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Natalie Portman Does Indiana Jones

Natalie Portman Does Indiana Jones

Natalie Portman rocks the red carpet in Chanel at the premiere of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival on Sunday in Cannes, southern France.

Joining Nat on the red carpet were fellow jury members French actress Jeanne Balibar, German actress Alexandra Maria Lara and Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron.

The Hollywood Reporter just released their review of Indiana Jones. Their bottom life: “Whatever the story there is, gets swamped in a sea of relentless stunts and CGI.”

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Photos: AP Photo/Francois Mori
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  • lolly

    she’s cute :)

  • yaya

    so pretty, too damn pretty actually.

  • Laura

    gorgeous, as usual

  • Anqxxx

    She looks absolutly Amazing

  • Nanea

    She’s looking so much better today than at the actual opening of the Festival.

  • jemi

    she’s gorgeous.

    BTW Alexandra Maria Lara is romanian, not german.

  • jemi

    Alexandra Maria Lara is romanian, not german.

  • UGH

    too much make up !

  • http://msn penny


  • 007

    Nice but not a huge fan of the thick make up.

  • Helena

    Funnily enough, the film’s out of competition, they just want some Indiana Jones!

  • ~

    she should’ve removed that crap covering the middle of her chest and the make up is horrible.

  • so very true

    She looks beautiful, great dress.

  • a

    stunning as always

  • Mike

    shes gorgeous people are just haters…say something nice or dnt say anything at all

  • Jo

    yeah kindda too much make up , bad.

  • Ingrid

    Alexandra is Romanian, not German!

  • noyb

    The make up does not look bad, but is a lot for her. She is so naturally beautiful – no need for it. She is still amazing though. Love the dress. No one like her in Hollywood since the days of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

  • b

    she does look gorgeous but i wish she at least had a lighter color of lipstick

  • salma

    i think she looks less attractive guess it’s the hair i really don’t like it !!!
    her outfit is classy tough

  • mouche

    Natalie is – as always – totally gorgeous!!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    she’s a cute kid. not hot, not sexy, not gorgeous… but, cute. maybe even a little adorable.

  • devendrasgirl

    Nat had one of the nicest nose jobs in hollywood..but…I thought she was a prettier younger woman…not as pretty now…and this make-up is too harsh for her..
    PS. To the person who says to only leave nice and positive comments..this is a gossip site, and all opinions are welcome as far as I understand. Why don’t you just ignore the comments that YOU personally don’t agree with?
    I rest my peace.

  • rolling eyes

    Im not a fan of this girl in the least bit, and people need to stop comparing her to the greats like Heburn and Kelly, its a disgrace to those women.

  • livia

    gorgeous, as usual….great dress to!

  • a

    she is gorgeous and is like Grace Kelly unlike anyone else in Hollywood today

  • Lala

    idiots, Alexandra Maria Lara grew up in Germany, lives in Germany, speaks fluent German, so she IS German, with a Romanian background. lol

  • czl vo xho

    Portman is pretty but overrated. She’s an okay actress but just okay, not “amazing” as people always seem to think. Plus she’s not some rocket scientist genius who speaks 12 languages either. But funnily enough, Alexandra Maria Lara really IS incredibly smart and fluent in several languages and super talented and pretty much everything they always say about Portman, only she’s not as famous and doesn’t have as big a “name” so I guess no one is as impressed by her…

  • bermudaJamaica

    lol shia said nat’s attractive so i guess he must be happy she attend his premier, tho if you ask me he’s too good for her, he could find somebody more his type. he’s down to earth and funny and real but natalie alwyas acts like she too good, shes stuck-up and seem very phony. not a good fit but hey whatever floats their boats.

  • a

    everyone is impressed by Natalie’s Harvard education and acting talent, that is why she is where she is

  • a

    Natalie is known as the most down to earth person, read the reviews

  • JiveTalker

    a- I’m not impressed. LOL :P But I know what u mean.

