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Suri Cruise Cheers on David Beckham

Suri Cruise Cheers on David Beckham

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take their daughter Suri, 2, to cheer on David Beckham at the Major League Soccer match between the New York Red Bulls and the LA Galaxy at the Home Depot Center on Saturday in Carson, Calif.

The Bulls defeated the Galaxy 2-1. Poor baby Suri had to cover her poor ears when she heard the bad news! Sigh.

Tom, 45, also brought along his daughter Isabella, 15, and son Connor, 13. Both are pictured below holding their hands to their hearts for the Star Spangled Banner.

Tom and Katie also did a bit of babysitting for Posh and Becks, watching over the kids, Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 3.

20+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise cheering on Becks

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163 Responses to “Suri Cruise Cheers on David Beckham”

  1. 1
    Rayt Says:


  2. 2
    ... Says:

    katie needs to grow her hair out long, like b4.

    she looks retarded with it short

  3. 3
    ALLIE Says:


  4. 4
    mju8 Says:

    ewww katie looks so skeletor-like.
    she’s the female version of marc anthony!

  5. 5
    coco Says:

    Adorable Family!
    Katie looks cute in some pics….in others not so much. I think she would look better if she grew her hair out, and gained some weight, but she still looks good.

  6. 6
    wtf? Says:

    WTF? Katie needs to take a bath and some vitamins. Without a doubt, this is the Worst she’s ever looked.

  7. 7
    yikes! Says:

    Katie Cruise looks ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! Bring back the Katie Holmes of BEFORE TC!— PLEASE!

  8. 8
    Solène Says:

    The Beckam sons look so much alike! Bella and Connor are cute on these pictures. Why does Suri always have her bottle? And who are the two kids in front of Tom and Katie? I don’t recognize them.

  9. 9
    me Says:

    At least Nicole taught Isabella and Connor to put their hand over their heart when citing the pledge of allegiance.

    Too bad Tom and his robot don’t have enough respect to do this. I guess since the pledge says “one nation under God” they would be going against the cult?

  10. 10
    katia Says:

    the baby is a beauty! I don’t see why Katie Holmes looks horrible!? I don’t know how she looked before but i love her hair and find her pretty in general.

  11. 11
    Karma Kat Says:

    Do they, like, have their own photographer on full-time staff now? These fake pics are getting so sickening. I’m sick of this guy’s full-on self promotion. He comes off as nothing but desperate. He might have been hot at some point (personally, I never saw it), but he’d probably get more respect if he’d shut his mouth, lose the full-time photographer, quick acting like such an ass so he won’t have to go on Oprah to “fix it” later, and just take care of his family. That’s his primary responsibility anyway. He’s got enough money to do that, so just do it.

  12. 12
    coolgirl Says:

    Suri is definitely starting to look more like Tom Cruise!!

  13. 13
    coco Says:

    #8 I think the kids in front of them are Tom’s nephews.

  14. 14
    Sophie Says:

    The parents look nuts! But the kid is kinda cute I guess.

  15. 15
    tony Says:

    What the hell happend to this girl? I used to think she was gorgeous, now I wouldn’t give her a second look.

    Sad, sad shame.


  16. 16
    Me Says:

    Look, it’s soccer mom at a soccer match.
    And they got the Suri some shoes! Does this mean she’s allowed to walk now?

  17. 17
    nanda Says:

    katie looks terrible, old and tired…. but suri is adorable

  18. 18
    diama Says:

    she’s so cute

  19. 19
    legs Says:

    aww… suri looks adorable even with her messy hair. :) but her mom looks awful in messy hair. yikes.

  20. 20
    penny Says:



  21. 21
    bored Says:

    cheered? she actually looks bored and tired. T&K should’ve left her home. btw, that baby doll looks freaky because of it’s weird hair.
    katie looks old.

  22. 22
    Lilian Says:

    They are such a cute bunch. Suri is my favourite, then Connor then the rest. I just love the family!

  23. 23
    Wow Says:

    so Tom even wears a suit to a soccer match? Lmao That Man is so uptight

  24. 24
    zoe Says:

    wow…katie looks bad in some of these pix. i think it’s her hair…it looked okay and cute before but it looks retarded here- kinda cropped. suri looks adorable as usual…
    kinda sucks how the galaxy always gets defeated…but i guess they’re getting kinda used to it. becks and posh still gets rich.
    p.s. suri’s doll baby thing is freaking me out…its got hair growing out in the middle!

