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Katie Holmes is Bound for Broadway

Katie Holmes is Bound for Broadway

Katie Holmes will reportedly make her Broadway debut in a production of Arthur Miller‘s All My Sons this fall.

Back in March, Katie was still in final negotiations, but now the deal is all but certain. Producer Eric Falkenstein told OK! Magazine he thinks Katie is perfect for the part.

Katie is very well suited for the role of Ann,” he says. “There is an additional layer of soul to Ann and from the work I’ve seen of Katie, she has always impressed with multi-faceted characters. She would nail it.”

“Despite being in the spotlight and her celebrity status, the fact remains that she has a tremendous record of performances,” he says. “I think Katie is a tremendous actor. Whenever she decides to come to the stage she’ll be terrific.”

A formal announcement is expected to take place within the next 10 days.

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110 Responses to “Katie Holmes is Bound for Broadway”

  1. 1
    tissekone Says:

    Katie Holmes will reportedly make her Broadway debut in a production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons this fall.

    Who cares?
    She is not a good actress.

  2. 2
    celebaddict Says:

    Good for her!
    I think she will be great, she is a good actress and she’d be hard pressed to go wrong in an Arthur Miller play, he knew his stuff!

  3. 3
    007 Says:

    Good for her! I’m sure she’ll do great.

  4. 4
    Jaded Says:

    What “tremendous record of performances”? Like, a dozen movies, Dawson’s Creek plus the Muppets from Space? Does that count so impressive?

  5. 5
    ME Says:

    it’s interesting that recently she’s been on this rampage of challenging herself: a marathon, now theatre (much much more difficult than film)…hmm. She didn’t seem to show any of this drive before Tom (and I’m not a fan of nutty Tom at all).

  6. 6
    Jennifer W Says:

    i cant wait i know katie will do an awesome job she is wonderful.

  7. 7
    Happy Says:

    Well done Katie! Show them what you got!

  8. 8
    Meriam Says:

    I think its a good decision to do a play for Katie. I don’t how she will manage with Suri and her family…as a couple her and Tom usually support each other but good luck to her anyway.

  9. 9
    sam p Says:

    this is a bad,she is such bad actress,wait to see the reviews.she can even act on movies she will act on theatre?

  10. 10
    sam p Says:

    bad idea

  11. 11
    ra Says:


  12. 12
    Julie Says:

    KH is a bimbo and a nothing actress. Why does she want to go out there and embarass herself again. Hasn’t she already DONE New York.

    KH you should stay with Suri and take care of her, she has special needs, it’s not just about designer dresses for her. Suri covers her
    ears, she looks distraught and withdrawn, troubled.
    Give her the life a child her age needs (what is her age?). Now she’ll
    be carried all over, all hours of the night, with paps flashing bulbs at her. Put her in a good pre-school where she can interact and get her off that stupid bottle.

    You can’t act so atleast be a good Mom. Your Broadway joke will not be good for Suri.

  13. 13
    Tyra Says:

    blah blah blah……(yawn)
    there, I said it all,Katie

  14. 14
    bille Says:

    Sorry Katie, but you can´t act. Don´t do this, you will regret it.

  15. 15
    Dancer Says:

    Although this could be a good move for her career-wise, I doubt she is strong enough to carry the part in this Arthur Miller play. The producer proclaiming that she is great at multi-faceted characters must be thinking $$$$$ as people flock to broadway to see her. She is shallow at best as an actor.

  16. 16
    MicrochipHo Says:

    I love her hair in the picture.

  17. 17
    bonnie Says:

    People won’t buy tickets to see you except for your folks who will fly in for the show and some scientology wackos. Maybe Mr. Beckham but not Mrs. because she’s not your friend anymore, maybe Travolta. But really how will the seats be filled most nights? You’ll need an audience, somehow. The show could even be picketed because of all the issues surrounding y’all.
    If you feel you have to “act”, if that’s what you are attempting to do, try another movie and see if it flops or not.

  18. 18
    Observer Says:

    What a compliment! I stared at the picture to see if I could see what he saw. I think I will want to see it if it comes my way.