  • czl vo xho

    Down to earth? She’s a rich pampered JAP from Long Island! Good looks, money and connections got her where she is. Don’t be so naive people. I wish it were “talent” and only talent that could let people make it in Hollywood but we all know it’s much more than that….

  • Hulla

    Alexandra Maria Lara considers herself German and Romanian and she is.

  • a

    what connections, her family had no connections with hollywood, she did it all on her own from the age of 11 or 12, chose acting over modeling. natalie is talented, idealistic and is unlike anyone in hollywood today

  • saluyd

    the makeup is very costumey, a bit too much, but the dress and hair are very nice. Just wish her makeup artist hadnt gone with the red lisps, I think they’re what ruin the look.

  • a

    i like the red lips, the make up suits the dress and the entire outfit suites her and the occasion, natalie could not be more perfect
    Natalie Portman is a perfection in everyway

  • Story Morninglory

    Alex Maria Lara is beautiful and sweet and a very talented actress! I’m glad more people are discovering her. Did you guys know she dates Sam Riley, her co-star from Control? He fell in love with her during the making of the movie, how sweet is that!

  • a

    Natalie, do not listed to the critics, they are simply envious, you are a perfection in every way

  • Laura

    Alexandra Maria Lara was born in Romania but she is German. Jared was right.

  • Mika

    I don’t know what the big deal is with Natalie. She’s not “perfection” nor is she gorgeous. She’s pretty- if you’re one of those that believe facial symmetry = pretty. Not in my opinion though. Haven’t seen any of her movies, nor do I have an interest to see them. Her roles don’t seem that intriguing. I’m not envious or jealous I just don’t understand what the hype is.

  • Amy

    Get more pics of Alfonso!

  • Anon

    The Hollywood Reporter is full of it!!! I have been at film festivals in America, and I can tell you. They are always putting everything down most of the time. I wouldn’t trust the Hollywood Reporter to tell me the time of day!!! They know their business when it comes to the news about who is going to be in what movie, and when they tell you which movies are going to get made. But when it comes to being a movie critic, they suck. They are mean and vicious and they always put down most movies. Always. I think the person who reviews movies doesn’t know what they are doing at all, and so they think the safest think is just put everything down. Natalie is beautiful. She is my goddess. She can do no wrong! She kind of reminds me of Alicia Keyes with her hair long. Natalie is really short in person and she is thin with a large head.

  • Kelley

    She’s so pretty.


  • nina


  • a

    Natalie has a body of the ballet dancer and a face of a movie star, that is perfection. She is great actress, just watch her films and is a very intelligent young woman

  • a

    nina, you are unable to admit to yourself that you are envious of her. natalie portman is perfect in every way, intelligent, beautiful, activist, you are yourself a space monkey LOL

  • a

    where did everybody go? Natalie is perfection, you can not argue with that

  • rolling eyes

    YOU know a video documentary came out a while ago about people who to Harvard. They were asked simple questions on the street about politics and general “common people” questions, with nothing doctored or changed, and non of the questions were curved or anything, they were pretty straight forward, and a lot of the answers were wrong…i think that says a lot about the hype over Havard and most other ivy leagues.

    ALSO natalie portman herself stated that though she did well in hard doing PSYCHOLOGY (which so much can be said about who goes into that program, and how most people choose that as a default more than an actual career choice in career) anyway…she said that there is a grade inflation at Harvard, so anyone who comes out doing well, you almost have to take their grades with a grain of salt.

    She not a scientist, she has cured cancer, and dont know what’s so intelligent that she has said that not many other people have said,,,

    IN OTHER WORDS: she is an over inflated actress, with little if not much to backup her so called talent.

    all it is luck, or just being around in the right place at the right..thats it!!

  • rolling eyes

    hahah h
    I meant she’s not a scientist, and hasn’t cured cancer, so i dont get what the hype is