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Sarah Larson: Boy George!

Sarah Larson: Boy George!

George Clooney‘s longtime squeeze Sarah Larson opens up in the upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar, out May 20. Here’s what the “waitress turned reality show star turned model” had to say about her relationship with the Sexiest Man Alive:

On first meeting George about four years ago while working at a Las Vegas resort, when she was attached to someone else: “We were hanging out and dancing and being goofballs. Nothing crazy. We talked, that’s it.”

On things getting serious in June of 2007 when they ran into each other at the premiere of Ocean’s Thirteen: “I got texts, and we just started talking. George is funny and sweet, and he’s good to be around. I see him as a normal person, like anyone else. He just happens to have a well-known face.”

On watching marathons of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels while recovering from their motorcycle accident last September: “We caught ourselves rooting for someone or getting frustrated. And we were like, ‘This is sad.’”

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  • _nika

    WTF !! now shes in cover of magazines!? how long have those two being dating?

  • jlm


    Really shes becoming famous now too?

  • CAMI

    I guess I need to go to Vegas and start s u c king d i cks for a living to be in Harper’s. What a freaking joke!!!!!

  • annaversary

    OMG. She is so pathetic! First NICHOLAS CAGE’S asian chinese restaurant teenage waistress, now GEORGE CLOONEY’S Vegas slut!

    Like CAMI #3 suggested, maybe we should go to Vegas. HAHAH!

    This is so pathetic. Arggggh!

  • Cammy

    pretty face. but not too much in the noggin based on her responses

  • bya

    so pretty

  • Nanea

    Whatever happened to her saying a few days ago she wouldn’t do any interviews?

    She famous for what exactly? For having pics out there where she’s posing without panties while making sure everyone is aware of that fact? I had no idea that or posing for pics while being dry-humped against a wall by customers is required by cocktail waitresses! I had no idea cocktail waitresses made $ 200,000 a year by waiting tables three days a week.

    She’s famous for “dating” a hypocrite who always bemoans his lack of privacy but willingly shares his ludicrous tall tales with the likes of TIME and others? “Dating” someone for publicity? “Dating” as in regularly not seeing each other for weeks on end? Because she’s so busy “modeling”? The “profession” she took up at the tender age of 29 after getting 2 charity gigs at obscure functions through the Sugar Daddy?

    She needed recovering from bruised toes? They can’t have been broken because she was back in high heels within two weeks after the accident, and not even the bones of someone who says she did premed in college (while admitting to Page 6 she’s afraid of doctors) heal in two weeks.

    And I don’t think they did much recovering anyway, seeing they were photographed eating out nearly every day while they both were so battered and bruised.

    So she’s saying again they met four years ago? And yet George didn’t check her out while filming O13 for weeks and weeks in LV in 2006 but picked off other “cocktail waitresses” off poles and tables?

    “Funny and sweet” is exactly what comes to mind about someone I’m in love with – not. Has anyone ever heard her talking? That whiny voice? I’d run a mile before even attempting to listen!

    “This is sad” Yes, that something like Harper’s now panders to publicist’s whims and puts an escort into their mag.

  • Jess

    Most stars, including George, want to keep the details of their relationships private. Well, that’s what you get for dating a fame-hungry gold-digger-a spread in harper’s all about your relationship just so she can frollick on the front cover, trying to act like a classy girl who deserves to be there. Yeah right.

  • zoe

    the cover is weird but there’s no denying in the fact that sarah is pretty. how strong their relationship is something i’m curious.
    i think the haters are a bit too harsh, just take a step backwards.

  • solaris

    @ annaversary
    What is wrong with being a waitress? It is a legal job. Decent, legal job. Many people can have a life because they take this jobs. Not every body is a movie star! And if Nicholas Cage is happier with his wife now than with the daughter of Elvis Presley…so what?!

    I think GC has been around with many beautiful women, and I think he knows what he looks for. May be not only out side beauty, but also inside. May be he found it in this woman….so what?!

