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Reese & Jake: Wedding in the Works

Reese & Jake: Wedding in the Works

Jake Gyllenhaal is ready to ask for Reese Witherspoon‘s hand in marriage, reports OK!

“They’ve been talking marriage for a while,” a source close to Reese says. “They’ll be formally engaged any day now. They want to spend the rest of their lives together.”

But Gyllenspoon won’t be moving in together and having kids before tying the knot.

“This is a very serious relationship,” Reese‘s pal adds. “But Reese is very conservative and traditional. I’m sure she doesn’t want her kids to see her ‘living in sin.’”

DO YOU THINK Reese and Jake will get married before the end of the year?

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101 Responses to “Reese & Jake: Wedding in the Works”

  1. 1
    Janie Says:

    I doubt this is true. But if it is, good luck to them both! I adore Reese, and Jake is such a sweetheart!

  2. 2
    rolling eyes Says:

    OF all the plathora of men available to this woman, she went for Jake G.

    I know they say money can’t by love but in this case you just gotta wonder…

  3. 3
    Truth hurst Says:

    I think they are a nice couple but I don’t see them getting married.

  4. 4
    juju Says: new video

  5. 5
    ♥♡Blade♡♥ Says:


  6. 6
    Mandy Says:

    They are really cute together, but marriage? I don’t think so. When you are mad in love with someone, your brian sometimes is not working normal.

  7. 7
    Nanea Says:

    Of course OK is the epitome of thruthiness and reliability…

    Wait! What? Who are they trying to kid? Didn’t they have Brangelina breaking up and/or married more than people have fingers on their two hands?

  8. 8
    Ivana Says:

    They will married, but secretly……..

  9. 9
    sillyme Says:

    Well, she’s not that conservative or traditional…she was 5-6 months pregnant when she married Ryan. I’m glad to see her find happiness, though. Jake seems like such a well rounded and normal guy.

  10. 10

    Phonyspoon is boring as hell!

  11. 11
    Ana Says:

    Can I throw up now?


  12. 12
    michelle Says:

    I like them seperately but I’ve never liked them together. I’ve always thought it was weird. I think it would be really weird if they got married!
    How long have they been dating?

  13. 13
    Nika Says:

    @post #7 and #9: totally true!

    If it’s right, then I’ll be happy for them both. They seem very grounded and complete each other very well. Ryan was too jealous and couldn’t be happy for Reese and her success. Hopefully Jake will not make the same mistake!

  14. 14
    LAME Says:

    So the big news is that they are NOT ENGAGED?



  15. 15
    ex Reese's fan Says:

    “How long have they been dating?”

    They are not dating, it’s a fauxmance.

  16. 16
    Mary Says:

    I would like them to marry, they are very cute together and I wish them a lot of luck in the future.

  17. 17
    Glenn Says:

    what a stupid ******* cover story.

  18. 18
    tam Says:

    I’m disappointed in Jake for many reasons! There’s something off with this romance!

  19. 19
    caroline Says:

    the way it’s worded, sounds like a story ok mag made up.

  20. 20
    caroline Says:

    sounds like a story ok mag made up.

  21. 21
    angelina fan Says:

    They seem so in love – I hope they have a fairy tale wedding and get their happily ever after. They deserve it.

  22. 22
    Rse Says:

    A wedding is a good thing to them and everyone that matters to them, especially their family, except their weird or/and sick fans.

    Go, Reese and Jake.

  23. 23
    Anon Says:

    I don’t know if they will get married or not. Think about it. She is 33 with two kids. Her kids are still little. 4 and 8. Jake is 27 and he never had any kids. He seems like he would probably want to have kids. Her kids are really cute but they are very close to Ryan. Even if they like Jake, it isn’t the same thing.I bet he really wants kids. So if Reese wants to really marry him, even tho she and Ryan just broke up only a year ago, then she will have to be willing to have more kids. And maybe she doesn’t want to. It isn’t so easy once you get older. My sister has two sets of kids and it has ruined her life. She is miserable. Maybe Reese wants to try doing different stuff with her career.

