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Suri Cruise Cheers on David Beckham

Suri Cruise Cheers on David Beckham

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take their daughter Suri, 2, to cheer on David Beckham at the Major League Soccer match between the New York Red Bulls and the LA Galaxy at the Home Depot Center on Saturday in Carson, Calif.

The Bulls defeated the Galaxy 2-1. Poor baby Suri had to cover her poor ears when she heard the bad news! Sigh.

Tom, 45, also brought along his daughter Isabella, 15, and son Connor, 13. Both are pictured below holding their hands to their hearts for the Star Spangled Banner.

Tom and Katie also did a bit of babysitting for Posh and Becks, watching over the kids, Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 3.

20+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise cheering on Becks

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  • yeah sure

    Those that dont like TomKat sure give their time to them and give JJ lots of hits for this site. Its about envy because this family have everything the lowlives dont esp joy,love,family,wealth and hot looks.

  • chessa

    KH looks so hot and chic. She looks good in any haircut. But the short do makes her more womanly which I like. She’s not a kid anymore you know.

    Happy Mother’s Day…

  • fila


  • j

    oh, how funny! @ 05/11/2008 at 1:00 pm

    Why no pictures of them getting out of the house, get in and out of the car but only pics inside the stadium? This is a show alright! Which female sport fan wears a dress to a sport event? And which man wear a tucked in shirt with a sweater and belt to a sport game? TC just gets more ridiculous each day.

    There’s a world outside of you know. Jared CHOOSES

  • j

    oh, how funny! @ 05/11/2008 at 1:00 pm

    Why no pictures of them getting out of the house, get in and out of the car but only pics inside the stadium? This is a show alright! Which female sport fan wears a dress to a sport event? And which man wear a tucked in shirt with a sweater and belt to a sport game? TC just gets more ridiculous each day.

    There’s a world outside of you know. Jared CHOOSES

  • Caroline

    I have always found katie gorgeous, but her hair looks utterly ridiculous here!!

  • Laura

    Suri is very cute. Too bad Katie looks awful…


  • kit

    I would say it’s all for show, except Katie didn’t fix her hair, so not so sure. The 5-inch heels though, a must. Seriously believe she has body weight issues.

  • Jay

    They just look so . . . . weird

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    the haters are pissed off.

  • Halli

    Katie’s look is very Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music. Her inspirations?
    Suri looks bored to death. Why can’t they keep the poor kid home instead of taking her everywhere they go? Why can’t they just have Connor and Isabella with them since any 2 (is she really just 2? She looks almost 3, they are not telling the truth about her birth-date) would be bored to death watching men kick a ball around from a far distance.

  • G

    Tom looks hot and katie…not so much.

  • secoya

    The beautiful all American family & they look so happy and this makes me happy.

  • NotBuyingThePR

    Does the TomKat PR machine ever take a rest? This looks so obvious and desperate to get some good PR for them.

    Ever notice how they parade Bella and Connor around during their “courtship” days, then the two kids practically disappear from the radar since after their wedding in 2006, until this past month. Almost 15 months of the two kids being “out of sight”, and now they are brought out again for photo ops. How pathetic!

  • debbie

    Georgeous Family & Friends pics!!!!!

  • Farah

    love love this family. Suri is a real cutiepatootie.

  • sprite

    Thanks for the thread JJ.

  • me2

    Whoever said that the robot looks like Maria in The Sound of Music (and that’s NOT a compliment). Not sayin Julie wasn’t pretty….just her character’s pathetic lack of style in the movie.

    I also agree with everyone here who said this is just part of the ongoing PR stunt. Too many people know the truth about these two. It will leak one of these days. Until then, we’ll just keep laughing as they make idiots of themselves.

    Katie kind of reminds me of a female version of Gomer Pyle.

  • katie looks like a dude

    Has anybody noticed in all the photos how mature all the kids around the freak show are? All the kids are sitting and watching the game. The two clown freaks are obviously there to have their photos made. What a couple of desperate losers. Katie looks like something the cat drug in and Tom……well, he looks like somebody’s grandfather!

  • alessandra

    what a creepy doll they gave to their daughet!!
    did you notice that the doll & suri are wearing the exactly same dress?

