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Mother's Day Arrives For Jamie Lynn Spears

Mother's Day Arrives For Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears celebrates her motherhood-to-be at a special Mother’s Day service at a local church with fiance Casey Aldridge in Gloster, Mississippi on Sunday.

Their church, Galilee First Baptist Church, had a road sign that read, “HI MOM. HAVE A HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”.

Casey‘s mother and sister accompanied the soon-to-be teenage parents. After spending about an hour inside the church, the family hopped into Jamie Lynn‘s Range Rover and grabbed lunch together.

Noticeably missing was Jamie Lynn‘s own mother, Lynne.

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Credit: Breeden/Symons; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Lillianne

    Body language says it ain’t gonna last very long.

  • michelle

    Her life is going downhill.

  • angeline

    I love you, always<3

  • layton

    people need to lay off. she’s obviously trying to cope with it as best as she can. stop analyzing their body language because you honestly don’t know anything about their relationship and just because they are young doesn’t doom them to failure.

    she looks great

    go jamie-lynn!

  • layton

    people need to lay off. she’s obviously trying to cope with it as best as she can. stop analyzing their body language because you honestly don’t know anything about their relationship and just because they are young doesn’t doom them to failure.

    she looks great

    go jamie-lynn!

  • norahh

    omg omg 4th.
    and and she’s going in britneys footsteps.
    hate her and her stupid sister but i do wish her luck.

  • norahh

    wait no 1st.
    cos noone said it

  • legs

    thank goodness she’s wearing flats.

  • required

    lol@ jesus delivers!

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    They look good together!!!!!!

  • xoxo

    watch Gossip Girl, Monday at 8pm on CW11

  • sara

    she looks amazing!

    & i wish people would live her alone.
    she’s not parading herself around LA like her sister.
    she’s back home in kentwood, she’s trying to keep her life private.
    she realizes she made a mistake & she’s making the best out of the situation.

    but people just wanna bash her because of the amazing screw up known as her older sister britney.

    just because britney did a horrible job at being a mother doesn’t mean jamie will.

    she’s doing a much better job already by not even living in LA and putting her kid in that kind of surrounding.

    and even britney is getting her act together. maybe she’s picking up some tips from jamie lynn.

    best of luck to jamie lynn & her baby.

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    Her baby will be pretty!!!

  • nunny

    she is so pregnant i didn’t recognize her in previous pics shown of her :P

  • favvvolis

    So that’s what pregnant 17 yo. wear to church these days. . . .

  • everytime i see her, i just shake my head

    she shouldnt even be allowed in the church

    being related to britney spears is strike one

    being on a stupid tv show is strike two

    and getting knocked up at 16 is strike three


  • eddie jones

    lol, these people go to church? If they are in there confessing their sins they must go in before daylight and come out after dark. Who are these people, you have knocked up at 16, not married, look at your family, and your going to church? My god, jamie get a life.

  • mileyhater

    ewwwww jamie lynn looks like a hooker

    mini britney

  • Diana

    Her boyfriend isn’t a teenager. He didn’t want to get charged for rape so he lowered his age.

  • to layton

    you’re right about no one knowing about their relationship. i only hope that jamie lynn is prepared to be mother at her age. i’m only five years older and i know i’m not ready to be a mother. there’s still too much i want to do. like finish my education and travel to europe of a couple of years.

  • Just saying

    ^^Hey, good luck with that. Europe is gor-ge-ous! And not to mention heaps of fun. :)

    LMAO @ Jamie even being allowed inside a church. I’m not Christian, and still I think it’s wrong.

  • the_boyfriend

    he likes green, even when he wears t-shirts.
    i hope everything works out for them.

  • tia

    it seems weird that shes going to church..

    i thought religious people frowned upon un married pregant teenage whores?

  • P

    I actually feel very sad for this girl. She is so on her own, that it is no wonder she ended up 16 and pregnant. She is pumping gas in 4 inch heals and doing errands on her own. The Spears’ father seems to be holding down the forte with Britney, so why the hell isn’t Lynn with this daughter?

  • tia

    she goes to church?

    I thought that religous people would frown upon un married knocked up teenage whores

  • tia

    whoops didnt see that my comment had already posted b4 lol so i did it again

  • Dannie

    Yeah, where is he family? She’s always photographed alone. Are the parents only looking after Brit? Are they spending any time at all with this poor underaged girl?

  • jed

    she looks cute for once, hate her hair tho!! mmm her guys cute, id fuck him!

  • billybobjoemary

    best of luck Jamie!!!!!!
    hope the baby is fine and you too.

  • 008

    Best wishes and health to Jamie Lynn Spears =).

  • Mattalee

    at least she is going to church…

  • live your own lives

    Jared..your site only contributes to this media-judgemental-celebrity-obsessed-society we unfortunately live in.

    why do we have to make life hell for these people.

