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Suri Cruise Cheers on David Beckham

Suri Cruise Cheers on David Beckham

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take their daughter Suri, 2, to cheer on David Beckham at the Major League Soccer match between the New York Red Bulls and the LA Galaxy at the Home Depot Center on Saturday in Carson, Calif.

The Bulls defeated the Galaxy 2-1. Poor baby Suri had to cover her poor ears when she heard the bad news! Sigh.

Tom, 45, also brought along his daughter Isabella, 15, and son Connor, 13. Both are pictured below holding their hands to their hearts for the Star Spangled Banner.

Tom and Katie also did a bit of babysitting for Posh and Becks, watching over the kids, Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 3.

20+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise cheering on Becks

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  • Rayt


  • katie needs to grow her hair out long, like b4.

    she looks retarded with it short



  • mju8

    ewww katie looks so skeletor-like.
    she’s the female version of marc anthony!

  • coco

    Adorable Family!
    Katie looks cute in some pics….in others not so much. I think she would look better if she grew her hair out, and gained some weight, but she still looks good.

  • wtf?

    WTF? Katie needs to take a bath and some vitamins. Without a doubt, this is the Worst she’s ever looked.

  • yikes!

    Katie Cruise looks ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! Bring back the Katie Holmes of BEFORE TC!— PLEASE!

  • Solène

    The Beckam sons look so much alike! Bella and Connor are cute on these pictures. Why does Suri always have her bottle? And who are the two kids in front of Tom and Katie? I don’t recognize them.

  • me

    At least Nicole taught Isabella and Connor to put their hand over their heart when citing the pledge of allegiance.

    Too bad Tom and his robot don’t have enough respect to do this. I guess since the pledge says “one nation under God” they would be going against the cult?

  • katia

    the baby is a beauty! I don’t see why Katie Holmes looks horrible!? I don’t know how she looked before but i love her hair and find her pretty in general.

  • Karma Kat

    Do they, like, have their own photographer on full-time staff now? These fake pics are getting so sickening. I’m sick of this guy’s full-on self promotion. He comes off as nothing but desperate. He might have been hot at some point (personally, I never saw it), but he’d probably get more respect if he’d shut his mouth, lose the full-time photographer, quick acting like such an ass so he won’t have to go on Oprah to “fix it” later, and just take care of his family. That’s his primary responsibility anyway. He’s got enough money to do that, so just do it.

  • coolgirl

    Suri is definitely starting to look more like Tom Cruise!!

  • coco

    #8 I think the kids in front of them are Tom’s nephews.

  • Sophie

    The parents look nuts! But the kid is kinda cute I guess.

  • tony

    What the hell happend to this girl? I used to think she was gorgeous, now I wouldn’t give her a second look.

    Sad, sad shame.


  • Me

    Look, it’s soccer mom at a soccer match.
    And they got the Suri some shoes! Does this mean she’s allowed to walk now?

  • nanda

    katie looks terrible, old and tired…. but suri is adorable

  • diama

    she’s so cute

  • legs

    aww… suri looks adorable even with her messy hair. :) but her mom looks awful in messy hair. yikes.

  • http://msn penny



  • bored

    cheered? she actually looks bored and tired. T&K should’ve left her home. btw, that baby doll looks freaky because of it’s weird hair.
    katie looks old.

  • Lilian

    They are such a cute bunch. Suri is my favourite, then Connor then the rest. I just love the family!

  • Wow

    so Tom even wears a suit to a soccer match? Lmao That Man is so uptight

  • zoe

    wow…katie looks bad in some of these pix. i think it’s her hair…it looked okay and cute before but it looks retarded here- kinda cropped. suri looks adorable as usual…
    kinda sucks how the galaxy always gets defeated…but i guess they’re getting kinda used to it. becks and posh still gets rich.
    p.s. suri’s doll baby thing is freaking me out…its got hair growing out in the middle!

  • celebaddict

    What a lovely family.
    Suri is a very cute little girl, and the image of her parents. I can see both Katie and Tom in her.

  • coco

    #23 Tom isn’t wearing a suit. He’s wearing jeans and a sweater.

  • KarenA

    Beautiful family. Thanks, Jared. They no doubt had a wonderful time. :)

  • wTF?

