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Lindsay Lohan Loves the Lens

Lindsay Lohan Loves the Lens

Lindsay Lohan strikes a pose during a photoshoot in Los Angeles on Friday.

Although Lindsay, 21, may be loving the camera, some people apparently aren’t loving her. She’s been accused of stealing an $11,000 blond mink cost in New York City! Additionally, model Lauren Hastings claims that the actress stole thousands of dollars worth of items from her closet. No charges have been filed, however, due to insufficient evidence.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of LiLo’s continued black leggings look?

30+ pictures of Lindsay Lohan loving the lens…

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lindsay lohan photoshoot 01
lindsay lohan photoshoot 02
lindsay lohan photoshoot 03
lindsay lohan photoshoot 04
lindsay lohan photoshoot 05
lindsay lohan photoshoot 06
lindsay lohan photoshoot 07
lindsay lohan photoshoot 08
lindsay lohan photoshoot 09
lindsay lohan photoshoot 10
lindsay lohan photoshoot 11
lindsay lohan photoshoot 12
lindsay lohan photoshoot 13
lindsay lohan photoshoot 14
lindsay lohan photoshoot 15
lindsay lohan photoshoot 16
lindsay lohan photoshoot 17
lindsay lohan photoshoot 18
lindsay lohan photoshoot 19
lindsay lohan photoshoot 20
lindsay lohan photoshoot 21
lindsay lohan photoshoot 22
lindsay lohan photoshoot 23
lindsay lohan photoshoot 24
lindsay lohan photoshoot 25
lindsay lohan photoshoot 26
lindsay lohan photoshoot 27
lindsay lohan photoshoot 28
lindsay lohan photoshoot 29
lindsay lohan photoshoot 30
lindsay lohan photoshoot 31
lindsay lohan photoshoot 32

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  • manda

    first! nah not a good look.

  • lena

    she looks like…. a hooker.

  • wowowow

    her leggings look cheap.
    shitty quality compared to the one’s you can get from american apparel, and probably three times the price.
    she’s a talentless hack.

  • me!!

    she really looks like a whore! i wish the 2004 lindsay would come back!! when she was this cute and sexy redhead making cool films like “mean girls” and cool songs like “rumors”!! so sad what she has turned out!!

  • legs

    i want her wayfarer!

  • required

    she must steal some really shitty clothes.

  • hollyword

    Lol she did steal the mink coat, the girl went to party that lindsay was at with the coat on and it mysteriously disappeared, for 3 weeks during which lindsay was photographed wearing the coat, then it was mysteriously returned hmmm…….

  • _nika

    Ok.. when she was accused the first time around, you give the benefit of doubt, but twice!? hhmmmm… doesn´t she have money, what the hell.
    she may be hot, but she seems dumb.

  • luisa


  • Andreia

    Love her poses, love her outfits, she’s unique, different and that is hot!!! i’ll give her the doubt about the stealing thing that is so bad, maybe it was a mistake or a lie!!

  • Aleyna

    shess looking gorgous !!
    bwtween luv the sungalses

  • Vshizzle


  • Vshizzle

    She is too young to wear suggestive clothes like that….c’mon people.

  • kATE

    I think she looks beautiful! She does look a lot classier with brown hair, but you got to remember this is a photoshoot…


  • natalie

    The dress worn in the photoshoot really spoils the whole image. The leggings are okay, however.
    I truly believe she took the girl’s jacket. I mean, Lindsay seems the sort who would do such a thing.

    I used to like her, but gross, she’s become some slutty thing. Her acting career seems to be degrading instead of progressing.

  • natalie

    The dress worn in the photoshoot really spoils the whole image. The leggings are okay, however.
    I truly believe she took the girl’s jacket. I mean, Lindsay seems the sort who would do such a thing.

    I used to like her, but gross, she’s become some slutty thing. Her acting career seems to be degrading instead of progressing.

  • AnYmOuS

    what pretty girl, love the hair. love all her movies. she has talent, she can make you believe she is every character that she plays. (she isn’t the same character in every movie she makes) it is sad that alcohol affected her at such a young age. drew was able to overcome her disease, hopefully lindsey can over come her addictions. it is a photo shoot, someone else choose the clothes for her, duh! georgia rules, what an awesome movie, if you didn’t see the movie, you should, what a tear jerker!

  • gudiya09

    the leggings are fine, the shoes are fine but the person wearing them however….IS NOT!!!! she used to be awesome, now she’s just…. like the rest of them.

  • ooble

    stop posing and be an actress if thats what you think you are good at. Its like every time she does another banal photo shoot with uninspired photography, the more time she wastes. She could be getting back in touch with her craft by going to acting school, looking for cool, independent films, theatre, something credible. She needs to learn to be humble again. Looking like a hooker, submitting to the paparazzi or copying whats been done before is not helping. I heard she was dropped from a movie because no one wants to work with her. Thats the reality Linds. WAKE UP.

