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Joaquin Phoenix Album in the Works

Joaquin Phoenix Album in the Works

Joaquin Phoenix is creating an album with Tim Burgess of the English alternative rock band The Charlatans, reports Billboard.

“Once [Joaquin] learnt guitar [for the Johnny Cash film Walk The Line,] he found that he had quite a lot of demons inside himself that he wanted to expel through music,” says Burgess.

“All the tracks that me and [Charlatans' manager Alan McGee] worked with him on were brilliant,” adds Burgess. “But I think he just keep scrapping everything or re-doing everything. I’m sad to say that I think it’s one of those records that may never come out, to be honest with you.”

“It’s an on-going thing,” he continues. “I’m trying to get Alan to force him to put it out at the moment, but I don’t know whether it will [get released].”

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  • tales from the crypt

    He is one ugly dog. BLECH!

  • Love Him

    he was so goodd as johnny cash in walk the line. i loved his voice. he should have won the oscar. i was actually surprised that reese won because hoer portrayal of june carter wasn’t that on point. however, the movie was awesome. also, for the comment that said he was ugly, i don’t agree. if he was in better shape he would be really cute & he is talented.

  • Cab

    He smells like old cat farts. Just ask Liv Tyler. She used to fuck him.

  • kendra

    some of you are fucking ridiculous. he is an amazing actor. dont put so much emphasis oh looks

  • Kimmie

    Um about time for a wig or something. lol

  • Shar

    Jared, don’t you mean “In The Works”

  • Shygirl

    Joaquin is an amazing actor. IMO, he should of won Oscars for both Walk The Line and Gladiator.

    To poster #1 – NO WAY! He’s not ugly. Joaquin has the most beautiful eyes and great smile :)

  • jade

    I love Joaquin. I agree with poster #2. I never got over,that he didn’t
    win the Academy Award for Walk The Line. He was Johnny Cash in that movie. I hope this album does get released.

    remember da truth- where are you? A topic on our Joaquin!!

  • bloodydisaster

    i go to cinema twice a year.. i watch cable twice a week for an hour.. and saturday night live. i don’t get pirated movies and i don’t accept phisical punishment on people who does.
    i really don’t like his smile in that picture. he will really show up something the next time he speaks in public.
    hasn’t he gone into scientology too?

  • diane

    I’m sure if Joaquin puts out an album it will do just fine I thought he and Reese sang walk the line better than Johnnyand June

  • anja

    He is a MAGNIFICENT actor.

    I love him.

    In my eyes he won the Oscar for Walk the Line.

    He is so sexy. Especially those eyes….mmmmmm!

  • former regular

    Shygirl, I couldn’t agree more!! He should have two Oscars by now. His portrayal of Johnny Cash was so moving — that scene at the Thanksgiving dinner with his father was heartbreaking.

    And in Gladiator, he was so good.

    As for looks, I think he’s one of the sexiest movie stars today. He is extremely masculine and daring and his emotions are right at the surface, so he really pulls you in.

  • George

    GC has good taste!)))–

  • emma

    im not sure about him, but if he’s working with jim sturgess, im all for it

  • simone

    # 12 former regular

    ITA with your whole post

  • monroe

    LOVE HIM!!!!

    FANTASTIC actor good to see him taking interest in other things in life.

    I actually think he deserved the Oscar for Gladiator over Benicio Del Toro.

    But he will get his due one of these days.

  • Mike

    i love his voice, he’s very talentend, i cant’ wait for his album, and he’s not ugly.. i wish i was ugly as him!

  • Antrim

    Beautiful man overflowing with talent. Bless him.

  • alice

    He won the Grammy for the Walk the Line soundtrack. I hope he puts this cd out. I hate that he is so critical of himself. He’s a doll.

  • Cinda

    You can sing to me anytime…yummy!

  • lynn

    Does anyone know the address where you can send him fanmail? Dumb question, I know


    he did good in walk the line but not even comparable to johnny.. but reece on the other hand..i liked her voice better than the real june carter…


  • hello

    i love him so much

  • gottalovehim:-)

    He did AN ABSOLUTE AMAZING job in Walk the Line and could not believe what I saw or heard when I saw that movie!!! WOW!

  • Rhonda king

    Did you see Eva Mendes half naked in Italian Vogue? I was upset that she had the opportunity to kiss and have a relationship with Joaquin Phoenix in “We Own The Night” and in Cannes but now I’m not because she lost her respect with me or anyone who knows her and seen these pictures. Ha, ha.

  • lksdjgiawj

    I saw them…quite sleazy if you ask me…and this is someone who wants to be taken “serioulsly” as an actress?

  • nadeax


  • what is a voice when in doubt

    hmm. really does it matter what he smells like or looks like. we all have got off a plane looking like we threw up on ourself and dragged thru a bush backwards. and the comment on another discussion about how he treats women and sex, most of us like sex. and he has to be excluded from that urge because he is famous??. oh pls. 1 he is male. 2 he can have who he likes BUT it doesnt mean he has disrespected them in any shape or form all it is chinese whisper. anything for a good rumour with some people. but serious. who wouldnt want him to park his shoes under your bed for even just a quickie???? * slowly raises her hand* i def would hehehehehe. he is sweet looking and aging to something even hotter!!!