  19. 19
    rien Says:

    Ann Deever, the character which will be played by Katie Holmes was once played by Joan Allen. I only want to say:

    Katie keep your fingers off Ann Deever. You are far far far away from reaching Joan Allen!

  20. 20
    legs Says:

    i’m not quite sure if this whole broadway thing will work for her.

  21. 21
    null Says:

    Wow. Wonder how she got that gig. Did she audition for it, or am I being naive?

  22. 22
    2cents Says:

    She did not run the NY marathon. Probably got this gig because TC bought it. Her acting is impressive? Obviously the talk of a bought person. I saw no acting talent in her acting. Even in TV land, it was mediocre.

  23. 23
    denise Says:

    i think Katie is talented and I am happy for her, if she is happy. But it doesn’t seem like REAL happiness, it seems like an act.

    Maybe it’s just her shyness..?

  24. 24
    pinkydoo Says:

    I’m sure Tom had nothing to do with this….

  25. 25
    3cents Says:

    Agree with 2cents – she got this job the same way she got to “run the NYC marathon”. Cruise money and pressure

  26. 26
    2cent Says:

    how can you be ‘sure’ pinkydoo? are you tom? with people w/ money and ambition, nothing is unimaginable.

  27. 27
    esther Says:

    At least she chose a great play. But then, you can hardly do wrong with Miller. He remains one of the best dramatists ever alongside O’Neill. I saw two productions of The Crucible and Death of a salesman and they were both outstanding.

  28. 28
    Marie Says:

    She made HUGE mistake not reprising her role in the Batman movies. That is going to be the blockbuster hit of the summer.

  29. 29
    Helena Says:

    She was great in Pieces of April along with Patricia Clarkson, but she tends to pick bad roles, so let’s see.

  30. 30
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    OMG!! She’s going to play Ann? Is the director on drugs, or did Tom pay him some nice green backs for this?

  31. 31
    Maria (Shorty) Says:


    I’m so glad she’s NOT in Batman. She was sooo out of place in that movie. Next to Christian — she didn’t have a chance!

  32. 32
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    # 25 3cents @ 05/13/2008 at 10:23 am Agree with 2cents – she got this job the same way she got to “run the NYC marathon”. Cruise money and pressure
    She NEVER ran the full marathon. She knows it and so do a great many people who ran in it know it’s all LIES!!

  33. 33
    2cent Says:

    #31, I too thought she was terrible in Batman am glad she didn’t revive it. She ruined the movie for me in fact. Saw no acting, nothing. Wonder where did this director or producer see her ‘multifacet’ acting.

  34. 34



  35. 35
    barbara Says:

    maybe TC is buying her a theatre.

  36. 36
    barbara Says:

    maybe TC is buying her a theatre

  37. 37
    Miapocca Says:

    the shitologist threatened the director just like they did withteh paramount folks with tom…ahahah pathetic..please stop this insane cult tatics, so not support thier m adness, spend your money taking your kids to the library or something..or buy them a bike to ride to the library..hjaja

  38. 38
    Miapocca Says:

    Please dont ever compare Jen Garner to this RoBoHo…Garner deserves much better.,..she is a kick **** lady with a stable NORMAL family and a ridicullously WELL adjusted HAPPY kid with a beautiful name to boot….

    How insulting….KH fans you might do better comparing Holmes to the low level gold diggers in hollywiers, even Paris Hilton has a job adn serious cash flow coming in, which is more than I can say for your RoBoHo

  39. 39
    American Says:

    She ran that marathon, folks. You’d think that after months of scrutiny with NO eveidence and even officials pokespeople backing her, you’d realize that she ran the marathon.

    I think she’ll do great in the play.

  40. 40
    julie Says:

    that’s right, there IS no evidence that she ran the marathon. Just
    another illusion money can buy.

  41. 41
    kit Says:

    From what he’s seen she has had great performances? On stage? So, does that mean she didn’t have to try out for the part?

