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David Cook is the Next American Idol

David Cook is the Next American Idol

It’s down to the final three contestants this season on American IdolDavid Archuleta, David Cook and Syesha Mercado. But who’s going to win America’s heart?

Syesha definitely has singing chops but that’s hardly enough for Idol viewers anymore at this stage of the game. Archu-D2 was the early frontrunner in the competition but Cook definitely has pulled ahead with his carefully chosen arrangements and rock star performances.

Can Cook take the cake? Most likely.

Last week, interestingly enough, Archu-D2‘s “stage dad from hell” was prohibited from working (read: attending arranging sessions) with his son on the show. David sure has a lot more pressure on him this week without his dad’s guidance this week on how to perform songs and what vocal changes to make. May the best David win!

And if Cook‘s rendition of Mariah Carey‘s “Always Be My Baby” hasn’t been playing on your iPod non-stop, something’s wrong with you! Listen here.

Tune into an all-new American Idol tonight @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. Video links to the performances will be posted, as usual!

WHO DO YOU THINK is going to win American Idol this season?

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  • shorty

    david cook is my FAV. he’s takin it all.

  • Orange Clockwork

    ..based on your opinion.

  • Helena

    He deserves it because Archuleta is WEAK WEAK WEAK. He only gets voted in because all the girls like him and he’s just so boring. Syesha is fine, but nothing worthy of winning, but neither was Jordin.

  • Jennifer W

    David Archuleta is the next american idol. David Archuleta deserves to be the next american idol and he is just amazing. I support David Archuleta all the way and i will always be one of his biggest fans.

  • Rena

    David A. all the way!!! Both Davids are good but i think david A. will sell more and deserves it more!!! my votes are for him!

  • ☆ Best Beach Vacations ☆

    David is good looking. You just get lost in his eyes :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • Uncalum

    Both Davids are good. If Cook wins AI will own him and ruin him and NEVER let him be the front man of a band. That is his true calling. He is made to be another Bon Jovi or Daughtry. If Archuleta wins they can mold him into whatever they want as he needs the guidance. I will be fine with whoever wins, but I don’t want them to ruin Cook like they did Bice.

  • Lucila


  • bec

    definately archy

  • malaka

    David Archuleta is hardly an American IDOL! He is a kid, a baby, has no maturity and only very young, screaming teeny boppers could relate to him or buy his music. Michael Johns was the best…he was booted out because he was Australian…he had the most talent and potential to be a rock Idol. Archuleta….a cute kid but hardly an icon!

  • erin

    That is your opinion. David A is the best. He has a beautiful tone to his voice. I love David Cook too, but David A is my favorite by far.

  • eira

    hheheh!!!! i play “always be my baby” in my ipod nonstop!! i love david cook!!

  • JOrdyn

    David A has to win! He is sooooo amazing!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    cook won this competition, hands down.

    syesha – puh-leasee – no chance.

    Archuleta – fake – phony.

  • Amy

    David A!! If David C wins his head will get even bigger than it already is!

  • Carrie Lover


  • sparky

    What will all the screaming girls do when they find out Archuleta’s gay?

    COOK ALL THE WAY! Although it would probably be better for his career if he DIDN’T win…

  • Brittany928


  • me

    If Archu-D2 wins, we’ll KNOW the show is rigged. He looks like he’s trying to take a dump everytime he smiles. David Cook is the only logical choice. He could record an album now and it would be a chartbuster.

  • Jenn


  • me

    Gotta say that little Davie A. would be great performing at Disney World or Disney Land or on one of their cruise ships.

  • abraham

    It’s a 50/50 chance. But if I bet money, i would go with a talented youth with wholesome character. In the pop world, over 30 becomes more and more difficult to be a mega hit singer. People don’t wait for you and keep wanting fresh looks all the time.

    David Archuleta is only 17 years old. He is very coachable. His inborn voice is hard to find. He has proven he can appeal to not only teens but adults. I am not a teen. And his pure pop voice always hits hard my inner core.

  • Lauren

    david archuleta definitalyy!!
    he’s sooo talented and i love hearing his voice

    david cook is alright, and i do love his rendition of always be my baby, but in my opinion, i think he is cocky

  • jj lover


  • Lauren


  • Laura


    …. oohh … almost forgot …
    DAVID COOK !!!!

  • Cookie

    Please, David A. ?
    You’ve gotta be kidding me !


  • Megaroo

    I think David Cook should win but he can do it on his own. David Archuleta will probalby win because of popularity. They both can sing. I would have liked to see both David’s and Michael Johns as top 3.

  • b

    David Cook shud win. or atleast syesha. David A sucks.

  • Kikigirl101

    You’re so biased. Jared you shouldn’t make an assumption like that. Especially one that’s wrong. I mean, everyone knows DAVID ARCHULETA will win! He’s has the most talent out of all of them!

  • Kaylea

    any one with eyes would know that david cook SHOULD win

    david A has all the girls, cause they think hes cute? eww!

    but anwaysss! david cook is the most talented, he makes it his own everytime, which is what a true singer does.

    david A. is too shy and isnt ready for it yet. plus he sucks lol. if the voters vote for whos better and not younger or cuter, david cook will win.

    but people are gay and vote for cuteness! ):





  • Stephanie

    I’ve loved Cook since Hollywood. He ‘s ready for this. If Archie wins he may wind up in Celeb. Rehab in 5 years. He stumbles over his words in interviews etc. He talented – yes. He’s just not ready to be an Idol yet. Not yet. David Cook is “da bomb” as Randy would say. He’s seasoned and ready. David Cook will be the winner however this turns out. He’ll outsell Archie by millions.

  • carola

    hate them all

  • allen07

    David cook.<3

  • Ann

    Totally agree! David C should win it all!!!!

    David A is even the current choice at He needs a few more years experience. He’s got a good voice, but he can barely talk when answering questions.

  • fsdfljaslkdj

    Could it be???Finally a white person who is not from the south.

  • sabrina

    david arculeta is gonna win not david or syesha

  • sabrina

    david arculeta is gonna win not david or syesha

  • Melissa


  • Mandy

    He’s already my Idol .p


    we love you david

  • joeysgirl

    David Cook deserves the world!! He’s the best and I’m so obssesed about him…

    Please vote for David Cook!!!

  • idolwatcher

    It will all come down to song selection. Syesha has improved immensely in the past 3 weeks. With the styling and her recent song choices, she has finally put her true talent out there for all to see. She will get a contract – possibly end up doing something on Broadway.

    The battle will be between the David’s. I see young David A. possibly letting the nerves get to him – but David C has had a bout with high blood pressure and last week he admitted his head wasn’t in the game. Danger, Danger.

    There are no slam dunks – it could go either way.

  • veisner

    David Cook has got it. They’ve been doin some intense following on Idol at

  • sissy

    Archuleta of course!

  • anonym

    i think david archulada is the best
    he should win i mean david cook
    is also good but i for david.A

  • anna

    David Cook has more talent than Syesha and David A put together. sure they can sing and so can david cook,but david cook was born for the stage :)

  • Mimi

    Just jared and TMZ are stupid and those haters, go dig your head on the ground. David cook is corky, smug and screaming as loud as he could and that’s all he has. Archie is a role model for all young generation, he inspires people not ony whith his voice but also his personality.
    Wake up all uneducated people.

  • Isabel

    I couldn’t AGREE MORE!!!! DAVID COOK ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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