  • Trine

    wtf? don’t be nasty to him… Joaquin is not ugly, he is charming
    and very handsome…. I wish he was mine <3

    Joaquin you are the one <3

  • tina larsen

    joaquin is absolutely gorgeous, he has a lovely smile, beautiful eyes, he’s funny, intelligent, a really nice person, vulnerable yet someone who believes in himself, he’s so human, a great actor and a great singer (High), he’s a very interesting person and in my eyes he’s the best looking man ever he could easily become a male supermodel. He’s beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside and the inside means the world to me. of course everyone likes a good looking man or a goodlooking woman to look at BUT if the person opens his or her mouth and the things they say is against everything you believe in and they are talking rubbish then I for one can’t be bothered with them. looks is NOT everything the inner values counts as well and in my eyes joaquin has got everything he’s such a darling. I wish I could meet him in real life sometime.
    have you got an e-mail fanaddress for joaquin then I’d be very grateful.
    He’s lovely and I would love to send him an e-mail or a letter.

    yours sincerely
    tina larsen

  • Amanda

    I love Joaquin he rocks and Joaquin you did so good in walk the line. will there be a walk the line 2?

  • tina larsen

    Hi all,
    Joaquin if you read this, I doubt it, laughs, you’re still f…… gorgeous,
    and if you are ever bored and need to get away from it all and spend some time with a nice, funny, and absolutely crazy girl, you could try to get in touch with me.
    I thought we could meet up in London, since I live in Denmark and you live somewhere in the USA. I can’t afford to go to the States and it’s also too far away, since I’m a single mum with a 5 year old son, so unless I bring my little boy to London, my mum and dad will have to babysit.
    I can get a flight to London from where I live and it’s not very expensive. I haven’t been to London since 1998. We could also go to Scotland to Edinburgh, I have lived and worked in both Edinburgh and London and in other parts of the UK when I was younger.
    I know this is crazy but it would actually be really interesting to see if you tried to get in touch with me. first of all I don’t think you read these e-mails, on the other hand maybe you do, and why not give it a try to do something crazy like meeting someone you don’t know who’s absolutely sure that she likes you as a human being, not as a filmstar. while I’m writing this I’m listening to HIGH and I think you are a great singer as well.
    I know London and Edinburgh well so I could show you the two cities.
    I’m not a rich woman so I probably couldn’t afford to stay in the same hotels as you however I would love to meet you in real life and what the h… we only have this one life so if you are game why not do something crazy and give it a try.
    I tell you if you ever got in touch with me by e-mail I would probably run away screeming because I can actually be very shy and I’m a very private person. Anyway give us a shout if you’re interested.
    By the way I don’t know if you believe in astrology but for your information I’m Capricorn and since you’re Scorpio I think we’d be great together.
    By the way I’m a few years older than yourself, I hate to brague but I think I’m pretty, I’m 163 cm tall and weigh 60 kilo, I have dark blue eyes and dark blonde hair. I already know what you look like so just to give you an idea what I look like it wouldn’t be fair otherwise. Anyway give us a shout or an e-mail.
    Oh, by the way my favourite directors are Ken Loach and Mike Leigh and favourite actors David Thewliss and the late Katrin Cartlidge.

    lots of love

  • Anne

    The word to describe Joaquin looks is striking. He is not the Brad Pitt type. He is such an incredible actor he does need the “Hollywood good looks.” Looks are fading, but if your are talented, you will have a longer run as an actor. He can perform circles around most of his fellow actors. I have no doubt that this album will be a success too, because he puts his heart and soul into his projects. I do think that he should curtail some of the goofy behavior though, because it gives the public the thoughts that he could be high on some mind altering substance. In addition, he should actively look for more roles. He still has to find a part that will surpass the Johnny Cash character in “Walk the Line.” We Own the Night” and “Reservation Road” did not garner the attention that some of his other films did. If he made two films a year it would be great; it would keep his fans happy. Personally, I think that someone with his talent should be required to make a film every year. But as on lookers, we do not know what larks in the heart of Mr. Phoenix. We just have to wait patiently for his next great performance.
    And as far as winning the Oscar, I think he is that disappointed in losing the award. I do not think that he is ready for that kind of attention. I think he also said that he is not ready to retire yet. Many actors win the Oscar, and they disappear into oblivion or start taking mediocre roles. It seems as if the Oscar signals the end of a great career. However, I think that he should win the Oscar. Let’s all send him our blessing that he stays healthy and makes all the right choices.

  • Carol from philly

    Joaquin is a babe. Next time he’s in Philly, I’ll take him to a cool restaurant for lunch. Anytime…

  • chingchongchan

    i would def buy his album