  42. 42
    American Says:

    I think the producer was referring to her film and TV work and then Holmes auditioned for him

  43. 43
    2cent Says:


    If you think those in the organizing committee of the NY marathon would come out and admit that Katie’s participation was bought, you must be incredibly naive.

  44. 44
    2cent Says:

    By the way, had TC not jumped Oprah couch I would never have noticed KH. She turned me off to her acting completely in Batman. Basically, she has neither beauty nor talent nor charisma. All TC money hasn’t helped her fashion ambition either.

  45. 45
    Anon Says:

    It seems like Just Jared cannot understand English. Nothing in the statement made by the producer implied that she is joining the play, infact in the 3rd paragraph he seems to be wishing her well for the future, not welcoming her to the play.

    “Whenever she decides to come to the stage she’ll be terrific.” = Good luck to her for the future.

    I will be very surprised even shocked if she is a member of the cast.

  46. 46
    GlobalGal Says:

    It’s apparent that Katie Holmes is not a particularly talented actress by any standard, but once she married Tom Cruise her opportunities to work in films and on stage, if she wanted, were increase a 1,000 fold. It’s not about her talent but whom she married. It’s sure not how it should be or very fair . . . but then in life not much is fair . . . Seems like she might have sold her soul to the devil for more fame and profit . . . so to speak

  47. 47
    julie Says:

    Well said 2cent. KH seems with time to have even LESS beauty, Less charisma, Less talent , LESS style and she didn’t start out with much to begin with.
    She is a declining bimbo, doesn’t look like she can even handle Suri.

  48. 48
    julie Says:

    She is a declining bimbo. TC can’t buy her the qualities she lacks.

  49. 49
    julie Says:

    KH needs to take a parenting skills class.

  50. 50
    bejeebus Says:

    can the cruises please go away already? they have outstayed their welcome… a long time. if they are such a “happy family” and they are so content in their own company and doing such domestic things (like baking cupcakes…blah blah blah… ever), they should be more then satisified just spending time at home ALONE (where the general public doesn’t have to witness their freakish posing and posturing). they have no clue how rediculous they appear to the REAL world.

  51. 51
    tom c Says:

    Katie did Dawson’s Creek and a few low budget, no-name VHS movies. That makes her a great candidate! The only reason she’s in magazines or on Justjared is because of who she married. Nothing more. No one even knew who she was before all the public display of kissing with her and Tom.
    She’s a gold digger.

  52. 52
    American Says:

    Yes, #43. There could be this elaborate conspiracy or…she ran the marathon! Why is that so hard to believe?

  53. 53
    libraesque Says:

    #52, you must be new to the internet or at the very least to JJ. The whole marathon scandal was picked apart, so you need to google it yourself and read the facts.
    NOTHING about katies participation adds up, even hard core marathoners chimed in on the simple fact that you CANNOT run a 26 mile marathon 1) without a bra, and not have your nipples bleeding and fall off 2) run a marathon and be photographed in high heels a couple hours later…and thats JUST for starters

    so educate yourself and google. get all the facts, then make your own decision

  54. 54
    Emma Says:

    Scientology project. BOYCOTT!

  55. 55
    Emma Says:

    “Yes, #43. There could be this elaborate conspiracy or…she ran the marathon! Why is that so hard to believe?”

    Maybe since everything directly and indirectly involving Scientology is fake and dishonest, just as you are.

    “American”, change your nickname to American Freak, that’s more appropriate, since you are a member of the Cult. You don’t fool anyone here. You are very transparent.

  56. 56
    American Says:

    Yeah. It was picked apart and guess what? No eveidence of cheating! None at all! Spokespeople had to even come out and defend her. No way could they have covered everything up. There are cameras and witnesses everywhere. It’s strange about the bra and hugh heels things but that’s not evidence now is it?

    I’m not a Scientologist.

  57. 57
    2cent Says:

    Well we all know what spokespeople will say–whatever their payee commanded. Who are the witnesses? Paid spokespersons? Camera every yet only caught picture of KH at two points–somewhere in the line and at the end of the line. Let’s see more pictures then, good if some showing her soaking in sweat.

