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Jennifer Hudson Talks 'Sex and the City'

Jennifer Hudson Talks 'Sex and the City'

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson opens up to Entertainment Weekly about her new role in Sex and the City. Here are some excerpts:

Sex and the City is a pretty white show. I’m glad to know that an African-American character was added and I got to be that character. I think we all can relate to the show, [and] this makes it so we all can relate even more. And also you’re looking at these grown women going through these things, but there’s someone younger that’s going through these things too, so I kinda covered two bases as a younger character and an African-American character. I killed two birds with one stone!

Speaking of fashion, you won an Oscar and the next day people were tearing you apart for the metallic jacket you wore over an Oscar de la Renta dress. No, that night! We went to the Vanity Fair party and on every table were these magazines…and on the cover was my picture: ”Worst Dressed.” I was like, Wow, I’ve won the Oscar, I’ve got to take that stuff lightly. If it was just a Vogue event [Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley dressed Hudson for the Oscars], it would have been fierce. But people weren’t ready for it for the Oscars.

Entertainment Weekly’s The Ultimate Fan’s Guide to Sex and the City is on newsstands now!

To read Jennifer Hudson‘s full interview, visit And if you haven’t already, check out her new song for the Sex and the City movie, “All Dressed in Love.

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28 Responses to “Jennifer Hudson Talks 'Sex and the City'”

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  1. 1
    I am first Says:

    First! This girl is a fat cow!

  2. 2
    Frolic Says:

    she is ugly and fat

  3. 3
    sarah Says:

    frolic you’re so shallow

  4. 4
    yeahhh Says:

    i can’t wait to see this movie!!!

  5. 5
    jengoaway Says:

    She looks very nice.

  6. 6
    yeahhh Says:

    i can’t wait to see this movie!

  7. 7
    Trollie Says:

    She has an ugly face and body to match

  8. 8
    lana Says:

    i dont know much about her but she seems pretty cool

  9. 9
    barbie Says:

    I find her really beautiful. Gorgeous full figure, very shapely. And beautiful, glowing and healthy skin. I have no doubt that she outshines all of the ladies in SATC with her vitality.

  10. 10
    ThatGirl Says:

    Jared, surprised you haven’t posted about Angelina Jolie getting changed and exposing her tít. There’s pictures all over the internet. I thought you’d be jerking over it!

  11. 11
    SASHA Says:


  12. 12
    ilovemykittyb Says:

    a Ugly fat woman. i never watch her movies. Yucky

  13. 13
    not me Says:

    She is a gorgeous woman. And mighty talented to boot. Cannot believe these dumb*** remarks about Hudson being ugly just because she is full figured. If you have not seen her film why post here ilovemykittyb @ #12. You are obviously not educated enough to make a call here.

  14. 14
    katie n Says:

    I wonder whether she has a song in this movie. People who are calling her names above are either jealous or have not seen dream girls. What vocals and what a performance….
    And she is a healthy, voluptuous young woman with glowing skin and a youthful exuberance.

  15. 15
    Philly in Philly Says:

    They had to have a BLACK woman and they chose the UGLIEST one next to Star Jones.

    We don’t always NEED a BLACK woman.

  16. 16
    rolling eyes Says:


    why should that even be an issue in the entertainment business. If you tend to have a gay/lesbo in most movies then there should definately be people of other races in movies too…

    just a thought

  17. 17
    tommy Says:

    I don’t like her big rear and her face is all jacked up.

    How she got in the finals is amazing. And she has NO talent.

  18. 18
    sienna Says:

    I love her.
    She’s gorgeous.

  19. 19
    lalala Says:

    it’s so pathetic that people are saying she’s ugly and fat
    she’s actually really pretty, and she won an oscar so you should be dying to watch ne of her vidos
    not everyone is as thin as a twig and it’s good that she shows that
    you’re just jealous ’cause she gets to be in sex an the city

  20. 20
    Chele belle Says:

    Dear #15: Newsflash…none of this stuff is needed…we don’t need Lilo being a needy ***** or Brit off her meds and driving or Paris Hilton crawling and clawing her way from coast to coast with that smarmy grin on her face…no one is needed…air and water and food are needed…celebs are not needed…please get your priorities in order before spewing racial hatred…just a suggestion.

  21. 21
    chantall Says:

    i <3 jennifer just cause she is plus size means abousultly nothing pluse she can sing circles around anyone!
    we got ur back hudson :)

  22. 22
    Sharon Says:

    I find it puzzling that people beautiful enough to criticize the looks of others would have the time to sit at their computers and post so often. One would think that because of their perfect looks, they would be much too busy being photographed themselves. Hmmmm.

  23. 23
    natalie Says:

    Why the hell did she make that comment I am so honoured to be the first African Black women to be In SATC. What is the point she must have a bit of a chip on her shoulder about her race. Comments like that piss me off. Why are African Americans any different to whites why is she going on like its actually a challenge? She chats out of her ass.

  24. 24
    delicious dimples Says:

    Jennifer Rocks!!! I Love Her…Her Debut Single “Spotlight” Is Fabulous!!!! Only Reason Im Going To See That Movie Is To See Jennifer.

    She’s Accomplishing Her Goals….And For That Im Proud Of Her!

    Sharon @ 05/18/2008 at 5:21 pm I find it puzzling that people beautiful enough to criticize the looks of others would have the time to sit at their computers and post so often. One would think that because of their perfect looks, they would be much too busy being photographed themselves. Hmmmm.


    Jennifer Did Contribute To The Soundtrack….The Song Is Titled “All Dressed Up In Love”

  25. 25
    delicious dimples Says:

    And For Those Who Wanna Name Call…Lets See Some Pics Of You!!!

    Just Be Proud Of The Fact That She’s Doing Something Positive With Her Life…

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