  25. 25
    celebaddict Says:

    What a lovely family.
    Suri is a very cute little girl, and the image of her parents. I can see both Katie and Tom in her.

  26. 26
    coco Says:

    #23 Tom isn’t wearing a suit. He’s wearing jeans and a sweater.

  27. 27
    KarenA Says:

    Beautiful family. Thanks, Jared. They no doubt had a wonderful time. :)

  28. 28
    wTF? Says:

    #11 – Too bad Tom and his beard won’t get to read your excellent post. He’s a has been and can’t except it. Notice how everybody else is serious and watching the game while these two fu*ktards put on their PR show. You can tell they both have been brainwashed to hell and back because they still don’t get it.

    LMAO…..they’re certainly good for a few laughs though. Too bad Surly is going to be ftard as well. They obviously don’t even think about her welfare….shows what waste products those two are.

  29. 29 Says:

    Hare with carrot pics below

  30. 30
    mee Says:

    Oh Suri is soooooooooo cute….. No matter what people say, I always love this family and hope for the best for them……..

  31. 31
    sillyme Says:

    Do Tom’s other kids ever get to hold Suri?

  32. 32
    cheche Says:

    On Oprah, they showed some adorable photos of Bella and Connor with Suri.

  33. 33
    i think they Says:

    put tranquilizes in that bottle.

  34. 34
    erin Says:

    haha suri is so cute, she looks like she’s saying “ugh i am so over this!”. and katie does need to grow out her i mean “kate”, since she married tom she looks like she’s “matured” 10 years and not 3. she use to be so cute too

  35. 35
    KarenA Says:

    Thank you, #26. I was going to say how wonderful casual Tom looked, too. He looks great. The sweater is very flattering. His hair looks better too! Yay, Tom. I hope he doesn’t pull it forward anymore. Because he used to have the nicest hair in Hollywood for men (see: “Vanilla Sky”).

  36. 36
    Anon Says:

    cheche, those were part of the ones taken for the VF photoshoot of her unveiling. Even the picture where Tom, Katie and the oldest kids are atop a mountain, it was taken a long time ago before Katie started chopping her hair off. You certainly couldn’t see any sign of the older kids in that house save for Bella’s ONE painting.

    Granted, Conor and Bella haven’t been on many outing with the trio for most of 2007 and now but in instances where they all go out like here, neither kids are holding their younger sibling.

  37. 37
    cheche Says:

    the photo of Connor and Suri wasn’t from the VF shoot. You could tell that Suri was much older and had longer hair.

  38. 38
    Anonymous123 Says:

    Suri looks cute but Katie looks HORRIBLE!!! Why doesn´t she let her hair grow out??? This look doesn´t flatter her, it makes her look older and bitter. I bet Tommy Girl doesn´t want her to have long hair because he wants her to look like him!

  39. 39
    Michelle - brazil Says:

    Bring back the Katie Holmes of BEFORE TC!— PLEASE! [2]

  40. 40





  41. 41
    flae45 Says:

    well at least the beckham boys look cute! and suri is adorable. but katie definitely isnt looking as good as she probably could!

  42. 42
    Nathalie Says:

    Can’t the Cruises afford a baby sitter? The kid looked bored and tired.

  43. 43
    Julie Says:

    500 million dollars, and this is what they look like? KH’s teeth look like they are rotting, TC has old man denture looking teeth, maybe too big veneers. Unbelievable.

    Yes, Suri is pretty as ever, she does not look happy.
    KH looks too ill to conceive a child (if she ever did), but I’m sure they can buy a baby from somewhere, money talks. She will start wearing the pillows soon and boom, baby #2 will appear.

  44. 44
    kat Says:

    Why is Katie wearing an old costume from Logan’s Run to a soccer match?

    Jeans and t-shirt will do. Also, leave the tired toddler at home.

  45. 45
    Veronica Says:

    That game was awesome, even though the galaxy lost. i saw them there and that was pretty cool, he even waved at everybody when we called out his name.

  46. 46
    Alexandria Says:

    I don’t think Katie figures she has to dress up to go to a soccer game loaded with makeup or getting her hair done. She looks like herself, big deal. When she has been on the red carpet, she’s looked gorgeous, just recently in a red dress where she looked stunning. Who cares – I guess the haters on here do by their ridiculous comments.

