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Brad Pitt Flys With His Boys

Brad Pitt Flys With His Boys

Brad Pitt takes Maddox and Pax for a boys day out as they depart from Monaco Heliport on Sunday.

Angelina stayed at home with the girls Zahara and Shiloh.

The wind from the helicopter revealed Brad‘s latest tattoo on his lower back.

On the helicopter ride, Brad was accompanied by an older gentleman who they picked up on the way to Monaco.

Angelina and Brad spent Mother’s Day poolside at the Maryland Villa in the South of France with the kids.

Brad‘s new tattoo means??

10+ more pics of Brad and his boys boarding the helicopter…

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brad pitt maddox pax helicopter 01
brad pitt maddox pax helicopter 02
brad pitt maddox pax helicopter 03
brad pitt maddox pax helicopter 04
brad pitt maddox pax helicopter 05
brad pitt maddox pax helicopter 06
brad pitt maddox pax helicopter 07
brad pitt maddox pax helicopter 08
brad pitt maddox pax helicopter 09
brad pitt maddox pax helicopter 10

Credit: MacFarlane/Papapress; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • amy

    What the hell does that freak have him doing to his body?

  • gab

    ahhh, the REAL reason he won’t do any more sex scenes

  • gab

    ahhh, the REAL reason he won’t do any more sex scenes

  • passing through

    ROTFL at Brad’s tat! It looks like another sketch from when they found Otzi (the mummified iceman he has on his forearm). I remember seeing something like that during the Discovery Channel docu on Otzi.

  • +++

    Wow, Brad got a new tatoo.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and pictures. Awwwwwww Dad and sons alone time, so sweet. Brad got some new tats. I wonder what they mean.

  • Kei

    What do these tattoo say? Do you guys know?

  • passing through

    Looks like Pax didn’t get a haircut after all. He just had it combed back off his face.

  • something

    ????? what the hell is that? i’m sure it must be for some reason but why?
    maybe something to do with aj and her weird way to document things on her body.

    most people get ones that they like. one or two that mean something but this is weird.

  • Alexanderina

    hmmmmm 7 posts in and we already have the crazies posting lol

  • quentin carmicheal

    they are just having the time of their lives. it’s one adventure after another. and yet they still seem like a normal family.

  • carol

    …..he’s fat now

  • sam p

    lol to the tatoos

  • ….

    Whatever the tattoo is, I don’t think it’s finished. It looks like it’s becoming something…a picture.

  • SJ

    Oh f. uck off you weirdos! They’re not a normal family. They mountains of money to fund their adventurous lifestyle and still have the cheek to lecture people on giving generously.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Daddy and the boys! Cool! :) :)

  • BETH

    Wow, I used to be so obsessed with him and thought he was the hottest guy on the planet. Now, just ewww. Those tatoos are just weird.

  • eLAINE

    is Brad pregnant too?

    oh and I love how GREEN Brad is living……

  • Lady G

    Thanks for the new thread Jared.

    awww it’s boys day out. Wonder what Brad’s tattoo means?!

  • twinkle

    Boys day out. Aren’t those little ones lucky? Also, they make Brad a happy man/dad.

  • tattoos

    Which one of the kids was scribbling on his back. What a hodge podge disorganized tattoo mess. He should sue the artist.

  • quentin carmicheal

    sj, why so angry?

  • sam p

    he is still hot

  • the real lou

    # 11 Alexanderina @ 05/12/2008 at 9:26 am hmmmmm 7 posts in and we already have the crazies posting lol.

    Because they spend more time obsessing over what Angelina and Brad do more than the fan’s.There was troll that spent the WHOLE weekend here posting under several different names on Angelina/Brad threads.Do these people have a life outside of hating?

    So we finally get to see the tatoo’s.Now we just need to know what they mean.

  • b

    he can’t seriously be that fat?
    and the tattoo ew wtf? i blame angie she has all these weird ugly tattoos too
    only if they weren’t so beautiful together i would so hate them

  • Bailey

    Dude, Brad looks fuck*ng HOT. It is a little too chilly for me to take a cold shower right now, but hot DAMN. Okay, let me have my caffeine and I promise I will calm down. I am sure I can speak for most posters who have a spouse over 40 ( I swear, I love mine to death), but I wouldn’t mind his torso looking like Brad’s. Okay, off to get some caffeine. Hope everyone is having a good one.