  24. 24
    O.M.G. Says:


  25. 25
    legs Says:

    she deserves to be happy, so if this is true, congrats to them.

  26. 26
    cyclone avenger Says:

    Poster #10 (Phoneyspoon) you’re the one who’s boring as hell.

    I mean can you at least come up with something original? Do you wait for every and any story related to Jake/Reese just to post the same stupid sentence? I mean that’s pretty pathetic if that’s what you do. If they’re so sad and boring why are you so obsessed with them?Why not get a new hobby instead of being a weird stalker.

    Get over it will ya. No one is buying your crap.

    As for the story itself, Reese and Ryan broke up nearly two years ago now and she and Jake have been together for about 16 months. They seem to spend all their free time together so i’m pretty sure they’re serious at this point. I’m not sure if this particular story is true or not (I actually doubt that it is) but when they get married i’m sure it’ll be quiet and we’ll learn about it after the fact.

  27. 27
    Rse Says:

    the story is probably false. Jake’s work schedule is full this year, isn’t it?

  28. 28
    Helena Says:

    BS, I really doubt that she’ll get married for a while after Ryan, why would she go through it again?!

  29. 29
    lulu Says:

    I like this couple but I don’t believed they gonna married soon. Marriage is not the first time for Reese , I think she would be very careful this time after her 1st fail marriage. beside she just divorce her husband last year. Reese was always a grounded and smart person. I don’t she would rush to marriage this time.

  30. 30
    Erica Says:

    These two generate the heat of of two twigs rubbed together. There isn’t going to be any wedding, I barely believe these two are more than platonic.

    And that last quote about Reese being conservative is kind of a joke considering she was knocked up at like 22 and had a shot-gun wedding…

  31. 31
    oops Says:

    “Friends of the pair say it won’t be long now before Jake pops the question to his lady love”

    Damn those pesky friends, they’ve gone and spoilt the surprise now. But hold on, didn’t I read that he already proposed at least three or four times before now? He’s persistent, I’ll give him that. Or maybe this is made up BS.Hmmm…

  32. 32
    Shoplittlegifts Says:

    Well I do think he’s much better than her ex. They do look really happy together. Plus I think Jake will be a really good influence for Ava and Deacon. Hope it all works out.

  33. 33
    me Says:

    I hope they do get married. How refreshing would that be? So many Hollywood couples now dont believe in marriage.

    They look like a great couple.

  34. 34
    CelebrityFanChat Raph Says:

    Maybe. Good luck to them

  35. 35
    s Says:

    Reese Witherspoon got serious with Jake Gyllenhaal so soon after her divorce because Jake Gyllenhaal is her lover for lot of years…When Jake Gyllenhaal practiced sport with Ryan Phillippe with the same trainer he was lover of her women.
    It is the motive she used the dress of Kirsten Dunst in Golden Globe from 2006 besides “happy horner” Ryan Phillippe too.
    She is very bad example for her children because she has lot of lovers in Hollywood whose are giving better places in films…
    I thing that she and Jake Gyllenhaal will open a brothel with 3 floors:
    The first floor will work only young peaple and she will put her daughter to work there. The second floor will be only for old woman and she will work there and the thirty one will be only for man and Jake Gyllenhaal will work there too….
    Perhaps the brothel can help the money difficulties by Nailed!

  36. 36
    s Says:

    This mental retarded look for another mother to play in kindergarten with him!!!
    All nepotism and prostitution are destroying this film industry.
    Poor hOLLYWOOD

  37. 37
    denise Says:

    I love these two together. But I doubt this story is true. I think OK be fishing.

  38. 38
    American Says:

    I always wished that Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst got back together while Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philipe reconciled

  39. 39
    Lemon Says:

    Way to go jackass. Calling anyone a “mental retarded” is crude and extremely offensive to those affected by mental illnesses.

    What a nice pal Reese has, how kind of them to divulge information about the relationship, despite the fact that neither Reese or Jake have discussed it themselves. I call BS by OK

  40. 40
    Ivana Says:

    Poor Kiki, she must be so depresive !!!

