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Britney's Costa Rica Bikini

Britney's Costa Rica Bikini

Britney Spears bounces around in a bikini while vacationing with Mel Gibson at his secluded ranch in Costa Rica on Friday.

Brit Brit hit the beach with her William Morris agent Jason Trawick and assistant Brett.

The star looked relaxed as she sunbathed, ran into the water to play in the heavy waves and drove an ATV around the sand.

10+ pictures inside of Britney‘s Costa Rica bikini…

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britney spears bikini costa rica 01
britney spears bikini costa rica 02
britney spears bikini costa rica 03
britney spears bikini costa rica 04
britney spears bikini costa rica 05
britney spears bikini costa rica 06
britney spears bikini costa rica 07
britney spears bikini costa rica 08
britney spears bikini costa rica 09
britney spears bikini costa rica 10
britney spears bikini costa rica 11
britney spears bikini costa rica 12

Credit: Clasos; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • eddie jones

    haha, I remember a tabloid with her saying, I got my body back. Well this isn’t the Britney Spears I remember, I wouldn’t go near this body.

  • liza

    Shittney needs to stop putting her pot belly in bikinis. she is a freaking wacko lunatic.

  • andi

    c’mon brit, be sexy again

  • OMG

    i think britney looks great and healthy!!!! =)

    OMG…i can’t believe there are so many jugemental people these days…not everyone is perfect…not you…not me….why won’t everyone just mind their own damn lives…i am SO sure that almost nobody here has a flat, toned stomach…because you haters spend WAY too much time judging people…sitting in front of the computer all day or whatever…quit being so RUDE, cause i don’t think most of us go to the gym or even do exercise so stop telling other people to go to the gym when you don’t!! and for those who call people FAT and UGLY, let’s see you upload a picture of yourself and let other people judge you!

  • lucy

    Looks like she is feeling a little better! I bet brit brit would love this trick. check it out:

  • heh…

    So… she isn’t pregnant – just fat.

    I’m curious if Mel’s water is running?! She need to wash her nasty hair.

  • tiffany

    I think you guys who don’t like her are on crac! seriously! You guys have no freaking clue what has been going on in her life so everyone should stay out of her life! Stop being freaking idiots you are defenetly not her so leave her the freak alone you STUPID STUPID people! I think Britney has her on descions because she is her and she can do what she wants so leave her the freak ALONE! Britney Spears is TOTALLY AWESOME!

  • johnny

    ok i must be missing something here. she is not fat or does she look pregnet. geeze people. she looks great. she’s getting her life back together and your still grilling at her. i think she looks hot personally. she looks great.

  • leonie

    she is so not fat and so not preggers!

  • Pat

    Just Jared copies everything he writes from other people.

    He knows nothing himself (especially the english language) and gets by living off of others work.

  • hela

    big fan! but she’s BIG! as in BIG BIG!

  • Joachim

    You look good BB!

  • Kirsty

    Looking good =] Happy for her!

  • nikomilinko

    i think she should lose a bit of weight, i still remember the old Britney, it was better.

  • Helena

    She has a nice curvy body.

  • Ingrid

    This is the best Britney has been in a while, I think that’s because of the trashy clothes she wears, the bikini is very cute and she has a great body for someone who has two children. People calling her fat, there’s a reason why young girls (and any other age group or sex) think they’re fat and are anorexic/bullimic, it’s because of YOU PEOPLE.

  • http://comingsoon!!!! hollywood1hugefan

    I think she looks fat!!!!

  • jami


  • Janie

    She looks terrific!

  • MelliSa

    PeOple need 2 stOp haTin’ On BritneY…shEzZ PreTTii.. And YES she did MesS uP in Life OnCe or TwiCe..buT daZ Life…She juZt tryNa geT heR liFe baQ 2geTherr..Half of thE peOpl cOmmenTinG piCzZ oR uGlierr den Uglii..sO uU guYz need 2 sTop…n geT sumtinG bettterrr 2 dO…

    RiP GramPii

  • hmm

    is she pregnant? she lokks big..

  • ambar

    Bipolar medication makes you gain weight. A lot of weight as much as 20 pounds in 3 months. Which is probably why you see her working out so much, she’s trying to fight it. I wouldn’t doubt if weight gain stopped her from taking meds in the past.

  • Kira

    Getting better and better with loving care of family and mature friends!

