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Natalie Portman Does the Cannes Cannes

Natalie Portman Does the Cannes Cannes

Natalie Portman joins other jury members for the Jury Photocall during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival on Wedesday in Cannes, France.

Portman, 26, talked a bit about American politics at the photocall. She was not endorsing anyone but “that for the first time in a while we have to chose between who we like better instead of who we hate less”.

Penn added a few comments about President George Bush‘s politics, which he referred to as “inane stupidity”. He said, “When somebody operates without a brain and without a heart they kill hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. It is a shame that we have to bastardize the word ‘politics’.”

Pictured below left to right: Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Rachid Bouchareb, Natalie Portman, S, Jeanne Balibar, Sean Penn, Alexandra Maria Lara and Sergio Castellitto.

10+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman does the Cannes Cannes…

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Credit: KCSPresse; Photos: WENN, Splash News Online
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  • Helena

    I think her and Alexandra Maria Lara are both beautiful.

  • http://msn penny


  • Ceci

    PRETTY. But what happened to her knees? !!

  • Meagan

    Social awareness, intelligence, beauty, talent and a conscience. Most of the seemingly brainless young “starlets” in Hollywood would do well to try and emulate Natalie Portman in an attempt to improve our world rather than spending all their time arranging photo ops for their shopping sprees and putting their names on other people’s hard work. Not to mention the ones that get busted for drinking and drugging.

  • AnnieRich

    Sean Penn comment is so right.

  • Janie

    Sean Penn needs to stop talking. Period. Nobody cares who celebrities are voting for. It’s not their place to go out and endorse them. I’m not saying they can’t have opinions, it just gets old. We want to hear about your movies, not your views.

  • AnnieRich

    Thats your opinion, Janie. I have mine.

  • hypocrite

    I hate the look. Shorts-suits are not flattering to the body.

  • Janie

    I’m not cutting you down AnnieRich, I just wanted to make a comment.

  • lili

    i love this years Jury!!
    wonder which films they’re going to pick :)))

  • Laura

    gorgeous, just gorgeous !

  • AnnieRich

    Ok, Janie.

  • Henry

    Another stupid comment from Penn & another reason not to see any of the crap he does!

  • sm

    Sean Penn– “no brain and no heart”? Is that anything like a high-profile actor who cheats on his high-profile actress wife over and over again with girls young enough to be his daughters? No brain and no heart, indeed.

  • bejeebus

    sean penn shouldn’t talk about people “operating without a brain” since he seems to operate by using his LITTLE HEAD much of the time. he can’t even manage to be loyal to his poor wife but he wants to tell everyone else how to thik and behave. when will that left wing has-been start to understand that people don’t care what he thinks. any American who goes to visit with an individual like hugo chavez should no longer be considered a citizen. sean penn is a fuucktard.

  • Lil

    Natalie is sooooooooo pretentious…but still very beautiful

  • Chloe

    Natalie is beautiful. It is very sad that she didn’t hook up with Jake Gyllenhaal. With her entire background, she is a much better person for Jake than Reese Witherwhore. LOL for the rumours of Jake and Reeses’ upcoming marriage.


    i love her cute lil outfit its adorable!


  • AnnieRich

    I think she shoul hook up with Jude Law. That would be a beautiful couple.

  • jamila

    She’s exceedingly beautiful but I don’t like her look here at all. The shoes are fug and the shorts make her look stumpy. Her hair is too light (I prefer her when it’s dark brown, closer to her natural color) and she’s got WAY too much makeup on even though it’s obvious her makeup artist was going for a “natural” look.

  • Irishdreams

    She is soo attractive..and gee this time at canne she has hair..last time she was there in 05 promoting SW she sported her baldness..the only woman I know that can look attractive without hair..either way she is great..I love her looks casual but dressy

  • BermudaJamaica

    Effortless chic. Don’t much care for her as an actress but she always look fab!

  • A-hole

    Nat, you’re very pretty and all, but um, I’m sorry. Saggy formal shorts? You needs to fire your stylist pronto!

  • ☆ Best Beach Vacations ☆

    :) She is the true defination of beauty :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • oh snap!


  • Regina

    I think with a better top, I would’ve liked this outfit.

  • ILove2Read

    great photos of Natalie. She really is incredibly talented

  • james


  • oakling

    I would have thought it was INSANE stupidity, myself….

  • czl vo xho

    one word for her: overrated.

  • Help reunite the best couple of the 90s era

  • rolling eyes

    People are put on pedestals that have no business being put there
    and natalie portman is one of them…

  • Raven

    Natalie I think could be the most beautiful girl in the world! :D

  • jane two

    Sean Penn = inane and insane and stupid. I’m sick of left-wing Hollywood propaganda. Go on over to Iran or Venezuela and stay there, Sean. We won’t miss your elitist do-good for nothing attitude

  • sweetauntie


  • zoe

    unusual but i think she looks cute. maybe not right for the cannes festival…i wouldve love to see her in a dress. her makeup and hair is gorgeous though!

  • b

    kudos to penn for the comment
    she has such a gorgeous face, like a young audrey hepburn or something but she dresses so fucking ugly

  • suitable

    I like that daytime outfit. There is some attitude on it.
    She looks so beautiful. I love her. Smile on dear Natalie :-D

  • Chrissy

    I don’t get what’s so great about her?!?! Yes, she has talent, but so does millions of other people too!
    As for Sean Penn…. can’t stand the guy! It’s one thing to give your oppinion about someone,.. but he just down right slanders the president of this country. If he would have just flat out said,..”I don’t agree with the president or his views..” Something along those line,.. I’d have much more respect for him. But NO… he has to call him names and slander him like a bully picking on a kid at the playground.
    NO CLASS!!!