    You said ‘no EVIDENCE of cheating’ and we say ‘no EVIDENCE of honest running’. Show your evidence, witnesses and let us judge how credible they are. Then maybe you’ll win this case. Although I doubt it would make your KH talented, beautiful, charismatic and stylish, or your TC taller, less creepy, less manipulative, less calculated, less greedy and less fake (of his gayness).

    You are not a Scientologist American, just a paid employee of TC. Keep earning your worth.

  58. 58
    American is a Freak Says:

    “american” : “I’m not a Scientologist.”

    Yes, you are. And you are a liar as well, like all cult nuts.

  59. 59
    masha Says:

    Glad for Katie! Go you girl, ignore all these stinking bigots!!!

  60. 60
    rien Says:

    Glad for Katie? I feel sorry for Arthur Miller! Such a character like Ann Deever needs to be played by somebody who has the capability to do it. And Katie Holmes does not have it. She is a pale, plain actress…I even loathe myself to call her an actress, she is a tv-star. She can not and will not conquer the big screen, let alone the stage.

    Joan Allen, talk to the Broadway director, please…..don’t let him ruin the play!

    Stinking bigots? Think, masha. Think for one cent, then we talk again!

  61. 61
    Lidya Says:

    Katie, you must have done something right. I hope what ever the director saw in you…the public will see also. ignore the jelous people. The more successful someone is and the more famous…people get nastier.
    All the best and I’ll be one of the first people to see the play when it comes out.

  62. 62
    susanna Says:

    Not true Lydia, many famous, succesful people are adored and respected by the public. TC and his GF made their own bed they now lie (and I mean lie) in.

  63. 63
    libraesque Says:

    #62, you mean BEDS….plural, and in seperate rooms!


    and I have to agree with whoever posted above that the quote definitely sounds like Falkenstein is wishing her well IF and WHEN she goes to Broadway….”Whenever she decides to come to the stage she’ll be terrific.”

    #56, if that isn’t evidence WHAT is? OH WAIT, theres the issue of her chip not being visible. Theres the issue of her having headphones on, a VIOLATION of the rules. theres the issue of her sweats being so long they were dragging on the ground and yet after 26 miles they weren’t dirty or frayed. theres the issue of her not having a drop of sweat on her, or ANY color in her cheeks.

    I could go on and on but I won’t because it doesn’t matter to me what you believe. Your blind devotion to this couple is embarrassing, and you couldn’t make a valid point if you tried.

    btw, you never did answer my question about ALL the charities tc gives to ALL the time. I’ll keep asking till you answer

  64. 64
    American Says:

    It’s stupid to think that anyone who defends them is either a Scientologist or paid to do it.

    Do you question other people if they ran the race or not? There’s no evidence and testimony taht she in fact ran the race. Just face it. You’re being stupid.

  65. 65
    eh! Says:

    American wrote: “There’s no evidence and testimony taht she in fact ran the race. Just face it.”

    He or she finally admit that KH did not run. Yes, you are Smart!

  66. 66
    libraesque Says:


  67. 67
    Emma Says:

    “American”. Not “anyone”who defends them” is a scientologist or paid to defend them. However, YOU are one, I’m sure of that. This site is infested with cult people writing “innocent” comments, designed to change public opinion. Anyone can see that. You are more subtle and less aggressive now since many know the truth about it, but the goal is the same. To lure people in.

    Your people even run commercials on the site, so you’re here and active alright, and you “American” , are one of them.

    You know, what really is stupid is to defend a cult if you truly know what it is about and what it does to people. It is not only stupid, it is irresponsible. If you know the truth about the cult of scientology it is not possible to defend it, nor those who promote it. Period.

  68. 68
    American Says:

    Are you people hearing yourselves? Plants? Secret identities? Recruitments? It’s something staright pout of the X-Files.

    I’m not a Scientologist and she ran that race. Get it through your heads

  69. 69
    tkfan Says:

    Good luck Katie!!!

  70. 70
    Bree Says:

    Marie: TDK glory belongs to Bale,Eckhart especially Ledger.

