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Charlize Theron - "W" Magazine June 2008

Charlize Theron -

Charlize Theron looks breathtaking on the June 2008 cover of W Magazine, out May 20. Here’s what the 32-year-old actress said to W:

On her red-carpet transformations: “It’s great fun when you have three people coming to your house, and one’s doing your nails, one’s doing your hair and one’s doing your makeup. Two hours later, you look gorgeous. But that’s not my life.”

On her choice of roles being driven by its characters: “More interesting stories come my way about what we consider real people than about glamorous, beautiful people. It really irks me that people think I choose these roles because if I’m not looking attractive, they will take me seriously. I’m sorry, but if I’m going to play a cop, I’m not going to be wearing eyeliner. I’m not going to wake up in a scene with lip gloss on, because that’s not how women wake up, not even the most beautiful women.”

On describing her seven-year relationship with actor Stuart Townsend:”(in a cavewoman grunt) Man, woman. Like to touch each other.”

On never getting married but wanting to be a mother: “I always knew that I didn’t want to get married [but] I’ve always known that I’d be a mom from the time I was a little girl.”

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Credit: USA Today; Photos: Craig McDean
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  • mossy

    gorgeous! i like her. i like the bit about man and woman.

  • XxmanaXx

    Shes gorgeous.



  • XxmanaXx

    Yeah, the cavewoman grunt was hilarious. Shes also a great actress.

  • _nika

    ”(in a cavewoman grunt) Man, woman. Like to touch each other.”


  • shayne

    she has quite the high opinion of herself.

  • Age by Hollywood

    32? is this a joke?

    Didn’t she claim to be 37 a yea ago?

  • Here’s The Deal

    On describing her seven-year relationship with actor Stuart Townsend:”(in a cavewoman grunt) Man, woman. Like to touch each other.”

    LMFAO! I love her lol.

  • evie

    Ooohlala. Who wouldn’t want to touch Charlize Theron? And STUART TOWNSEND? I hate that he has so few movies. Lovely, lovely man. Charlize is so lucky. They’re both so lucky. It’s sickening. ;) Hahaha.

  • null

    Beautiful. Although I like Townsend more. But then, I’m a woman.

  • wha?

    shayne, how./where does it sound or can be implied that she has a high opinion of herself? she sounded calm, self assured, intelligent, funny.

  • Char rocks!

    lmao at the Caveman part. That was cute and funny. Char rocks and is the most beautiful woman in hollywood and the only one that is drop dead gorgeous with acting skills to match her looks.

    Her performance in Monster is seriously one of the best ever. But ofcourse some fools just focus on the looks not the acting, that’s all she’s pointing out is she is interested in interesting roles not just uglying up and thinking that’s all she needs to do. Because she is so pretty some people think that. She’s actually said she thinks she’s bland looking and plain. She may not be an exotic brunette like Angelina but to me she is the most gorgeous blonde and looks like a classic beauty, timeless.

  • legs


  • nadia

    Photoshopped, photoshoped. can we all agree on this. She is kind of full of herself,She did an awesome job when she won the oscar but the woman has bombed ever since, She may be attractive but for some reason she doesn’t have that it factor.

  • Mediterranean

    When I think of a woman who is blond and classy, I always say late Princess of Monaco Grace (Kelly) and Charlize Theron.

    I still do believe (and hope desperately) that she is the best one for George Clooney.

  • tom

    She’s the most beautiful actress in Hollywood!Just perfect!

  • acki

    charlize is sooooooooooo beautiful….no chance angelina & co:-))

  • Chloe

    So naturally beautiful and class! and since her oscar she is getting nominations and recognitions at the oscars , at the festivals , honouring awards,and in the critics for North Country,The Valey of Elah , she is getting better and better in her choices and as an actress ,that’s what i call a real actress who takes risks and play a real roles in an indie real powerful movies .

  • zulu

    wahhaahah good on her!!!!

    “Man, woman. Like to touch each other.”

  • adrianna

    She is down to earth,real,lovely and so funny no wonder why all the directors,actors who worked with her say it,and gosh she is breathtakingly beautiful !Jared you have found the word ! she is the most beautiful actress i’ve ever seen, her stunning eyes, her sensual lips,her hot cheek bones,her feminine hot face features her rocking body..she is one private talented beauty.

  • giveme

    She’s so cute. It is said she is dating a rich man met through [r ich kis s dot com]. Is she serious?

  • envious loser

    nadia @ 05/15/2008 at 5:55 am

    Ugly jealous b*,ugly jealous b*,can we all agree on this. she is one of the most low key ppl,and she is having success on success with her peers, and her up coming movie Hancock will bomb your head soon.

  • Char rocks!

    that is not photoshopped nadia you jealous loser. I’ve seen photos of Charlize vacationing in France and she looked exactly like this picture. Sorry if it makes you jealous but she is a real beauty and also you say she’s “bombed” since uh she’s the only best actress winner this decade to get another nomination. She was nominated two years after her win for Monster for North Country. In the Valley of Elah was a great movie and she was great in it and she has more projects in the works by talented filmmakers. Don’t hate because she is the most beautiful actress that can act.

  • mandy

    Oh man she is so beautiful! and i don’t say this usualy about other womans lol, but damn she is stunningly beautiful hands down,a satuesque beauty queen,her acting just blow me away she is a terrific actress.

  • e.

    She is gorgeous. I honestly can’t see how anyone could think otherwise. I think it’s easy for some people to sit at home and be jealous of what they aren’t and cannot have.

    She’s an exceptional actress and and exceptional beauty.

  • Trish

    Charlize & Stuart are husband & wife, they had a private union, the media will never know, it’s their private life.

    To Mediterranean: wad’s up with the George Clooney thing?? IT’s so random. LOL. And hello, Charlize will never be with Clooney no matter how hard u wished for. It’s totally ridiculous!!

  • truvy

    Stunning and IMO, the best lookin’ person in the business.

  • BellaSHAI

    This lady defines Beautiful!!
    i love her!

  • Sega

    We could add to that seven years
    six weeks and five days
    and find the ways :-)