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Tom and Katie's Next Baby In The Works?

Tom and Katie's Next Baby In The Works?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are planning on having another baby in the near future, reports E! Online.

“She said she’s got the itch,” said a friend close to the pair. “Now that Suri is more toddler than baby, she said she misses having an infant in the house. And, of course, she thinks Suri would make a great big sister.”

Tom appeared totally into the idea.

“He said if Katie wants to make another baby, she doesn’t have to ask twice,” said the pal of the power couple. “He always wanted more. It was Katie who has been holding off. Until now.”

Will it be a little brother or sister for Suri??

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  • boogaloobobo

    Oh. Well. First, I guess.

  • yellow rose

    I was hoping she was OVER him!

  • boogaloobobo

    Oh. Well. First, I guess.

  • remember da truth

    Yellow Rose, maybe she is. She wants a baby, and she has no choice but to have sex a second time with Tom if that’s going to happen!

  • Larisa

    Wish them all the best.

  • NATE j.

    Oh my! Another test tube baby! Oh no!

  • jsieuio

    Happy family!
    I heared that they met each on a celeb dating site named ” Ma r r yMill ionai re.Co m”.Is it true? Can we meet our true love online?

  • -

    It was Katie who has been holding off. Until now.”
    hmm… i wonder why…

  • legs

    #8 – must be the trend. everybody’s getting pregnant lately. lol!

  • ha

    Yep! Warm up the remaining swimmers of L. Ron and get the turkey baster ready, Tom because you seem to forget that you told everyone you are sterile.

    Besides, this dumb broad doesn’t take care of Suri. No shoes, no warm clothing, painting her nails with toxins, letting her teeth rot out. Obviously, the kid has a miserable existence because she never smiles.

    She she probably get her tubes tied instead of having A BABY. Personally, I think she should let Suri’s biological dad know that he has a daughter. Katie is trash!

  • Jill

    Well, I guess they need something to keep their faces in the tabloids…

  • bim

    “Well, I guess they need something to keep their faces in the tabloids…”

    couldn’t agree more

  • remmy

    “Well, I guess they need something to keep their faces in the tabloids…”

    “couldn’t agree more”

    or it could be JJ making stuff up just to keep their faces on his blog, no surprises there, he’s been promoting SCEINTOLOGY lately on the site

  • 2 jared

    Is Jared a scientologist? Seriously?

  • just me…

    And who’s gonna be the genetic dad?….Chris again?!!

    No seriously, but in the Tom-Nicole time they could not have children and now they have a child on their own! Weird!!

  • lene

    Whatever makes them happy. :)

    Aww, Suri is such a cutie!!!!

  • just saying

    I just want to say that I believe Tom Cruise made an idiot of himself on Oprah again. I think Oprah made herself look like she “is in bed” with the scientologists. I was reading her message boards about the shows and about 9 or 10 people don’t like Tom and said they didn’t fall for the crap he was feeding everyone on Oprah’s show. Basically, both shows were a LOVE FEST for Tom and Oprah.

    Tom is finished. Why can’t he just face it and walk away with just a little dignity. He is a joke and his fake relationship is a joke and that Suri is not his. Tom is out of touch with reality if he thinks he can convince anyone that Suri is his baby and his “marriage” is legal.

  • just saying

    meant to say “about 9 OF 10 people”.

  • H
  • Tom is sterile

    I remember when Tom and Mimi were married and they did an interview with either Rona Barrett, Barbara Walters, or other well-known journalist at that time and he stated that he was sterile and they both told the interviewer that they couldn’t have children. Someone needs to dig this interview up and air it because it would clear up alot of Tom and Katie’s lies. Then they would be finished off for good and have to move out of the country from embarrassment.

  • bluemelatonin

    It’s time to get the turkey baster out!

  • Lauren

    the thought of these two making a baby makes me sick

    even though i am a scientologist myself, i do not agree with tom bringing up yet another mans child as his own

    enough is enough tom

    we all love you

    come out of the closet just like you do when you are with your congregation who cares what the rest of the world thinks

  • You people are such haters!

    Tom has NEVER ADMITTED he is sterile. Just a lot of gossip over the years that people happily eat up because they are so miserable with their own lives. I have been following him his entire career. Mimi and him were never really happy together, she was always off jet setting. Nicole was building her career. There were obviously issues there, they were each caught up in their own careers, the whoe scientology differences, that’s why they are now divorced. Tom is now in his 40′s, Nicole too. That’s why they are in a rush to have babies, time is running out. No doubt in my mind that Suri is his baby. She looks just like him and Katie.

  • MizBee

    I feel bad for Katie
    she seems like such a robot.

  • tom is sterile

    #23 You are an IDIOT. I watched the program, I know. end of story, dumba*s!!!! Just because you think something doesn’t make it true.

  • agree somewhat with lauren

    #22 I agree whole-heartedly with you about your plea to Tom to “come out of the closet”. If he had done this 3 years ago, all this wouldn’t be going on. It makes me sick too to think about these 2 “doing it”.

  • gingeranny

    Another child born into dianetics.
    Poor child.

  • Ha!

    Like they’d really discuss this with the tabs.

  • OK…

    ok the first problem solved now the second one should get solved,wherte can they find the next sperm donor.LOL

  • barbara

    #23 Shut the F. Up. I am very happy and I also hate TC and his GF KH. Yes, Suri is adorable, so are my girls and millions of other children.