  • RUBI


  • ky

    wow, he has alot more tattoos than i expected. my favorite tattoo is the one brad has for angie on his stomach

  • Bailey

    Wow! My day keeps getting better. If Beth, b, elaine and all the other idiots are so disgusted by Brad, I guess they will be leaving this thread pronto and we won’t be subjected to their stupidity all day!!!

  • Besane

    Haters are desperate since they know the Jolie-Pitt’s spectacular Cannes red carpet is this week. Their star power will blow away everything and everybody else, no matter how many silly PR-fake romance some has-been sitcomer fabricates in some yucky Miami pool. Now, Make Way for The Royal Couple of Hollywood :)

  • Alexanderina

    # 26 the real lou @ 05/12/2008 at 9:51 am

    TRL, they come here and post more than the fans, but they call us obsess. Methink Brad and Angie own their pathetic arses

  • ME

    they must be letting one of their spoiled children play with a tattoo gun!

  • haterzzzzzz

    You’re all just jealous because brad has a happy family. Those tats are his sweet baby girl Shiloh’s first drawing. He let her draw on his back and had it tatted on to keep FOREVER. Jealous Haterzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Melissa

    Holy crap! WTH has Angelina done to Brad? He has some majorly gut! I know he said he knows his body has got to go sometime, but does he have to ALLOW himself to deteriorate this early? God, his only 44!!! Paul Newman and Robert Redford aged, but they didn’t let their body get this crappy, even in their 70s and 80s!

  • http://. marina

    ok, he is in between movies, as I understand most actors do not look all muscled and toned everyday, they work out to look better for movies and photoshoots. Besides, I think that B raqd is becoming more of a producer than an actor , or at least he is working in different projects (not just acting), and this means he does not have lo live off his looks forever.
    He also is moving (has already)from the movies that only exploit looks to others with more meaning.
    He can look whatever, they do not owe us anything. He has worn ugly moustaches and beards even in the x days (looking NOT good, BTW), He has nothing to prove. What makes you think that he is going to be dieting to look good for the haters? leave that to other, more superficial people.

  • sam p
  • Bailey

    Su*ck it sweetie!! Holy crap, you don’t like it why don’t you google pix of Newman and Redford in their 40′s? Bye!

  • zen

    It doesn’t matter his body, for me he will be ALWAYS GORGEOUS.

    BAILEY: I have a caffeine too, in order to calm down.

  • sac,ca

    SEXY BACK! Super Dad……..

  • something

    he does look a little chunky but that might be the angle of the photo. i think all the tats are just weird.

    did ya see the little one pax? his pants are adorable!

  • Bailey

    This kills me. People act like he is built like VINCE VAUGHN or something. Relax, he still looks great and if you don’t like it, go watch Fight Club and live in the past. We all know Brad can be built like a maching when he needs to. Right now, he is chillin and enjoying his family.

  • aeon

    It is nothing more but “sympathy” weight for his Angel. Jealous beetches?

  • Annita

  • ashlee

    Brad probably gained weight for his latest role. I don’t see what the problem is really, some of you act as if you’re dating him. lololol

  • amle

    The wind just happen to blow his shirt up to reveal his tattoo. Just like he just so happened to have a sleave rolled up one time to reveal a new tattoo. For someone who acts likes he doesnt care for all the razzi, he sure goes out of his way for attention. When is Brads due date?

  • meamelia

    what kinda tattoo is that??..DUH!!..
    he’s getting very much flattering anymore…

  • Melissa

    Bailey, sorry sweetie, not a hater, but just disappointed that this once fabulous specimen of humanity has allowed his partner to influence him in not caring at all about his looks. After all, he became a movie star because of his looks (and talent too, but primarily looks). And now look at him. I do not care about Aniston, but at least when he was with her he did look nice and clean. Just because he is a Dad now doesn’t mean he should let himself go.

  • amle

    eLAINE @ 05/12/2008 at 9:45 am

    is Brad pregnant too?

    oh and I love how GREEN Brad is living……
    LOL about the GREEN living.
    The only thing green with this family is Angelinas crotch.

  • You/Me

    Has anyone considered the tattoos might be fake for a movie,maybe?
    Anyway, who cares? Tattoos are personal and if they mean something to him then it’s nobody’s business but his. And Angie’s,lol :-) He isn’t fat either, it’s the way he is turned.
    I wonder if Brad was piloting?
    Sweet daddy’s day out with the boys…