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Can You Handle Celebrity Cellulite?

Can You Handle Celebrity Cellulite?
  • Can you handle all this celebrity jelly?
  • Idol‘s Taylor Hicks is headed for Broadway!
  • Shania Twain is back in the singles club.
  • Claudia Schiffer gets frisky in Germany’s Vogue
  • Mila Kunis‘ hotness factor is increasing.
  • Megan Fox was too poor to shave her legs.
  • Kirsten Dunst gets the boot from Miu Miu
  • Play: Christina Aguilera or Transvestite?
  • Lindsay Lohan is a woman of all seasons
  • Kirsten Dunst is still having issues with alcohol
  • Would you ever buy a designer bag replica?
  • Gael Garcia Bernal is worshiped in Paris
  • Ex Minka Kelly wishes John Mayer the best with Jennifer Aniston
  • Facebook is going to clean up its act
  • Lukas Haas has a sweet scooter.
  • Miley Cyrus is still facing the blues after her controversial Annie Leibovitz photo shoot. First the ratings of her Hannah Montana show have gone down. Now a LA-based band Lustra is claiming that the singer’s tune “Rockstar” sounds similar to its song “Scotty for Dead.” Lustra guitarist Nick Cloutman said that the band “is considering various options to rectify the situation.” Miley’s rep said that she doesn’t write the songs and referred the matter to Disney.
  • Project Runway judge Nina Garcia will stay on with Elle in the role of editor-at-large before moving to Marie Clare as that magazine’s new fashion director in the fall. It means that Nina will stay on for at least one more season with the show, which is now in production, before it moves from Bravo to Lifetime.
  • Living with Lohan, the new E! reality TV show featuring Lindsay Lohan‘s mom, Dina, and Lindsay‘s younger sister, Ali, will air on May 21. It documents Ali pursuing her dream to become a singer and with Dina managing her career.
  • The next installment of 24 will kick off with a 2-hour movie special to air on Nov. 23, with the series beginning in January. The plot will involving the inauguration of the country’s first female president.
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  • #1 MILEY FAN!



  • nona

    hahaha… debase and humiliate these women some more… it’s sooooo damned funny and entertaining.

  • Jay

    I agree with #2

    -Social Elitist

  • rae


  • rae


  • legs


  • duda


  • brazil

    i love brazil

  • seema


  • fresh

    he knows its fake u dimwits

  • fresh

    he knows its fake you dimwits.

  • mar

    why did u do this??shitheads..

  • Val

    LMAO, it’s hilarious!

  • raina

    leave Miley alone, ya’ll just picking on her cus you got nothing better to do.

  • the oc fansite

    This is bull, Mischa is beautiful. Fcuk the person who did this!!!!

  • sandra

    hahahaha. stupid people who don’t understand that picture is fake :P

  • emily

    whoa!! thats scary… those arent cottage cheese thighs, there SWISS CHEESE thighs lol

  • to : number # 7

    omg, is she for real , is it possible a celeb be that stupid to show her uglyness like that. did she forget to wear the pant with that top,

  • Jessica

    and miley claimes she writes all her songs.

  • sheryl

    Very uncool to post those fake butt pics, and the link as well…very demeaning.

  • b!tches

    LEAVE MISCHA ALONE, she’s gorgeous.

  • sandie

    why are we pretending that that’s not her behind? She probably looks worse, haha!

  • annoxious

    Why such hate and animosity for this woman?

    What bad thing has she done to you all????

  • stormi

    Dude no one was talking about miley before you just brought her up you fruity fag [[not you jared her crazed crack head blind fans]]

  • oliveira

    how can u guys do this?
    she dont deserve it…

    she’s a good actress ant beautfull girl !
    that cellulite wont make her ugly …

  • karen

    The publicist meant the Hannah songs cause Miely does not write those, they jsut pass her to her and she sings them for the Hannah Stuff, But she does writte the Miley stuff, that’s why they say they are passing it on to Disney…. the song is “Rockstar” and I just find it similar at the beginning, oyu need to read the credits to know that the Hannah songs are not Miley’s music adn Lyrics,. just the whole Miley stuff…

    they should just leave ehr alone the song is been out for almost a whole year and in the radio since January, so why are they saying this just now, way to try to strike a 15 year old, who already has a lot in her mind right now

  • Zanessa4evaa

    woww.. thatss scaryyyyyyyyy…
    i think they r just picking on miley noww. seriouslyy GET OVERR ITT!!!!!

  • ALLY

    Actually those photoshopped legs are still too skinny for Mischa. Her claves are super stocky and she has cankles, those legs are too slim in the calves. How sad is that for Mischa, lol.

  • MelliSa

    DaZ naStii..nd VeRii RuDe oF juZtjaRed 2 dO dat…

    RiP GramPii


    Oh my god that’s not good to see^^ yuck!!!

    Guys I’m French! Why not going on my website and let some comments guys ?

    Peace up.

  • polly

    its false!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    omg… that picture is soo mean…
    seriously… like if you guys would like it if it was you…
    soo mmean

  • unknown


  • Mandy

    Its “scotty doesn’t know”….not scotty for dead lol

    And it sounds nothing like it

  • lovebug

    dude she weighs like 10 pounds.

  • lovebug

    dude she weighs like 10 pounds.

  • Mileyfan

    Holy CRAP!!! The song by Lustra is called “Scotty Dosnt Know” dumb nut!!

  • Ally

    The song is called Scotty Doesnt Know not Scooty for Dead. You guys make mistakes like 24/7 get it right poeple!

  • miley hate

    yea more miley pictures
    what a stupid slut!!!! (:

  • manda

    Did you know the word gullible isn’t in the dictionary?
    this is so fake it isnt funny

  • gab

    thats the fakest thing ive eva seen u guys are so dumb

  • selena

    is dat real??????

  • vanessa hudgens

    Hi!! i.m vanessa hudgens and i just want to say that’s is not real!!!!!
    they do a trick on pictures that’s not really good idea!!!

    and i just want that miley cyrus ashley tisdale it’s a very nice artist !!!!

  • kim

    that is uber nast,
    y would sum1 wanna show off sumin lyk that

  • ILoveMiley


  • putiinha

    OMG – crus crêdo ! ((:

  • vbcbx

    seriously, where are her bottoms.