    To be honest, I prefer to spend the time with a waitress in my local cafe than with Mariah Carey (she was also “only” a waitress)!

  • ashley

    NICHOLAS CAGE’S wife is Korean, not Chinese

  • yuck

    oh here we go…
    george’s pr people are going to start shoving her down our throat to cover up the fact that clooney is HOMOSEXUAL.
    he should get rid of this beard cuz it makes him look silly and she looks desperate

  • give me a break

    @Zoe – Sweetie, you don’t even know the half of it. Check out SL’s IMDB web page and check out the links of her working. You’ll get an eye full.

    @Solaris – you don’t know the half of it either. She was more than just a waitress. Check out her IMDB page, too.

  • Manoukia

    Wow, Sarah ‘No-Panties’ Larson strikes again!

    Is George hell-bent on attempting career suicide or what?

    He used to keep his private life private, although everyone knew he was dating table dancers and the like for years. By publicly associating himself with someone who probably costs a lot to look this cheap, he alienates the people he needs to keep his business afloat, the women who used to swoon over him, the women who used to pay to see him on the big screen.

    Why this woman gets publicity at all is beyond me! Anyone remember her pathetic statements at the Oscars when she complained that her dress, which looked like it started its life as someone else’s trailer’s curtains, was too heavy? Someone a bit brighter would have mentioned how happy they are to be there and kept their grievances to themselves.

    I bet the people who know George or work with him are really happy that he regularly brings his escort out, e.g. to upstage established actresses like Tilda Swinton at film festivals, Renée Zellweger at the premiere of his own movie, where he was late to the red carpet and didn’t attend the official premiere afterparty. Just look at the recent pics from the MET event, Julia Robert’s expression says all.

    He lets his publicist try to whitewash this woman’s past, instead of focusing on what used to be so important to him: the humanitarian issues. News alert to Clooney, Rosenfield et al: this is a mission impossible, especially as photographic evidence, looking at their body language, doesn’t show a harmonious couple – but a gold digger out for the kill and an aging lothario who can’t act like he’s in love, a fake twosome together for… what exactly?

  • puhlease

    ehmygawd..such a publicity wh*re

  • ….

    solaris @ 05/09/2008 at 3:51 am
    What is wrong with being a waitress? It is a legal job………

    Yeah, nothing wrong, the poine is She is not your normal , innocent waitress. She is an escort in LV. her job was more than a waitress.
    That’s pathetic, she trying to act innocent while GC does not had the ball to admit it but continue to play and give us the image that she is some classy gal.

  • ***$$$***

    Note to Camp Clooney:

    Money buys you clothes, fashion – but neither style nor class.

    Money buys you PR – but not the truth.

    Nice try! Try to do better next time!

  • Louise

    Sarah isn’t on the cover but Nicole Richie is. I think Harper’s has a theme for the June issue of promoting nobodies. Getting interviews with celebrity tv shows, gossip and men’s magazines is one thing, but having one with a respected mag like Harper’s Bazaar is ridiculous. I think George knows what people are saying about him and trying to make Sarah likeable. Unfortunately it’s not working but making things worse. In another quote she actually said if George was a reality star she wouldn’t have dated him. That says golddigger, fame-whore right there. Shouldn’t personality and how he treats you be more important than fame and money? I wonder how George is going to take it know that she told the whole world she only likes him for the fame. It’s really sad that you can be famous by relationships with celebrities-their offspring, dating, friends.

  • Not Hot

    i don’t know what he sees in her. she has a great body but i don’t think she is pretty at all. there isn’t anything wrong w/ being a waitress, everyone has to earn a living. however, george is obviously in a much more powerful situation than her because of his earning power. i am in a field w/ fairly rich & powerful men & i find them liking women not their equals but those that are more dependant either financially or emotionally (i.e. will not speak their mind/passive). i am friends w/ the men i work w/ but i am very aggressive in terms of my opinions & what i want in life & i think a lot of men, especially successful, men are intimidated by that. sarah seems the type that will just step into the mold & be his arm candy. i am sure george is looking for a nice stress free relationship which she probably provides. he doesn’t seem the type to date a high maintenance celeb or someone super driven.

