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Fantasia Has Red Hair, Doesn't Bore Me

Fantasia Has Red Hair, Doesn't Bore Me

Fantasia performs her new single “Bore Me” during Wednesday’s results show of American Idol.

The American Idol Season 3 winner shocked viewers with her bright red hair and a black bejeweled jumpsuit. The best reaction came from Simon Cowell, who sat at the judges table looking aghast and his mouth agape. Like, did that really happen?

Watch the video of Fantasia‘s performance below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Fantasia’s new look???

Fantasia performs “Bore Me” with red hair
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  • ariel

    lmao Kelly can sing anything? Are you kidding me? If she’s the only idol in your eyes, why are all the rest doing so much better? Unless you’re one of the few that bought that cd of hers that tanked and got a refund on that concert she had to cancel.

  • VW

    She will never be described as a natural beauty
    but she is definitely an ARTIST

  • deedubaya

    C’mon, what Fantasia did was waaaaaaaaay less offensive than those pre-results numbers the show makes all of the contestants do together EACH AND EVERY week. Watching a pretty cool guy like David Cook have to dance and sing in those choreographed nightmares with little boy Archulletta is (as Simon would say) APPALLING!!! Good for Fantasia for breaking the mold.

  • Meg

    gmd – I don’t think awed, at least in a good way, applies here. They all looked stunned and mortified. I was never a Fantansia fan, in fact, I thought her season wasn’t very good. However, I personally thought she was ghetto fabulous last night. She got people talking and managed to produce that expression on Simon’s face. It was great!

  • Vick

    Fantasia puts on an incredible live show…….. girl works herself into a frenzy!!!!! She is like the female James Brown…….. a modern day Tina Turner……….. This performance reminds me of Morris Day and the Time.

    This is old fashion FUNK.

  • meximexi

    and how many records did she sell?

  • KAT


  • meximexi

    carrie and kelly were the only good “winners” of the show, america screwed up for voting for her

  • Isabel

    Love the hair, matches her personality …

    Never really was a fan of her before but that performance was really good!!

  • the dq

    Didn’t see it, but I can’t imagine it being any worst than Mariah’s shrieking constantly!

  • the dq

    Didn’t see it, but I can’t imagine it being any worse than Mariah’s shrieking constantly! Can’t stand to listen to either one of them.

  • Mariangela

    I totally loved Fantasia last night, too! Her natural and exuberant energy, her performing talent, her originality and stage presence. She was awesome crazy FUN!!! She made the show worth watching. Otherwise, it would have been one of the most boring Idol nights ever. I really think Fantasia saved the show last night and gave everybody a lesson of what a true Idol should be about. I enjoyed every second of her performance!

  • carrienae


  • Aleezah

    I totally loved Fantasia last night, too! Her natural and exuberant energy, her performing talent, her originality and stage presence. She was awesome crazy FUN!!! She made the show worth watching. Otherwise, it would have been one of the most boring Idol nights ever. I really think Fantasia saved the show last night and gave everybody a lesson of what a true Idol should be about. I enjoyed every second of her performance!

    I CONCUR! I love Fantasia and she was FANTASTIC. She brought much needed oxygen to an otherwise boring show. I have really hated AI this year.

    Who could not figure out the boring end results!

  • nicole

    Why is it that people so often put others down because they are different from the same old norm or it’s not the way they think you ought to be. If that style works for her , then you go girl. For all of you that don’t like it, I think you are too judgemental. Check out what you need to corrected from within your own self. Get real and get a life.
    Let her be who she is. I really admire people with self confidence and know who they are. She doesn’t require your approval any damn way.

    Fantasia you just keep it going. I think you are a real and beautiful person. Don’t change.

  • Enthral

    She didn’t even really sing the song. The back up singers carried most of it. All she did was scream some raspy notes. Not my idea of a good performance.

  • Chatey

    Is it just me or did she barely sing..most of it was done by those three other girls :P

  • Cat

    That was probably the crapiest performance ever on American Idol. If she would have done that in her audition there is absolutely no way she would have been put through. What was she thinking? That was terrible! It was not innovative and not new and definitely didn’t showcase any artistry at all. It was 3 minutes of screeching and screaming something (because for the life of me I couldn’t understand a word she said) while her backup singers/dancers did all the actual singing. It was a trash performance. I bet AI never asks her back because that was embarrassing for all of us who watch AI.