  41. 41
    Chelsea Says:

    I highly doubt that this story is true. When do you ever believe anything OK Magazine has to say. There just another rag mag. It was very well predicted that a story of this would come between Jake and Reese. Why? Because its another cover up to marry them off due to Jake’s gayness. If they do marry at somepoint down the road, you can be sure it will not last more than a couple of years. Its just more Hollywood PR bullshit like all of the other HW couples out there.

  42. 42
    denise Says:

    i never believe anything OK magazine says but I would like to see them married, they are adorable together!

  43. 43
    Chris Says:

    She;s a bit over the hill for more children. And Jake may not be able or willing to produce them. So it may be a good fit. If he wants kids perhaps they could adopt. Or something else…who knows? Anyhoo she’s the aggressive one, no doubt. He has always been snared by the other party and Ryan was jumped on by her. Question: is Jake ready to be devoured by a man eating female who has all the money?

  44. 44
    foRW Says:

    According to sources Reese doesn’t want anymore kids. Now that she lost all that weight and has to work very had to keep it off, she refuses to get pregnant again. That will be one of the reasons these two will break up.

  45. 45
    Chris Says:

    “Cute, cute, cute, cute…” is that the only thing moronic fans can say about movie stars??? Cute, cute, cute, cute. What about calling them tuce, tuce, tuce, for a change? Or ectu ectu ectu ectu? Or Cetu, cetu, cetu? Anything but the constant idiotic description of “cute”.

  46. 46
    Chris Says:

    I always wished that Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst got back together while Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philipe reconciled

    Why would Jake want to get back together with an alcoholic who had to go into rehab? Or Reese with a two timer who, they say, screwed another woman when he was away for a bit? What a stupid idea.

  47. 47
    Chris Says:

    One reason they are meant for each other. There aren’t many more around like them. They are about the only couple in Hollyweird who are not into drink and drugs.

  48. 48
    bad move Says:

    These two make the worst couple. I hope they don’t get married. I can’t imagine a 27 year-old actor wanting to be dominated by Reese for the rest of his life and take her kids needs into consideration every time he makes a decision. Actors are by nature very selfish and hate to give the spotlight up to anyone. It’s the reason that two actors can NEVER have a successful relationship.

  49. 49
    Ivana Says:

    I feel sorry for him, being raised in Hollywood is not that easy,
    I must admit. i kind like Chris ironical comments, but not always….

  50. 50
    krispy Says:

    They are tooooo cute! They need to hurry up and have a baby!

  51. 51
    Chris Says:

    Well I don’t think Jake has had a difficult life at all. He’s had a very easy life; born to a family with money and connections, sent to an expensive school, a successful movie career, smoothed by his parents’ connections, etc., etc. Come on, there isn’t any angst there. By the way, news now is that he denies wedding rumors. I guess he isn’t ready to become Mr. Witherspoon right now. And that’s what he’d be: Mr. Witherspoon.

  52. 52
    emma Says:

    Ivana, you must be kidding! Difficult being raised in Hollywood? Like Chris said, he has a family that completely supports him, great connections in the film industry through his parents, that’s a big part why he is where he is right now! I would say he’s a lucky man!

  53. 53
    dj Says:

    Um, how would either #51 or #52 know if Jake has had it “easy”. Unless you are Jake then you or I don’t know anything about how “easy” or “hard” he has had it. Please.

    Same with the stupid comments about Jake and Reese being a fauxmance or Jake being gay, etc.

    Point is this Ok article has no real info and sounds very made up.

    I think Jake is a very talented actor, family or no family in HW. He has proved himself a great actor in many movies that I really like.

  54. 54
    emma Says:

    Please dj, in comparison to colleagues who have no connections whatsoever, the colleagues who have connections, especially good connections like Jake, have it easier!

  55. 55
    vicki Says:

    I think he is gay and she’s a tramp who pretends to be “the good girl”.

