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Russell Crowe: I'll Take You to the Candy Shop

Russell Crowe: I'll Take You to the Candy Shop

Russell Crowe picks up some candy just in time for Mother’s Day on Saturday morning in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old actor brought along his oldest son Charlie, 4 1/2. The pair shopped for a Mother’s Day gift for mama Danielle Spencer. (Russell and Danielle also have a second son, Tennyson, 22 months.)

Russell and Charlie settled on a book from Dymocks Book Store and chocolates from Darell Lee.


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Credit: Carlos Costas, David G Morgan; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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  • james


  • Jen C

    2nd or 3rd

  • legs

    he looks old. his son is cute.

  • tk

    Oh my, what happened to Russell Crowe? He was so hot a few years back.

  • Helena

    Wow, it was Mother’s Day a couple of months ago in the UK, there’s loads of countries celebrating it tomorrow!

  • tr

    LOL at the subject title


  • michelle

    dear russell,

    pls. be hot again.


  • Rayt

    That kid is too old to be in a stroller..

  • anonymous

    Yea, I was just going to ask that. Why is that kid still using a stroller? It’s ridiculous.

    As for his looks, I never thought he would age well. You can’t abuse your body like he has and look good past 40.

  • not me

    This boy is going to be a lazy, fat ass. Look at him settled like a potato in the stroller in 4th and 6th photos.

  • anonymous

    It simply amazes me that Mick Jagger, at the age of 65 still has six pack abs, and Russell Crowe, at 44, looks like a lumpy, bulging, sack of potatoes! HHHMMMM!

  • faraday

    He bought her liquorice from Darrell Lea and a book at Dymocks? Even my husband did better for his mother, and he’s not the one with the Hollywood bank balance.

  • kp

    yikes. aging at it’s best?

  • Tilda

    Agree with the others: why is that kid in a stroller at his age? Does he have a problem with his legs?

    Corny gifts. I hope for his wife’s sake that was not what she was getting for Mothers Day.


    Get your son walking Russ or he will be over weight just like you. He is way too old to be pushed in a stroller. And Russ-eat better and work out-you are not that old.

  • CathaBauer

    Oh yeah, I think Russell is a wonderful dad.
    He really loves his kids and they are both so cute.
    His first son Charlie looks a lot like his dad – so sweet.

    But another thing:

    Why are people able ,to judge about a person that badly.
    Everything he does is wrong, just because he made some mistakes in his life. People could change and I think Russell did.

    I think it’s a private thing what kind of presents he buys for his wife.
    And about his weight, I read that he needs it for a movie.
    So maybe he is going to lose it soon.

    So please stop with that stupid comments!

  • mia2

    I love that Russ seems to be so cool embracing his age (grey hair/beer belly and all :)). Best wishes to him and his family!

  • Judyk

    What that kid that is almost 5 doesn’t walk? He is in a stroller. How silly. I would think that Crow could afford more than a box of candy for his wife lol

  • /greenpeace/

    i agree with #8

  • Sunny

    When out in public, Charlie is a very rambunctious 4 year old. He’s pictured running around a lot in parks and playing. But when they’re in a very public place, it seems easier to contain the active boy by having him ride instead of run around. And remember, there are paparazzi stalking them as they’re out. i saw one picture where the boy ran towards the photographers. That’s not safe or smart.

    I really think this is a safety issue.

  • jane

    All Russell needs is a haircut and long pants and his hotness will be there for all to see. He looks the same now as he did in 3:10 to Yuma…except now he is just relaxing on his day off.

  • Fanny Feinburg

    THE BOY IS 4.



  • anonymous

    Sunny @ 05/10/2008 at 7:38 pm When out in public, Charlie is a very rambunctious 4 year old. He’s pictured running around a lot in parks and playing. But when they’re in a very public place, it seems easier to contain the active boy by having him ride instead of run around. And remember, there are paparazzi stalking them as they’re out. i saw one picture where the boy ran towards the photographers. That’s not safe or smart.

    I really think this is a safety issue

    Please. This is ridiculous. You do not “contain” an active 4 and a half year old by pushing him in a stroller. If he were that uncontrollable he’d be getting out of the stroller. Most 4 year olds are active and rambunctious anyway when they are playing in parks and in public. If you need to calm them down you take them by the hand and you walk into the store with them. If there is a momentary safety issue you can pick them up quickly enough to walk them though paps if they are swarming. And I don’t even see swarming photogs.