  47. 47
    @#$^&%#^ Says:

    HIs adopted kids are adorable! They look like nice people… too bad they have him for a dad!… and poor suri too for that matter…
    but his kids with Nicole okk like very awesome people!!

  48. 48
    oh, how funny! Says:

    Why no pictures of them getting out of the house, get in and out of the car but only pics inside the stadium? This is a show alright! Which female sport fan wears a dress to a sport event? And which man wear a tucked in shirt with a sweater and belt to a sport game? TC just gets more ridiculous each day.

  49. 49
    jamie Says:

    Katie has lossed to much weight thats why she looks older.

  50. 50
    Jill Says:

    Connor is so handsome! That boy is going to be a hunk when he grows up!

  51. 51
    yeah sure Says:

    Those that dont like TomKat sure give their time to them and give JJ lots of hits for this site. Its about envy because this family have everything the lowlives dont esp joy,love,family,wealth and hot looks.

  52. 52
    chessa Says:

    KH looks so hot and chic. She looks good in any haircut. But the short do makes her more womanly which I like. She’s not a kid anymore you know.

    Happy Mother’s Day…

  53. 53
    fila Says:


  54. 54
    j Says:

    oh, how funny! @ 05/11/2008 at 1:00 pm

    Why no pictures of them getting out of the house, get in and out of the car but only pics inside the stadium? This is a show alright! Which female sport fan wears a dress to a sport event? And which man wear a tucked in shirt with a sweater and belt to a sport game? TC just gets more ridiculous each day.

    There’s a world outside of you know. Jared CHOOSES

  55. 55
    j Says:

    oh, how funny! @ 05/11/2008 at 1:00 pm

    Why no pictures of them getting out of the house, get in and out of the car but only pics inside the stadium? This is a show alright! Which female sport fan wears a dress to a sport event? And which man wear a tucked in shirt with a sweater and belt to a sport game? TC just gets more ridiculous each day.

    There’s a world outside of you know. Jared CHOOSES

  56. 56
    Caroline Says:

    I have always found katie gorgeous, but her hair looks utterly ridiculous here!!

  57. 57
    Laura Says:

    Suri is very cute. Too bad Katie looks awful…


  58. 58
    kit Says:

    I would say it’s all for show, except Katie didn’t fix her hair, so not so sure. The 5-inch heels though, a must. Seriously believe she has body weight issues.

  59. 59
    Jay Says:

    They just look so . . . . weird

  60. 60
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    the haters are pissed off.

  61. 61
    Halli Says:

    Katie’s look is very Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music. Her inspirations?
    Suri looks bored to death. Why can’t they keep the poor kid home instead of taking her everywhere they go? Why can’t they just have Connor and Isabella with them since any 2 (is she really just 2? She looks almost 3, they are not telling the truth about her birth-date) would be bored to death watching men kick a ball around from a far distance.

  62. 62
    G Says:

    Tom looks hot and katie…not so much.

  63. 63
    secoya Says:

    The beautiful all American family & they look so happy and this makes me happy.

  64. 64
    NotBuyingThePR Says:

    Does the TomKat PR machine ever take a rest? This looks so obvious and desperate to get some good PR for them.

    Ever notice how they parade Bella and Connor around during their “courtship” days, then the two kids practically disappear from the radar since after their wedding in 2006, until this past month. Almost 15 months of the two kids being “out of sight”, and now they are brought out again for photo ops. How pathetic!

  65. 65
    debbie Says:

    Georgeous Family & Friends pics!!!!!

  66. 66
    Farah Says:

    love love this family. Suri is a real cutiepatootie.

  67. 67
    sprite Says:

    Thanks for the thread JJ.

  68. 68
    me2 Says:

    Whoever said that the robot looks like Maria in The Sound of Music (and that’s NOT a compliment). Not sayin Julie wasn’t pretty….just her character’s pathetic lack of style in the movie.

    I also agree with everyone here who said this is just part of the ongoing PR stunt. Too many people know the truth about these two. It will leak one of these days. Until then, we’ll just keep laughing as they make idiots of themselves.

    Katie kind of reminds me of a female version of Gomer Pyle.

