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The Hills: Season Finale is on RIGHT NOW!

The Hills: Season Finale is on RIGHT NOW!

Lauren Conrad and coworker Whitney Port arrive at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles on Monday.

The pair prepared for the Live from The Hills Season Finale Pre-Show, which is being held at the Beverly Hills mansion. The event will include a live performance by Usher, who will sing his hit single, “Love in this Club.”

Earlier in the day, Lauren was seen purchasing groceries at Bristol Farm’s and picking up her dry cleaning.


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  • fan

    1st! i love this show

  • jason lover

    first. love her.

  • k

    i DON’T know why people love Lanren.

    she is just a bi*ch

    i like whitney

  • Aloney

    The fight between Heidi and Spencer was so fake. Does anyone else still believe this?

  • Alyn

    I thought Heidi wanted a signing, acting, designing clothes career. What the heck is she doing at Bolthouse? FAKE FAKE FAKE!

  • Mike

    I love this show…people just need to fuck off…

  • Mike

    not really…just kidding

  • annaversary

    #3 Explain your reasons on why you call Lauren a b*tch. She is NOT. Take a look @ Heidi & Audrina. Those girls are far way more disgusting than Lauren. Lauren and Whitney both are gorgeous great minded girls.

  • Little Loca

    I hope Audrina moves out. She is SOOO BORING

  • stacey

    Dont care…can’t wait until this fade is over!!

  • stacey


  • hjk

    ugh. i HATED how it endedd. =(
    it left you up in the air without resolving anything.
    ill stop there to not spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it.

  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)


  • me

    #12 i know! :(

  • oh snap!



  • anneliese€
    zanessaaa cute moment in the game with ashely and corbin!

  • anneliese
  • west coaster

    Will someone post a quick recap for west coasters? i really would rather not watch it and just get it summarized.


  • Val

    That show is so fake. It’s so staged. Seriously, some people still believe it’s a “reality” show? Puh-lease.

  • AeH

    Heidi doesn’t even work for Sbe or Bolthouse so everything was fake and staged on their part. Heidi and Spencer now fake all of their fights to remain on the show so they can seem interesting. We all know they’re still together…and they only “fight” on camera because their lives are boring! I wish mtv would end their contracts and fire them. They are not good actors either.

  • nidyzylc

    i love LAUREN!!


  • sammy

    reality or fake..who cares, the show is bloody entertaining!
    it wouldnt be on air if noone watched it, so there are definatly ppl out there that love!
    love it and love her!

  • Amy

    love lauren

  • Alison

    Love The Hills. Can do without Speidi though and Audrina is starting to irk me. Everyone else rocks though.


    audrina has been a good friend to lauren & she needs to look beyond audrina’s poor choice in boys & fight for their friendship. lo is a stuck up oc biatch. i know as i grew up & still live on the coast in the oc. this isn’t high school, we all aren’t the same & lo needs to stop judging audrin & thinking she is better than her. however, we know the real story is that Lo wants to inch audrina out so she gets more attention & ultimately more $$. who cares if she has been friends w/ lauren forever, she is being mean. lauren needs to put lo in her place. she has the power as all these people are making a shit load of money off of her.

  • mr whopee

    you guys are all fucking losers, this show is fake and the people who like it are equally fake whores who think they can be “reality” stars like these sluts using mommy and daddys credit card and hoping brainwashed mtv retards will eat it up.

    Lauren is a fat nazi racist bitch whos overpriced clothing line looks like shit, Heidis faggot brother killed himself because he realized he was related to a whore whos on a show with other fake upper class LA whores who sniff coke and cry about how hard life is with their “like omg DRAMMAAAA” The other whores I dont even know anything about because they’re fucking useless like everybody else on this show.

    “Earlier in the day, Lauren was seen purchasing groceries at Bristol Farm’s and picking up her dry cleaning.”

    WOOWWW SUCH EXCITING NEWS!!! DRYCLEANING!! ALL WHILE AMERICAS ECONOMY GOES TO SHIT AND YOU’RE STILL IN IRAQ LOLOL america is fucking doomed when its youth is watching this fucking nonsense

  • Nicole

    Lo is boring and mean! Her voice is really annoying! Lo has not made any effort to get to know Audrina. Audrina has been a good friend to Lauren. Whitney should move into the house! She’s way more exciting than Lo!

  • Rae

    Whitney looks very happy. I guess because a photographer actually cares for once. Lauren looks like she’s getting tired of the paps. They do seem to be stalking her a lot lately.

  • sam

    Whitney’s bag is Balenciaga, and Lauren’s is CC Skye, also Lauren’s shoes she is carrying are of course Christian Louboutin.

  • Joey Tribbiani

    This show is sooooooooooooo fake!

  • Neos

    I love when lauren cries, no one does fake tears like her, she must eat onions before those scenes!

  • finickycritic

    why does Whitney add a “K” sound to the end of every word ending with ‘ing ‘??? it makes me crazy. for instance:
    “Are you Goingk?” ,
    “I think she is lyingk”

  • FIN


  • naomi

    i just want to say that lauren is lovely! when im watching any of her shows i often think to myself that i would probably react in the same way as her to some of the predicaments shes placed in!
    im absolutely in love, hence im spending my friday night in googling some juicy gossip! xxx

  • playsindirt

    I think it’s a hoot that the producers didn’t think Lo, Audrina, Stephanie and the Pratts weren’t interesting enough to carry the show themselves – they had to bring in that flaming b*tch Kristen. Of course, they were right. Audrina and Stephanie are sharing a brain and Lo is boring. And the Pratts are obnoxious AND boring. Kristen will create drama but she lacks the element that Lauren had that made her the perfect foil – she’s not NICE. Lauren was the girl everybody wanted to be …. smart, funny, articulate, talented, fair, gracious and just plain NICE. Kristen couldn’t make it as an actress so she’s back on MTV. And the whole wedding and Kristen’s arrival were so contrived. I think it just proves how un-real the show really is.