    People and their strollers- especially in stores – can be just obnoxious to other shoppers.

    And Russell’s current weight is not for any role.

  • Me

    Well, aren’t you judgemental…and not in a very nice way (you know who you are). Mr. Crowe can look anyway he wants and his child can ride anytime he wants too, It’s his time. If it bothers you so much quit looking at pictures of him.
    You know, you wouldn’t notice his faults if they were not also in you.

    He looks like a very happy man who is home with his lovely family. Good for him. Can’t wait for his next movie.

  • anonymous

    Hellllooo, Clueless Me at #24.

    This is a celebrity gossip site and we gossip about celebrities. We especially love ranking on idiot parents who defy logic in their child rearing practices. Get your kid out of the stroller, Russell for a trip to the candy store

    Does anyone really believe that putting a kid that old in a stroller is normal? It’s not. Russell’s fans must be blinded by love. They make excuses for everything he does.

    As for being jugemental, don’t you remember how judgmental your idol was about his fellow actors because they did commercials? He was pretty nasty and insulting to them and for no reason. Including the ones who do commercials and donate a lot more money to humanitarian work than Crowe ever has. It’s not as if Crowe isn’t interested in making money himself. Crowe has his own very Hollywood tastes and spending habits.

    Poor Russell. His thin skin has rubbed off on his fans.

  • Kate

    I think Russell is as hot as ever.

  • anonymous

    Yea, hot like Jerry Garcia.

  • Ruth

    Russell Crowe is one of the best actors working today and he is always good in his films, fat or thin. He lives his life as normally as he can and good luck to him. When I go to see him in a film I know that I will get superb acting which is more than one can say for most of the so-called A listers in Hollywood.

    As for the other issues – how he takes care of his kid is HIS business and not ours.

  • ground

    He is charming. love his smile. It is said he has a nice profile with his hot pics on [r i c h k i s s . c o m]. Is he dating serioursly there?

  • rien

    Oh yes, Russell will give the candy to his wife, you know, put it on his body, walk with only a rose in his mouth (he has to send his children away for a while), the candles are lit, with sweet perfumes all over the room….I will forget the candy if I am honest….

    I rarely saw Russell’s film (may be 8 or 9 of them), but every time I saw it, I am always satisfied. For me, he is one of the best. He is the character, and not Russell Crowe.

    So Daniella, good luck with the candy…enjoy it, girl!

  • rien

    Oups, I think her name is Danielle, and not Daniella, this is the result if my concentration is more to something below the candy…..

  • smilelover

    #31 OMG you´re inviting years of therapy!!!

  • Miss Sarcastic

    I just saw this guy, halfway 40, and he was a bit to heavy!
    How dare he! That’s soooooo wrong!
    How is this posible… I myself, and milions of other people around me, still look exactly the same as they did 10 years ago!

    And his kid… almost five years old and still in a stroller! He HAS to be lazy and fat. No doubt about it.
    I never got tired when I was 5… and I could walk for hours!

  • anonymous

    Oh, good lord. The Russell protection society of ladies is here to defend their god.

    Russell is not always a great actor. He has has share of bad acting moments and more than his share of turkeys. I love how they swoon over how sexy Russell is & follow and stalk his every move like love sick puppies but the minute it’s obvious he’s lost his looks it becomes his acting that they REALLY care about.

    Too funny.

    Face it, when you have the history of substance abuse he does you can’t expect that it won’t take a toll on your body. It sure has with him. And please spare us the delusions that Crowe leads a “normal” down to earth life. I’ve read enough articles and seen enough interviews in the legitimate press over the past dozen years that belie that notion. Crowe has always wanted and now very much lives a Hollywood life style – both in demeanor and spending habits. He loves to show off his wealth. He just does it in Australia and without taste.

    I will, however, always love Russell in LA Confidential, the Insider, and Proof.

  • Sunny

    Substance abuse? Oh what nonsense. Crowe may have indulged in some liquid refreshment on occasion, but he’s not a druggy.

    What wasn’t reported here, because the papz hadn’t found him yet, was that Charlie and Russell’s first stop on this shopping trip was a jewelry store to pick out some bling for the boy’s mother.


    I HATE STROLLERS. This lady at Target (with about a 18-20 mo. old in the stroller) actually tried to beat me out the exit door with her ‘width’ pushing a stroller. Do you really think I am going to stop and let you through first just because you are pushing a stroller? Apparently, manners do not count when you are pushing a stroller.

