. shes screwed :)

  • Sarah

    Well, I wouldn’t mind if she did nude photoshoots if she was legal age. If she’s 18 and goes in Playboy, fine, whatever. But a 15 year old going to a photo shoot nude makes it sound like she’s trying to be sexy and wants to get laid… But yeah, when she’s 18, whatever. Even though Hefner said he will wait until she’s of legal age, it’s still a bit weird because it’s almost like he said “In a few years I wanna see this 15 year old girl naked”. A bit creepy…

  • Brittany

    Playboy? That is the last magazine I thought she would make the cover of in a few years. Well what are you gonna do :(

  • MelliZa

    ii thinK thiS milEy cyRuz iZ craZy..shE neEdZ 2 ChiLL 4 a whiLe…y duZ shE neeD 2 dO theSe thinGz and shEzZ onLii 15…wOw… ii thinK sheZ GrowinG 2 fasT..oR atleasT pPl wanT heR 2..

  • sunnyrebecca

    What a PERV

  • ceciJonas

    Haha just imagine her :P
    Posing in playboy with her jacked up teeth, & her fat neck, ha ha. & her nasty face. lol
    cant wait to see that.
    i bet people wont even recognize her, with all the retuching they do on her pictures.
    Miley is a S K A NK!

  • jane

    ummm…does he have a daughter by chance? I can’t decide if I wish he had a daughter so maybe he would think of it like ‘i wouldn’t want my daughter to do that’ but then again he might be the type who would have his daughter pose in playboy too. I’m waiting for the day when he croaks…he sucks.

  • Miley&JonasBrother’s Fan!!

    I literaly hate this guy and im against play boy that dude is a pervert how dare he say that..dumb old man

  • Claire

    This man is sick…..but i know Miley wouldn’t do it..i mean she made a mistake-who doesn’t but that doesn’t mean she is a hoe or something.

    She has bad media surronding little mistake and next thing u know ur named next britney spears..are u serious??!!!

    I support Miley and I think she’s a great person! =]

  • jane

    and let me guess…im sure hugh hefner has his calendar marked for when anna nicole smith’s daughter turns 18 so he can ask her to pose for playboy too, huh.

  • drzen



  • Carla

    hahahaa that was expected!

  • shorty

    she looks scary in that pic

  • jess

    I’d hope she’d turn it down, even when she’s of “legal” age… but, i actually do kind of agree with Heffner on this one. America is kinda schizo about sexuality, and I think they blew the Miley/Annie L. photos way out of proportion.

  • droofman

    do you guy’s not READ what he said HE SAID WHEN SHE WAS OF AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daft man

    read before post dam you americans you are the sick ones…
    some reporter ask heff if he would publish miley naked pictures
    and he respond well if she wants to when she’s legal
    it’s not like he is ofering money or looking for
    it’s more like if someaone ask you when this seed grows into an apple tree would you take and apple and make a pie whit it?
    well…. i guess so…
    you Hypocrite, selfish egomaniac, warbringer USA people (not Americans, that would be an insult for the continet)

  • miley supporter


  • Andrea

    Fuck him… he’s a olddd mannn.. what does he know and besides Miley would never do that.. 1st cuz she’s only 15!!! and 2ndly… her parents keep her pretty grounded.. Hugh Hefner is a sick man all about sex.. and America is not all about sexuality.. there are other things besides that… so shut it already..
    peace out.. hoe.


    She’s female.

    She’s well-known.

    He’s a businessman.

    Of course he wants her in the magazine WHEN SHE’S LEGAL.

  • fee

    i knew she was going to get offered for playboy.
    i’m a little surprised heff hasn’t asked vanessa yet, though.

  • Brooke

    He is so flippin sicK!
    i hope he goes straight to hell.
    he deserves it.
    omg, it makes me wanna puke all over his playmates.
    i love Miley, and he is trying to ruin her!
    just go suck on a banana hugh

  • Kindra Marie

    when shes of LEGAL AGE, people. Miley isnt going to do it now. & plus, I think Playboy is a way of living. I mean, just because they’re feminine people who are in touch with their sexual side doesn’t mean they’re whores! I dont think there is ANYTHING wrong with posing for playboy, just miley won’t do it (even if she does take the offer) until shes of legal age & well out of her fans minds, because right now all shes focusing on is being a good role model for kids.

  • Kindra Marie

    HUGH HEFNER IS NOT A SICK MAN! OKAY! SO STOP CALLING HIM OUT! Its ticking me off!~ Hugh Hefner is a sweet man, he just likes WOMEN! I mean, what man doesnt?! SO BACK OFF. I dont think miley should do it, but dont hate hugh for it! GOD.

  • diane

    I hope her mom and dad put their foot down for once what will they let her do next

  • haha

    Mmmm, if the shoe fits ;]

    && trust me, IT DOES :D !

  • ohbabybaybay

    This is SICK. shes 15 and hes like what…

  • zanessa fan 101

    this guy is so dam perve y would he say something like that even if it might be true she is 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do they think of her. they r really trin to spoil her! wat hell is his problem! these are the bad parts of hollywood. hell with these freking perverds

  • yo

    haha wow!

    miley wont do that!


  • mia jonas

    she’s 15 years old, you ass! you’re sick, ok dear?!

  • this is ghetto

    this is ghetto.
    i hope she takes the offer just so people can see what she is like in real life. I don’t think it is right for someone that really isn’t a good person to be Hannah Montana when there are so many other young teenagers that would be amazing for the job. and that playboy guy is probably Jesse Kratochville in disguise.

  • xkathhx

    i was soooo shockeddd

    no no no!

  • http://donthaveone Biatch!

    Yeah that’s her future!
    she’s gonna be A PLAYBOY BUNNY!

  • Amanda



  • krystin

    ok, he is not “sick” he said she’s a pretty young lady. and NOT now. but at the LEGAL age. thats 18. k?? not 15! NOT NOW. retards





  • LIlo

    that’s really wrong

  • Katkout

    funniest shit I have ever heard in my whole entire life. go on old Hugh.

  • Amanda

    vai se ferra meuu _|_

  • Jenn

    Lay off the guy. He runs a business, and she would sell and he knows it. Plus like others said, he said when shes of LEGAL age to do so.

  • Cynthia

    i definely LOVE hef , and come on guys , he was just kidding

  • Bea

    yeah… she doesnt need the money.
    PLUS i bet by the time she’s 18 her sex tape will already be out. so no need for playboy.
    i dont think she’s headed for good :/

  • Kay

    I’ve lost whatever respect I had for Miley in recent days. She brought all this shit on to herself. She’s fucken 15 and should have had the common sense to say NO when she was posing for these pictures. And where the HELL were her parents???????? Why would any parent let a 15 year old pose for cameras like that. Even though some are saying that this isn’t a big deal…Miley is only 15 and so it is a big deal. She’s still too young to be posing for pics that are so suggestive(btw, I’m not trying to be mean and this may come out sounding exactly like that….but I think that she looked absolutely UGLY in those pics. I mean if your going to do something like that, then at least make it look good. The pic where she is wearing red lipstick and had a silver bedsheet covering her, looks as if she was REALLY sick when they took that picture).

    Anyways, like I said, she brought it all on to herself so now she should have to deal with the consquences.

  • chantall

    omg i think hef just wants a 4th girlfriend