  • katie n

    The performance was brilliant. simon, I think was in sexual ecstasy… there is no other explanation for that dumb**s look. It is not like Fantasia ever looked like a stupid barbie doll or behaved like a ‘girl next door.’

  • not me

    Some people just cannot get it through their thick heads that everybody need not look or behave alike. Fantasia and Carri belong to two different ethnic groups. Fantasia is a funky girl who never pretended to be ‘sqeeky clean’ like carry or kelly. The hair, clothese and even the song reflect who she is… and it is time people accept her for she is. if her work appeals to you be a fan. if not go to one of your idol’s threads.

  • Ally

    i love her when shes soalful… i hate to say it but it really did suck

  • viv

    wow that all i can say well no what the hell is also what i can say

  • fanny24

    WOW. I love her. The hair is wild, shocking and crazy. LOVE IT! The people who are putting her down don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Stop the negativity because you cannot be her. SHE IS A PERFORMER!!! Listen to the words and what the song is about. That performance was great. You do not have to agree with me but please be honest with yourself. This season of Idol SUCKS BIG TIME. NONE OF THE CONTESTANTS CAN SING OR PERFORM. FANTASIA IS THE BEST STAR THAT IDOL HAS and will ever have. She’s the first to get as far as she has and she will always be first, Everyone else will be folowing her TRACKS. The things you all are saying HAVE BEEN said about Tina Turner, Madonna, etc. Tina was told she could not sing and had no talent. Madonna was called trashy and a whore back in the day. LOOK at them now! SHUT YOUR MOUTH and realize when you have been fortunate enough to part of history. Respect GREATNESS,GO OUT AND BUY HER CD & GO SEE HER ON BROADWAY !!!

  • lalalove

    What the f*ck kinda ghetto mess is this!?

  • me

    That performance was a hot mess. Mary J could sing a song like this, but not her. She needs to stick to more soulful and jazzy songs. Simon’s expression says it all.

  • bee

    I hate her voice man. Just like when simon said on american idol that her voice sounds like donald duck and helium. I also hate how she always opens her mouth wide do any of you guys notice that haha

  • jake s

    She is fantastic!!! What a performer!!!
    No other AI contestants can be compared to Fantasia.
    Especially this year’s most of the boring contestants should learn that energy.

  • OMG

    i can’t believe she won AI….=S OMG that was one of the most HORRIBLE performances that i have EVER seen!!! really I thought she was on drugs!!! it was HURTING my ears so bad…that sound was like something that came from planet MARS hahahahah….trust me my face was just like Simon’s and i’m sure a lot of other people’s faces were the same as well………

  • Melissa

    I thought the performance was very energetic. I liked it

  • jvon

    Come on people, be nice to her. After all, it’s tough to be accepted as a woman after a sex change operation. And I can only assume that her hair color is due to some kind of industrial accident.

  • idolwatcher

    Think Grace Jones or Patti Labelle in New Attitude and then you can follow what Fantasia was trying to do and what, I believe, she pulled off well. It was Fantasia, being herself and those that dig it, really dig it, the others were sitting there with their mouth open like Simon, waiting on a translation.

    But, if someone needs to translate it to you, you were never going to get it any way,so go buy Jordin Sparks single, she could use some help in sales.

    On the hair color- does anybody remember Madonna with dark roots, blond hair and dark eyebrows?- Did that look natural? Or flattering? I didn’t think so but Madonna could do whatever the heck she wanted to.

    Fantasia is worthy of the same creative performance and hair liberties.

    Fantasia rocked on Broadway and you don’t have this kind of effect on a New York or American Idol audience by trying to just fit in. I like that she took the chance and stayed true to herself.

    Brava Fantasia!!

  • Maggiedallas

    I can’t care for the hair either. As for the braces the diffrent colors have diffrent meanings. I could not tell if Simon liked her or not?!? As for people talking bad about her….you are just use to the dull people on this show who are stiff as boards and who can not sing or dance…Taylor Hicks! She is a singer/preformer and you are just mad because you have no talent. You will never have hit cd(s) or sing on broadway like she has. Keep moving forward Fantasia and stay true to your great name. Be yourself. Shake those no talent haters off……… Shake shake shake!!!!!!!

  • Gabby

    I love her! Her voice is so unique – with lots of emotion! What an exciting performance!

  • not me

    Some of those who commented that this is a horrible performance, so ghetto….

    I ask, what is wrong with the ghetto… She is celebrating her roots, her culture. And if you cannot stand it then you are very ignorant of what america is all about.
    It is usually people who are from the ghettos themselves who write such ignorant things because they hate their own roots, upbringing. Learn to love who you are and celebrate american culture in its varied manifestations…Go to college and learn about diversity and tolerance.

