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Reese & Jake's Lovers Lunch

Reese & Jake's Lovers Lunch

Cute couple Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal grab lunch together and leave in the same GMC Yukon Hybrid SUV in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon.

Earlier this month, MTV News spoke to Reese while she was filming November’s Four Christmases, her latest Christmas flick with Vince Vaughn.

“The movie is all about family,” Reese said. “It’s about the connection with your mother and your father, and those dynamics, so I really think people are going to relate to it. [But also,] it’s about divorce. It’s about how people have step-families and [need to] negotiate going to your mom’s and your dad’s. I really think people haven’t seen many movies like that.”

10+ pictures inside of Gyllenspoon‘s lovers lunch…

Just Jared on Facebook
reese jake lunch 01
reese jake lunch 02
reese jake lunch 03
reese jake lunch 04
reese jake lunch 05
reese jake lunch 06
reese jake lunch 07
reese jake lunch 08
reese jake lunch 09
reese jake lunch 10

Credit: BD/DS-ISM/MP; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • kei

    cute couple

  • meamelia

    I say, make a baby first then get married..
    Or, do it Brangelina way..don’t get married..
    Just have babies together…It’ll be cool to see Gyllenspoon baby!

  • meamelia


  • legs

    they both look kinda sad in the photos. but they look cute together.

  • share


  • w/e


  • Chris

    cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute–can’t you morons find another word.?And by the way, in one photo she looks very very very upset about something, not “cute” at all. Maybe he turned down her proposal of marriage?
    And notice that she does the driving. He’s just a passenger in her life. A passing passenger.
    If they do get hitched, it’ll be Mrs. and Mr. Witherspoon. He’ll take her name for sure. She’s got the money.

  • Chris

    Another possible explanation for her pout in that one picture where she looks very unhappy: he told her that she would have to make room in bed for Chris and that there would be three people in the marriage. Or maybe he told her she’d have to wait table in his new restaurant. LOL.


    HUMMMM ? !!!

  • Ivana

    Chris, your posts are full of CHRIS!!!
    Maybe CHRIS is you, after all you sharing the same name…. LOL.

  • Anon

    Keep laughing at yourself Chris.

  • isabella

    Jake is waaaaaay too good for Reese

    … just saying.

  • pinkydoo

    He looks very fit in those photos. Is it for a movie? He almost looks a little gaunt in the face.

    It’s gotta be hard being part of an “it” couple. The world is either speculating marriage or divorce. Why can’t people just accept the fact that they are dating and call it a day? I don’t have my smiling face on all the time. Geeze…

  • jemi

    is she pregnant?

  • Birdie

    she looks like she’s pregnant

  • :-)


  • :-)

    is it 6:22am in america?

  • FAKE

    Those two FAKE DUMBASSES look miserable.


    That’s her TRUE FACE – Reese is fugly and pissed.

  • Ivana

    She always have that sort of face,
    something like Victoria Beckham…….

  • Anon

    He arrive in town from South Carolina in the morning according to jared. They are grabbing lunch together in the afternoon. IMHO, they both look “tired.” LOL!!! His movie’s having problems and they shut it down, so maybe he is busy on the telephone and she is driving so he can make phone calls. I think they are good together. I love Reese and Jake is gorgeous.


    Don’t know how i feel i about them together

  • Rse

    I am sure Reese will be willing to have Jake’s babies. She puts her family above her career generally. A true case of starting your charity from your family. Again, A wedding is good to them, her children and the rest of their families.
    Reese looks so pretty in the blue dress. CUTE couple. Love Reese and Jake.

  • Pathetic

    Chris, your “theories” are pathetic and I am sure you have no life of your own so you need to make fun of people you don’t even know. Doesn’t make you look smarter, just pathetic.

  • Suse

    oh my gosh .. reese looks very very pregnant !

  • amy

    What is she wearing? She looks horrible and LOL that she drives him around like his mommy.

  • sat

    Amy, there are plenty of pics of him driving her around. Guess that makes him her daddy.

    I like them together.

  • Lo

    Hey Reese Lauren Conrad called and she wants her look back.

  • Christ on a bike

    Love these two. They look fine at the newsstand but getting in the car, she looks upset. I need my Reese and Jake happy!

    I would love to see little Reese’s Pieces babies. She’s so pretty and he;s just fucking drop dead gorgeous. Please make us a baby!!


  • jesse

    the cardigan ruins her outfit

  • kkcc

    ahh they are so friggin cute. love reese!

  • rlove

    she totally has a bump!!!!!
    all that talk about being married first- yeah right

  • Cookie

    He looks like he is going to puke.

  • Anonymous

    Fueling those baby rumors, huh Reese? The face, the hair, the dress – fugliness at it’s finest. Run Jake boy, run.

  • Helena

    I cannot believe someone just said that Reese Witherspoon (a-list, oscar winner) stole Lauren Conrad’s (bimbo, z-list, reality tv star) look!

  • Nicole

    *vomits* they are so boring…..move on.

  • Jay

    They look fuckin’ HAGGARD.

  • Marieme

    You know what? They rock! I was thinking, what are they doing in that gas guzzler SUV, only to find out it’s a hybrid! So cool these two. Always.

  • Ava

    They are an amazing couple! They really do love each other! They always spend time together! i hope they have a happy life together!!!!!:)

  • ***

    It’s Reese’s car, 2 years ago when Jake did the GQ interview, the interviewer was surprised he didn’t have a hybrid!

  • Ivana

    Jake seems like a normal guy, who love long term commitment, he was dating with Kirsten for three years, which is quite long for hollywood couples, now he is with Reese for several mounts, and they still look so stabile, so anyone who believes, that this is fake, he is wrong.

    The real fakers in hollywood were Ben Afleck & Jennifer Lopez,
    it was so obvious, that this couple is pretend…..

  • Chris

    Chris, your “theories” are pathetic and I am sure you have no life of your own…

    Oh come off it. My “theories” as you put it are lots of fun. Just because you take movie stars “seriously” and are filled with awe and respect for them doesn’t mean others have to. And hey, you have no idea whether Jake’s Chris will make them a threesome or not. After all it was VERY strange that when Jake and Reesy were leaving their hotel in Manhattan recently Chris was coming out of the hotel just behind Jake. I am sure he wasn’t there to carry their luggage and he already has a pad in Manhattan. It sure looked as if he had spent the night with them, whether in the same bed or not, I can’t say. LOL

  • Chris

    I have to say I haven’t seen any evidence that Chris went with them on their recent vacation in Mexico. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t. I mean they might have managed to keep him hidden. LOL

  • Ivana

    OMG Chris is you!!!!
    Maybe you want to be next to Jake….
    I understand you, he is so adorable… lol

  • BP

    Jake looks like shit, I guess the beard is wearing on him.

  • s

    This dress is ridicoulous. It a dress for her daughter use. When she use this kind of dress looks like old women whose would like to be younger… What a old women do to have a boy toy besides her.
    She try everything and to buy him too. She bought a house for him too.
    Jake Gyllenhaal are are very very very dirty. Prostitute men!

  • Anon

    Hey Chris I think you have fallen for Jakes friend Chris, bet you fantisize about him all the time, even named yourself after him.

  • Rse

    “He arrive in town from South Carolina in the morning according to jared. They are grabbing lunch together in the afternoon. IMHO, they both look “tired.” LOL!!! ”

    so “tired”, haha, I think I know what are you talking about. wink wink

  • Ivana

    I Love when we all make jokes…
    Chris maybe doesn’t love Jake, but he has sense of humor!!!! ;-)

  • tarly

    how cute :D