    Let them live and do the same.

    good bye.

  • Helena

    She’s actually looking decent for once.

  • stormi

    she looks HORRIBLE.
    trailor trash :/
    someone please tell me the difference again between her and her sister??? oh wait i know britney waited till she was married too put a bun in the oven and she used protection unlike jami she didnt want to use a condom because its against “religion” and she didnt want birth control because it would make her 2 pounds “fatter” -_- WHAT A STUPID ASS HAHA NOW SHES 100 POUNDS FATTER [[or more]] AND SHE SINNED!! LMFAOOOO too funny…
    britney is the better rolemodel LOL

  • stormi

    oh and to saras comment… yeah britney might have fucked up alot but not really her fault if you read into it you will find out she was drugged everyday by her manager he slipped shit into her water so dont talk unless you know the details..
    jamie is just…. stupid

  • http://WWWW.JUSTJARED.COM jessica lea

    umm to all you guys who are calling her whore and slut and stupid..
    those things are happening alot today and wtf who is asking for ur opinions?keep them for yourself…
    at least shes keeping the baby and she loves kids.
    and yeah she made a mistake..
    and how u guys would feel if u got preggo at 16-17?
    please stop judging her..
    shes a human too
    and do u think its easy for her?
    so please think before u judge

  • Rae

    I like this dress. Her maternity wardrobe has been very cute. Age appropriate and not dowdy but not skanky either.

    I think Jamie Lynn is doing the best she can and she needs help and good thoughts not ridicule. What’s done is done. She can only move on and hopefully she’ll do a better job of that than Britney though since Jamie seems to be doing it a lot more on her own or with Casey’s family rather than with her family maybe she can. Her family is screwed up. That doesn’t mean Jamie Lynn and her child have to be.

  • becci

    Poor girl. :(

  • mARSHA

    God is forgiving. I like her more now that she didn’t abort a life. Good for her to go to church. Some of you with th negative comments get a life and find religion.

  • jmc

    Casey needs to do something with that damn hair – he is such a cutie, why does he have it pushed down over his forehead like that??

  • Lindsay

    I feel so sorry for her…It has to very scary to be pregnant and alone. Her boyfriend looks like a loser and it looks like she has to do everything alone. I think she has lots of courage to do this and keep the baby even when people frown upon it. I think she will do good and the baby will be fine and beautiful. I wish her the best of luck in a very difficult time for her.

  • mrsjoejonas89

    i feel really bad for her… shes awesome and i support her but i feel sooooo bad for her!! GOOD LUCK JAMIE!!

  • editor nancy

    ~My Word To Jamie Lynn Spears~
    Dear Jamie Lynn,
    We all know about the soon-to-be baby. Congrations! I’m sorry about all the conmotion from your baby. You should have never got into the bed with Casey, but, it’s a teen thing and from my point of view; it’s ok. You’re not alone there with teen pregnacy. A baby is a joyful thing, (i should know) and you haters out there, go ahead hate her, I’m not going to hate you because of that. I hate Abercrombie. I have my opions, and so do you. Jamie Lynn, enjoy that baby. Boy or Girl. Think about this math problem, Baby=Love. Love=Joy. Jamie Lynn, you are a strong women to handle all of this. I will admit, I freaked out when I heard about this, then I said, “So what?” This isn’t my life, so I really don’t care about this baby. This is YOURS AND CASEY’s baby. For my last notation, Enjoy Life.
    Nancy the Editor

  • Jamie lynn spears

    Hello fans!
    I have made a mistake. i know.
    I will not revelve my whole life
    thx you for helping me!
    ~jamie lynn spears~

  • Editor nancy

    Your Welcome.
    Bless your kind soul, Jamie Lynn
    God Bless you!

  • alex

    leave her alone you annoying bitches.

  • enough

    i agree with #32. i wish people would leave her and her family alone! people can be so judgemental these days, i feel for her; and it might sound odd but i still cannot believe this is happening to her. :( i wish her all the best, she’s only human and doing the best she can…the spears family has been in a state of crisis for too long, they deserve to get out of it and be happy. god will help them.

  • Heather

    She looks cute. I wish people would stop comparing her to Britney. I think she’s going to turn out far better than Britney. JL seems so stable and mature despite her age and I really think she’ll make it with Casey and they’ll have a beautiful family. As long as they stay out of Hollywood!

  • Kailey

    what’s wrong with a 17 year old pregnant girl going to church? there’s nothing wrong with that. she’s realized that she’s made a mistake. geez, people, leave her alone. God forgives her…and He’s happy that she went to church.
    best of luck, to you Jamie Lynn. :D

  • lĂȘ

    she’s so uglly :/ but i love jamie (L)
    with jamie lynn always <3
    i dont speak inglish, hoho JSDHJSDHSDJHSDJH ‘
    BJS Q