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Wentworth Miller Gets Upfront with FOX

Wentworth Miller Gets Upfront with FOX

Prison Break stars Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Amaury Nolasco and Sarah Wayne Callies promote season 4 of their drama during the 2008 FOX programming presentation at Central Park’s Trump Wollman Skating Rink in New York City on Thursday.

As reported earlier this week, Michael Rapaport joined Prison Break as a series regular, playing a government agent who has an interesting offer for Michael Scofield (Miller) and his brother (Purcell).

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  • em

    Great pics! Thanks Jared. Went looks great. SWC is looking a little rough though!

  • irene


  • Jess

    I thought she was killed in prison break?

  • jenn

    sssssssaaaaarrrrraaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! sorry, i’m really excited that she’s back.

  • Charlene

    Yay cant wait till the new season and sarah’s back

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    sarah’s so pathetic. why would you demand to go back onto a show that didn’t want you? hell, they decapitated the bish for god sake.

  • pwee

    I am absolutely dying for prison Break


  • nanette

    first! i love wentworth miller!

  • Lees

    Jess, she WAS killed in season 3. They brought her back after viewers complained. SOOOO STUPID.!

  • nUmMy

    SMILE Dom….tooo funny! I know I would do the same knowing that they’re bringing the dead Doct. back…it’s a sad day in TV…SAD

  • marianne

    HOTT as alwaysss!



  • jemi

    wentworth and sarah look amazing. can’t wait for season4.

  • Jennifer W

    i am so excited for season 4 and even more excited to know that sarah will be here for season 4. Ive been a fan of prison break and watched from day 1 of the first season its awesome. Wentworth Miller is so hot and I can’t wait to see him in the new season.

  • Lena

    OMG!!! Sarahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the cast are looking good ;)

  • Dee

    I am so excited for season 4 now that Sarah is back. She’s one of my fave actresses and she’s so gorgeous for a mom.

  • Ned

    The hot doc is back *drools* I always find her attractive and her great acting is an added bonus.

    When is the new season starts? Anyone?

  • lene

    WOHO! MiSa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAY! :D

  • Tess

    Dom looks horrible ekk he really needs to know when to dress up especially with events such as this. All of them looks so happy and he seems like pouting like there is no tomorrow. I hope he’s doing okay though.

    Sarah… there are no words of my shrill excitement knowing that she’s back. I love her to the fullest and I can’t wait to see her back on the show.

    Went and Amaury looks super fine as usual!!! Hahaha I love the goofy face on Nolasco’s face. He’s such a jokester even on screen!

  • Anne

    Sarah looks great!!! OMFG! I am go glad that she’s back. I am one of the happy campers right now :D








  • Kalliana

    I am very excited for season 4! I am not sure how I feel about Sarah coming back to the show… Don’t get me wrong– I am a HUGE fan of the whole Michael/Sarah love story. But she was dead. At least I thought she was, cause I cried so hard right along w/Michael (lol) It’s going to be interesting to see what happens that’s for sure.

  • Anne

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


  • Dilan

    WEntworth looks so happy…

    WELL SARAH IS BACK!!! No wonder lol.

  • May

    Sarah looks fabulous with that dress. Wohoooooooooooooooooooooooo she’s back next season and I couldn’t be happier ;) She’s a great actress no doubt about it.

    Went looks so hawt! I kinda like him better with some hair. He looks like a man now instead of a boy lol.

  • crystal_miller_4_lyfe

    fuck sarah wayne callies!!

    she can eat shit for all i care!

  • crystal_miller_4_lyfe

    i agree with Lees,, fuck sarah wayne callies she is not important to the story line they are just spending USEFUL money on her!!

  • MiHay

    I LOVE Dominic!!! I can’t wait for the new season to start

  • Era_0093

    PRISON BREAK!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait for season 4 and I am ecstatic that Sarah is back on the show. I find her endearing and talented.

    Kudos to all the cast members and the people behind PB! What a great show it is.

  • SoyB3eans

    All of them looks so great. And I am one of the many people that are thrilled that Sarah is back in the picture. Her character was just staggering and the actress as well.


