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Rihanna & Maroon 5 - "If I Never See Your Face Again" Music Video

Rihanna & Maroon 5 -

Maroon 5 has teamed up Rihanna to re-release the remixed music video of “If I Never See Your Face”. Check it out below! The vid was shot in Los Angeles by Anthony Mandler.

Adam Levine? Hot. Rihanna? Hot hot. This video? Hot hot hot!

Rihanna & Maroon 5 – “If I Never See Your Face Again” Music Video
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  • 29_29


  • The Boy Next Door


  • - penha

    - I LOVE M5 ! *-*

  • pt

    mmm, HOT!

  • Maroon5

    Adam is so hot!

  • booyay

    does he want to be prince or something?

  • bliss

    a match made in heaven – neither can sing.

  • Camee


  • Marsha

    NOT! the original is better.

  • bejeebus

    i know he’s kind of a male chauvinist pig but….he is really really sexy.

  • Angelina

    He is a dick..but a cute one!

  • megan

    loves it! rhianna looks gorge and maroon s rocks

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    the haters are gonna spontaneously combust off this one.

    this video is crack-juice! and for the white people – that’s a good thing. lmbao

  • Thank you so much…not

    Well, thank you so much for the skank and pimp video.
    I cannot wait for my 14 year old daughter to see it.
    After viewing it, maybe she’ll aspire to be a whore when she grows up.
    Hey Rihanna, if you want to be an X-rated film star, go for it.
    You surely have what it takes.

  • 2cents

    Adam – hot!
    Rihanna – not!

  • L

    they are both unattractive

  • GurL

    lmfao @ bliss

  • Bianca

    rhianna sucks….i like the first version better

  • t


  • zac + vanessa

    They are not as hawt as Zanessa!

  • Leigh

    this a stepdown from umbrella

  • Helena

    Adam Lefine (yes, Lefine) shouldn’t be making videos and songs with a talentless hack like Rihanna.

  • Madonna

    I think she is a very good artist but this song does not compliment her voice.

  • yesterday

    this is pretty lame…

  • Regina

    I would be happy if I never saw Rihanna’s face again. She’s so annoying, she relies on people to write songs for her, without them, she would be NOTHING.

  • Jayla

    does this girl always have to dress half naked in her music videos.

  • Dan

    her video may be okay
    but she’s HORRIBLE live

  • awesomee

    I lovee it!

  • Nicole

    Terrible singer! She looks good in the video though, the red lips really suit her.

  • phantom

    I love it this MUCH ->*F*A*R*T*!!!!

  • My name is BORAT


  • Jo

    LOVE IT !

  • alenko

    WOW!!!…thats how u keep changing the game baby……btw. they should hook up….sorry Chris

  • lola

    he’s classy and sweetie she not classy a little sluty but i have to admit it she’s hot it’s just that i can’t stand her ………

  • Adamandriri

    my my my!!! that video is hot as hell…the collaboration is awesome…I LOVE IT. As of now this video has become my no. 1 favorite for the year… its fabulous. I love the song too… hope this song is on itunes right now cause i love it and i want it. Im detecting some chemistry between Rihanna and Adam Levine… its a shame the 2 of them are off the market.

  • malcolm

    I see the haters had a lot of haterade to drink. like it or not rihanna is the shyt. deal with it bytches

  • Fredo


    They had really good chemistry + the imagery is sexy.

  • Reiko

    Another notch in Adam’s belt.

  • Eddie

    i love her but eww such horrible lip singing

  • izzie

    Rihanna’s a talentless ho.

  • Kim

    Nice video, but i hate her hair she looks way better with longer hair.

  • Jon

    good song, terribly sung

  • raye

    I hate Rihanna.

  • Randal

    I kinda hate Maroon 5 for messing up the greatness of the original song. Their cd is good. There was NO need to reel in some “Flavor of the month”(Rihanna). If Adam gets his head out of his bum, Maroon 5 could have staying power. Rihanna, I am afraid, has 1 or maybe 2 more singles left during her 15 minutes.

  • diana

    luv riri,nice song but the vid aint all dat

  • Kya

    Rihanna is hot

    This video is hot. Finally something that has nothing to do with gay ass zac and ugly vanessa

  • parisgirl

    Bliss, I love you

  • nancy

    this video is hot.

  • Marise

    Adam is very very sexy

  • eira

    i love maroon 5!!!
    whats up with 29_29 and the boy next door?? do u guys have anyhting o say besides first and second?!