    Its wise for Katie to leave the role. Read the L.A. Times and Empire movies for the spoiler of Rachel Dawes.
    The second trailer shows that anyway if your eyes are quick to see the details.

  71. 71
    hoyas Says:

    I saw on CNN Showbiz that they are desperate to hire her. Katie is an awesome versatile actress and her presence will bring attendance to the disappointment biz of Broadway lately.
    Katie rocks in Pieces of April,The Gift,Batman Begins,Ice Storm,Singing Detective and Thank you for Smoking.

  72. 72
    juliette Says:

    Katie was not asked back for Batman because Nolan did not trust she could pull it off for the Dark Knight, and anyway, Katie was not respected by audiences neither by critics, so in a way it’s better for her not to continue on with something everybody hated her in.

    Maggie Gyllenhaal was signed for two sequels and Rachel Dawes will have more importance in TDK and the following sequel. But Maggie is much better actress and she can star along with Christian Bale and others, as Katie was so mediocre she was out of place in Batman. The big mistake is that Maggie should have been cast right away for Batman Begin.

    Katie’s career is pretty much over if all she has left is to go to Broadway for a supporting role. Tom must have bought the theater. Katie has zero talent.

  73. 73
    dion Says:


  74. 74
    gotham Says:

    Im entertained and smile away because blessings drives jealous people insane. Maggie G. is not signed for part 3 when rumors are already leaking of Selina Kyle’s appearance/Catwoman.
    The truth and justice will set Katie free.

    The joker will do many fans a favor.

  75. 75
    Ruby Says:

    :):):):):):) LOVE HER

  76. 76
    redwhiteblue Says:

    Very good move by Katie.The only sad part is Im far from NY so I wont get to see her in this play. So sweet for the family to support the filming of Connor too on the set of Will Smith’s movie. Suri is so cute.

  77. 77
    peach Says:

    I wanted Katie so much for TDK but after learning the spoilers I changed my mind because it will be fun to witness that instead for Maggie. Read Cinematical and L.A. Times on what Aaron Eckhart giving away major spoilers. —(if you hate spoilers dont read them)

    Also google Empiremovies on TDK trailer breakdown because they talk about Rachel Dawes. —-(-if you hate spoilers again last warning to stay away)

  78. 78
    Dan Says:

    She is a TV actress, not particularly successful or talented. All she had was a pretty face. She looked cute and that’s gone. She doesn’t have the raw talent to work on serious projects. She hasn’t done anything to merit this type of role. She looks and acts like a cult zombie now.

    This opportunity is bought and payed for with cult money. She is pathetic , and so is the attempt to construct a fake image for her that is based on air.

    Boycott anything related to the Cult of Scientology.

  79. 79
    TMZ Says:

    Comments #69,70,71 and 73, 74, 75, 76, 77 are obviously all from the same loser, probably that Katie Holmes weirdo which has 100 aliases on IMDb. What kind of tool is that to idolise a crappy c-list actress as Katie Holmes?!! Pathetic. Get yourself some taste.

  80. 80
    renee Says:

    Im proud of her.

  81. 81
    libraesque Says:

    WHAT are you proud of???

    can’t you people READ???
    The producer said “Whenever she decides to come to the stage she’ll be terrific.”

    where in that sentence do you hear that they are even considering her????

  82. 82
    Donald Says:

    Yes, the scientologists are very proud of their image robot. What a transformation! They especially like her new hairdo in the picture above, and the new, fake lips. Could you sue them for robbing someone of their personality and looks?

  83. 83
    American Says:

    This part, #81:

    “There is an additional layer of soul to Ann and from the work I’ve seen of Katie, she has always impressed with multi-faceted characters. She would nail it.”

    Sounds like they’re considering her

  84. 84
    dean Says:

    How can ANYONE run a marathon wearing yoga pants that are so long they drag on the ground?

    And IF you do wear yoga pants, how, after 26.2 miles are the yoga pants NOT dirty and frayed from the dragging on the ground?

