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Jude Law's Weekly Visit to the Ex-Wife

Jude Law's Weekly Visit to the Ex-Wife

Jude Law visits the home of his ex-wife Sadie Frost in London on Thursday.

For more pictures of Jude at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage fest, visit

You can also vote for Jude in HELLO magazine’s Father’s Day vote at He’s currently second behind Johnny Depp!

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law sporting flip-flops…

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Photos: Will Alexander/WENN
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  • hayley

    first love him

  • hayley

    first love him

  • dave roberts

    this man ouses class. the way he is as a father too he is a role model to me. and his hair is growing back. Keep it up Jude.


    I agree with you, dave, his hair IS growing out. It’s longer than the pics on Heathrow.

  • Brazilicious

    haha ! he shaved his chest
    the bald thing is driving the guy crazy

  • julia

    He should just shave his head that hairline makes Him look a bit odd…

  • erica

    Love Jude
    I just notice he has flip flop on his feet ZEXY !

  • chicken

    he looks nice!

  • Helena

    #3, I love Jude, but someone who cheats with the nanny is not very classy! Anyway, his hair seems to have grown back quickly.

  • DC

    Looks like he needs to learn how to walk in those flip flops. He look like he is about to fall over.

  • Pole

    No chesthair, new tatoos and the hair – he must have done some more work on Mambo.

  • emily
  • purpleworm

    Love the guy but it does look like he’s having trouble walking or managing the steps here or something. His facial expression looks a little off too. Wonder what just went down with Sadie&kids?

    Not loving the very 80s-looking ( & slightly femmy) sweater and the absence of chest-hair is giving me anxiety for its return. Nice feet though. YUM!

  • sheryl

    Forget the hairline, it’s not a big deal. That shirt is what’s eatin’ at me! LOL …don’t really like it.

    I’m missing the arm and chest hair…hope it grows back quickly…I love it!

    Purpleworm, I love his feet, too! Very yum!

    I love you, Jude-baby (great big wet kiss)

  • amyfan


  • sheryl

    Also, I’m with you, #3…Jude has tons of class.

  • Rae

    I love him. The hair is kind of weird though.

  • Sandy

    Thanks jared. The hair is definitely longer and gtrwing in. it was
    announced earlier this month that it might take til the end of the year
    to finish the cgi and extra stuff needed for REPO MAMBO. I’m l00% sure that’s what the business with different tattoos (covering his real
    ones) absent chest hair when it’s almost a trademark for him etc.
    We will understand it all when the film comes out next year. Jude does
    not care about these things. It’s like doing a play and having to kee p
    part of the makup on for three to four months (i mean things llike a
    beard etc.)Part of the role.. THere’s probably a story attached to the
    shirt but i have no idea what it is. I get the feeling it’s not part of his
    regular wardrobe.

  • dee

    “Love the guy but it does look like he’s having trouble walking or managing the steps here or something. His facial expression looks a little off too. Wonder what just went down with Sadie&kids? ‘

    I think that Sadie has that effect on people.
    wasn’t her boyfriend wanding around Winehouse”s garage.
    and having trouble walking?

  • sheryl

    Sandy, why would you think this shirt isn’t part of Jude’s wardrobe? He wears different stuff like this all the time…LOL!!


    If Dee is right, that Sadie girl is one dangerous lollipop! I love ya, Jude, so much, and you are so beautyful but , how can you leave your home with that thing on, love!!! Oh, well!

    MIMI PRISM : )

  • Pole

    Maybe he’s just tired. He does look a bit “off”.

    LOL @ his feet – they look at lot like my husbands :D

  • belinda


    I don’t think there is any story attached to the shirt. He’s just coming out of Sadie’s house after visiting the kids. Jude wears some weird clothes sometimes.


    I agree that Sadie has that effect on people. He was probably asking her about Kristian Marr and Amy Winehouse and he didn’t like the answer.

  • Auntiemoneybags

    Thanks JJ,

    I love the pics of favorite British boy.

    I miss his smile :-)


  • sheryl

    When is he due to be in Cannes? On Monday?

  • ericap

    Hi there, Jude!

  • Auntiemoneybags

    he definitely is doing some more work on repo mambo. there would be no reason for him to go back to this haircut. and to shave his chest…to me it could be for photo shoots or actually a little work on the film. or what they call pick ups.
    thanks jared for finding it for us. you are always the best and so dependable. sadie might not even have been home folks….he just might be thinking of stuff as we all do and that’s the expession on his face….if we looked at our expressions all the time we’d be amazed…. when it gets warm he likes his flip flops…the sneakers make his feet sweat. as for the sweat shirt….he’s always full of surprises our jude.

