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Clay Aiken's iPhone Walk and Talk

Clay Aiken's iPhone Walk and Talk

American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken chats on his Apple iPhone as he strolls along Montana Ave in Brentwood, Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Clay looked summery in his linen blazer and leather sandals as he went to have lunch with friends at Louise’s.

His latest album, On My Way Here debuted this week at #4 with 94,071 units sold this week. Clay‘s previous album, A Thousand Different Ways, started at No. 2 in 2006, with the much larger sales of 211,000.

Clay has said On My Way Here represents the last five years of his life, but that he didn’t write any of the material. He said he’s “not great” at songwriting and that he’d rather “let the people who are experts in that field do what they do, and I’ll do what I do.”

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Credit: Gaz Shirley,Andrew Shawaf; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • me


  • sivan

    he needs a hair cut lol

  • ellen

    I was just thinking, I like his hair much better.

  • shorty

    he’s so odd looking.. and orange looking.. spray tan much?

  • 007

    iPHONE! I need to get one… someday.

  • madeline

    He is too modest. He did write the lyrics to “Lover All Alone,” which is on the new album. I think he looks super fantastic.

  • madeline

    Why did you edit out the picture of the beautiful girl he’s with? Wowza!!!

  • sillyme

    I don’t like Aiken much, but I’ll give him credit for not trying to write songs just because it’s the thing to do these days. Some really great singers didn’t write any of their material. Having said that, I think he really needs better songwriters. I’ve heard the songs on his new CD, and eh…they’re just okay. There’s got to be some good pop song writers somewhere that can do something with this guy. Or, maybe he should have done another CD of covers.

  • diane

    Do not touch that hair. I love it!! Hot and sexy.

    Shorty your computer must be off. I am not seeing orange at all.

  • claysmyheart

    Clay is absolutely gorgeous !!! I think however someone needs a fact checker ………..Clay DID write a song on this CD !! It’s called “LOVER ALL ALONE” and it is breathtaking! You might want to notice sales of anyones CD’s are low due to I tunes and digital downloading . Josh Grobins were not all that great either !

  • Lori


    looking good, Mr. Aiken!

  • ~c~

    Wow, he looks hot. Not one who likes this blond hair much, but he is sure looking good in these pics, especially #2.

  • Renee

    Cute couple. :-)

    His new album has lots of good songs. There’s something for everyone. You can listen on his MySpace to get the idea.

  • Carolyn

    he looks really hot in those photos

  • nate

    aww, he’s with his cousin jaime( the brunette) and his friend Quiana. I think he looks fine. I still think the haircut is bad but then that’s jaime’s fault too, Clay needs to hire real professionals and not his cousin to do his hair. she sucks at it.

  • cleareyes

    Wow! That’s Clay Aiken ? He looks great! The girl with him is pretty hot too.

  • kate

    They’re not a couple. The white girl is his cousin Jamie, and the black girl is his backup singer Quiana.

    I love his hair there, but if yall don’t like it blame Jamie, she’s also his hair stylist.

  • nate

    HA Kate I see we agree about cousin hairchopper. what an idiot he is to use MS. bowlcutter herself. she must work cheap ’cause that’s the only reason to have her do his hair. she SUUUUUUKS at it.

  • Lynne

    WOW! Clay’s looking might fine!

  • me

    love him but he needs a haircut so badly!
    his album is really good! with half of the exposure the others have i think he did good coming at 4th place!

    “He didn’t write any of the material. He said he’s “not great” at songwriting and that he’d rather “let the people who are experts in that field do what they do, and I’ll do what I do.”

    No Jared, He actually wrote one song on the album called “lover all alone” .. it broke my heart when i 1st listened 2 it!

  • Vangie

    His CD Rocks The best CD of the year. It is edgy and has a very powerful message. I especialy love. Eveything I don’t need, ashes and Where I draw the line and On My way here
    Cute picture He look hawt

  • Julie

    That is one hot looking man…………….lucky girls who are with him! Saw him on Leno…………..liked the new song. Idol should have had him on last night instead of that screeching mess.

  • Carrie

    Hey nate, a.k.a CAP – have you looked in the mirror lately? A person with THAT on her head has no business discussing hairstyles.

  • debbie

    he is freakin hawt and his cd is fabulous. there isn’t a bad song on this cd. Each is so different. Lover All Alone, the song he wrote is beautiful and haunting. Don’t touch the hair it is fantastic.

  • me

    he looks like a woman

  • pAM

    Fantastic pictures. Clay is looking great. His new album is his best to date. Check it out!

  • Susan

    Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot
    Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot
    Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot
    Love his new look

  • Amy

    Clay looks fabulous. I love his new look. He looks so comfortable in his skin. I thought he used to look scared sometimes. Looks like he has adjusted to all his fame.
    Good looking women with him as well.

  • js

    Clay looks good. The new cd has such a variety of sound, Kipper did a nice job of mixing the sound. Of course the vocals are perfect as one would expect with Clay. Actually Jaime is not related by blood. So how long till his detractors get here with their immature remarks?

  • nate

    who the *uck is CAP? I think you guys should stop trying to point fingers. losers! I don’t hang out on message boards. Clay’s haircut is bad and Jaime needs to get a new job. so bite me ” carrie” and I know that you don’t know me. I’m not the type of fan you are. FANTARD!

  • Karen

    Well, to be accurate, the pretty brunette is his step-cousin, they really aren’t related at all. I agree it’s odd she was cropped out of the thumbnail.

    The new album is awesome, can’t pick out a favorite, the songs are all that good.

    Great pics, thanks for posting.

