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Miley's Milk Ad -- GOT MILK?

Miley's Milk Ad -- GOT MILK?

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus models the milk mustache in the latest Got Milk? ad. Here’s what her ad copy says:

Actress by day. Rocker by night. I’ve got to keep fit to keep up. So I drink milk. Some studies suggest that teens who choose milk instead of sugary drinks tend to be leaner and the protein helps build muscle. It’s the best of both worlds.

For wallpapers and more pictures of Miley shooting her Got Milk? ad, visit

There are even behind-the-scenes video clips of Miley at the ad campaign shoot here.

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  • Vanessa


  • Vanessa


  • oh snap!



    She looks so adorable GO MILEY!!! She makes me want to go drink a full glass of Milk keep up th good work!!!

    Love Ya

  • Lindy


  • 007

    Interesting. I suppose the ad isn’t inappropriate for her age.

  • PJH

    i really don’t see what the big deal is. she’s not doing porn (although it would probably be good for her career. she doing what every young starlet has been told to do their whole lives to make money. is it wrong? maybe. does the country eat it up, yes. we’re all sex starved media whores who love to see these gals walk the line between childhood and sex. now, i’m a gay man so this does absolutely nothing for me, although i want her hair .

  • lilly

    UGLY miley!

  • Bailey

    I like her boots.

  • Diana

    Wooow! Nice

  • miss nyc

    Do her legs have to be open like that?

    God she is such a whore at only 15

  • miss nyc

    w h o r e that should read

  • miss nyc


  • ej

    soon you will see pictures of here with another kind of white cream

  • dd

    stop acting like 15 year girls are some innocent little children cause their not and evreybody knows it. 60% of all the girls has already lost their viriginty when their 15.

  • bakanishiluv

    ad nauseam

  • mileywood

    i think she looks gorgeous. at least she’s making an effort to try and redeem herself. what’s wrong with the picture? i’ve seen hundreds of people site like that, so what’s the big deal? why do we have to condem her for doing things we all do? at least i’m proud of myself for not judging her like everyone else. People need to regain a sense of humor and dignity in this world and see that she doesn’t need all the negativity from everyone.

  • http://ccccc amy

    Leave Her Alone Okay
    You Might Be The Ones Who Are W****s
    Not Her!
    Amy C x

  • boo

    miley suckrus!


    only a perv would look at this picture of a young girl and find it sexy. the same perv that found the picture that was controversial sexy. people that are like that would find a picture of a kid just standing there fully clothed sexy. they are just sick people.

  • Jaybird

    Like Miley but humans should NOT be drinking milk after the age of two (and no cow milk at all).

  • Marttinka

    She is awesome..:)I have blog about her…
    I love her music…:)

  • Louise

    I hate milk it makes me puke, but Miley makes me wanna drink it!! YOU GO MILEY

  • eddie jones

    enough to make me stop drinking milk. skank

  • Zanessa’s fan

    Miley is a bitch!!
    I Hate She!!
    W Zac & Vanessa 4ever!!

  • sam

    Some of you are beyond ridiculous.

    She looks gorgeous! Great ad.

  • tarly

    hmmmm does she realy drink milk? who knows!

  • LINA

    love miley

  • brittany

    i hate her…
    she looks ugly..
    as always…


  • anna

    miley,you’re awesome. and you are an inspiration to millions so don’t listen to the brainless haters. :)

  • Stacy

    Love her! :D
    Makes me want to actually drink the milk! lol

  • fan ashley tisdale //

    29# hahahahaha miley ugly????
    you’re crazy
    miley is really pretty!!!
    i love her!!!!

  • Nessa baby

    OMG it’s so cute,too bad I’m alergic to milk.I’m sorry but if you find something wrong with this picture then your a perv.There is nothing sexual about it.

  • chantall

    hey miley tottaly looks cute i this not lovin the boots

  • eira


  • eira


  • eira


  • Jen

    more like cum them milk

  • michelle

    She’s so pretty even with the milk mustache. She is a great singer and actress. :]

  • carol

    she’s sooooooooo ugly
    omg! why people even like her?

  • breezy

    duck-billed platypus

  • Jen

    more like come then milk

  • Help reunite the best couple of the 90s era
    Jason Priestley and Jennie Garth are the hottest together!!!!!!!

  • Bekkah

    miley is not a slut or a whore , the people on here are RIDICULOUS!!
    Its a milk add and there is nothing wrong with this pic or the one in vanity fair.
    miley is cool and i think mabie someone is jealous or just waiting for her to screw up!
    I think those people should get a life.

  • dawn Renay

    she knows thats not milk!

  • em

    in her video it’s just like

    this makes me not want to drink milk >:[

  • em

    in her video it’s just like

    this makes me not want to drink milk >:[

  • Annie

    Why would any one think this is at all perovicative? If they do they are just perverted.

  • Kelly

    thats not milk (wink wink)

  • Ri ri

    i’m not a big fan of her but i don’t really see what the problem is. am i missing something in this picture? because all i see is a teenage girl with a milk mustache with her leg on a chair. i sit like that at SCHOOL all the time. everyone else is just jealous. and they are just making this big because they need some new news because her photos are getting old. keep up the good work miley.