    They are arrogant liars, they embody the WORST of Hollywoood, they make disgustiness wherever they go as they whore out to get recognition and more money. He is also a NAZI by the way.

    What about her Broadway show? Now another baby? Always something to show their stupid selves off. Who announces they are trying for a baby? Just idiots. Ok, KH get yourself inseminated and eventually you may realize what a bimbo you are. Try to get the same sperm so this one will look like Suri, easier to keep up your lies.

  • risk management

    hmm.. all the best to them!

  • record retention

    I wish them all the best!

  • coco

    OMG #30, Calm down! Tom and Katie never announced that they are going to have another baby. Infac, Katie has said that they want to wait a while. This is a tabloid story. I don’t think this is true but, if it is good for them.



    TOM is worth over 500 million dollars
    These two could live a low key life if they wanted to.
    But they won’t because Tom is a raving egomaniac.

    And the Oprah interview was a total joke
    Go back and watch how Oprah leads Tom though virtually every answer. This was highly scripted and FAKE FAKE FAKE
    Tom is an ACTOR and he acted his way through that interview.

    If you actually go to youtube and review the interviews where he says he was under pressure or nervous – you will see that is a total lie.
    He is controlled and focused.
    Check them out for yourself, in case you’ve forgotten how self deluded this idiot is.

    Besides that Tom is completely overrated as an actor.

    And by the way the moderator at the Oprah message board is deleting the majority of posts that are negative about Tom and $cientology. And just as some else has pointed out – 9 out of 10 comments are still calling his interview a sham and a crock of crapola.

    Also, apparently Oprah did not report this overwhelming (negative) feedback for the Tom interviews in her review show.
    In fact she said it was positive – a complete lie.

    To all the people who oooh and ahhh over Tom, Katie and Suri – you are being manipulated by selective media hype.

  • Marta

    who will be the father this time?

  • love it

    Just read that billionaire James Packer (recruited by TomCruise) is LEAVING SCIENTOLOGY!!!!

    Big, Big News.

    Sydney Morning Herald is reporting!! came out an hour ago!!!!!!!!

  • Halli

    I agree with you #34

  • Locfo

    E news is god damn retarded, if these two wanted a new kid, it would be between them two, and they would most likely not tell anyone!

  • lilyanne

    I thought she was thinking of doing a Broadway show. What happened to that idea?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • to lauren

    i dont pretend to know the truth about tom and katie. but assuming you’re correct in what you believe; why should tom come out of the “closet” if he doesn’t want to? tom has taken several magazines to court over the years for writing articles suggesting he’s gay. and guess what! he’s won. so if these magazines couldn’t get anywhere what makes you belive that you will.

  • to tom is sterile

    i happen to agree with you, i think tom is sterile or at the very least not able to have a child the normal way. i’ve always wondered if katie and tom didnt get donor sperm. but i do wonder why you had to insult number 23 like that. believing that tom is not sterile does not make him/her an idiot.

  • to barbara

    just a question please. why do say that tom is a nazi?

  • so much for

    the breakup rumors. Katie ain’t going nowhere. What a fabulous life she has with Tom Cruise. Only a fool would walk away from what she has. Tom is a great guy. I love him.

  • American

    “…Tom because you seem to forget that you told everyone you are sterile.”

    He never, ever said that #10

    “Besides, this dumb broad doesn’t take care of Suri. No shoes, no warm clothing, painting her nails with toxins, letting her teeth rot out. Obviously, the kid has a miserable existence because she never smiles.”

    She’s usually carried or on carpet when she’s without her shoes. It’s been warm in NYC lately. Where does everyone keep getting this fingernail painting crap? You’re dumb enough to believe that Barley water rumor? That kid is having the time of her life.

  • American

    “No seriously, but in the Tom-Nicole time they could not have children and now they have a child on their own! Weird!!”

    Another person who conveniently foregts that Kidman was pregnant twice while married to Cruise

  • 2 american

    American, just because Kidman was pg 2x while married to Tom doesn’t mean he was the sperm donor. Kidman never said he was, She said while they were married she was pg 2x, period!

    They used IVF.

  • tom is sterile

    To #42 – I called #23 an idiot because I was tired of hearing him/her spew about Tom’s sterility.

    I watched the interview, I know what was said, I know what I saw, they both said he is sterile. I don’t know how else to say it. It’s not a misunderstanding, he said he was STERILE. I have nothing to gain from making these statements. I remember because I was shocked because you don’t, or at least I didn’t back then, hear of many men being sterile. I was shocked because I was sympathetic and shocked that Tom Cruise couldn’t father children.

  • Concerned mom

    to 43 Germany among other countries around the world has a problemi with Scientology and believes that the ‘church’ uses the same brain-washing techniques that Hitler used to get practically a whole generation of YOUTH to follow him blindly.

  • to concerned mom

    i know that many people, like myself, have a problem wtih scientology. as for brain-washing techniques i dont know. but if you want to get down to it let’s take a look at the FLDS group in texas, utah, arizona, and canada. or maybe, just maybe, we should also take a look at what goes in the right wing christian churches. i’d be willing to bet that they could also be accused of using brain-washing techniques as well.