  • Gillian

    I am a big fan of the good doctor. :)

  • Fran

    WTF! Dom really needs to dress up his age and stop trying to look like a teenager. Grow up a little. I know he’s a great dad but come on, it is time to look like you’re actually worth being called a man.

    Went looks amazing.

    Amaury look great.

    Sarah Wayne Callies, marvelous. Though I am not so sure about her stiletto shoes. Though these days, unmatching garments works fine. But just because it’s Sarah, the total look is simply amazing! I am gald the season 4 is heading back with Sarah in it.

  • Sarah Wayne Pathetic!

    Very classy ho in one picture she’s lifted her dress lightly when she posed with Went.Again this ho next to him Wentworth ruuuun ruuun!!!

  • Fran

    Sarah Wayne Pathetic! @ 05/16/2008 at 2:15 am

    You are the motherf3cking groupie who’s pathetic that is after Wentworth so watch your language!

    SWC is a modest person and she loves her husband and daughter dearly so stop degarding her with your filthy remarks!!!

  • Jess

    Sarah Wayne Pathetic! @ 05/16/2008 at 2:15 am

    B*tch your the wh@re who will probably bend over and will do anything to touch Wentworth. Now that is a sad thought.

    LOL at calling you a groupie. That best describes you!

    SWC is a role model and what the hell are you talking about lifting her skirt? You are delirious and a GROUPIE LOL!

  • Coco Canada

    Sarah! Welcome back! We missed you!

    Went worth we love you!

  • Ladymoonstone


    Am so glad…and I know the writers will make a good explanation why it was “assumed” that Sara was dead on Season 3.

    Now that MISA is back…am sooooooooooo thrilled for Season 4.

    It starts around August right? Or am wrong?

  • Dante Speaks

    Ladymoonstone @ 05/16/2008 at 3:00 am

    Season 4 airs on September but they already start production so we should get some spoilers anytime soon.

    I am overly joyed that Sarah Wayne Callies is back. She’s great and by judging with the messages board, I assume that a lot of people are with me.

  • Ina

    Sarah Wayne Pathetic! @ 05/16/2008 at 2:15 am

    You probably cropped a picture of yourself wearing a wedding dress and Wentworth at your side as the groom.

    Grow up and show some respect to a great person such as Sarah Wayne Callies. A lot of people look up to her becuase she’s not one of those celebrities who flashes their @sses just to be noticed.

  • Maddie

    f**k yeah
    im so excited

  • Hmmmm…

    So is SWC still pregnant? Can’t say she’s not looking somewhat the worse for wear.

    Amaury looks red hot though. Yum!

  • michaellove

    a captivated character comes’s ridiculous.

    but i love wentworth miller and his character.. michael..
    what can i do? do i have to watch pb or not..?

    on the other side.. i’m looking forward to pb’s writers’ ability to sell the story to me completely.

  • synthia

    they are too nice together and sara wentworth
    amaury all smiles and happy do not dom

    urges the return of prison break 4

  • sunny


    It’s great to see them all together! (Dom looks a bit mopey though.)

    Sarah looks very happy to be back, and Went looks like he’s happy to have her back!

    Season 4 will get a shot in the arm from the Good Doctor!!!

  • tsw

    It’s nice to see Sarah and Went together again :-)

  • maldita

    They’re BACK!!!! The dream team of Prison Break. YEBA!

  • khadja

    She’s back!! Yay!! Sarah’s back!

    I love Michael and Sarah. Their tortured love story is why Prison Break had such a huge female following. We are all s u c k e r s for a beautiful man and a beautiful woman trying to get together.

  • Casey

    I can’t believe that they are bringing back Sara….What a mistake!!!

  • Sarah

    They look soooooooo cute togetherrrrrrr

  • Raichill

    Great to see SWC back where she belongs!

  • angell cakes

    omg omg omg, thank u jared for posting this up!!! this just made my day!! i just kinda squealed really loudly lol. sarah looks soo good! and went and dom and amaury loks great as ever as well. i cant wait for season 4!!!