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John Mayer Upgrades to Blackberry Bold

John Mayer Upgrades to Blackberry Bold

John Mayer shows off the perks of being a celebrity in his latest blog entry, showing the world the latest and greatest from RIM — The Blackberry Bold. Here’s what he blogged:

“Hi. My name is John. I like cool stuff, early. Is that so wrong? Isn’t it funny how there are no more “geeks” in the world? Remember the distinction? Now everyone is a geek. So the word is dead. Maybe that’s where “douche” was born. The human need to separate and demean. Who knows. At any rate, It has blazing fast 3G and twice the screen resolution, and the fonts look like something out of the New York Times. Which makes “WHERE R U” read as if it were an op/ed.”

Where do you think Mayer took this photo of his new Blackberry? Jennifer Aniston‘s hotel room, perhaps??

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  • rawya


  • rawya


  • fresh

    he’s annoying.

  • Jill

    This guy is such a joke! Get a life you loser!

  • Anonymous

    Why a woman wants to be with him?

    He’s a joke

  • laila

    love him, and his new cell is so cool

  • Kim

    He’s not as funny as he thinks he is..

  • for real

    haha pee-er,jen stole him from perez hilton.

  • marianna

    He’s so full of himself.

  • urmybff

    i want that phone!!! im obsessed with my blackberry! i can definately see why people call it a crackberry, just cant get enough lol.

  • Nick

    I love him….and he isn’t full of himself..I know people who are WAY worse than him…so what? And the woman who said get a life…I am sure he has a WAY better life than you…

  • really !

    for real @ 05/15/2008 at 6:22 pm haha pee-er,jen stole him from perez hilton.


    Tell me about it ! She’s a ho-wrecker !!!

  • D

    Love him. Want the phone if he comes with it.

    The picture is taken from his apt. He’s posted a picture before from his apt and it’s the same view.

  • ellen

    Any woman would want to be with him! Are you nuts?! He’s gorgeous.

  • Gina

    He’s not full of himself. He’s smarter than most, so I guess when you’re used to empty headed guys he comes off a little above the jocks.

  • booyay

    this guy is a Douche. He is so god damn annoying and self obsessed.

  • Lella

    Love him! love his guitar playing, he’s awesome

  • Halli

    He is in a whole other realm of douchery when you not only crave the publics attention with staged photo-ops and ‘for the cameras’ relationships. But you have to blog about stupid s-hit in your life in order to feed that beast that feeds his insatiable need for attention and glory but fails to fill that hole in his soul. Pathetic.

  • Lella

    are you kidding? He’s no douche… he’s respected by all the great guitarists… Eric Clapton, BB King, Buddy Guy., Carlos Santana, and he’s played with them all!

  • Lella

    Halli, I mean … Colinquia or what ever you call yourself these days, we know you’re just jealous cause he’s dating Aniston. Give it a rest. He’s a decent guy.

  • primetime

    sweet phone… i want one

  • http://JJ.COM lynn

    Most of the great blues singers like him. People never mention his singing he is great at that too. He is in the Bob Dylan mode and most people of today not into it and they will never understand him. I am old school and I love his singing and music.

  • hi


  • heather b.

    You guys that make nasty comments are so sad seriously picture your life in 5yrs maybe 10yrs you’ll still be on the computer having stupid cyber bully fights so sad. Good luck jen and john.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    im getting it – asap!!

    john’s cooooool!

  • overrated


  • Kate

    Cnn showbiz tonight had a segment on Aniston and Mayer and a few other Hollywood woman who seem to choose the wrong guys.
    They said Aniston needs to let go of any hurt or jealousy she feels. She seems to live and plan her life in reaction to what her ex is doing.

    Well here she has monkey boy trying to help her pull attention.
    Two disgusting publicity whores. Can’t stand for there names not to be in the media spotlight. Two douche bags.

  • Pete


  • booyay

    Hey lella,

    We arent knocking his playing ability, as guitarist myself i can appreciate it. His voice is blah.

    But c’mon he’s guilty of douchebaggery, being respected by guitar greats doesnt change that.

  • mmm

    ugly and boring… rachel green and the golden boy.