  56. 56
    -- Says:

    Help reunite the best couple of the 90s era
    Jason Priestley and Jennie Garth are the hottest together!!!!!!!

  57. 57
    Vanessa Says:

    OH MY GOD, ELES PRECISAM SE CASAR, EU VOU TER UM INFARTO *-* oie, não sei inglês e to postando em português mesmo ._.

  58. 58
    gywinnies gay pal Says:

    I seriously doubt they are getting married as Jake Gyllenhaal is a homosexual. Reese is his beard, this is well known.

  59. 59
    madonna Says:

    They are so cute. I hope if they do get married, it will be forever. hmmm…i hope so.

  60. 60
    lala Says:

    they look SO CUTE togheter!!!
    what if she is older than he and has two kids??, I don’t understand why does a family have to be so conventional? ,
    people need to open their minds.

  61. 61
    doomed Says:

    They are a terrible match up. When he is 35 and at his peak working years as an actor she will be in her 40′s and unable to get the work she wants. She isn’t going to follow him around. Her kids will be 16 and 12 and need to be in one location for school. If they marry it will not last. They are doomed. Why try. Just marry a NON-ACTOR and maybe they would have a chance at a happy marriage. If that is actually what they care about. Most people think that this relationship is more about making them both more marketable and popular.

  62. 62
    dj Says:

    Emma, good connections only get you so far. Paris Hilton has good connections and you would never say her movies are good. So it takes more than knowing someone to continue to get work and be respected as an actor. Sorry but I don’t get all the nastiness and hate towards Jake. And a lot of the ignorance about sexuality and relationships that makes many of you sound like children.

  63. 63
    STfu dj Says:


    ****runs away sobbing********

    BTW it’s the internet not your house, people can say what they want about your precious jake

  64. 64
    SAM Says:

    This is another one of their stories to quell Jake’s gayness. This also makes good PR for their careers, especially since their movies tanked at the box office lately. I don’t expect their next movies to do very well at the box office either. So they need something else to help continue promoting their careers.

  65. 65
    LOLA Says:

    JESUS! Run, Jake, Run!

  66. 66
    LOLA Says:

    JESUS! Run, Jake, Run!

  67. 67
    anon. Says:

    Jake is very young to get married. I think he must dedicate to his career. Reese must be freak control Jake deserves a woman more open mind (like me – LOL)!

  68. 68
    solaris Says:

    Every one who made 5 years difference as a big deal shall think about it again, when they are over thirty. What would you say, if it’s the other way around. That Jake was 33 and Reese was 27? No comment, hah?

    And if Reese “was knocked up”, no body put a gun on Ryan’s head when he did it, or? One thing that I have to say, I respect Ryan for marrying Reese. At least he did not run away when Reese was pregnant.

    If they love each other, why not? But since it is from OK, I will close my eyes and ears. I believe it when they say it!

  69. 69
    s Says:

    Nepotism is very organazed in Hollywood. They have a a really press army whose put all time long them in magazines and television. It is a german Blitzkrieg in every Mass Media.

    Look at Robert Downey Jr. He was arres for possession of heroin, cocaine and an unloaded 357-Caiiber Magnum. He had to spend nearly a year in a state prison in Cordoran, California or two times arrest …
    He is a realy criminal and very danger for society!

    Reese Witherspoon whose is a prostitute of Hollywood studios and in a argument with a paparazzi and the police founde him death in Brenwood. She has a brother whose was by police too because he trying to abuse a women and he work with her!

    Victor Salva whose was in prison because he abuse of a 10 years old boy.

    Wood Allen whose abused of his adoctive children and live with one
    of them .

    Roman Polansky whose abused a 13 years old girl and he must go out of USA because the police had suspect that he killed her own wife, Sharon Tate and he take part of the Mason sect too.

    And lot of actors whose are criminals in Hollywood.

    The lobbies whose support all these criminals are very strong and all those garbage and excrements invaded our house and give bad examples for our children.
    I am not surprise because the young people are more aggressive at presents.
    Here in Europa lot of Hoteis don’t acept families with children more!
    Nowadays young people are unsuportable!

