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Rachel Bilson is a Deli Delicacy

Rachel Bilson is a Deli Delicacy

Rachel Bilson sports a hair-braided headband as she grabs a late lunch at Greenblatt’s Deli on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood on Monday.

On her way out, a photographer asked to take a picture with her. And she agreed! How cute.

Yellow “Babe” Small Shopping Bag by Dior.

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Credit: Andrade/Butterworth; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • i dunno

    I dunno she just seems more LA type than farm girl to me…

  • Jay

    Hmm… She’s cute

    -Social Elitism

  • legs

    she looks odd.

  • oh snap!

    boring + UGLY=Rachel bilson

  • Diana

    She and Adam made the most adorable couple. I miss them together. They should’ve just gotten married.

  • Susannnnnnnnnnn

    AHYYY .. she’s cute !

  • rheis

    You go girl… keep em coming… you ULTRA MEGALOMANIAC FREAK!

  • ashley

    she seems lovely and friendly

  • 008

    Still cute but that’s two updates today. Are the paparazzi catching onto her?

  • jules

    She may be one the most “relentless” publicity whores in LA – on and she really got a freakin’ “yellow teeth”…ICK!

  • mercks

    Oh God, not this gnomish bimbo again! – who just reminds me of TOE FUNGUS that’s it’s so disgustingly itchy yet you can’t still get rid of it…

  • kim

    Her face is starting to look thick and haggard. She’s really not that cute!

  • norahh

    I like her.

    She’s nice, and she hasn’t messed up her life or got surgery.
    so i respect her.

  • Laura

    I really don’t understand why some people hate her so much.

    She seems so lovely. And she’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • Reality Check


    Because appearances are deceiving and she lacks SUBSTANCE. That’s what she has proven beyond any doubt. Looks are far from everything and she isn’t that gorgeous. There are far more beautiful/gorgeous people in this world who also have SUBSTANCE. Something to back it up. Thats why most either ignore her or don’t like her. And, there’s the truth most don’t care about her in the slightest (the majority of people) and don’t even know who she is. Mentioning the O.C. might ring a bell for a few but not for most because she hasn’t done anything worth noticing. I know it sounds harsh but it’s the truth. She barely makes anyone’s radar hence the media stunts and publicity wh*ring. Go fig….

  • Souhila

    Love her Jane Meyle boots

  • vicky

    she must adore this bag…I like it too

  • tessa

    I love Rachel

  • liss

    so cute!!

  • Mariam

    She’s beautiful

  • _silenttears

    awww she’s so cute!! i love her!!

  • stefi

    Rachel is adorable !!! Thanx Jared

  • truish

    @ #15

    BITson is NOT about sense & sensibility… she is just about audience!
    All these antics is just to create interest in that just barking movie career. How her fans can still respect and stay loyal to her is beyond me. Only conclusion I can come to is that anybody who are fans of hers must be freaking idiots to begin with!

  • monreal

    @ # 23

    AGREED…I get in seconds – LOL!

  • trevise

    Its called “Hollywood” people!
    She deserves to have all this kind of publicity stunts (down to its lameless & lowless form) AS LONG AS SHE CAN “AFFORDS” IT!

  • frans

    SO CUTE! Oh my god she is so sweet! I love her style so much!
    Thanks JJ for pics!

  • Dorian

    Rachellll!!! She’s beautiful

  • Anonymous(as always)

    The same screen names and fake screen names calling her besutiful and cute. She don’t look bad,

    She’s more of an AVERAGE FACE! she’s not Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox,those two are HOT!!!! and Rachel is CUTE she looks 14 lol!

    Is she a A-list? cause I have no clue or is she a B-list, D-list?
    I think B-list. If she didn’t have that CUTE face,then she wouldn’t be nothing.

    At the art gala everyone were screaming HER name and ignored Hayden,thats why he only did 2 small interviews. Poor sweety. They love Rachel now more than ever since she’s with Hayden. Adam Brody is sexy by the way…I wonder why they “broke” up. It seems like she “broke” up with him because of Hayden. I meen they “SAY” Hayden is hotter..but they both look hot to me :)

  • Anonymous(as always)

    She is wearing Hayden’s Sweater! :lol:
    you go girly!!!!

  • //Bean//

    I noticed that she doesn’t wear that “H” Necklace when she is around Hayden,she don’t wear it much like she use to,not its mostly scarves around her neck!

  • Jasmine

    Who is she?