  • Tim L

    Never would have thought to listen to her before ,but if I could I’d buy that live track!!

  • Miz atl

    OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!! I love her hair , and all you people hatin (because thats exactly what you are doing) need to worry about your sorry behinds because apparently all yall got time for is critizing Fantasia

  • Martaylin

    The best part of that performance was Simon’s look. I had to rewind to see him again. It was like looking in a mirror.

    Fantasia is a freak show. It seems like all she wants to do is shock. Well…She did that! I have never seen a more pathetic demonstration. She looked like a rooster flapping around on stage, shrieking in some strange language. People at work told me to look at Summertime on Youtube but even that wasn’t very good. It was at least tolerable, though. How did she ever win?

    That is what Simon was thinking, too.

  • rashard

    carrie and kelly can”t touch
    miss fantasia barrino

  • ohmygosh

    Oh gosh I can’t believe that performance actually happened. It was shocking!

  • Kelly

    The hair reminded me of Woody Woodpecker, but the sequined top was pretty. The ‘singing’ was atrocious! Fantasia sounded like a banshee on quaaludes. For a minute there, I thought Simon was going to vomit into Paula’s Wonderbra.

  • Deardj

    Fantasia is the sh_t. I saw her in the last night of her lead as Celie in “The Color Purple” on Broadway. People were asking me whether she looked pregnant. I was not there for that, so I don’t know. She did not appear pregnant to me. But, the Musical performance was awesome. I heard the red hair put-downs, and I see nothing wrong with it. Fantasia has her own style of performing. She needed no training, and is a born entertainer. Everytime I see her perform, she does an awesome job. Anybody who can’t take it is just that: “jealous and can’t take it”, and need to get some business; cause Fantasia has hers$$$$$$$$$ Love yall!!! The envious and all.

    Dear DJ
    Durham, NC

  • Deardj

    For those who can’t seem to “get with” Fantasia’s hair will forever remain in the past; because Fantasia has moved on beyond her American Idol Days. She promised everybody that we will see her everywhere, doing everthing. She’s keeping her word, and I am enjoying every minute of her high energy-what many entertainers have not been offering (with exception of Tina Turner, back in her day; and Beyonce & Shakira today). I am so… happy for and proud of Fantasia. She has an awesome history, and where she is now, and what she is doing is “her thang”.

    Dear DJ
    Durham, NC

  • booshie

    Love you Tasia!

  • Abraham

    AWESOMELY AWFUL! Fantasia’s promoters are going to ruin her. That performance would have had her voted off of AI in her competition. She won b/c she sang jazz, the blues, ballads, etc. phenomenally well. What she sang Wednesday night was sh*t pure and simple. Anyone who thinks differently…well, let’s hope they are never in a decision-making capacity for our kids, the arts, etc.

  • kym

    She looked drugged. I thought she was doing a musical number. That was just bizarre!!

  • Erict

    “Fantasia gives the music industry a bad name.”

    What?! Someone who’s career is based on raw talent, rather than looking like a supermodel, gives the industry a bad name? Someone taking risks, being funky, instead of performing paint-by-numbers pop bullshit, gives the industry a bad name? What gives the industry a bad name is when they find some pretty face to attach a bunch of studio technology to, so they can turn out a soulless, shrink-wrapped *product* for tin-eared sheeple like you.

  • Erict

    “I think she should go back to singing softer ballads. I think that is more her speed.”

    You’ve got it exactly backwards: it’s more *your* speed. It’s what your unsophisticated ear can handle.

    As soon as I heard that opening Clavinet riff, I knew we were in for something funky, and Fantasia delivered with total authority, presiding over the groove like a female James Brown. This is a black woman singing black music. If you can’t appreciate that, it’s your loss, not hers. Consider yourself fortunate that part of her huge stylistic range lies within your listening abilities.

  • Jake

    That performance was crazy awesome, don’t even knock it!!!

  • Dana dane

    Oh My, oh my, oh my….. Nothing else to say. Can somebody help her?

  • skylights

    Her performance was awe-inspiring! The idiots (most people) will say they hated it, but that’s why they’re idiots. They have zero taste. Luckily, we intelligent folks were all blown away, and there are enough of us to make her a big star. The plebs can wail all they want about how much Fantasia sucks, but she’ll be too busy rolling in cash to care.