  • Jude’s Lady

    Jude, didn’t I ask you nicely not to wear that shirt? But that’s alright, I’m in love with you, baby.

  • elle

    No chest hair???But he is always a hottie,always!!!

  • jami

    The funny shirt is not so good, But Jude is always GOOD IMO.

    I see the tattoo now on his arm…it looks like the one he had in repo. The heart with flames or something like that…it is right over his Sexy Sadie tattoo. No chest and arm hair- They must be reshooting…I never would have guessed they would still be reshooting after all this time…Well, I guess they are :)

    I wonder if he feels weird having the sexy sadie tattoo on his arm still, since they are long over in their relationship. I mean he probably doesn’t think about it because it is just there, but when he is in a serious relationship with another girl it might be weird, no?


    if i could be in a serious relationship with jude i’d change my name to sadie….no problem….whatever would make him comfortable.

  • jami

    LOL Dolores!

    after you had him for a while I bet you could convince Jude to change it to “Delicious Dolores” !!!!!

    You go girl :)


    i’m going…i’m going gone!!!!!!!!

  • Daphne

    I love him! The shirt not so much. It’s not his style at all.

    I am with the person that wanted a smile. Yes, a smile please Jude. We know you hate the paps and we do too (though we love your pics)… but please oblige with a smile once in a while.

    I miss the chest and arm hair too. *cry*

  • mousey

    It always makes me weep a little when I see a hot guy losing his hair

  • http://bitchs anso hano clothes

    pants? cool! which brand?

  • KarenA

    aw, Jude. Very summer-y! :)

  • rien

    Finally, I could see him in his white Shirt. Dancing on the stage, let it open till the waist….(sigh)

    On the door step
    I wonder what he was thinking of?
    Sexy Sadie…what have you done?
    You made a fool out of every one?
    Sexy Sadie, just what have you done?

    (Just run to the field of Linaria, my fair one
    and let you be swallowed
    by its colour of yellow
    the smile will return on your gaze
    before the sun covers its face)

    Sexy Sadie….what have you done?
    You can take him,
    You can break him, or even crush him
    just bring him
    back to me, where he should be!

  • MelliSa

    loOkz LiKe he juZt raN ouT oF jaiL..

    RiP GramPii


    this man is hot from the tip of his beautiful toes to the top of his repossession mambo haircut….hrow that hair back again jude.

  • kkcc

    he looks so gay in that outfit.

    he looks so bad with short hair!

  • auntiemoneybags

    I love his short hair. Easier to nibble on his sexy ears. :-)


  • sharyllee

    I love Jude forever. He is not losing hair, Ha.. Just short hair. what a big deal?? He s so beautiful!!

  • Sandy

    aTTAGIRL AUNTIE – you found another place on his beautiful head
    that we have neglected and is siurely worthy of our attention. Besides
    you know what happens when ears get nibled on a lot……ears are very
    sensitive and tasty and……..I need something to nibble on, right away
    No, a carrot will not do………!

  • Daphne

    Talking about his elfin ears reminds me of the final scene in My Blueberry Nights when he and Norah Jones kissed (lucky lucky girl!) and she fondles his ear. Arghghh… so erotic — kills me.


    jude will be in cannes tomorrow the 19th to promote the day after peace. the documentary he filmed with jeremy gilley, angelina jolie, kofie anan, johnny lee miller and shimon peres….jude went to afghanistan to try to establish one day of peace in the world on sept. 21….hope we see some new photos of him at cannes. he’ll be answering questions from students from many different the way…that shirt we all “love” so much is a designer cardigan. probably cost big bucks.


    i think his flip flops are giving him some trouble going down those steps….that’s why he’s being cagey…..

  • Sandy

    I don’t know about the flip flops but it’s a problem he didn[t expect and
    i hope that ‘designer’ cardigan was a gift………

  • purpleworm

    yeah, I read somewhere that it’s an Anne Demuelemmmmeeeeester shirt. Whatever. It’s butt ugly and does absolutely nothing for him. Looks like something his mom wore in the 80s to a card club meeting. He needs a good woman in his life to say,’ take that thing off NOW!…and everything else while you’re at it.”