  70. 70
    Ivana Says:

    Emma / Chris, i don’t mean life like that….
    I mean his everyday life, exposed with everyday gossip, when some things are true, and some are vicious lies….
    I don’t know, live with fact that people constantly call you gay…..
    He maybe have money, power and influence, but he lost his freedom….. If you all, know what i mean…..

  71. 71
    s Says:

    I wai only when the criminals and the prostitutes of Hollywood will make a film in style of dirty film Brokeback Mountains. I wait for a Hollywood film whose support pedophyly.
    I don’t know why these people in Hollywood hat the humanity!
    Nobody in world has a blame that their mothers are protitute or their sons and daughters are an abortion.
    These monsters whose I gave the example # 69…Y
    Hollywood leathers their mothers are dammed. And dammed is the son and daughter of all criminals or people whose inspirate others to realize bad things …
    You will vitim of all malice and cruelty on day and you will receive the double of cruely in your own family in future here in our world!

  72. 72
    Ivana Says:

    Guys, you constantly call Reese control freak,
    you wouldn’t be like that, if you have someone like Jake next to to you, with fact, that he is awaking up next to you every morning…. ha…ha

  73. 73
    Ivana Says:

    Being raised in Hollywood is bless, you have connection and privileges, your life is easier, you don’t have to worry about future…

    But it is also a curse, look for example Kirsten Dunst, she was and still is talented young actor, who shoot so many good movies, but now she loosing her roles, because alcohol problems and she is only 25.
    Heath Ledger most beautiful and talented actor, died in 28, only because of role who destroyed his personality….
    We all think, that they enjoy in life, but he truth is totally different….
    And, all who believes that Jake wasn’t stressed by Heath’s death, they wrong, he just don’t want to talk about that in public….

  74. 74
    kkcc Says:

    if this is true then i think its too soon…

  75. 75
    s Says:

    The films of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are failure. Nobody can explain why mediocre actress like her win this big salary only show that she is practinng prostitution!
    Nowadays the marriage from actors and actresses don’t work well and they always have a divorce because they haven’t respect for nobody and for yorselves too

    I will explain because all this bad films of Hollywood give so many bad examples.!!
    Nowadays there are lot of hotels in Europa whose don’t acept families with children.
    Probable the children have the same mentality and learned with dirty Hollywood people unfair plays. Sleep with the man or woman of another people ” à la Hollywood prostitution” etc…
    Like Jake Gyllenhaal whose sleeped with Reese Witherspoon when she got married with Ryan Phillippe and used the dress of Kirsten Dunst besides him for example….
    It is a big differences between these too societies!!
    Nowadays the Hollywood society is a collection of mental debts . The most part of people over there can only eat, drink and to go in toilet during the day. Perhaps in the toilet they have the better adventuries during their monotonous days or when they make a sex and…perhaps the man became a ***** erection etc. Sometimes they can go to Hollywood studios and vomit when they speak!!!

    The other society must educate engineers, doctors, architects, musician or a simple cleaner… The mentality of these people is the mentality whose have respect for work….They must have a family with structure and they don’t admit that nobody with a blink butt or ****** or a erect ***** destroy their lives…

    Nowadys the actors and actresses have lot of luck because every man whose know how to give a structure for their families would let their sperm in a butt or ****** of Reese Witherspoon and her prostitute colleagues of Hollywood industry and give a good kick in the middle of their butts.

  76. 76
    dj Says:

    #63, you stfu, idiot.

    From the sound of it a lot of the posters here are the true failures not Jake or Reese.

  77. 77
    brin Says:

    S, why are you so obsessed with Jake and Reese? I don’t see your insane ramblings on all the other “failure” “prostitute” etc. actors posted on JJ. Besides being insane you are a hypocrite. Get a life.

  78. 78
    s Says:

    brin asslicker!

    How many money the managment and PR people gave to you to score the blogs daily on any negative comment of them?
    I have said anothers bad names of Hollywood industry at present.