  • http://justjared 32

    dear god what is with all the hate i think they all look cute e beckham boys will grow to be hot like thier dady

  • Chad

    Katie is sexy
    and hooot

  • smiles

    poor pathetic trolls. They are nuts and so miserably jealous.

  • becky


  • Mrs Miller

    Katie Holmes’s hair looks awful and it does not suit her. I liked it when her hair was long

  • Jessica

    The reason I would marry Tom Cruise is because I think he is good at making love. I doubt he could be content with being less than Good. OK and our baby would be as cute as Suri.

  • Si

    O my gosh,i love this family.Kati looks very pretty,her hair so beautiful!!! Tom looks Gorgeous!!! Suri is the most beautiful child in the world.l love Bella and Connor they are adorable.Congrats Tom you have beautiful family.

  • lovethekid

    first of all…to who ever mentioned the fact that tom’s older kids have the desency (sp?) to put their hand over their heart during the pledge of allegiance…are you kidding me? no public organizaton does that other than schools, two. have you ever been to a sporting event…pledge of allegiance is not recited. the national anthem/or as jared put it star spangled banner.

    suri looks amazingly cute as a button. and kate, is still beautifu. yeah her hair might not do her justice, but get over it she likes it. and tom, hasn’t been hot since top gun so i don’t see what people see in him. but this family is cute and so are the beckham boys, i love that they’re watching their dad play instead o just goofing around.

  • Janie

    I think they all look great in these pictures. They seem to be having a great time. Suri is absolutely adorable! Love her dress and little gold shoes!

  • Amy

    Suri is so cute!

  • Ashleigh

    Katie looks HORRENDOUS!! Sooo ugly. Suri is treated like a baby. Newss flash, people! She’s not a baby anymore! Suri is such a big, fat, spoiled brat. I’d hate to cross her. They indulge her. Hail Princess Suri! Look at her defiantly plugging those ears! SOOO bratty!!!

  • Monica

    They all look so happy. Suri is an adorable child. She is always dressed so cute.

  • Kris

    Glad to see Katie smiling and looking happy in these pictures. Suri is such a cutie pie. I can never get enough of seeing pictures of this beautiful little girl.

  • tatum

    katie looks awful and her dress is too short
    suri looks bored to tears

  • Tricia

    Suri is my favorite Hollywood baby. Look at that dress and those shoes – so pretty!

  • American

    STILL think that he neglects his eldest kids?

  • judge judy

    Who in their right mind would think Katie is attractive? All of you gushing about her must have fallen off an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  • judge judy

    Katie is also a few fries short of a happy meal.

  • http://justjared Swizzle

    Katie either looks like Joan of Arc, or a character out of one of those Twilight Zone episodes where a woman from another planet lands on Earth. Yikes….

  • Megan fox rocks

    What happened to you Katie ???

  • American

    Why is is that no matter what they’re doing, simply being outside in braod daylight is a PR move? It makes no sense

  • Aquarius

    Suri looks more and more “special” with each frame.
    The game is boring her and frightening her.
    These are brain dead people with no common sense.
    Why taking a 2.5 years old to a loud game? Only for photo ops.
    And yes, they STILL neglect the older kids, hell, they are not even Suri’s siblings.
    For those who excuse Tc+Kh never took the two adopted kids out for they’re in school? This photo op shows the opposite.
    Tc+Kh realize that they cannot present a happy family picture without bringing the two older kids out.
    Thus this photo op.

    Give it a rest and leave the public alone. I am so sick and tired of this mediocre actor and talentless borderline actress.

  • Pisa

    Where is the narcissistic anorexic twit? She must have sat this one out since her ex-bff Katie was there… thank goodness, she would have messed up the photo ops. with ever present vile pout!

  • MOlly

    I love, love Suri. She is so adorable!

  • 2 #93

    She was in surgery. They were trying to get the bug out of her arse.

  • Karen

    Suri sure is a cutie pie!

  • jnjb

    im soo sickof them

  • http://justjared Swizzle

    Katie either looks like Joan of Arc, or a character from a Twilight Zone episode who comes from Mars….. Side Nicole….

  • Peppo

    Yeesh, Katie is aging very, very badly.

  • a.beckham

    omg screw tom katie and co. .. all i care about are those adorable beckham boys.