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Rachel Bilson is On Target

Rachel Bilson is On Target

Rachel Bilson attends the debut of Rogan for Target at Barneys in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

The 26-year-old former O.C. star wore a Saks blazer and Martin Margiela’s Open Toe Ankle Boots.

Rogan for Target is a new collection of organic clothing. Up until last year Rogan Gregory was the creative force of Edun, a line he started with Bono.

Other celebrities that came to support the debut were Desperate HousewivesMarcia Cross and Felicity Huffman, as well as Sophia Bush, Maggie Grace, and Whitney Port.

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  • Ekaterina

    His name is Rogan Gregory. Not Gregory Rogan. You need to double-check your facts a little more often.

  • 007


  • Russian Girl

    Cute cute cute!
    She is naturally beauty!

  • 007

    Good to see more people involved in the whole organic/recycling effort.

  • the oc fansite
  • L

    she looks so much better WITHOUT bangs…back to pretty!

  • L

    she looks so much better WITHOUT bangs…back to pretty!

  • legs

    i agree #7

  • michelle

    Love Rachel! Aw and Sophia Bush was there! SHE IS AWESOME!

  • ana bella

    I agree

  • Laura

    I dunno
    When she first got her bangs, I didn’t really like them. But then they grew on me and now I kinda miss them.

    She’s still shockingly beautiful though.


    her bangs were making her look too young, she looks much better without them.

  • Nika

    no bangs is better for rachel!

  • lissa

    Rachel is so beautiful

  • Katie

    love her

  • Brad

    I love her shoes!!

  • PJH

    of course rachel bilson was there. this is some brilliant marketing on barney’s part but, i gotta say it’s a little annoying that you can get target stuff at barney’s. tickitiy tacky tack.

  • rachellove


  • Valou

    She’s just GORGEOUS !

  • adam

    am i the only who thinks rachel is very average looking? her face really isn’t that stunning.

  • mah

    A good cause .. OMG ! She is so CUTE !

  • Laura

    Adam, I’m guessing you’re not the only one but the majority of people do find her incredibly beautiful.

    She has those big brown eyes, the little nose, gorgeous lips, gorgeous hair and she handles herself in a classy yet fun way.

  • Laura

    Adam, I’m guessing you’re not the only one but the majority of people do find her incredibly beautiful.

    She has those big brown eyes, the little nose, gorgeous lips, gorgeous hair and she handles herself in a classy yet fun way.

  • Mike

    I think she’s a knockout! Adam, if you think she’s average looking then I’d love to hang out in your neighborhood.

  • http://- 9484

    I love her only with Hayden

  • anna

    Cute outfit.

  • christy

    What a cutie

  • emily
  • Ruz mary

    I love Rachel

  • marta

    she is perfect

  • trish.

    i love her!
    She’s awesome. specially in the OC.
    She’s not much of a good actress, but her personality makes it seem like she is.
    She doesnt need to try to be something.

    idk, i cant explain!
    but she’s funny.

  • //Bean//

    The same f**king people saying the same stupid sh** about how perfect and beautiful she is. GET A LIFE PEOPLE.

    SHE IS NOT Angelina Jolie


    SHE IS RANDOM And she looks 12 she is ugly to me!

  • -

    She is cute. She is wearing the “H” necklace once again.

    She is 2 months pregnant. congrads to the couple!

  • Laura


    1. No-one said she was better or to the same standards as Angelina Jolie, and whether some of us think it is our own opinion.
    2. She clearly IS hot, she gets a lot of attention from men’s magazines and men in general.
    3. How is she random? She is a TV/movie star and soon-to-be fashion designer that goes to mainly TV, movie and fashion events. And yes she looks young for her age, she always has but she definitely doesn’t look 12 and surely looking young for her age is a good thing? If she’s ugly to you then that’s your opinion but you have to understand that most people don’t agree.

  • nikki

    she looks amazing!

  • Ally

    @- : well, according to the comments people post here and there, she’s supposed to be two months pregnant since january…what a long pregnancy!!
    (but I think it’s great that she trusts you enough to tell you she’s pregnant…were you in the room when her ‘baby’ was conceived?!! You should try making up another lie because pregnancy lies are quickly checkable!!)
    Nice shoes, and she doesn’t have those awful bangs, so yeah!

  • Ally

    …well, she looks cute, has great taste, but calling her a movie star…seriously? She was painfully bad in Jumper. She was ok in the OC because she IS Summer (a less bitchy Summer, but basically she didn’t act, she was her character!!)

  • thank you


    you can see through fabric now ? LOL, you raydenites ARE good. the lengths you will go to to propel the fake couple.

  • anonymous

    She is 2 months pregnant? How do you know that?
    Who is the father?

  • Antrim

    I stopped into my local Target this week and asked about the Rogan collection; the clerks had no idea what I was talking about. I may print this article and take it to them. I really like the line.

  • Tubaligation123

    @ #33
    You Rayden’s have an overactive imagination. Idiot you truly are and a lair! Look on website and there was a picture of her yesterday walking out of the Four Season’s Whilshire hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. No Hayden was in site! So, you Rayden’s cannot think they f*cked all night. Probably she had lunch with friends or business meeting. She had low rise tight jeans on with a tee shirt tucked in and a belt around the waist. Her tummy was flat as a pancake. She certainly did not look pregnant. Hello?! She wears loose dresses like that a lot and did way back when with Adam.

    Yes. She did have the Hermes “H” necklace and has had the necklace since 2005 and got it to wear for Hattie. She also had her “R” necklace on and she has had that since 2005 too!

    It pathetic and laughable that you sound like you got the inside scoop and don’t know $hit about $hit! Rayden bot’s making up stories. Nothing better to do. PATHETIC! Why would people want to see Rachel knocked up without a ring on her finger or married? Since when is having a bastard child so glamorous? Sicko’s! ::roll:

  • I Was There

    I was at the Barneys event yesterday. Rachel looked really cute. Whitney is really gorgeous in person & was low key in light washed jeans & gladiators. \Nikki Hilton came very late & is also really pretty in person. The Rogan for Target clothes however were so ugly & while not totally expensive they were for sure overpriced for what you were getting & people were scooping them up like they were free. I am sure there was so much hype because it was at Barneys & the initial launch was at the Barneys in NY & the clothes are eco friendly but again, they were ugly , looked cheap & were totally overpriced.

  • http://- 9484

    She is 2 months pregnant? How do you know that?
    Who is the father?


    If she is who else only Hayden Christensen

  • Kim

    @ -

    Holy FuC! Those are some freaking crooked ugly toes!!!! Well, I used to model my feet and hands so I guess not every one can have be so lucky but jeeze! That is NASTY!!! Ugly shoes with ugly ‘club’ toes and how can she be two months pregnant since January?

  • sweetauntie

    wibble wobble and they all fall down.

  • S&Sun

    @ #44
    That’s what happens when you are dating a vampire. You always stay 2 months pregnant.

  • Kimberly M.

    I’m glad she has found the right one to have a baby with. Im happy for Hayden and Rachel. I bet they both are excited!

  • //Bean//

    And I thought I was the only one to hear about this!

    You can wear tight jeans and be pregnant,who ever wrote that you can’t earlier.

    Rachel has been wearing looser tops latley and she’s been wearing that H way more than usual. Awww. That baby will be gorgeous. I hope it has Hayden eyes.

  • voice of reason

    And the trolls have changed names yet again.

  • watermelon

    She is too young to have a child (with Andy Christianson or anybody else). She has to live her life before this sinister perspective.