    I have twins, and let me tell you, the last thing I tried to do is take them shopping when they were little. KIDS HATE SHOPPING and being stuck in a stroller. With all the rules about ‘staying close to Mommy’ while being out of the stroller, kids do not want to be constantly told what and what not to do. Do you like it as an adult?

    I would avoid taking the kids shopping with me at all costs. When they did have to come, I had rules, and the kids followed them, and I NEVER was impolite with the way I maneuvered the stroller.

    Moms today SUCK with strollers, because they think they should be FIRST in every way, because they have a STROLLER. Moms act like they will hurt you with it if you do not get out of their way. As stated by others, most of these kids can WALK if they MUST go shopping with Mommy, but Mommy doesn’t want to teach the kid rules or manners.

    By the way, DADS ARE WORSE with a stroller. There should be parenting class on manners driving a stroller.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • anonymous

    Sunny, blindly chirping away: “Crowe may have indulged in some liquid refreshment on occasion, but he’s not a druggy. ”

    Sunny, keep your rose colored glasses on. Wouldn’t want to ruin your day.

    Talk about nonsense. If all you can see from Crowe’s life is “liquid refreshment on occasion” then you truly are a deluded fan or his PR rep.

    Besides his serious alcohol abuse (I do think he’s an alcoholic and now possibly a dry drunk), Crowe is known for marijuana and coke use. He’s even admitted the weed himself. He’ll never admit the coke. Why this shocks you is beyond me. He has lived a pretty wild life. We won’t even get into the sexual exploits.

    And how is it you know his every shop stop? Are you stalking him?

  • good

    Russell Crowe is the man. Anyone who is hating needs to just hate on themselves because this is a real man and he doesn’t care what you all say and he is just being a great father to his kids and husband. He is like a big scruffy teddy bear that has that agressive side but you know he has that big softie side at heart. Love that! And a consistent actor too. Stop hating!

  • anonymous

    No one “hates” him. Don’t be such a drama queen. Some people just don’t have blinders on. Some of us have been watching him for a long time and maybe we just don’t like what we see.

    Just because he can act doesn’t mean he should be above criticism.

    Spare us the “he’s a real man” and “he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.” Please. Russell Crowe has always cared very much what everyone thinks of him. He has been a slave to his image for ages. He has spent his entire career trying to impress people with some image he is creating, sometimes using the silliest devices. I remember instances that were just embarrassing. He has a giant chip on his shoulder for whatever reason and unfortunately I think it fuels his not so wonderful behavior toward others – especially people he doesn’t need to get work or enrich himself.

    And “real man”? Hardly. Real men do not behave the violent and arrogant way he does to others. That is NOT a real man. People who are clear eyed enough to see him for what he is do not hate themselves. It’s moony eyed females who “love” Russell and excuse the inexcusable that I think have tinges of self-loathing. So like him all you want – I also have enjoyed a number of his performances – but please don’t try to convince me that he is some wonderful person just because he does what any father would do for his kids.

  • A. N.

    Russell’s the kind of guy i want to have a couple beers with and then give him a nice hug at the end of the night!

  • Ringlady

    So Charlie is almost five and he’s riding in a stroller. Have you ever had to carry a five year old after he’s gotten tired during a walk? Trust me, they’re heavy.

  • ng

    I can’t see what’s wrong with chocolates. Well, personally I love receiving candies on any occasion more than any other corny gift that I may put away and forget about it inside of a minute. I eat candies a lot, I am 25 and I am 49 kilos. Candies never hurt me.

    And I’ve also seen a row of debates over Russell’s past activities. Guys its not about past, it’s not about what you’ve done before. It’s about who you’re now, and what are you doing for tomorrow.

    Can you please find someone who is perfect and does not have any flaws in his/her past. So, while not forgetting the past, we should learn to forgive IF of course there is a reason for it.

    I’ve read about his childhood, he had to work and sustain his family at his 14th birthday, he dropped off the school. This guy has had a tough childhood. He has passed the classes of real life, not in the classroom, but on the streets trying to fight for his daily bread share.

    You as a member of that same society, did you know about him, what did you do to help him.

    I am just saying, whatever you learn about a person you won’t ever be able to learn what’s in his mind. Just learn to accept people the way they are.

    BTW: a couple of bad behaviors of his I find quite righteous. No one has the right to invade into someone else’s life. After all, every person, even actors, have the right of private life. Leave them alone if they don’t harm you.