  • anom

    Not Hot I agree, she looks ok but nothing special I don’t think I’d turn around if I saw her on the street, and who cares what she did before he seems to like that sort, remember the French waitress he met in Paris and lived with for 3 yrs. But true I think they feel it can only work if one is more successful like him and she is not. Modelling career at 29 don’t think so.

  • vool


  • anom

    yeah they snatched her face off imdb

  • URAdouchebag

    Clooney said THE DUMBEST thing in regards to his recent FAILURE of a movie, “Leathershits”. He said, “The trick is how you handle things when things don’t go great. It’s easy when things are doing well: The people I most admire are the people who handle it when the studio says that’s really underperformed and they say, ‘Ow, that hurt.’ I’ve been a fan of watching people go through cycles, not just winning cycles.”

    If the douchebag would learn how to read, he would see that the biggest reason of all that it flopped at the box office is because he has a goddamn hooker handcuffed to his arm. Wanting a woman for PR is one thing, but to go and hire a dirty filthy trampy bawdy harlot and pretend like you’re in love is beyond pathetic. What’s worse is everyone goddamn person and their brother is calling him out on it and just because the mainstream press is helping him cover it all up, he thinks NO ONE KNOWS!!! YA DUMB FUCK, OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES, CUM STAIN!!! It’s reaching at it’s worst and some jackass at Bros of Warner need to wise up and tell this cracker that he ain’t no SEXPOT no mo’! That kinda device would only work if he had some kind of sexy but worthwhile woman on his arm and it’s looking mighty doubtful that will ever happen because Clooney is well known to have a very tough time SHARING ANYTHING but his post coital grunts. Who in the living fuck told him dragging around a hooker was gonna make the box office dollars better??? Was it his idea because he didn’t want to do that to a real woman with a brain? Cuz you know it’s easy to treat a hooker like shit than it is someone with a mind of her own. This dick smack thought it would work!!! What kind of a fuck-off did his parents raise? What the fuck is wrong with them? George may be a grown man but it sounds like his life started to get really fucked up when he was 6 years old! Did Nick stick his gear shaft up Clooney’s ass? What causes any jack-off of a man who’s honored at the U.N. to bring some dirty fuckin’ HOOKER along the way? What the fuck is wrong with this guy’s ego that he doesn’t think anyone is OFFENDED BY IT???? WHat the fuck is wrong with all of his colleagues? Why hasn’t someone punched this dumb fuck in the face yet? If I were Grant Heslov, I would work up the biggest hawker and fill it in a glass just like “2 Girls 1 Cup” and make that stupid fuck DRINK IT!! I’d make him drink it up!! Cuz Grant deserves better and so did Gilroy and Zellweger and Roberts and every other fuckin hollywood “friend” of his that has been made to fixate their lips around George’s a-hole and suck with all their might. We already know Sarah has no problem doing so because she eats cum and shit and bugs and blood and cock roaches on a daily basis. It’s perfectly within her character. I am surprised she isn’t the chick in “2 Girls 1 Cup” squeezing the diarrhea shit outta her ass and into the glass because she looks just as skeezy and stupid as the whores that did it! Sarah Larson is about as disgusting of an excuse as he is gonna get and I cannot believe that nearly a year later, George still can’t look at the internet and see what REAL PEOPLE are saying. Stupid fuck would rather listen to the garbage bullshit lies that are being told by that magazines that he’s paying off. Nothing says stupid as the NONE WHO ARE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO DO NOT WISH TO SEE!!! This guy is eternally full of himself and about as washed up and stupid as they get. A WHORE IN HARPAR’S BIZAAR! What next? Ashley fuckin’ Dupre as the Governator’s replacement in Sacramento!!?!??!!! Ain’t Hollywood one great big piece of shit!!! CLOONEY IS A WHOREMONGORING ASSHOLE!!!