  • Lynn

    Holy Mama! He’s gorgeous! I love this look on him. The man stays true to who he is. Nothing is sexier.

  • Carrie

    Nice try, “nate”, but you wouldn’t know who Jamie is, or that she does Clay’s hair if you weren’t on the boards.

  • shannon

    me – “He looks like a woman.” Ha. Ha. You old thing you. That’s what my grandma says about my cousins.

  • Jo Ellen

    Clay wrote “Lover All Alone” with famed songwriter David Foster on “On My Way Here”. Your info is erroneous. Please clarify. I love his hair.. his look.. and his caring soul.

  • MaryL

    I don’t pretend to know anything about any celebrities personal life, but I do know what I like and Clay Aiken looks freakin’ fantastic in these pics. I thought he was cute on American Idol, but he’s grown up before our eyes. Still sings great, too. Yum.

  • lee

    Oh my. The words “Clay Aiken” and “hot” and “sexy” definitely do NOT belong in the same sentence or paragraph. He is anything but….

  • nate

    carrie. I actually know who jaime is and it has nothing to do with your sh*tty messageboards. Why don’t you grow the HELL up and stop trating everyone like they are a fan from some messageboard. I M NOT ONE OF YOU! NEVER HAVE BEEN NEVER WILL BE> a lot of people who are a fan of Clay’s know who Jaime is. pull your head out of your a$$ and shut up. FANTARD!

  • tess

    Carrie… you are so far off the mark you should stop now and stop embarassing yourself.

  • Just me

    The girl, Jamie is not really Clay’s cousin. They are not related at all. She is his Step-Father’s niece but that does not make them cousins. It makes her his Mother’s, husband’s niece. Aiken likes his life private so to say the gorgeous girl who is “always” with him is his cousin is probably a great way to keep things private. I read his book, “Learning to Sing” and even though he goes through his family and gives each of their names, nowhere does he mention that Jaime is his cousin.

    Clay looks all rested and happy. It is good to see him back with his friends and having a good day out and about.

  • Victoria

    He looks great!

  • annonymous

    stop trying to hook Clay up with his cousin. HE himself introduces her as his cousin jaime. EVERY FREEKING TIME he introdices her. why? to make sure everyone of his fantrds like you know that he isn’ty dating his own cousin. why can’t you old bats accept that to Clay she is ” MY cousin Jaime. “

  • Flo Daytona Beach US

    Wow, he is sure looking hot. Love the hair too. This guy has really developed into some handsome dude. I love his new CD too. Looks like a lot of other people do too…by the sales numbers. He’s got some rocking songs on there, like: ASHES, FALLING, EVERYTHING I DON’T NEED, WHERE I DRAW THE LINE & a beautiful love song called: SOMETHING ABOUT US. Plus he did write LOVER ALL ALONE, which is hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for the pictures…they are gorgeous.

  • Marianne

    Nate……… I feel sooooooo sorry for you! Having to be mean to people in order to feel worthy of something. Very sad indeed. I tell you what! We’ll stop pointing fingers when you prove to us you CAN be a somewhat decent human being. Come to think about that… guess we’ll be be able to point fingers for a LONG time to come! LMAO!!!!!!
    Clay all the way! LOL

  • nate

    BWAH! I was wondering how long it would take for the fans to try and hook Clay up with his cousin Jaime. desparate to make him date SOMEONE! ANYONE! even if it is someone he calls his cousin Jaime. idiots. you guys are the reason my friends don’t like Clay anymore. they’ll buy his stuff, but you guys drive everyone away with your bizzare crap. you hurt Clay far more than anyone else does. you guys are his worst feature.

  • Marianne

    To Yummers………. Just to point something out…. Those photos you are talking about, and that affair you are refering to, and that night in the hotel of NC you also are refering to…. Well, you gotta give it to Clay. Cos that night, he was in New York. You know many people who can be at 2 places at the same time???? (rolling eyes) I am amazed at the number of people who seem to know him PERSONALLY to be able to say he is gay! (again, rolling eyes)

  • nate

    marianne. I would advise you that while you are pointing a finger at me, ther are figers pointed back at you. I would hope that new fans don’t encounter the likes of those that remain, because it’s a sad state of affairs in the Claynation if this is any indication. Claymate fantasies and delusions. why not let Clay do whatever it is he wants to do, and stop making up stuff, stop defending, stop trying to push people. it’s ridiculous. especially concidering the chances that most of you are at an age that should know better.

  • Marianne

    Nate……. Guess what? YOU are your worst feature! LOLLLL

  • kelsthename

    Not sure why Clay has so many haters, but this guy has a fantastic voice, incredible charisma, a killer live show, and a fantastic new CD. With each new hairstyle I keep saying that that is the best he has ever looked, and it couldn’t possibly get any better, then he comes up with a new one and blows me away.
    You may not like his look, you may not like his style of music, but the one thing you can necer deny is that he has a fantastic quality voice. Again, it may not be your cup of tea, but the man can sing.
    Okay, I will admit as well, he is really hawt, if you don’t think so just try going to one of his concerts if he does tour for this CD. He has such a connection with the audience, so much more than other artists our there.
    His niche may be Adult Contempary but he is more than happy to be there, he has no desire to sing the songs that represent everything that he is not. He knows his place and he will stay there.
    The people that are haters are generally those that wanted someone else in his season of American Idol to win, or those that don’t appreciate his look, but usually have never gone to see him live, or have listened to his CDs more than once. Again I say that no one says that everyone has to like his look or style, but everyone should agree this man has pipes and he knows just how to use them…Kel

  • debbie

    Wow!! Clay looks GOOD!!