  • Reality Thinker

    Let’s see. It’s about the same like 6 people who are saying the same thing for both sides of the highly idiotic argument of our these two losers dating or not…6 people on both sides respectatively I mean s it’s a total of 12 just in case you people can’t add for yourselves which I wouldn’t doubt to be the truth. They aren’t dating and they aren’t apart. They are f*ck buddies, morons. Not sorry to burst anyone’s delusional bubble about these two that you guys seem to have put up on some pedestal of idolization. They aren’t innocent and they aren’t America’s next sweetheart couple. This is what they majority of the world’s population knows about these two losers because THAT IS WHAT IS OBVIOUS. THEY ARE F*CK BUDDIES. NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS. Get your heads out of the little fantasy world. She’s a two bit sl*t who’s fame hungry and he wants to get laid. there isn’t anything emotional between these two. They look barely(and this is giving it credit) friends. Do you guys really, honestly think they are a couple when he lives in Canada and she lives in LA and neither are willing to move to either place? Wake up. They chose each other because they DON’T want a relationship, idiots. It’s called emotional unavailability and they chose unavailable partners (aka long distance in this case) because they aren’t around them all the time. And, these two aren’t around each other very much when things are put into perspective. They VISIT ONE ANOTHER FOR SHORT PERIODS OF TIME once every month or two. The rest of the time they don’t see one another unless for business. Add it up. How could they really develop a true connection with one another? And, if you say on set, I’ll laugh. They’re in character most of the time so they aren’t really themselves so how is that even real? Not one or the other side is right on this one. Both are and only in part. What? You think the Mary-Kate Olsen clone was actually a good girl, descent girl? ROTFLMFAO. They DON”T EXIST IN HOLLYWOOD. GET USE TO IT. You honestly think Vader isn’t a 27 year old guy who has his hormones in complete control instead of his brain. ROTFLMFAO. Have any of you even known a 27 year old guy? Apparently not. There are a few exceptions to that but not many. It’s a biological thing that you just have to wait out. She’s nothing but a warm, willing body to him and he’s her meal ticket. THAT”S WHAT THE MAJORITY OF THE WORLD”S POPULATION KNOWS ABOUT THESE TWO. YOU GUYS, BOTH SIDES OF THIS STUPID AND RIDICULOUS ARGUMENT, ARE IN THE MINORITY> THE MAJORITY KNOWS THIS AND THEY DON”T CARE> GET THE HINT?

  • //Bean//

    Isn’t she pregnant. One blog site said that she is pregnant. Its new news from this morning,so I dont know. She has been wearing looser clothing latley and glowing,so I dont know. She’s probably 2 months at the least!

  • kim

    she’s so cute

    Rachel and Adam for ever

  • anna

    Thanx Jared :)

  • Anonymous(as always)

    she does have a cute face, I cant picture myself hating her for no damn reason. These teenage fan girls are harsh. If he is taken then let it be and if it last til’ marriage and babies then that’s their life and let them be happy in peace and who can say if it’ll last or not!? you all dont know sh** about either of them and they both admitted to being happy with eachother so let that be ok!

  • woohoo!

    what media stunts? she’s just going on about her daily routine, it’s the paps who follow her around that should be blamed for picking her (to shoot pics) instead of other celebrities. it’s not her fault she’s being followed, you know.

  • july

    she looks lovely

  • Gwen

    Rachel looks amazing

  • Marley


  • haydenlover

    she have call the paps again.she is so a media whore.

  • Laura

    Well The OC is probably one of the most well known TV shows of our generation.

    And Jumper was #1 at the box office for a few weeks.
    As well as The Last Kiss which was fairly popular too.
    And she’s constantly in fashion magazines for her style sense.

    I’d say she’s done pretty well for herself.

    And even if she hadn’t, is that a reason to HATE her? No.

    Maybe she isn’t as lovely as it seems, but it’s pretty obvious she’s not nasty or evil. I have never heard any fan stories where people have met her and she hasn’t been as nice as they would expect, or a diva etc.

    I mean it really says everything that the person that commented saying
    ‘she have call the paps again.she is so a media *****.’
    ‘s username is ‘haydenlover’

    Jealous jealous little girls.

  • haydenlover

    @ # 30

    I notice it too,interesting.

  • Laura

    Maybe that’s because she bought her ‘H’ necklace before she had even met Hayden, it’s a Hermes necklace (so the H stands for Hermes), she has probably just been wearing it more often lately as her boyfriend’s name began with a H so she thought it was sweet or fitting.

  • carol – brazil

    shes so cute! love her!

  • Lea

    Sorry, to disappoint you, Bean. She wore her H-necklace just yesterday. And she is wearing Hayden’s shirt in the pics above.
    But I’m sure some of you’ll find more signs that their relationship is “on the rocks” ;-)

  • Meagan

    OMG people, get real. Hayden is 6’2″ and has a long torso and arms. If she were wearing his sweater, it would be dragging the ground, including the sleeves. Ridiculous.

  • bejeebus

    what’s going on with her lately. i never thought she was gorgeous but…..she used to look better then…this



  • livia

    so cute!!