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Angelina Jolie Expecting Fraternal Twin Girls?

Angelina Jolie Expecting Fraternal Twin Girls?

Brad Pitt and pregnant partner Angelina Jolie are seen leaving the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, France on Friday.

On Wednesday, Angie, 32, officially announced that she’s having twins! FOX News is reporting that Angie also revealed at Cannes that through a sonogram, she indeed is having twin girls. But they are fraternal and not identical!

The expectant couple glowed on the red carpet at the premiere of Kung Fu Panda during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. They’re expected to be back on May 20 for Clint Eastwood‘s Changeling.

10+ pictures inside of Brad, Angie and their potentially fraternal twin girls…

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angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 01
angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 02
angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 03
angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 04
angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 05
angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 06
angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 07
angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 08
angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 09
angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 10
angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 11
angelina jolie fraternal twin girls 12

Credit: KCSPresse; Photos: ANG/Fame Pictures, Splash News Online
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  • lurking

    they look great!!!!!!!

  • lilkunta

    How did fox news get the sonogram?
    Also, do they have tutors in their entourage to teach Maddox & Pax ?

  • lilkunta

    How did fox news get the sonogram?
    Also, do they have tutors in their entourage to teach Maddox & Pax ?

  • emily

    i caneve that!! thats soooo awesome!! im happy for them

  • sara

    They are hot.Brad !!love you

  • sara

    Are they leaving Cannes?I thought they had another movie for promoting.guess maybe they are leaving for that party in yacht.

  • Angi

    I just watched a clip where she wanted to keep the sex of the babies to herself and not share it that was filmed yesterday…. I’m suprised at the change, is this confirmed anywhere?

  • sara

    wow Brad looks hot.Angie looks sad and pissed though.

  • angie fan

    more power brad and angie

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    Thanks for the new thread Jared. :)

  • sandrine

    first page oh my god
    i love u so much brad pitt ure my sunshine

  • Andrómeda

    Love them. Thanks JJ.

  • Jay

    Love them as a couple

    -Social Elitist

  • angie fan

    double blessing to brad and angie with their twins

  • diama


  • sara


    Angie=gorgeous and TIRED

  • angie fan

    move over hannah and vanessa

    jolie pitt girls will be the next generation of hollywood celebrities

  • elsie


  • ROXY


  • anna

    more power to the jolie pitt

  • lurking

    I’m first at posting!!!!!! Yaaaahooo!!!

    I’m not sure it’s true since Angie said she wants to keep the gender of babies private. But with the tabloids been correct lately, it could be right. I still wish for boys though. We need Brad genes pool to continue.
    On another note, with Changeling premier next week, I believe Angie will dress conservatively, given the nature of the film. I predict she would wear a darker color like blue or brown. What do you guys think?

  • carina

    Angie rules cannes

  • sharon

    Brad looks hot, Angie looks gorgeous. Thanks jj for the new thread.

  • fan

    BRAD and ANGELINA are

    HOLLYWOOD’S hottest couple


    She looks brilliant, love her

  • ha

    can we say IVF…

  • Lady g

    Sorry don’t believe anything that Roger F. says and anyone that was around during the AMH promotion time knows what I am referring to.

    All this loser is doing is reading tabloids, then reporting it as the truth.

  • sara

    No holding hands this time. :(

    but Brad and Angie look wonderful them to a bit.

    I was hoping for Brad’s mini-me.but maybe it is in their fate to have girls only.

  • the real tita

    She’s maybe still tired from last night. They’ve got their game face on for the papz. No smilies…dark glasses…quick entry into the limo. They were probably greeted by a barrage of flashbulbs so early in the morning so they were annoyed.

    If they stayed at the Carlton that means they didn’t go home for the night. Are they headed for the party at the yacht or are they heading for home to the kids?

  • Jello

    More speculation! They aren’t staying at that hotel — so maybe they just spent the night there since the after-party was held there. there is supposed to be another party today on Paul Allen’s B yacht for KFP.

  • ha

    sorry but there’s no way they did this naturally.

  • a fan

    congratulations brad and angie

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    cook @ 05/16/2008 at 3:35 pm Felinelilly,

    Bonjour…I saw on the news that California up and down the coast is having some record hi temps. in some areas for this time of the year…it’s true where you are?
    Hey cook. Yeah, we’re baking. Another day or two and the temperatures should come down. It’s a good excuse to have ice cream every day though. :)

  • julia

    brad and angie are being blessed again with twins.

  • lsam

    They will be back for Changling movie on May 20. They are going home back to the villa. Fox news is not reliable. She wants to keep this part of information private as what she said in the intrviews. She even said she did not confirm that she will have the baby in France also or the sex of the babies or the due date. Everybody, including the media are just speculating. Those newscasters at Fox are like tabloids sometimes.

  • sara

    So does this mean,she had Invitro or she used Fertility drugs?

  • Jello

    She’s a 32 year old woman and his sperm worked 2 + years ago so how do you figure it couldn’t have been done naturally?

  • andrea

    I bet they really don’t care what sex thte babies are, as long as they are healthy:)

  • Mike

    Love them……

  • dragonfly

    It doesn’t seem to me that Angie or Brad said anything about the sex of the babies, it is the reporters projecting and fabricating. There are no quotes from them about it. The only direct quote from her is “there was a line”. She didn’t say anything about the sex of the babies. As for due date, she said in her Today interview that she “still has a few months”.

    Angie is being misquoted and words are being put in her mouth that she never said. As usual.

  • alia

    yay! new thread!
    but i hate speculation/gossip threads :(

    They look AMAZING in those pics :D
    love them!!

  • TWIN

    Fraternal twins, but also referred to as non-identical twins or biovular twins) usually occur when two fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterine wall at the same time. The two eggs form two zygotes, and these twins are therefore also known as dizygotic as well as “biovular” twins. When two eggs are independently fertilized by two different sperm cells, DZ twins result.

    Dizygotic twins, like any other siblings, have an extremely small chance of having the exact same chromosome profile. Like any other siblings, DZ twins may look similar, particularly given that they are the same age. However, DZ twins may also look very different from each other. They may be different sexes or the same sex. The same holds true for brothers and sisters from the same parents, meaning that DZ twins are simply brothers and/or sisters who happen to have the same age.

  • the real tita

    #3: They didn’t. Angie was telling them about the sonogram…Friedlander was just retelling what Angie said.

  • skb

    I wonder if she had fertility treatments? 32 is a bit young for that, isn’t it?

  • alia

    I won’t believe it until i see it; besides, whatever they are meant to have, they will have :)

    girls/ or boys; I am overjoyed either way

  • the real tita

    Funny, Brad is acting like a bodyguard. He’s in front and all ready to pounce on anyone who approaches Angelina. He is being very protective. Must be a lot of papz waiting for them to come out.

  • zen

    I prefer to wait. Soon or later we will know the truth.

  • friedman

    Angie did not reveal anything to Friedman as to the sex of the babies, that bas*ard just assumed it from the tabloind report and spin in his article that it came from Angelina. Angie may have just said that she is not sure whether they are having fraternal or identical but because of the line in the sonogram, which could mean they have diff placenta, it could be fraternal. Im sure she did not mention about the sex of the babies. PLease JJ correct your posting, Friedman is not reliable at all! And of all people, why would Angie confirm it to him????

  • califan

    ha @ 05/16/2008 at 4:00 pm
    You know what, that’s what your idol needs because her biological clock has probably ended.

  • pink_tulips

    grats angie n brad on ur new additions