    HOW can ANYONE run in the NYC marathon and be allowed to wear head phones? Since it IS against the rules for ALL legally entered participants.

    HOW can ANYONE the has entered the NYC marathon be allowed to NOT have their chip show on their shoe?

    Since it IS a rule that ALL chips MUST be visible on ALL legally entered participants shoe!

    Just some SIMPLE questions. I’d like the answers to be kool-aid free!

  85. 85
    Brad Says:

    She didn’t run that marathon. Give me a break. Everything about this insignificant and corrupt person is fake. Her image is based on smoke and mirrors. No substance at all.

    People see this for what it is, an attempt by the cult to create a fake image and ideal in order to promote their money-hungry, brain-washing cult.

  86. 86
    American Says:

    You sound like a complete idiot, #85.

    Fake racing for promoting Scientology (when I don’t even think she’s ever said the word aloud)?

    Why has no evidence ever come out, Dean? Just these silly questions that you’ve come up with after overanalyzing everything?

  87. 87
    jessie Says:

    Haha. “American” is obviously an idiot. I bet he’s a member of the cult. Morons fall for that kind of crap.

  88. 88
    dean Says:

    Okay, cult lover #86 If they are such “silly” questions, then tell us the answers!

  89. 89
    dean Says:

    Oh and NO she did not “say” a word. BUT she did wear an advertisement for the cult on her head.
    oh, forgot about that?

  90. 90
    American Says:

    I’m an idiot yet I’m not foolish enough to fall for the silliest crap that the tabloids feed you?

    What ad on her head?

  91. 91
    dean Says:

    The tabs don’t feed me, cult lover. I have a mind of my own and I use it. The facts are the facts and a picture is worth a thousand words.
    Per the pictures that the GMD let his PR team release, kh was NOT following the NYC marathon rules. WHY?

    The hat on her head was an advertisement for that fake fund that the cult set up to take further advantage of the 9/11 victims.

  92. 92
    carrotts Says:

    Congrats to her. I love TomKat the couple too.

  93. 93
    American Says:

    Some mind of your own? You swallow everything that the tabloids say.

    She simply wore hat with an insignia or her preferred faith and you see that as Holmes running that race to promote her religion?

    How the hell should I know why she had headphones on but wouldn’t that prove she ran it in a way? You’d think an elaborate conspiracy between the Chucrh of Scientology and the New York City marathon would have seen that

  94. 94
    2 American Says:

    It doesn’t have to be elaborated. It’s simple as this, some people can be bought, and there are ways to let things appear a certain way without risk of losing a job. Health department workers get paid to pass supermarkets, restaurants all the times. It really doesn’t need to be elaborated. A few thousands could do wonder sometimes. A couple of mortgage payments would work fine for a marathon where thousands of people mingle, most don’t know who ran next to them.

    KH did not run 26 miles, a few miles may be, not all 26.

  95. 95
    American Says:

    She ran that race. There is just no way that no evidence could have come about after so much scrutiny.

  96. 96
    dean Says:

    ALL of the evidence proves that she did NOT run the full 26.2 miles. NONE of the evidence proves other wise.

    The cult lovers are the ONLY ones that believe what they are brainwashed to believe.

    Some of the runners wear tee shirts in memory of a loved one. katie HAD to wear that cult hat.

  97. 97
    2 American Says:

    Listen honey, unless you ran next to KH all 26 miles, you have as much evidence of her running that marathon as we for her not running.. Why don’t you quit? Maybe this is your job?

  98. 98
    American Says:

    Why don’t YOU quit? Is it YOUR job to bash her as it is supposedly my job to defend her?

    There’s no evidence. Just circumstantial stuff like headphones (pretty good oversight for this biog conspiracy) and wearing high heels several hours later.

  99. 99
    dean Says:

    AND the FACT that she did NOT obey the rules and have her chip on the top of her shoe in an UNobstructed place for it to register.

    GEE! If you cannot see her chip then how can it register??? OH THAT’S RIGHT! The guy NEXT to her was wearing HER chip.