  69. 69
    katie looks like a dude Says:

    Has anybody noticed in all the photos how mature all the kids around the freak show are? All the kids are sitting and watching the game. The two clown freaks are obviously there to have their photos made. What a couple of desperate losers. Katie looks like something the cat drug in and Tom……well, he looks like somebody’s grandfather!

  70. 70
    alessandra Says:

    what a creepy doll they gave to their daughet!!
    did you notice that the doll & suri are wearing the exactly same dress?

  71. 71
    32 Says:

    dear god what is with all the hate i think they all look cute e beckham boys will grow to be hot like thier dady

  72. 72
    Chad Says:

    Katie is sexy
    and hooot

  73. 73
    smiles Says:

    poor pathetic trolls. They are nuts and so miserably jealous.

  74. 74
    becky Says:


  75. 75
    Mrs Miller Says:

    Katie Holmes’s hair looks awful and it does not suit her. I liked it when her hair was long

  76. 76
    Jessica Says:

    The reason I would marry Tom Cruise is because I think he is good at making love. I doubt he could be content with being less than Good. OK and our baby would be as cute as Suri.

  77. 77
    Si Says:

    O my gosh,i love this family.Kati looks very pretty,her hair so beautiful!!! Tom looks Gorgeous!!! Suri is the most beautiful child in the world.l love Bella and Connor they are adorable.Congrats Tom you have beautiful family.

  78. 78
    lovethekid Says:

    first of all…to who ever mentioned the fact that tom’s older kids have the desency (sp?) to put their hand over their heart during the pledge of allegiance…are you kidding me? no public organizaton does that other than schools, two. have you ever been to a sporting event…pledge of allegiance is not recited. the national anthem/or as jared put it star spangled banner.

    suri looks amazingly cute as a button. and kate, is still beautifu. yeah her hair might not do her justice, but get over it she likes it. and tom, hasn’t been hot since top gun so i don’t see what people see in him. but this family is cute and so are the beckham boys, i love that they’re watching their dad play instead o just goofing around.

  79. 79
    Janie Says:

    I think they all look great in these pictures. They seem to be having a great time. Suri is absolutely adorable! Love her dress and little gold shoes!

  80. 80
    Amy Says:

    Suri is so cute!

  81. 81
    Ashleigh Says:

    Katie looks HORRENDOUS!! Sooo ugly. Suri is treated like a baby. Newss flash, people! She’s not a baby anymore! Suri is such a big, fat, spoiled brat. I’d hate to cross her. They indulge her. Hail Princess Suri! Look at her defiantly plugging those ears! SOOO bratty!!!

  82. 82
    Monica Says:

    They all look so happy. Suri is an adorable child. She is always dressed so cute.

  83. 83
    Kris Says:

    Glad to see Katie smiling and looking happy in these pictures. Suri is such a cutie pie. I can never get enough of seeing pictures of this beautiful little girl.

  84. 84
    tatum Says:

    katie looks awful and her dress is too short
    suri looks bored to tears

  85. 85
    Tricia Says:

    Suri is my favorite Hollywood baby. Look at that dress and those shoes – so pretty!

  86. 86
    American Says:

    STILL think that he neglects his eldest kids?

  87. 87
    judge judy Says:

    Who in their right mind would think Katie is attractive? All of you gushing about her must have fallen off an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  88. 88
    judge judy Says:

    Katie is also a few fries short of a happy meal.

  89. 89
    Swizzle Says:

    Katie either looks like Joan of Arc, or a character out of one of those Twilight Zone episodes where a woman from another planet lands on Earth. Yikes….

  90. 90
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    What happened to you Katie ???

  91. 91
    American Says:

    Why is is that no matter what they’re doing, simply being outside in braod daylight is a PR move? It makes no sense

  92. 92
    Aquarius Says:

    Suri looks more and more “special” with each frame.
    The game is boring her and frightening her.
    These are brain dead people with no common sense.
    Why taking a 2.5 years old to a loud game? Only for photo ops.
    And yes, they STILL neglect the older kids, hell, they are not even Suri’s siblings.
    For those who excuse Tc+Kh never took the two adopted kids out for they’re in school? This photo op shows the opposite.
    Tc+Kh realize that they cannot present a happy family picture without bringing the two older kids out.
    Thus this photo op.