  • Helena

    Why would anyone want to steal a hideous fur coat, which must’ve killed at least 5 animals to be made?

  • zanessa forever

    she looks trashy. her skin looks like leather, makeup too heavy. She looks more like Dina lately, not a good thing.

  • blah balh

    the poor girl who got her coat stolen by lindsay


  • Aline

    She is everyday looking more like Brigitte Bardot…But Bardot was thin and Lindsay has a tendancy of being fat, maybe because she is American and Brigitte is French and French women hardly ever get fat.

  • mel

    She’s trying too hard to be….what? I don’t get what this girl is about. Is she an actress or just another fame whore? She’s got a long way to go before she becomes interesting again. Photoshoots are not going to do it…neither is being a tabloid slut. She needs to get the heck away from her mom, go to school, or something useful, and not just for publicity. She needs to get a life.

  • Don’t get it…..

    Does anyone even like this girl anymore? She may have had lots of fans years ago, when she was hard-working and had such potential, but hasn’t she blown all that away with her continuous bad-girl behavior? You can forgive a few incidents, when kids are young and inexperienced with the world, but she just keeps on doing what she’s doing…..and it ‘ain’t’ working for her!!

    This girl needs to do major damage control if she’s going to get any kind of a career back on track.

  • jengirl

    wow she looks great! i can’t believe she’s already 45!

  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)

    Im so happy for her(;

  • AnYmOuS

    MEOW! cat fight! lindsey looks good, and is an excellent actress. you only sound jealous, lol!

  • http://donthaveone Biatch!

    yea alot of people HATE HER ALOOOOOOOOOT!

  • Cindy


    You outta stay that way cause your comments are wack!!!

    That girl does not change he acting for every role, SHE IS practically the same character for almost every role, and her acting IS the same too. She’s so one dimensional with her acting. Other actresses actually know how to make different roles look different she doesnt she plays the same type of character, with the same method.

    She was talented for only 1 type of character, try getting her to play a period piece and she would mess it up ASTRONOMICALLY!

  • Sharon

    I don’t like this look at all. She looks like a cheap, very cheap streetwalker.
    I believe she is stealing and thats not cool. How are you going to work next to her or party next to her thinking she is going to steal your stuff.
    Thats no cool at all.

  • SofiaRocket

    Has anyone noticed that she actually looks older when she smiles? That’s strange, cos most people look better smiling :) As for stealing – stolen things bring bad luck, so let us wait and see.

  • 007

    She’s back >.>

  • LT

    Her leggings will be at Marshall’s in 2 days…who wants to wear leggings that keep falling down (as she keeps pulling them up!) duh!
    No offense Marshall’s… she is really spiraling downward…

  • Confused

    What do you expect from this girl? Her parents are crazy. Because of that, she never had a childhood, never established roots. There is nothing for her to hang on to except being a crazy, mixed-up celebrity.

  • jason lover

    she’s looking pretty haggard.
    way to go lindsay!
    you go, glen coco!

  • Erica

    I think she looks really gorgeous. I’m not a Lindsay fan but I don’t hate her either. I’d want those leggings if they stay on. They’re hot!! I’m so sick of the boring leggings I see.

  • b

    but i really dont believe that she stole coat. its not like she needs it.

  • Marine !

    Splendid !

  • Halli

    To all the people (or maybe its just one person) that say she is looking ‘gorgeous’. What is gorgeous about dressing like a cheap hooker, with that muddled tan and cheap looking hair with roots showing?

    Nothing remotely pretty about this look. Less is more and Lindsay used to be naturally pretty but she looks haggard now. Something about this look reminds me of those old hookers you see in red-light districts that are stuck in the late-70′s.

  • garbage

    She reminds me of Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman.

  • Ingrid


  • ana

    I absolutely love them, they’re so hott.
    I love lindsay too.
    Awesome leggings lindsay lohan.

  • Lisa

    To be blunt she looks like a hooker.

  • oh snap!



  • eddie jones

    and she loves racism, let’s not forget when she was caught dui running from police (the black kid was driving) she loves cocaine and other drugs. What a role model for todays generation.

  • jane

    No class. Wise up Lindsay. You look like trash.

  • Tammy

    She looks like she needs to be working a street corner.
    I definately think she stole that girl’s fur coat.
    The only thing I like about her are the sunglasses she is wearing.

  • chantall

    first of all jengirl shes not 45… ok lindsey looks pretty good here. i would totally die for those leggings! but im not diggin the hair she should totally go red again..

  • hrdhrt

    I think she’s a skank but I’d do her with or without the wardrobe