    HEy cult lover, all you have to do is “jump ship” and you too will be able to read and hear the truth!

  100. 100
    solaris Says:

    1. Is there any rule in this Marathon, that everybody has to obey? Like: having a number, chip to monitor if the contestant take the route or take short cuts, certain barricade or directions (arrows) so that the contestants can see where to run?
    If yes, they who do not follow can be called “joining” the Marathon. It is not like in a film that an actor is uncredited from time to time. Possibility: KH joined but she did not finish the run. Very bad? For me, it happened.
    2. American, do you have a proof at all that she joined or not? You can not simply defend somebody because you like her. Otherwise, many criminals will be set free:
    “Your honor, I don’t have proofs, but I believe she doesn’t commit a crime, because I like her…”
    Okay, KH is not a criminal, but I am only saying, that you have to start thinking logically.

    An advise from a stranger, American: Don”t share their lives. Open your mind a little bit, and don’t defend anybody blindly. You will be disappointed heavily in the end.

    An actor is only an entertainer. You can like or dislike, but you don’t have to swallow every words of theirs and make it as your rule. If she joined the marathon or not, if she takes part or not, does it hurt you?
    What the Oak cares about, if the pig scratches his back on it? Are you the Oak, or the Pig? I choose myself as the Oak.

  101. 101
    solaris Says:

    correction: If yes, they who do not follow can not be called “joining” the Marathon.

  102. 102
    yeah right Says:

    No way in hell did that fake, dishonest, hypocritical cult b**ch run that whole race. There is NO EVIDENCE, no proof whatsoever, that she ran the entire race., but there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that she did NOT.

    Her whole life is a lie. She married someone for money and fame, and now lets herself be used by an infamous cult. She evidently lacks character and integrity. Why should we believe anything she says or does? She has zero credibility.

  103. 103
    blue Says:

    She will do a marvelous job. I wonder how long her run will be?
    Go Katie!!!

  104. 104
    American Says:

    1) Huh?
    2) I never said that. I do like her but I don;’ think she cheated and no one has been able to prove she has after all these months of investigation and even when the official spokespeople came out to defend her

    Wasn’t there some marker that she had that showed her time and proved she ran that race?

  105. 105
    dean Says:

    Her body guard/trainer was wearing her chip. That is why she was wearing the WAY TOO LONG pants, to cover her foot where the chip was supposed to be.
    And NOT one single NYC official has EVER come to her defense.

    In fact, she was registered in the Boston Marathon. As soon as those officials found out, they removed her name. They did not want to be associated with a cheat.

  106. 106
    grey Says:

    Congratulations Katie.

  107. 107
    solaris Says:

    @ American
    Which is it of my questions that you did not understand? If somebody took part in a marathon, they received some kind of identifications, or? Number on the back, for example? And a name like KH, is too famous not to be noticed. Until now, I never heard that she joined any kind of marathon, and any way, what do I care!

    You know, the thing is, are you or are you not willing to base your opinion with facts. You don’t have to say that you like or you hate somebody. EVERY BODY can read between the lines if you speak out your opinions.

    And about her acting skill, I am not a fan of Dawson’s Creek, so I never saw it. Batman Begins, she won Razzi Award as the worst actress (she was merely there in Batman Begins, she could be replaced by anybody, and I mean, anybody). In Phone Booth, she was okay, but again, she could be replaced by anybody.
    And playing a play of one of American greatest writer, Arthur Miller, it is just like giving diamond to a pig, or flowers to a monkey!

  108. 108
    baby Says:

    Looking forward for her performance. She is so bless to have Suri,the kids and Tom. Thanks JJ.

  109. 109
    SP Says:

    Someday the truth will surface!

  110. 110
    American Says:

    Well #107, an official spokesperson came out and said that Katie Holmes was allowed to race in the marathon because of some special exceeptions placement or something like that thanks to her celebrity status. If you won’t believe him/her, who do you believe? These are FACTS that I’m backing.

    I don;t foollow everything blindly. If I did, I’d be one of you fools and swallow every nonsensical drivel that the tabloids spew.

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