    Give it a rest and leave the public alone. I am so sick and tired of this mediocre actor and talentless borderline actress.

  93. 93
    Pisa Says:

    Where is the narcissistic anorexic twit? She must have sat this one out since her ex-bff Katie was there… thank goodness, she would have messed up the photo ops. with ever present vile pout!

  94. 94
    MOlly Says:

    I love, love Suri. She is so adorable!

  95. 95
    2 #93 Says:

    She was in surgery. They were trying to get the bug out of her ****.

  96. 96
    Karen Says:

    Suri sure is a cutie pie!

  97. 97
    jnjb Says:

    im soo sickof them

  98. 98
    Swizzle Says:

    Katie either looks like Joan of Arc, or a character from a Twilight Zone episode who comes from Mars….. Side Nicole….

  99. 99
    Peppo Says:

    Yeesh, Katie is aging very, very badly.

  100. 100
    a.beckham Says:

    omg screw tom katie and co. .. all i care about are those adorable beckham boys.

  101. 101
    fjkdlajf Says:

    Must Tom Cruise always wear such tight pants?

  102. 102
    GlobalGal Says:

    Her spray-on orange tan only makes her appear aged and way too thin . . . Boy does she need to gain some weight and grow her hair out . . .

  103. 103
    love Says:

    katie but why are the hair so short ? grow it girl

  104. 104
    catalina Says:

    Te qiiero mucho no lo olvides mañana es el día internacional del te qiiero si recibes esto significa qe t qiieren de verdad envíalo a 20 personas en 10 mi tos y mañana será el mejor día de tu vida algo bonito te sucederá a la ultima hora de clases si rompes esta cadena serás la persona mas olvidada solo copia y pega

  105. 105
    miley Says:

    TomKat has class while trolls have none.

  106. 106
    !!!!!! Says:

    Tom looks so hot and Katie is ever lovely, so good to see their adorable kids esp. Suri and the Beckham boys.

    Too bad Galaxy lost.

  107. 107
    Si Says:


  108. 108
    Sybil Says:

    ..beep.. Katie is 000AA 63 6C 61!!, Tom is 13D 41 4D 41ZING!! Love them beep

  109. 109

    Isabella is looking more and more like her dad in these pics.

    Why didn’t Davey come along too?

    Another PR stunt for Tom

    This guy is a serious egomaniac.

    His career is over – can’t he just accept it?

  110. 110
    peta Says:

    well Im cheering them on for marital bliss and seeing them happy makes me happy too. Happy Mother’s Day,Katie!

  111. 111
    abc Says:

    This family is just so cute.

    I love them.

  112. 112
    solaris Says:

    I live in a football country, where every Saturday and Sunday there’s always a football match. And I never see any of us bringing our below 4 years old children to the Stadium. It is loud, and many times dangerous. The crowd could be out of control. I think it is irresponsible to take a 2 years old child to that kind of place. For what? She will not understand anything, and def will not be able to enjoy the game!

    By the way, Galaxy lost again? Becks, take this advice: stop modeling, or stay out of football!

  113. 113
    marvin Says:

    It’s the first family of Scientology! Hail Xenu!

  114. 114

    Man, Tom still looks stressed and Katie looks undernourished

    I guess having Oprah suck his **** for two days on national tv didn’t help his “career” as much as he thought it would.

    Personally, I wouldn’t watch a Tom Cruise movie if he brought it to my apartment, provided popcorn and paid ME to see it.



  115. 115
    julie Says:

    Katie looks like Florline Maria

  116. 116
    diane Says:

    What a beautiful family Tom and Katie are the best parents

  117. 117
    optimisticate Says:

    Katie looks beyond awful, she looks sick. Unless she thinks that dark bags under the eyes paired with the fashionable yellow tint of a failing liver (hellooooooo niacin!) are fashionable now?

  118. 118
    Miapocca Says:

    Pathetic PR attempts at usual..

    Suri lookslike she is goign to CHURCH

    Hag got a new haircut she has to show off

    And the older kids are now home for the summer to be pimped for whatever movie

    MOre of these games willbe coming our way of course, not that it will help the movie

    What on earth does Katie hag know about football…for someone who grew up in cornfed ohio, she might just be cheering because beckham did a hand ball and she does not understand the rules of engage, she assumes its a good think to touch the ball during football;..ahahhahahhaha

  119. 119
    Miapocca Says:

    #62..All AMerican family huh

    1: All American go to baseball and AMERICAN Football games not SOCCER

    2: All AMerican will in jeans in their supporting team shirts

    3: All American will be eating hotdogs adn having a hoot

    4: All American does not belong in a CULT called SHITOLOGY

    Why insult americans with this CARICATURE of a family!