  • Billie

    jesus christ, people are sooo… angry about george and sarah, woo whew, you people need to sit down and take a breather here. george hearts sarah, so what!!! he’s been with plenty of other girls, maybe he just happens to like this one a little more-he obviously does or else he wouldn’t have her present for interviews (the new yorker), or walk the red carpet at the oscars. ok, so she took some rather tacky photos, but that does not make her a hooker, jesus, people jump to some amazing conclusions. krista allen, the girl from project greenlight was no brilliant, classy woman either & she most definitely would have taken those kind of photos as well-she’s just the type. but who cares really? so she’s no grace kelly so what! she makes george happy and that’s all that matters. it’s all smoke and mirrors anyway. julia roberts literally stole her present husband from his now ex wife. his ex wife said in the press that julia would call the house saying her husband was yummy, well apparently so. and when she just wouldn’t hand over her husband, julia wore that t shirt saying: a low vera, nicceee. and renee married for five minutes and there is a sex tape of paris hilton and nicole richie is a druggie and so on and so forth. suddenly sarah is not looking so bad is she? walk a mile before you jude others or you just end up looking like a stupid mofo. so sarah took some tasteless photos, has no one ever done that, do you really think she thought they would end up on the internet? and now she is doing some things because george is her boyfriend, so what, again, who wouldn’t do that? do you think julia’s husband gets more jobs or more lucrative deals because of julia, most likely. camera operators do not live nearly as large as he has due to his wife. i’m not a hater, just a realist & in this day and age, it’s nice to see someone happy. why cast stones jealous losers?

  • Billie

    oh and uradouchebag, you need medical attention my friend. i have to say, i don’t think i have read such a nasty, hateful passage as that in a long time, if ever. you are either sarah larson’s ex boyfriend, some kind of celebrity stalker, or charles manson’s crazy nephew. relax man, take some pills.

  • vool

    she’s not even pretty look at her face she has ENORMOUS teeth

  • gossip

    SARAH LARSON…was a an ESCORT, NOT a WAITRESS. Since her ESCORT past was revealed, George CLOONEY has been trying to WHITEWASH her image, so that the MINIVAN MAJORITY would accept her and not realize what a piece of MYSOGONIST CRAP he is. Despite all his efforst at presenting himself as a charming intellectual guy, his choice in women reveals, he views women as COMMODITY and ARM CANDY.

  • -

    i knew it. she’s obviously using george to be known.

  • Suzy q

    craziest. thread. ever. damn.

  • legs


  • heart

    George is always hot. He is also popular at a celebrity dating site named ‘r i c h k i s s dot com’. Is he dating there?

  • remember da truth

    I agree his movie tanked solely because of Larson. The trailer looked like it could be an hour and a half of innocent fun, and Renee and George have an easy rapport.

    But just like people turned off TC because of his antics, they are turning off of George. His appeal is based on wanting to picture yourself with him, and frankly, I don’t know any woman who still wants to go there. His d * c k has been in such dirty, sk an ky places that it’s now very off-putting to think of George as a sex symbol.

    Waitressing is a great profession. Even cocktail waitressing and chatting and entertaining customers out for a good time is not a bad profession. Using it as a cover for being a cheap w ho re and taking photos that advertise that you want to be on the pages of Hustler is a disservice to waitresses everywhere.

    GC has dated low before, but this is ridiculous. He’s so desperate to legitimize this one to be one of the gang on Ocean’s movies, who all have settled down with beautiful, smart, lovely women, that he is only showing how trashy this woman really is by comparison.

    Courtney Love or even Shanna Moakler is a step up!

  • remember da truth

    Jared, really — “longtime squeeze” ?? They’ve dated less than a year!!

  • rolling eyes

    I Think he watched Pretty Woman recently and thought he could pull off the same effect.

