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Gwyneth Paltrow is Napping

Gwyneth Paltrow is Napping

Gwyneth Paltrow takes a power nap during a photo shoot for Italian label “Tod’s” in Capri, Italy over the weekend.

For a video preview of Gwyn’s new documentary series, Spain . . . On the Road Again, check out The show features TV’s new culinary odd couple: Paltrow and Mario Batali.

For more information on Gwyn‘s new TV show, visit

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gwyneth paltrow napping 01
gwyneth paltrow napping 02
gwyneth paltrow napping 03
gwyneth paltrow napping 04
gwyneth paltrow napping 05

Credit: Ciao Pix; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Helena

    I don’t understand the hate for her. She’s talented (people, watch The Royal Tenenbaums, Proof, Sliding Doors, Sidney etc…!) and she seems nice enough. What’s your problems? And please don’t use her looks as an excuse and I’m sure she looks better than you, anyway!

  • zzzzzzzzzzzz


  • Marc

    What’s next? Gwyneth farting?

  • Vic

    Horse face.

  • t

    I’m officially convinced that someone is getting paid to promote her.

  • Gretchen

    We already saw these. Why are you posting this again?

  • Mediterranean

    to T,

    I am not sure but the PR Manager of Gwyneth is the same one of Jennifer Aniston.

  • penny

    Dont Like Her

  • Regina

    What I find funny is that you people always complain about her getting loads of posts, but you keep giving her loads of comments. If you keep this up, Jared will keep posting. He’s in it for the comments, he doesn’t care what you people think of them. W

  • Marie

    It’s subjective. Personally, I do not find her particularly talented or attractive. To each his own.

  • Regina

    Carrying on from last post (accidentally pressed sent): Why do you think Heidi Montag keeps getting posted?

    But I’m sure if I went to a Brangelina and Zanessa post and said, stop posting, you vicious people would attack me! Stop being so hypocritical and pass the thread if you don’t like them!

  • Katie

    Gwyneth napping? How is this interesting?

  • LINA


  • Wendy

    She almost ruined Iron Man for me..almost.
    Thank God for RDJ!

  • http://msn penny

    Wow Soo Intersesting


  • sweet

    first….she’s a twat.

  • Ingrid

    She was hardly in Iron Man, for christsakes.

  • Carrie

    Agree, it wasn’t necessary to show her sleeping.

    Not that I’m a fan but the Branglina posts get hundreds of replies. Gwyneth doesn’t. Yet she continues to get as many if not more threads than them. Makes no sense.

  • truvy

    Her people must pay this site to advertise for her. Unbelievable.

  • http://justjared hsc

    love the sunglasses who makes em ??

  • g freeze cute. my man is resting. so tran-licious!

  • legs

    she must have got tired posing for the lens earlier.

  • Faye

    She is a smug-faced bitch.
    No one cares. Next please.

  • lynn

    The only thing that looks good in those pictures are the sunglasses.

  • joss

    A long time ago I used to find her pretty but now, she is so, so plain.

  • stormy

    wtf jared stop posting about this ugly fake bitch!!

  • Jenny

    #18, Gwynnie gets enough comments for Jared to keep posting about her, that’s for sure.

  • Dave

    I’m looking forward to this show

  • Dave

    Mario will eat Gwyneth and then we’ll finally be done with her!

  • Jen


  • black cupid

    The girl who played the reporter was quite good in Iron Man
    Gwyneth was about as exciting as she is in these pics.

  • Elly

    Before the press tour she was looking like Madonna.
    Now she reminds me of Stella McCartney.

  • Rae

    She looks so cute in the pics on the stairs. She’s beautiful and I love her even if I am so, so jealous of her. I’d love to look like that and live that life.

  • Liv

    I think Gwyn looks bloated in #2. I never noticed that she has cankles.

  • icy

    Imho, she’s an average actress.

    and she looks like a bitch in her personal life.

  • IRON


  • Evan

    Everyone looks cute when they’re asleep. :o)

    #18, You raise a good point. Something more is going on than just replies. I’ve seen blogs where she does get hundred of comments and they don’t mention her this frequently.

  • evan s

    i don’t get the hate for the show – the reel on the show’s website actually looks interesting if you pay attention

  • alice

    The latest candids are very blaaahh

  • fairy

    always the same

  • lold


  • Linda

    Now that is one homely woman.

  • Dieter

    I love that woman to death – she prolly took a valium to relax a bit: more power to her – WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT. I do it all the time !!!!!!!!11 she down to earth and beauftiul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • losers

    Slow news day? She is dull.

  • lisa

    Gwyneth Paltrow is probably one of the most luckiest women in the world. She’s lead such a good life. And she always seems happy in life. Nothing seems to bother her. And she doesn’t seem to have too many problems. I wish my life was as lucky as hers.

  • NICOle

    Odd choice for a cooking show.

    And actress that is known for a diet where you eat raw food – not cooked above a certain temperature.

    Bit strange.

  • Jane

    Unfortunate pics. Looks like she’s using a bad wig.

  • rien

    I have nothing against diet, it will not harm anybody if we eat less fat. But I have to agree with Nicole (#46), for a cooking show you need somebody who enjoys eating, who celebrates the delicacy of the food. It is not good to lie to your spectators that you eat all those things but in real life you only eat raw stuff.

    Eat something healthy, don’t avoid anything that your body needs, only eat less fat. That’s my motto for my diet.

  • http://deleted Anna

    She looks great – yet again.

    I agree with Helena & Regina – people are so irrational in their hate for her. If you don’t like seeing pictures of her, stop posting responses!

    As for her diet, she’s said countless times that she’s no longer macrobiotic. She hasn’t been since she was pregnant with her daughter – and that was more than four years ago!

  • Kara

    This site is getting paid to promote her for sure. I wonder how much?