  120. 120
    observer Says:

    they are at a soccer game. can they not let her wear some comfy clothes?

  121. 121
    Miapocca Says:

    Andrew Hornery
    May 10, 2008


    THE Church of Scientology has lost its grip on James Packer.

    The billionaire’s closest friends have revealed that he has quietly distanced himself from Scientology, labelled a cult by some former members, as it faces international controversy about its anti-psychiatry stance.

    Members of Mr Packer’s inner circle have confirmed that the billionaire, who had ranked as Scientology’s wealthiest member in the world, was no longer undertaking Scientology courses and had slowly moved away from the religion, telling his closest friends he no longer “needs it”.

    His office did not respond to the Herald’s calls yesterday.

    Mr Packer was introduced to Scientology by his friend Tom Cruise in 2002. Friends say they remain close. They were most recently photographed dining together with their wives in Germany.

    The religion entered Mr Packer’s realm at one of the lowest points in his personal and business life. He was overweight and depressed, his marriage to his first wife, Jodhi Meares, had ended and he was reeling from the humiliating and very public collapse of One.Tel, losing $350 million from the family business on the way.

    He has spoken publicly of his involvement in the religion only once, telling The Australian Financial Review Magazine in 2006 that he spent an hour or so “every couple of days” practising Scientology. “I think it has been very good for me,” he said. “It has been helpful. I have some friends in Scientology that have been very supportive. But I think it’s just helped me have a better outlook on life.”

    Thanks to his Hollywood confidant Cruise, Mr Packer and his fortune were embraced at Scientology’s highest levels.

    A video from 2004 shows Mr Packer in the front row with the world’s most senior Scientologist at a convention in Los Angeles at which Tom Cruise was awarded a large medal before a roaring crowd.

    However, Scientology caused discomfort within Mr Packer’s old circle of Sydney friends. When his lifelong friend David Gyngell quit Channel Nine in May 2005, it was Mr Packer who called in Scientologists to counsel the TV executive.

    Out of respect for his friend, Mr Gyngell listened to them but politely said he did not need their help. In a blaze of negative publicity, he left the network his father, Bruce, had launched. Mr Gyngell has since returned to Nine and resumed his friendship with Mr Packer.

    However, observers suggest Mr Packer’s expanding casino empire has presented issues difficult to reconcile with Scientologist beliefs.

  122. 122
    celtics Says:

    More families should be like the Cruises.

  123. 123
    Mia Says:

    Tom and Katie looks so beautiful. I love Suri covering her ears during the game and Bella and Connor their hands on their hearts for the American national anthem. Thanks for this Jared.

  124. 124
    pr person Says:

    Why on earth would you “love Suri covering her ears”? Huh? The only reason that she would be covering her ears is because it was loud and she didn’t like it. What exactly is to “love” about that? I feel sorry for her. Just looking at these pictures you can tell that she was miserable, tired and bored. Poor thing.

  125. 125
    to pr person Says:

    You sure are a patient person to not “slam” number 123.

    #123 is just the typical type of “fan” these two attract. At least these weird fans are on a message board and not out in public driving around and such. Ick!

    Suri’s ears were hurting because she was receiving high-frequency soundwaves from the mothership.

  126. 126
    to pr person Says:

    Look in the dictionary under “dysfunctional” and there you will find these photos. This is one f’d up dysfunctional family. They make the Munsters look like the Cleavers.

  127. 127
    Miapocca Says:

    Thanks pr person…getting tired of the SCIENTELLUYAH CONGREGATION!

  128. 128
    tom c Says:

    Katie’s hairdresser must have used a bowl and a blindfold to cut her hair. She looks so ridiculous. Doesn’t she have the sense and mind to know it she looks like a laughing stock?

    And wow! Katie is actually letting Tom hold Suri for once! Wait… she’s holding on to Tom to make sure he’s doing a good job with her precious Suri. Afterall, no one can be too good for her precious one!

