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Salma Hayek is a Poker Princess

Salma Hayek is a Poker Princess

Salma Hayek arrives at the Partouche Charity Poker held in Cannes, France on Saturday.

Salma Hayek joined seven other celebrities for the charity poker festival, including Woody Harrelson, Edward Norton, Goldie Hawn, and Adrien Brody.

The 8 celebrities will vie for $1 million in a Texas Hold’Em poker tournament with direct elimination. The money will go to the charity of their choice.

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • house


  • house

    I meant to say beautiful

  • alizee

    not really cute

  • house


  • house

    beautiful I mean

  • da


  • Waterlily

    Salma is beautiful in these pics. Is she dating Ed Norton again?

  • sus

    she is so beautiful that blue color realy make her look gorgeous

  • nunny

    she looks great

  • 007

    Not sure how to rate this. I think i’d either overrate or underrate =S.

  • stellartes

    salma and edward at the same event? hmmmmmmmm

  • lola

    unfortunately I don’t think Salma and Edward are getting back together. I think they are still friends so that would explain why it does not bother either of them to playing poker against each other.

  • !@#$$^(&)#%^#$%@#

    bd choice of dress… it sucks because she is so curvatious… she could wear anything and she chose to wear the thing that does accentuate any part of her body…

  • Sa

    lame but she looks better now than she did before all the plastic surgery : nose job and eye lift. She used to look like a mexican maid before her nose job.

  • danz

    Salma always looks gorgeous. I don’t really like how to top of the dress is fitting but navy blue looks amazing on her.

  • zoe

    great colour but dont really like the fitting of the dress. she’s beautiful though!

  • passing Through

    Salma and Ed Norton at the same table and she’s not trying to throw a chair at him? That was probably worth at least a $100 admission fee…

  • smurf528

    she has a boyfriend and she just had a a child. Definitely not dating Edward Norton

  • http://. marina

    a half Lebanese, rich, interesting and beautiful woman, who also happens to have talent not just for acting (good, but could be better), she is ambitious and has worked for a decent job in HW that she now has, not asking her rich daddy or her famous boyfriends for them.

    She does not need to accept the usual and stereotyped maid roles thrown at latinas. She can produce her own movies and tv shows.

  • rien


    Don’t worry, Smurf. Edward has another Lion behind him. Shauna, remember? Anyway, two people met each other (together with other dozen people) is anything else but dating… ;-)

    @marina, you forget another Latina, who has been on her own since day one: Madonna. Okay, she is not that good in films, but she directs her own way of life.

    IMO we shall not label any body because of their race, it will make us racist one or the other way around . If somebody has a strong character and talent, every body else will see that, doesn’t matter if they are yellow, black, red, white or blue!

  • Tenika

    Rien – What do you mean he has a Lion behind him? Do you mean Edward and Shauna are both Leos? If thats the case it will not work because there will be a battle of egos. BIG TIME

  • howlingsushi

    Yup, she’s beautiful.

  • anonymous

    Do I see some Teri Hatcher eye work going on there? Oh, Salma, say it’s not true. NEVER EVER mess with your eyes.

    It is very easy to trace her boob jobs. She had boobs that matched her body type in her early 20s. She has had at least 2 boob enlargements. Nothing else on her body has grown except her boobs. They were very obviously way bigger during her run to the Oscar.

    Anyway, Norton having a cover there means nothing. Her missing “fiance” means nothing. All I can say is verrrrry interesting.

  • remember da truth

    Anonymous, are you really THAT stupid?

    OF COURSE her boobs were enormous — she was very, very pregnant!! She looks gorgeous here, very good post-pregnancy.

    Boyfriend is home with the baby, idiots!!

    She and Ed Norton were over YEARS ago, nothing there. Are you people all so diminished in the scope of your lives that if you happen to see a guy you dated several years ago you fall apart and fight, or make out, or something? What is WRONG with you people????

  • remember da truth

    Since when is Madonna a Latina?!?! LOL!!
    She is from the Midwest, and is of Italian descent. Not much Latina there.

    Salma is a talented, smart, and funny woman who has been very determined to be independent and make her own path. That’s why someone of such international standing as Penelope Cruz is her best friend, and she has a longtime partner that is an international financier. Smart people like and admire her.

  • blahblah

    Who have won ???

  • diama


  • mimi

    wow, she is so beautiful. seriously, this woman does NOT age! i hope i look half as good as she does at her age.

  • M

    You can tell how hot and humid it is there from the picture. She looks sweaty and her hair looks like it’s frizzing.

  • kamila

    Edward and Salma are NOT back together. Shauna Robertson, Edward’s girlfriend, was also on this event.

  • http://. marina

    rien, somebody was comparin Salma to a Mexican maid. She is Mexican born and has some other heritage that makes her look a bit more exotic. It is true that Latin artists in the US have still to come a long way out of stereotypation (sp?). They are either the sexy slutty type or the maid in tv shows and in movies.
    Salma had to work in those movies and shows when she first arrived from Mexico looking to grow as an artist running away from telenovelas, where she was a hit.
    There have been some very good soap operas here in Mexico, but the truth is they have been getting wors in story quatlity, and the actors have to represent stereotypes characters over and over (leading romantic lady, the friendly and comic chubby friend, the sexy bad girl, etc, etc,) I do not blame any telenovela actor/actress who tries to work in movies as long as the movies he/she choses are good quality.
    The problem is that Mexico has great directors and artists and crew men and women, but we are too close to the US, most of teh movies people see are American and there is little production ($$).

    Salma, as soon as she could, started her own production company to create movies where she also could act. And she has chosen to do different things, ranging from Frida, to Bandidas, Time of the Butterflies, etc. and now ugly betty, which has had different versions in Latin america.

    She is not alone there, I know (not born american): Dolores del Rio, Ricardo Montalbán, anthony Quinn, Gael García Bernal, benicio del Toro, antonio Banderas, Andy García , maría Conchita alonso, Raul Juliá, Pedro Armendariz and many othres. al lot them at some point worked in something other that typical latino characters. It depends on talent, but also it depends on the producers.

    Maybe that is the same reason why some actresses (like Drew Barrymore and others) have created production companies, also because female roles are also being givento younger actresses, and being a producer you make sure that you will be working even if you are over 35 or 40 years old

  • MelliSa

    RiP GramPii

  • horrible

    To think that she breast feeds her baby with those silicone breasts, that is so disgusting!!!!

  • Solène

    Woody Harrelson and beautiful french actress Alice Taglioni won half a million each, and two charities received it.

  • alessandro

    Why would she want to throw chairs at Edward Norton??

    It was not hot and humid, it was raining!

  • susan

    Think about this: Have you ever seen Brad Pitt attend a function with Jennifer Aniston or Gynweth Paltrow?

    Do you ever see any body hanging out with their old boyfriend/girlfriend? Of course not. When it’s over, it’s over.

    Edward Norton and Salma Hayek are not over. She’s got hot sex and he’s got hot hollywood power. They need each other.