    Robert Downey Jr. son of filmmaker Robert Doney
    Health Ledger and others with drugs problems.

    3 pedophil directors with problem by justice and police
    Wood Allen
    Roman Polanski
    Victor Salva

    Another actors involved with pedophily
    Christipher Bradly
    Matt Irvin
    Jeffrey Jones
    Paul Reubens

    And all the garbage that normal films of Hollywood is showing to fight against the pornographic industry .
    The Disney Company with new directors and owners whose would like to destroy the good image of Walt Disney with film whose promove incest lover between a brother and sister ( The house of yes) and other garbage and their young prostitutes whose take naked photos from Disney Channel etc..

  79. 79
    brin Says:

    S, you are seriously deranged.

  80. 80
    opa Says:

    S , you’re a sicko, really!!

  81. 81
    s Says:

    brin/ opa
    You are 2 idiots
    And brin . I hope that you can understand what I am speaking about!
    I use expressions very, very,very rude not because I normaly use them. The motive is that nowadays the people don’t understand well or pretend not understand…Then we must be rude and direct…I can’t be hypocrite this way!
    I repeat. Hollywood is a dirty brothel and the people whose like the bad atmosphere and false philisophy that this industry preach are bad character!

  82. 82
    opa Says:

    haha wathever you sicko *****

  83. 83
    s Says:


    Asslicker! Wake up!. You live in world of illusion!

    Nowadays the mass media support a world without respect, descency, shame… The same news that the mass media give for a murder, give for mediocre actors and actreeses too because the mass media don’t know what is fame!

  84. 84
    Shut the f*#k up already! Says:

    I totally agree with # 26! You took the words right out of my mouth at least for the first part. Come on b*tches you can’t come up with better lines besides Phonyspoon? I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that lame a$$ joke but it’s making my head hurt- no seriously lame a$$es!

    As for them getting married i think it’s still to soon for it but if they do then I’ll be happy for them. And whoever the f*#k’s name is Ex Reese fan- b*tch please!Your an ex Reese fan for what?You don’t even know the whole story b*tch so stop guessing.

    And if you really are an ex fan that really and truly shows how pathetic , low down, and mature you really are. As for the ones who continues to still continue to say this is fake!F*#k you whores! Go suck your mothers d*ck and quit stalking these people I’m really beginning to wonder and feel afraid for them myself because of people like you all who put so much hate into words for people you BARELY EVEN F*#KING KNOW!

    By the way Ryan is an obnoxious, cry baby, sissy looking b*tch.Stop thinking with your pu$$ys and think with your heads. This guy is a f*#king moron!Please believe me when i say this. He doesn’t know how to act (and i mean this literally)nor present himself in public. To tell you the truth i don’t even know why in the f*#k he became famous except for his girly looks.Jealous piece of sh*t! Oh and please stop acting like your faces are just works of art typing behind your little computers making other people think your cute. Maybe you are but as for the most of you Ha!

  85. 85
    Angie Says:

    what!? They’re dating? lol.

  86. 86
    anon. Says:

    Reese must go back to Ryan and set Jake free! This man is too much sand for Reese´s truck I mean Jake deserves a better girl. No problem with Reese but she is older than and two kids mother. He is young and single it´ll be better if he gets married with single girl without kids!

  87. 87
    jackiswack Says:

    LOL clean up on aisle 84. Gyllenbabbler looses **** totally.

    Give it up already. Why is it so important to you that people don’t say negative things about someone you DON’T KNOW will NEVER KNOW may or may not be the things you IMAGINE him to be.

    You are a pathetic troll. Your fake swears and your word choices clearly indicate that you are the same person who posts these same rants on about 20 other sites.

    Get a life.

  88. 88
    sweetsue Says:

    Apparently, both of them will have movies coming out in 2009. Start the pr bandwagon now.

