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Matilda Ledger: Happy Mother's Day!

Matilda Ledger: Happy Mother's Day!

Michelle Williams takes daughter Matilda, 2 1/2, for a little mother-daughter bonding time at a local playground in Brooklyn, New York City on Sunday.

What a cute Mother’s Day moment!

How cute is Matilda on the monkey bars and pushing her own stroller?!


FYI: Michelle is pushing Matilda in her Maclaren stroller.

10+ pictures inside of Michelle and Matilda on Mother’s Day…

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matilda ledger mothers day 01
matilda ledger mothers day 02
matilda ledger mothers day 03
matilda ledger mothers day 04
matilda ledger mothers day 05
matilda ledger mothers day 06
matilda ledger mothers day 07
matilda ledger mothers day 08
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  • silvia

    cute baby, she looks just like her daddy

  • ayse

    :):) cutieee

  • Alexanderina

    awwwww si cute and she looks like her daddy. Happy Mother’s Day Michelle

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  • Bre

    Holy crap! I never noticed HOW much she looks like Heath! Aaahhhhwwww!! Adorable!

  • esther

    Michelle’s doing great. To bad her last film bombed, but she seems to have better films coming out next year. That being said, I couldn’t believe how sexy she looked in Incendiary. She can definitely play various characters while never looking the same.

  • KarenA

    aw, Happy Mother’s Day, Michelle. Little Matilda is adorable. :)

  • legs

    heath, is that you? lol.
    she looks alot like her dad. cuteness.

  • Jaded

    Aww! She’s so cute and so much like her dad.

  • You/Me

    Wow. She is the spitting image of Heath. I bet his family is so glad that a part of him is living on.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers :-)

  • j


  • Diana

    Omg! She looks just like her DAD!

  • me

    Matilda is a cutie!

  • Mrs Miller

    Matilda Ledger looks so much like her dad. She will forever be a reminder of Heath Ledger

  • booyay

    she looks so much like heath

  • salma

    awwwwwwwww what a sweet little girl she looks just like heath.
    michelle looks great she’s tone cute strong plain talented and classy woman some people in hollywood should take note !!!

  • Helena

    I love the way she dresses her! I agree with Deception. Shame it got panned, I think Michelle is more suited with independant movies like Brokeback Mountain and Land of Plenty.

  • salma

    shake it out it’s a recent picture of mathilda rose and michelle walking in brooklyn, NYK (april 19th.)LOVELY

  • Regina

    Isn’t it a shame that talentless Disney stars like Zac and Vaness get more comments than Michelle Williams?

  • kath

    omg she looks more and more like her daddy each and every day!

  • Sophie

    It makes me SO sad that this little girl will not have her daddy in her life. It’s just… There are no words. I feel like saying he was so stupid, that he should have been more careful… Poor man. I still can’t believe it he’s gone, and I wasn’t even a fan. This is so tragic. And the little girl looks just so much like him… Good luck Matilda and Michelle :(

  • lola

    Regina @ 05/11/2008 at 6:05 pm

    Isn’t it a shame that talentless Disney stars like Zac and Vaness get more comments than
    THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT IT’s JUST SOOOOOOOO TRUE AND SOOOOOOOOOO shame thank thank youuuuuuuu for saying out loud what i was thinking ……………….

  • Manda

    God bless that little girl!! She is tooooooooooo adorable and looks exactly like Heath. WOW!

  • Maria

    aww! Heath’s mini-me. Mathilda is so big now.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Michelle!

  • sarah

    To Regina and lola…….
    I’m soo with you guys on that one! Why is that? Doesn’t make sense to me either.

  • alvin

    the best part of Heath lives on. how wonderful!

  • lola

    thanks sarah i tought i will be bashed ………. but thank you for being on our it’s heartwarming to know that there is still some people who have taste and know how to reconize talentless people from talented ones but it’s sad to know that they’re very rare……………….unfortunatly (sorry for my english i’am just HALF american actually………) anyway thanks

  • katie

    aw that’s cute/sad

  • JAn

    I LOVE you mat and fam

    -memory stephanie browne

  • jess

    way too cute :)

  • Vic


    cute and sad at the same time.

  • Little miss sunshine


  • tatum

    WOW Matilda looks SO much like Heath! What a beautiful little girl

  • Mary j

    I wonder if Matilda’s daddy ever beat her when he was all drugged up?

  • me

    “I wonder if Matilda’s daddy ever beat her when he was all drugged up?”

    Mary j is a dumb TROLL!

  • ana bella


  • Anon

    I adored Heath. Watched The Knight’s Tale the other night and didn’t even realize i was crying at the end. He was a beautiful, beautiful boy. I feel so sad. I think it was a terrible accident…whatever happened. I am not angry or judging him bcz I know nothing. Only he is gone before his 29th birthday. Matilda is very sweet, but I am sure Michelle’s heart breaks all over again at certain things she does. I hope Matilda gets to spend time with Heath’s parents. They are probably shattered. Some things you don’t “get over.” Some things you just have to learn to live with.

  • Sara

    woah she looks jst like heath!!

  • MOlly

    Sorry but that little girl is NOT cute!

  • cuteness

    Just like her daddy!

  • j

    Mary j @ 05/11/2008 at 7:32 pm

    I wonder if Matilda’s daddy ever beat her when he was all drugged up?
    What is WRONG with you?!??? Did you think that was funny…? cuz it wasn’t!

  • original jpf

    I can with a straight face lay claim to being a longtime fan of HL. I knew/felt from the first scenes of ROAR that the guy was an actor’s actor; one who chooses to take the most inane script set before them, and proceed to give it their all as if it were the most important role of their career. And while it seriously bites that his legacy got short shafted, I’m at the same time gleeful that the end didn’t come before it was proven how right I was about the guy.

    Little Miss Matilda is like seeing Heath physically here as a 2yr old. Was Michelle even in the room?


  • Anon’s odd to see pics of my neighborhood on justjared…I remember seeing her and Heath at the local DVD rental store..they really maintained that sense of “we are normal people” attitude…sad that Heath is no longer with us.

  • ILove2Read

    Matilda looks so much like her daddy

  • IM perfect

    Molly: Sorry but that little girl is NOT cute!
    - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
    You seriously must be blind! but that’s just your opinion. Matilda is a cutie!

  • mimi

    Mary j , your cruel comment stinks…
    I agree with Anon #37, everytime I see him in a movie I turn very very sad., I hope he rest in peace, I will always remember him =’(

    and yes, matilda is such a doll

  • mimi

    Mary j , your cruel comment stink…
    I agree with Anon #37, everytime I see him in a movie I turn very very sad, I hope he rest in peace, I will always remember him
    and yes, matilda is such a doll

  • mimi

    Matilda is such a doll !

  • wenny

    She’s so cute. It is said she is dating a rich man met through [rich kiss dot co m]. Is she serious?

  • aline

    She is cute and looks her daddy !