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Bar Refaeli Does the Cannes Cannes

Bar Refaeli Does the Cannes Cannes

Bar Refaeli strikes a few fierce poses in some stunning gowns aboard a yacht in the Bay of Cannes in France on Friday. It’s rumored she was shooting an ad campaign for True Religion, Accessorize or Chanel Make Up. Later, Bar was seen shopping while holding hands with a female friend.

The day before, the 22-year-old Israeli supermodel was seen taking a boat ride around the Eden Roc Hotel. Bar was in town for the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

Also pictured below is Ms. Refaeli at the opening festivities of the Cannes Film Festival. Accompanying her on the red carpet was designer Alberta Ferretti, who codesigned Bar‘s dress with Chopard co-president Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele. The $700,000 gown was made from lilac silk chiffon and adorned with 2,904 carats worth of gems.

25+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli doing the Cannes Cannes…

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bar refaeli cannes 01
bar refaeli cannes 02
bar refaeli cannes 03
bar refaeli cannes 04
bar refaeli cannes 05
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bar refaeli cannes 21
bar refaeli cannes 22
bar refaeli cannes 23
bar refaeli cannes 24
bar refaeli cannes 25
bar refaeli cannes 26
bar refaeli cannes 27

Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • 007


  • Locfo

    People said, when Angelina Jolie was pregnant with Brad Pitt’s kid, that that is going to be the most beautiful baby in the world. I say, when Bar Rafaeli and Leonardo Dicaprio have a baby, that is going to be the most gorgeous baby in the world!

  • madonna


  • krung krung

    i love her body and her avi.

  • Sophie

    Yeah, it’s also not gonna be the most intelligent baby :).

  • vool

    She is really nothing to look at

  • miumiu mucho

    is it just me or does Bar ruin the dresses she wears? I mean, look at the fabrics of her gowns. They look well taylored and all but as soon as Ms. Refaeli puts them one they look like they would come from K-Mart. She cheapifies them big time. That’s a “talent”: put on a $700,000 gown and turn it into trash! Not exactly what the designer intended, though.

  • Karen

    Why is she famous? I don’t understand! Talk about the real supermodels like Raquel Zimmermann, Coco Rocha, Lily Donaldson, Jessica Stan, Sasha Pivovarova and other girls

  • Locfo

    I”ve looked her up close and she is gorgeous. She has the most beautiful exotic face. She has an accent, kind of like Gisselle, but that does not mean that she isn’t intelligent, and who cares, Leonardo’s seed will contribute the intelligence, whilst hers can add the beauty.

  • Sophie

    Anyway, she’s pretty, but nothing special.

  • Ruth

    She looks quite gorgeous in the Ferretti/Chopard dress.

  • Karen

    just Chanel Make Up to makes her face looks better and w/o freckles

  • claire

    face the truth:you hate her just because she’s dicaprio’s girlfriend. she’s obviously gorgeous,i don’t understand why you keep telling these things about her.

  • 23

    she does not look natural with her poses, she looks funny ,not sexy

  • elena


    I agree with you
    I’m a spanish fashion booker and just dont understand her fame. she never did a vogue cover. what’s the problem with the real supermodels?

    - you wrote jessica stan, but the correct form is staM
    it isn’t a

  • elena

    it isn’t a an offense

  • elena

    it isn’t an offense

  • Nanea

    She’s only interesting to people because of who she’s dating – sometimes, irregularly, for photo ops. Nobody would give her a big job if it were not for Leo, kind of like Gisele.

    And intelligent? Neither of those two.

  • p

    she is a downgrade from gisele…

    and #18 what are you talking about? gisele was the most booked models before she got with leo and she still is

  • p

    she makes enough to buy you and your life. twice. maybe more.

  • ellie

    Beautiful, fresh face and healthy body! Go Girl!

  • miumiu mucho

    yeah, go girl … get the flock out of here and please do not let us see your overrated sorry as* again which you so talentlessly try to put in a sexy pose. And take your boyfriend with you for he doesn’t deserve any better if he is so stupid as to fall for you.

  • anti-Bar

    Karen; It’s obvious that the only reason Bar’s “famous” is because she’s getting porked by Leo. There’s nothing special about this chick. Bar’s pretty but plain and is very stupid. I’ve seen interviews with her and this girl is dumb as a rock.

    Leo once said that intelligent women intimidate him so it’s obvious that their relationship is all about sex. Bar is a slut like her mother and that having sex with a famous actor is her only claim to fame. Without Leo she’s nothing, actually even with him she’s nothing.

  • MM

    She is much more beautiful than Gisele. Her body is better and more feminine.
    Gisele has no waist-line.

    Leo has gotten an upgrade.