  89. 89
    Chris Says:

    SAM and Doomed make good points. Jake has denied the rumors of marriage so I would not take them seriously. What continues to be strange is why he at 27 (not too young for marriage) is hanging out with a divorcee with two kids when he could be making time with some sweet chick who would make him a good wife and bear his children. If Jake isn’t gay, he might be impotent. Maybe that’s why he’s never allowed his **** to be photographed. LOL

  90. 90
    Chris Says:

    Re having it easy in Hollywood and Dunst, etc. Dunst was put out to work as a kid and never had a normal adolescence. These types often wind up with problems. Jake’s parents wouldn’t let him do movies, etc. until he was about 19 or 20. He had a normal adolescence, private high school, etc. It’s a rare kid who can be a child movie star and still end up okay. Dan Radcliffe SEEMS okay, but I worry a bit about him, since I wonder what will happen once his father stops watching over him all the time, as he does now. Unless you are very very well grounded it is very easy to go off the rails in Hollyweird.

  91. 91
    s Says:

    The parents of Jake Gyllenhaal, the director Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Foner are people with very bad character and they stem from very bad europeans families.
    Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie Gyllenhaal began their career showing their dirty butt in films.
    The voice of Jake Gyllenhaal is horrible and Reese Witherspoon became very old last 2 years. Her face is a really face of a old women with 40 or more. I have the impression that the botox or facelitf won’t help her in the future. Her face had this tendence when she was younger and now she became worse! The old proccess dominated her.

  92. 92
    Mia Says:

    jackiswack, you are just as pathetic and obsessed with proving you know about Jake’s sex life. Give it up.

    S you are the one who continues to show that you are a person with very bad character.

  93. 93
    Anon Says:

    Why do people bother to read s’s posts, I just scroll past them so easy.

  94. 94
    Ivana Says:

    Chris, totally agree with you!!! Your last post is brilliant :-)
    Dan Radcliffe, kid from Harry Potter??

  95. 95
    Ivana Says:

    Jake impotent… I don’t think so….
    Maybe Reese doesn’t want to ruin her figure!!!

  96. 96
    Chris Says:

    Yes Ivana, the Dan Radcliffe of Harry Potter. It is fascinating in his case since you can see him grow up as you watch the Potter movies. A sweet innocent kid in the first one and much more mature in the last one. In a sense it is sad: he was so “adorable” (hate to use that word) and charming and innocent when he began in the movies and now he is, well, a bit harder and tougher, I suspect, and not so sweet. It is probably inevitable if you grow up as a movie star. I am sure he is still quite a nice person by Hollyweird standards, but he has lost that naivete that he had when younger. Compare him acting in David Copperfield when he was 9 to his most recent when he is 17/18.

  97. 97
    Ivana Says:

    Chris, agree with you, all actors when they small look so cute and naive, but when they grow up, a fame turns them in little monster haha…..
    They become so arrogant and untouchable, all that smiling in front camera….. I don’t now, it looks so unnatural!!!!

  98. 98
    Marie Says:

    All I know is that they won’t get married; She’s baptist He’s jewish. Resse grew up in a very christian household and I have seen several pic of her going to church with her children. I do not believe that she will convert to judaism for Jake!

  99. 99
    rachface Says:

    #2…. if you’re implying that Reese is with Jake for his money, then you should know that she makes, minimum, 15 million a film, and Jake’s last reported salary was 3 million for Jarhead. He is definitely a talented actor, but he doesn’t draw a crowd by himself, so I doubt he’s making more than 5 million (for an average film; his salary for Prince of Persia will likely be higher).

    Not that I’m standing up for Reese, I can’t stand her, but there’s no way Jake has more money than she does.

  100. 100
    Sandi Says:

    Yes, one day we (including the negative people in this list) will all be elderly. As for all the negative people out there who have lots of free time to write because they love gossip and have no lives themselves. A MESSAGE TO ALL: GET WRITING LESSONS OR GO BACK TO GRAMMAR SCHOOL BECAUSE I CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR TRYING TO WRITE.

  101. 101
    glenncoco Says:

    i think there adorable together and i hope the do get married.
    and reese doesnt need his money!

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