  129. 129
    russo Says:

    Hot dad,Katie is so pretty and all the kids are adorable. Suri will be a stunning beauty.

  130. 130
    American Says:

    Do you even know what dysfunctional family is. This a photo of a happy family enjoying a soccer game with so good friends. It doesn’t get any functional than that

  131. 131
    niogel Says:

    How could a guy who’s had three marriages have a dysfunctional family.
    Love this family, Katie is adorable, Suri is so cute, Tom is amazing, beep, blurp,000 A6 67

  132. 132
    2cent Says:

    you are hilarious, niogel!

  133. 133
    Miapocca Says:

    Andhere comes the underpaid, underfed brainwashed naicin drinking defender of cult..who uses teh moniker “American”

    Good news is that I can seperate the regular americans from those in cults who pinch the name,…ahahha

    Dysfunction is anyone in a cult..thats enough…using PR for stupid purposed of potraying the scientology first family is pathetic…

    A normal family will actually try to have the kids not appear in public on mothers day especially when they are not with their MOTHER…of course scientology brainwashes them to teh extent that they probaly are distancing them from their MOTHER each and every day…The time for Katie Holmes will arrive, when the brainwash and her money hungry ways wear off, and she will experience whats it like to use e-meters and brainwashing on her kid..who by then will be calling wife #4 MUMMY….cant wait to see how haggard she will look least Nicole is one strong woman and is handling the post effect of scientology and her looney ex quite well!

  134. 134
    American Says:

    A normal mother would want to be cooped up in her house and not go outside on Mother’s Day?

  135. 135
    Emma Says:

    A normal parent doesn’t callously use their own children in a PR campaign. These pictures look fake and staged, probably because they are. As usual there is nothing spontaneous about Tom’s family pictures.

    They don’t seem interested in the game at all, but they are very aware of and focused on the photographers. Nicole’s kids look almost demonstratively bored and mentally absent.

    Tom is desperate now, and he uses everyone, including his family, in order to appear good and normal. Since everyone in the world knows he’s not normal and good he only looks fake and usual. He is revolting.

  136. 136
    American Says:

    And what makes you think she callously uses her daughter as PR? She’s simply enjoying a soccer game with her family. That’s it. What’s the problem? They don;t look fake and staged at all. There IS soccer game happening. And they don’t even seem to be looking at any cameras.

  137. 137
    Emma Says:

    “They don;t look fake and staged at all.”

    Not to a scientologist, obviously…

  138. 138
    pr person Says:

    She is “simply enjoying a soccer game with her family”. If that really was the intent wouldn’t she have dressed appropriately? Seriously, how many other women go to soccer games dressed in a mini dress and heels? OH wait! This is the same ding bat who wore a mini dress and heels to a beach party.

    She is living proof that money does not buy class, grace or style.

  139. 139
    dfghdfgh Says:

    Suri so cuuuuute, she’s so young and looks so smart

  140. 140
    American Says:

    I have no idea but she can dress however she feels like. It’s not a sign of anything. And I’m sure that whateever she was wearing, you’d accuse them anyway of pimping their kids.

  141. 141
    Jaredcool Says:

    Katie never ever looks good with Tom.

  142. 142
    Miapocca Says:

    ahaha..PR IS SO RIGHT…its a sign of noveau richism…very poor taste….ahahha…its like wearing you runderwear to a presidential inuagration…now thats tacky…ahahhah

  143. 143
    yor mom Says:

    Katie & Tom look retarded. but Suri is SO UNBELIEVABLY CUTE!

  144. 144
    truthful Says:

    no, she isn’t. she’s very plain, actually.

  145. 145
    dean Says:

    Katie’s facial expressions are over the top fake.
    She needs to retake IMPROV 101.

  146. 146
    ilovekeithxoxo Says:

    eeeewwwwwww tom and katie are soooooo ugly. suri is cute though. keith is soooooooooo much hotter.

  147. 147
    Debra Says:

    Does anyone know anything about the custudy make up of Tom and Nicole. You never see her and the kids. I don’t think she even had them for Mother’s Day. Also I remember that interview where Katie said the kids call her Mom. What is up with that. I bet the kids don’t call Keith Dad. Why does Nicole put up with that crap. Tom said that he and Nik share the kids. She must only get them during the summer. This may be the reason she is building or buying a home in LA. I hope she fights for more time with her kids. Katie should watch out. This could be her future knocking on the door.