    #11 – Too bad Tom and his beard won’t get to read your excellent post. He’s a has been and can’t except it. Notice how everybody else is serious and watching the game while these two fu*ktards put on their PR show. You can tell they both have been brainwashed to hell and back because they still don’t get it.

    LMAO…..they’re certainly good for a few laughs though. Too bad Surly is going to be ftard as well. They obviously don’t even think about her welfare….shows what waste products those two are.


    Hare with carrot pics below

  • mee

    Oh Suri is soooooooooo cute….. No matter what people say, I always love this family and hope for the best for them……..

  • sillyme

    Do Tom’s other kids ever get to hold Suri?

  • cheche

    On Oprah, they showed some adorable photos of Bella and Connor with Suri.

  • i think they

    put tranquilizes in that bottle.

  • erin

    haha suri is so cute, she looks like she’s saying “ugh i am so over this!”. and katie does need to grow out her i mean “kate”, since she married tom she looks like she’s “matured” 10 years and not 3. she use to be so cute too

  • KarenA

    Thank you, #26. I was going to say how wonderful casual Tom looked, too. He looks great. The sweater is very flattering. His hair looks better too! Yay, Tom. I hope he doesn’t pull it forward anymore. Because he used to have the nicest hair in Hollywood for men (see: “Vanilla Sky”).

  • Anon

    cheche, those were part of the ones taken for the VF photoshoot of her unveiling. Even the picture where Tom, Katie and the oldest kids are atop a mountain, it was taken a long time ago before Katie started chopping her hair off. You certainly couldn’t see any sign of the older kids in that house save for Bella’s ONE painting.

    Granted, Conor and Bella haven’t been on many outing with the trio for most of 2007 and now but in instances where they all go out like here, neither kids are holding their younger sibling.

  • cheche

    the photo of Connor and Suri wasn’t from the VF shoot. You could tell that Suri was much older and had longer hair.

  • Anonymous123

    Suri looks cute but Katie looks HORRIBLE!!! Why doesn´t she let her hair grow out??? This look doesn´t flatter her, it makes her look older and bitter. I bet Tommy Girl doesn´t want her to have long hair because he wants her to look like him!

  • Michelle – brazil

    Bring back the Katie Holmes of BEFORE TC!— PLEASE! [2]






  • flae45

    well at least the beckham boys look cute! and suri is adorable. but katie definitely isnt looking as good as she probably could!

  • Nathalie

    Can’t the Cruises afford a baby sitter? The kid looked bored and tired.

  • Julie

    500 million dollars, and this is what they look like? KH’s teeth look like they are rotting, TC has old man denture looking teeth, maybe too big veneers. Unbelievable.

    Yes, Suri is pretty as ever, she does not look happy.
    KH looks too ill to conceive a child (if she ever did), but I’m sure they can buy a baby from somewhere, money talks. She will start wearing the pillows soon and boom, baby #2 will appear.

  • kat

    Why is Katie wearing an old costume from Logan’s Run to a soccer match?

    Jeans and t-shirt will do. Also, leave the tired toddler at home.

  • Veronica

    That game was awesome, even though the galaxy lost. i saw them there and that was pretty cool, he even waved at everybody when we called out his name.

  • Alexandria

    I don’t think Katie figures she has to dress up to go to a soccer game loaded with makeup or getting her hair done. She looks like herself, big deal. When she has been on the red carpet, she’s looked gorgeous, just recently in a red dress where she looked stunning. Who cares – I guess the haters on here do by their ridiculous comments.

  • @#$^&%#^

    HIs adopted kids are adorable! They look like nice people… too bad they have him for a dad!… and poor suri too for that matter…
    but his kids with Nicole okk like very awesome people!!

  • oh, how funny!

    Why no pictures of them getting out of the house, get in and out of the car but only pics inside the stadium? This is a show alright! Which female sport fan wears a dress to a sport event? And which man wear a tucked in shirt with a sweater and belt to a sport game? TC just gets more ridiculous each day.

  • jamie

    Katie has lossed to much weight thats why she looks older.

  • Jill

    Connor is so handsome! That boy is going to be a hunk when he grows up!