    Goes to show, sometimes life can’t imitate art

  • sarah is HOT

    Sarah has big boobs! look at her—–
    BRAVO George, you have got good TASTE! First before pornowoman Krista Allen,now Sarah hare with carrot from Vegas! Super taste.

  • sarah is HOT

    Sarah is very beauty,look at her—-
    BRAVO George,you have good TASTE. First before pornowoman Krista Allen, tin tang Lucy Liu, pig face Renée Zellweger and now Sarah hare with carrot from Vegas! Sarah can hops up the wall and her horse-hare teeth =keep smilling! Good TASTE.

  • sarah is HOT

    Bravo George! Good TASTE!
    Before pornowoman Krista Allen,ting tang Lucy Liu,pig face Renée Zellweger,now Sarah hare with carrot,she can good hops up the wall
    her horse-hare teeht is keep smilling non stop!
    Long select and finally bad select—

  • oh snap!

    GOLD DIGGER, stay away from my man george

  • sarah is HOT

    good taste,BRAVO George! — hops up the wall

  • sarah is HOT

    BRAVO George! Good taste!

  • Lil

    I really wouldn’t mind seeing her on the cover of a magazine (she is pretty) if it weren’t solely because of her relationship with George.

    If not for GEORGE WELL-KNOWN FACE that he happened to have (btw, how arogant of her to say that!) she would be now polishing some other guy’s ass in one of Las Vegas hotels…

  • Ha!

    The movie tanked because it looked boring and like it sucked.

    There are some really insane people on this thread.

    URAdouchebag, you need a therapist. Pronto.

  • OMG

    gossip @ 05/09/2008 at 8:28 am
    OMG George would die if he knew his fanbase was the mini van majority. It never was. George is too suave for those douchebag women. Mini Van majority? WTF kind of lame title is that? LMAO!!!!!!!!

  • Ha!

    Lil, you seem to misunderstand what she was saying about George. She thinks of him as a normal person which I’m sure he appreciates. She doesn’t think of him as a celebrity like the rest of us do, but as her boyfriend, a normal guy. Not quite sure how you translate that into arrogance. She seems pretty normal and down-to-earth.

  • -

    fugly gold digger.

  • krissy

    this is just sick, her pathetic face everywhere. Sick, sick, sick.

  • TiredofthisCrap

    Damn Jared, you know these post of her don’t go well. She said if George was a reality star she wouldn’t date him, what happened to all of the love. :(

    She can be in all the magazine’s in the world it doesn’t mean a thing. WE know she’s only in them because of George Clooney.

    Well now, she says again they hooked up in June 2007, but she is clearly photographed humping some guy against the wall in July 2007. Sheesh where’s the love. :(

    She still doesn’t impress me much as a model.

  • Ade


  • TiredofthisCrap

    You know what gang, just don’t buy Harper’s Bazaar, People or any other publication that tries to sell us this bullsh*t. That would work better than complaining about it. Let your money do the talking, in the end we have the power.

    If she wants to model let her work for it. She’s not going to do well in her own industry because other models are going to resent all of the free publicity she gets. She get jobs based on who she knows , not on her own merit. All of this publicity is going to backfire right in her face. So take heart that this is only hurting her modeling career.

    Many of George Clooney’s former fans didn’t go see Leatherheads last month because of this nonsense. George Clooney could have very well at least made the money it took to make the film back, but people were highly offended by the pictures of Larson that came out and the fact that he still took her to the premiere. He’e promoting a pg-13 movie with an XXX-Rated girlfriend. They are organizing a boycott on Burn After Reading, next. People are tired of this mess.

    Someone mentioned the New Yorker article, that was only more of this type of nonsense and to address the rumor that they had broken up. As well as taking her on the red carpet. He looks rather sad, taking a hooker to those events. No matter how much they try to clean her up, more dirt just comes out.

  • bet betty

    “waitress turned reality show star turned model”?



    Human’s. Stupidity. Is. Just. Infinite.

    Especially. When. They. Don’t. Know. When. To. Shut. Up.