  148. 148
    American Says:

    They have joint custudy.

    Dumb critics would rather believe these nonsense stories about brainwashing and blackmailng rather than Kidman is simply too busy and/or uninterested in seeing her kids

  149. 149
    sony Says:


  150. 150
    dean Says:

    They have joint custody in writing ONLY. tc has had connor and bella so brainwashed that they think their mother is SP.
    NK is a completely loving and caring mother. She simply did NOT just walk away from her children. They were RIPPED from her arms by that EVIL CULT the tiny tommy is at the head of.

  151. 151
    Emma Says:

    Why does the Cult of Scientology make their people write in these threads now? They must be desperate since Cruise’s brainwashed family and the rehearsed Oprah interview haven’t improved the image of their top (maybe not for long) poster boy Tom Cruise. I bet they are as confused as they are desperate. They are clueless as usual.

  152. 152
    masha Says:

    Why the bigots and haters tell their people to write in these threads now? They must be desperate. I bet they are as confused as they are desperate. They are clueless as usual.

    Tom has beautiful family!

  153. 153
    jessie Says:

    Disliking a cult and what it stands for doesn’t make you a bigot. The intolerant ones are the scientology cult people who harass and try to destroy people who disagree with them.

    Tom has a brainwashed family, and they are as sick as he is, at least the so called wife. If you think his twisted family is ever going to win over people you are delusional. He and his loony family are a laughing stock.

    The Oprah damage control didn’t work. We see them for what they truly robots for a cult that robs you of money, freedom of thought and expression, and oftentimes of your own family and friends (if they disagree with the cult). Now that’s bigotry and intolerance for you.

  154. 154
    Emma Says:

    Rehearsed Oprah interviews won’t help that nutcase Tom’s image. It’s too far gone by now. He has the weirdo label on him, and that’s impossible to wash off.

    There is only ONE thing that could possibly help. If he left the scientology cult and told everyone he’s had it with them he would be able to make a come back in a serious way.

    As long as he’s a member of the cult he’ll have the weirdo label on him. It’s as simple as that. I wonder how long it will take for him to figure that one out, if he hasn’t already.

  155. 155
    vicki Says:

    Katie’s hair looks odd with the really short bangs in the picture of her in the press box. I have seen better. Bella and Connor though and of course Suri are adorable. I find it hard to believe that the Cruises do not engage in any other company other than scientology people. The Beckams and Smiths are not. How can Katie go from her Catholic upbringing to Tom’s strange beliefs over night? I guess money talks. Her parents must be devasted.

  156. 156
    American Says:

    He probably thinks abadoning his entire religion is too high a price to get in the good graces of a couples of wacko bigots like you, Emma.

  157. 157
    SP Says:

    It is NOT a religion. It is a EVIL CULT.
    A CULT that thinks nothing of destroying families for their own personal gain.


  158. 158
    SP Says:


  159. 159
    noigel Says:

    Beeeep… A13 D00 23 FF .. Yeah, American either that or he has a lot of embarrasing details in his pre-clear folders. Chirp Beep Whirrr, DF 06 Exuces me, I have’nt felt right since that trip to the Van Allen belts..
    00 e6 45 23 ec ..
    Love this family, Katie is AMazing, Tom is Klassy,
    blurp beep beep

  160. 160
    Andrea Says:

    Suri is so cute..and katie’s hair keeps getting shorter and shorter. Wonder if she is going to grow it out again.

  161. 161
    Andrea Says:

    Suri is so cute..and katie’s hair keeps getting shorter and shorter. Wonder if she is going to grow it out again…

  162. 162
    roger Says:

    Suri is one of the cuttest kids I have ever seen . Mom is rather pretty too.
    In response to the jealous *******, who spend hours on celebrities websites trying to prove that famous /talented actresses arent that good-looking, I’d just say.. Get a life!
    Katie didn’t feel like putting 2 pounds of make up on, nor spending 2 hours with a master hair stylist to do her hair for a stupid soccer game?? Big ******* deal!! She looks real and happy! Her busy schedule isn’t about trying to impress the paparazzi and online gossipers 24/7! .. Does she really give a damn of what anonymous trolls like you think of her looks? lol

  163. 163
    cruzzbek Says:

    oh brooklyn…………………….

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