  • MM

    It’s funny how Leo don’t go for smart women, but rather shallow women that would use his fame to get ahead.

    But that is his choice, and at least he got an upgrade in the beauty department.

  • jolie

    yes she’s cute she has a pretty face she’s tall but sorry she’s fat look at her legs and her huge breast (she’s certainly not a REAL model) i don’t know but something is going wrong she’s beautiful but has’nt got any charisma she’s like those girls who are perfect but i don’t know …………………..she’s ANNOYING ………

  • to 26

    Yeah, her “huge breast” is “annoying” to you.
    Is your real name Giselle?

    ( I would be annoyed too, if my ex would move on with someone more beautiful that has a great r***.

    Don’t get me wrong, both Giselle and Bar are empty, air heads that cashed on their relationships. But having bigger boobs is always good.

  • 23

    she has no charisma, she is beatiful than again there are plenty beaitiful girls, but it takes more than a beaty to be a supemodel

  • lilly

    she is definitely not an upgrade. All she has is Leo, he is the only reason why people and designers care about her. I agree she cannot pull off a dress, she looks awkward and she falls flat big time as a model. Bar = Sarah Larson, whatever attention they get is only because of their famous boyfriend, without them both are lost.
    I just hope Leo will dump her soon enough. Kind of disappointing that he is interested in a woman like this.

  • sarah

    #26: Wow, how brainwashed are you? You know, in between “fat” and “thin” there’s something called healthy.

    And she’s thin, just not malnourished like some models are – which is awesome. We need more models like her.

  • lilly

    we definitely don`t need more models like her, one is way more than we can take… She is not fat but she looks like it because of her legs which are short and rather chunky. She is a mediocre model. Her poses are forced and unnatural, always the same, nothing outstanding.

  • Helena

    Oh come on people, she has more personality than Jessica Dullba that’s for sure!

  • krissy

    1. Who cares about Jessica Alba? 2. Where do you see personality? Posing for paparazzi when alone, hiding when with Leo. Slamming her own country than the obvious damage control. Wow, what a personality indeed!
    Let`s cheer her for being a girlfriend!

  • nikki

    Downgrade, Atleast I could understand dating gisele plus gisele is an actual super model too me.

  • me

    yes, she seems stupid, empty, lacking in personality and dates famous men for media attention.

    But Giselle is exactly the same, only older, and uglier.
    and yes, with smaller breast.

    So, I guess it says something about models or Leo’s girls.

  • bergdorf shopper

    I saw her out shopping with no make up and hair tied back and she is BEAUTIFUL. The camera definitely does not capture her true beauty although I think she looks very pretty in these pics.

  • scottdavis0676

    I can’t believe these women (Bar, Ginsle) are being racked over the coals like this. Look at who they were once dating, Leo! That guy is UGLY AS FUCK! Have you seen his body, he ain’t got shit, with his bloated countenance and skinny-fat body. He ain’t worth whatever brouhaha emanates from this debate LOL.

  • Dieter

    I love her hot German ass !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hi

    shes not cute, caroline trentini looks way better than her even jessica stam and chanel iman

  • oh snap!

    what kind of name is BAR??

  • Laura

    Bar is prettier than Giselle, but Giselle seems a little more personable and mature. I love Leo, I think he is smart and sexy but he obviously has a shallow side if he has to date Bar. I haven’t seen any reports of these two together recently, I hope they broke up.

  • ThatGirl

    Krissy, you seem bitter. In the words of Kate Nash, how many lemons have you eating?

  • bla blah

    All the haters are fans of manface Gisele.

  • kkcc

    she looks hot! very pretty!

    I cannot BELIEVE that #26 thinks she is fat…seriously get a grip.

  • claire

    poor bar,so many haters!!

  • Dieter

    Jared if you have any pics of Bar smoking one of these ultra light cigarettes, you know I always get a hard-on !!!!!!!!!!

  • scottdavis0676

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, IF Leo wasn’t a megastar in Hollywood, neither Bar nor Gisele would pass gas in his direction, let alone date him! LOL. I know money and status do wonders as far as enhancing somebody’s profile, but if Leo was a checker at his local Walmart, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. It’s not like he is even remotely close to being the best looking actor in Hollywood. Bloated countenace, skinny-fat body, yum, who doesn’t envy that combination?

  • Rae

    She’s beautiful and she has an amazing body. I actually see why men would want this girl. She’s not boney and built like a 12 year old boy.

  • sun

    i do think she is beatiful, she is gorgeous, does she have what it takes to be super model noooooooooo

  • Laura

    I read where she said she “works on her outer beauty in her off time” and she “reads a lot to learn new stuff”. I’m sure if she does it is only to hold onto Leo.