    Nothing more important than being a healthy and successful mother on behalf of one’s children! Both parents are important in the long-term psychological wellbeing of children, but a mother’s love and nurturance at a young and tender age cannot be measured.

    I’m of the opinion that much of her bizarre behavior was emotionally triggered by the children’s father and (then) his attorney who set out to destroy Britney in the pursuit of monies.

  • atia

    she just has the wrong suit on.

  • Ralu

    I wonder how the ppl who say she’s fat look like in bikini…

  • Microchipho

    I think its the medication that is giving her acne too, i don’t think its causing weight gain, because there are some that dont make you gain weight that work perfectly fine. Britney’s case is much worse than mine, but the meds i take don’t make me gain weight (She might have to take more powerfully one’s than me, in which she might have less of a choice) My lack of motivation and slowed down metabolism made me gain weight. And whatever, she’s short and out of shape, and a size 8. I know size 6 and over is illegal in hollywood….but sheesh she is barely functioning mentally at this point. She’s not a heffer at all. And by the way, whenever there is a post about britney, the breatheheavy people come and made the “oh my god britney looks incredible” comments….which she doesn’t but she’s not a warthog at all.

  • kkcc

    for gods sake..they cant even let her go to the beach in costa rica without paps following her?!

  • Dooley

    WHY WAS SHE HOLDING HER PURSE OVER HER BELLY LAST WEEK TO MAKE EVERYONE THINK SHE WAS PREGNANT??WAS THIS BIKINI SHOT TO SHOW THE WORLD SHE NOT JUST OUT OF SHAPE.If Britney spent as much time thinking about her boys needs than what publicity stunt to do next she would never lost them!These stunts get you on the cover of tabloids not the top of Billboard!

  • Soff


  • emily

    she looks really healthy.

  • fatso

    Throw that whale back in the water!

  • ElenaBelle

    Though I don’t think shes necessarily fat(yet),for her going to the gym as much as she does she should look way better than this!

  • Marieme

    I don’t know what meds she’s on but I bet it’s more than one. They’re probably pretty heavy meds too. So I do believe this is what’s making her gain weight or at least retain water. Poor thing – that sucks for any woman. Yet she’s not hiding away and I find that a really healthy sign. I’m so glad for her mom and dad.

  • ivee


  • krissy

    she looks good :)

  • Celeb watcher

    hollywood1hugefan: And she thinks you look shallow. You’re even.


    whoa…she needs to invest in a one-piece

  • Brenda Orlando, FL

    I agree that I would LOVE to see what everyone who calls her fat looks like in their bikinis…..not nearly as good I imagine. And for the guys who call her fat, I highly doubt you would kick her out of bed for eating crackers…..I doubt you have any woman that attractive in your life. Britney has gone through a very difficult period and is trying to pull her life back together. Show her some support. She looks great. People need to learn to be more supportive of each other, not tear each other down like the people here have done.

  • jess

    i don’t like her

  • Leo

    She´s not preggers…

    It´s just a beer gut…

  • ANon

    She is not pregnant. That’s what women look like after they have kids!

    Speak for yourself. I have children and my stomach does not look like that! She is looking better though.

  • Hannah

    She looks so much better.

    Guys don’t be so negative.

    If she needs to go on a diet, i’m sure she’ll manage to do it (though she dosen’t need it, its not like she’s overwieght or something).


  • larissa

    she britney spers e uma vacaaaaaaaaa



    te amo britney!

  • Tica

    Su prioridad ahora es ELLA ,,,solo ELLA , Si ella no se compone, no podria atender a sus hijos ni a su carrera, que de la cual dependen muchos, desde su familia hasta los paparazzi.
    Primero TU Britney, segundo Tu, tercero Tu.

  • monica

    Espero que ela fique realmente melhor, ao menos está lutando por isto. Creio que todas as pessoas deveriam apoiar ao invès de ficar esperando algum deslize. Não porque ela é famosa, mas porque é um ser humano e merece ser feliz. No geral, muitas pessoas fazem belos discursos sobre bondade e generosidade, até criticam presidentes… mas na hora de exercer a sua cota de generosiodade, mudam de assunto. Torço por ela, mesmo que não seja uma fã.

  • valerie

    cool i’m from Costa Rica

  • moncefnba

    britney is the best of the best in this world , in this life and the next