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90210 Spinoff -- FIRST PICTURE!

90210 Spinoff -- FIRST PICTURE!

Peep the very first photo from the 90210 spinoff!

Pictured left to right: Dustin Milligan, AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Walter, Shenae Grimes, Tristan Wilds, Lori Loughlin, Ryan Eggold, Jessica Stroup and Michael Steger

90210 centers on a three-generation Beverly Hills family and will air this Fall. Original cast member Jennie Garth, 36, has signed on for a recurring role, reprising the part of Kelly Taylor. This time around, she will play a guidance counselor at her alma mater, West Beverly High.

Thanks, Courtney!

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  • Nani

    Can’t wait

  • blue

    terrible casting

  • nOELLE

    Not good. That girl from Degrassi is SO ANNOYING. I can’t see this show going anywhere. And it’s sad because I love Lori Laughlin.

  • miley


  • v

    ahhh i love shenae

  • b

    terrible casting there isn’t one person who i can support
    and anyway gossip girl is more than enough for me

  • shoes4life

    The original “90210″ was good. It came out when shows were still sort of wholesome. Yeah it dealt with teen issues but it was not raunchy, nor embarassing to look at. This new version will be nothing but a bunch of hot mess like that Gossip Girl trash. Every new so-called teen show is nothing more than spoiled rich kids being disrepectful to their parents, having premiscious sex, drinking, and drugs. I don’t see this show going too far.

  • Milena

    These men are horrible…no one is gooding looking.

  • Lu

    Fall 2009??

    I thought it was going to be in this fall!!

  • john

    Shenae Grimes from degrassi .. darcy wow she got a bigger role now i wonder if she not going to be in degrassi season 8.

  • natalie

    is michael sterger jason from HSM???

  • please

    PLEASE let one of the guys be gay.

  • Blu

    These men are horrible…no one is gooding looking.

    what tristan wilds (the black kid) is a cutie. i dont know what you’re talking about.

  • Paulie

    “terrible casting there isn’t one person who i can support”

    Jessica Walter (as Lucille Bluth) should slap you…hard.

  • trucking jobs

    hmm.. i loved the original 90210 so i’m hesistant about this new one… i’m glad jennie garth will be on it tho!

  • kb

    The girls all look really slutty. This is not the show I thought it was going to be.


    hate her
    leave the black girl names to the black girls, please
    and leave the bad acting in canada and on degrassi


    i like Shenae Grimes, although i do hate her on degrassi.. but i think she’s a good actress

  • Accidental Sexiness

    Not that concerned with this show. Thanks!

  • liz

    aww Shenae!!!
    i love her on Degrassi!! i hope she still does it! that would suck if she wasnt on Degrassi anymore!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    lmbaoo! cant be serious. lmbaoo!

    tristan wilds, from the wire – best actor on the cast – and only black one. *the token black guy* hahaha

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    and why they shove the black guy in the middle?!? what they trying to say?!?! huh..?

  • Amanda

    Anyone else scream CORBETT when they saw Dustin Milligan? Ah Corbett, we barley knew ye.

  • daisy

    gee.. just look at them.. going to hookers parade??

  • Blu

    tristan wilds, from the wire – best actor on the cast – and only black one. *the token black guy* hahaha


    thats what i was thinking. then when i was reading the role that he was casted for, it said that the character would most likely be someone who is a minority. now seriously, just because the character is supposed to be a bad ass, doesn’t mean it has to be a minority person to play the character.

    i am not too interested in the actual show, just tristan. i hope things turn out good for his sake.

  • wings4music

    Why is Jessica Walter doing this show? From Arrested Development to a 90210 spinoff? Seriously?

  • ☆ Best Beach Vacations ☆

    Shenae looks really cute in this photo :-)

    ¦== ==¦

  • S

    and the TOKEN BLACK GUY….

    come on! Either have more or none!

  • Nicole

    Im interested in seeing this show…im happy to see Dustin Milligan in another show, I loved him in the movie 8 Days to Live and i was sad when his show Runaway ended so soon…
    Shenae Grimes wow I cant believe it…that really great, she has been awesome in this season of degrassi…

    i am definality tuning in to this show.

  • Amanda

    Not interested, but they do have two great actors: Dustin (Corbett from Supernatural) and Jessica (Lucille from Arrested Development)

  • ☆ Best Beach Vacations ☆

    Lori is definately the best dressed celeb out there.

    ¦== ==¦

  • kat


  • ElenaBelle

    looks worse than I imagined and I don’t like the boys they picked and the only girl I like is anna lynn mccord I loved her on nip/tuck!

  • bejeebus

    just what the t.v audience needs…more Cr@P. i thought my parents were mean when i was growing up b/c i wasn’t allowed to watch 90210…’s funny how we eventually realize how smart our parents are. that show was horrible for kids to look at. it promoted bad behavior, disrespect for parents and authority, materialism…etc etc etc. i’m sure this new version will just be a regurgitation of all the original 90210′s garbage plots. another generation to be sullied.

  • Ewww

    wow, just one person of color????!

    LA has a diversity of cultures and ethnicities, and the best that they can come up with is just one black guy? That’s just sad……

  • b

    omg I love Shenae.
    she is fucking adorable! <3

  • nina

    Oh wow. Shenae Grimes.
    Moving on up there I see.
    Hopefully she has a better role in this one than

    But on a happy note.
    Glad to see Lori Loughlin again.
    Great actress.

  • jessicaaa


  • d

    and i thought the age of the token black guy was over…

  • Val

    Ewwww, they’re so fug.

  • *

    everyone should sign this petition if you want to see the main character and hottest actor (Jason Priestley) on the new spinoff:

  • carla

    bring back Brandon!!! BK need to reunite!!

  • legs

    brenda should be back!

  • rILEY


  • Tall and proud

    CRAP! I give it 5 episodes.

  • CC

    Hmm. No one looks all that attractive…I’ll stick with Gossip Girl. Serious eye candy there.

  • breace

    i want my brenda back!!!

    kelly is a silly bitch

  • liz

    the black guy in the middle at least they could have cast a latino were in 2008 but I guess they have to start off slow-or are they going to cast the latino later once they see how there ratings are going to suck-just the picture says hows the show is going to tank-and how the principal moves from a small town to a beverly-how original-thats sounds like friday night lights-won’t even get near the same quality of acting/drama as that-thats another story…i’ll just stick to 90210 on soap network-i don’t want to disappoint myself.

  • Neos

    Aunt Becky from Full House is the best looking person in that picture!

  • Razorback

    To my brothas and sistas that are screaming about having the “token black guy” on the show, grow the f up. The show is about BEVERLY HILLS and not Baldwin Hills. The percentage of African Americans in the 90210 is 1.77% (according to wikipedia). The show is reflecting the demographics of that area code. It would be odd and strange if there was a show about Baldwin Hills having 5 whites and 6 blacks. SO BE HAPPY WE HAVE OUR ONE.