    Great John, now you and Maniston can check on what you girlfriend Perez is saying about you, with lightening fast speed. Careful of the 40 yr old TV sit-com hack though, she’s addicted to reading about herself in rags and mags. But I’m sure that’s something you have in common.

  • quench

    Hate when douches like him get 1st dibs on new gadgets

  • ghost

    A picture of this idiots phone is news-worthy. How desperate do the people on this blog have to be to think this is cute? Next bunch of B.S. to get out is that Jennifer is moving to New York to move in with John. If this happens then you will all know what a pathetic looser she has become. What moral human would even entertain such trash after a few weeks. Wait and see. It’s going to happen!

  • Mayer the douche bag

    Show off the perks so he can get it for free. It’s amazing how they front “i’m rich but their sorry arse’s are runny for the free stuff. I really don’t get that. No way will I buy this product because he has it.
    What the he!! is that cra p on his are. It makes him look dirty and stupid.
    He likes to tongue guys while the woman work him from the bottom. Jen you better get those hands ready.

  • Heavenly

    My husband works at RIM!

  • Halli

    Lella, you can kiss my ass. 80% of people here thinks he is a douche and he is. Why would you assume I take up some other name? Do you see my name in all the Aniston posts? Hell no, this is the first time I replied on Aniston or Mayer. I guess you think everyone here who thinks Mayer is a douche is the same person too? Dumbass.

  • Jessica

    Hey douche bag you got a very old women. She don’t care about your little toys. This retard seems to be about 17 years old.

  • meangirls

    can’t wait for the day u dump rachel green

  • dig it.

    CLINIQUA You’re such a douchbag. Heard you got BANNED from Dlisted… Nobody can stand you there. You’re so hateful.

    If Jared banned you from here, he would have 75% less traffic!

    You just cannot take what you dish out.

    Five years from now you’ll still be here, talking trash about Jennifer Aniston.

  • Sharon

    Here is Mister Douche bag again. I remember when TMZ gave him that douche bag t-shirt. That was hilarious.
    This guy is the king of douch bags. All the pr in the world can’t change that.

  • Tom

    Sales for this product should drop now.

  • Ella

    when did he get this pathetic? when did he start needing publicity stunts with a lady to get him by?

  • lula29

    I like John Mayer but it is obvious he’s in love with money and fame and will do anything, including fake a relationship, in order to get it.

    He should just rely on his talent and cut this sh*it out.

  • Helena

    This time around Jen is pulling all the stops. She will not allow to be seen or portrayed as single and loney especially now that her ex is expecting again. She will hang on to douche and even fall in love with him as he is so good at reeling girls…yes girls. They are both in it for the conquest. Her to prove that she is happy, him to prove that he can make her happy.


    # 39 dig it. @ 05/15/2008 at 9:34 pm CLINIQUA You’re such a douchbag. Heard you got BANNED from Dlisted… Nobody can stand you there. You’re so hateful.

    If Jared banned you from here, he would have 75% less traffic!

    You just cannot take what you dish out.

    Five years from now you’ll still be here, talking trash about Jennifer Aniston.

    Bahahahahaha!! WRONG. Bish, I don’t even go to no gadammned D-listed. Whatcha’ talkin’ bout Willis?? I guarantee you THIS…if I did go to D-listed, or Perez, or wherever the f*ck I wanted to go (besides JJ and JJB), I’d make those motherfackin’ sites explode too. have you heard the phrase, ‘build it and they will come.’ Well it’s been changed to, ‘Get Cliniqua, and they will come!’ Maniston better pray I don’t take my show on the road to other sites and start calling her out there too. You’re making me truly think about it. D-listed here I come! ;-)


    don’t really care for him but damn i need to upgrade my blackberry


    don’t really care about him but damn i time to upgrade my blackberry


    sorry bout that double comment, didn’t think it went through the first time

  • q

    It’s his apartment in SoHo.

  • brad

    Fucking annoying, attention seeking musician who’s attempting to follow the footsteps of Clapton and doing a mighty horrible job at it. Sure, he has some talent. However, his talent as media seeking whore is over overshadowing any guitar skills he has.